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Li Canghe thus said. That was because he just realized that this domain was even more powerful than some of the sect-guarding domains on some powerful stars.

Chu Feng’s expression was solemn. He naturally discovered how terrifying the domains here were. They would be directly reduced to ashes the moment they recklessly stepped into them.

Everyone sensed countless beams shoot out. These rays had corrosive properties and radioactive elements, a reflection of how ancient evolved beings utilized energy.

At this time, not to mention others, even the extraterrestrials like Li Canghe and the old woman were trembling. They weren’t frightened but instead excited because they had discovered an ancient saint-level sect.

Everyone else was excited and overcome with incomparable longing. This kind of place would offer them endless benefits if they were able to make their way inside.

“Brother Chu, there are enormous fortunes here. You must find a way. We’ll become legends if we can enter!” someone glanced at Chu Feng with passionate eyes and said in a soft voice.

Princess Lin exhaled like an orchid and whispered into Chu Feng’s ears, “This might be the ruin of an imperial court. There might even be sage medicines inside that can cure you. Try hard!”

Chu Feng moved his head sideways and brushed past her red lips, sensing the warmth and moisture therein. This made her pull back with a cry.

“I’m a human, not a god. Even a domain grandmaster wouldn’t be able to open a true imperial court. This is too difficult for me.”

“I’m a divine… beast”! The toad announced its presence.

Chu Feng truly wanted to conquer this place. The only hope was to find some critical defects in this badly damaged domain and enter from there.

Following which, he became silent and began to draw densely packed patterns on the ground. He carved a rough sketch akin to a river of stars, causing the observers to suffer a headache.

Chu Feng observed the geography and calculated with all due seriousness. He was doing his utmost in hopes of going in.

In the end, 36 nodes appeared on the densely packed traces!

He began his preparations and placed 36 magnetic crystals into their respective positions.

“We’re ready. Everyone listen to me. In a few moments, you’ll fire these 36 magnetic crystals at the same time towards the places I designate.

Chu Feng pointed towards some places in the vicinity and had everyone remember their own special targets. These locations correspond to the nodes on the rough sketch. They would fire all of them at the same time and use this method to sound out the defects in this domain.

Princess Lin, Zhou Yun, Lin Naoi, Qi Honglin, Li Canghe, and the others held a magnetic crystal in their hand. Listening to Chu Feng’s command, they shot them out at the same time.

The 36 magnetic crystals were like 36 chess pieces as they fell onto their respective special nodes. Within moments, the whole area was filled with dazzling intersecting veined patterns.

Chu Feng’s eyes erupted in flames as he focused on the main gates. He had activated his Fiery Pupils and was observing the changes in the veined patterns therein.

Finally, he let out a surprised cry. “I’ve found it! There’s a defect in the gate. We can enter from there.”

He felt a burning pain in his eyes the moment he turned around and saw Princess Lin. That was because, under effects of the Fiery Eye, her exceptional figure and her tall, city-toppling parts were swaying in front of Chu Feng. There were no secrets.

“Oh, I have sinned!” Chu Feng muttered. He shot a couple more glances while withdrawing the fiery eyes.

Qi Lin felt an indescribable feeling of uneasiness because this man’s eyes were too evil. She scolded in a soft voice, “Where are you looking at?!”

“Your thoughts are too dirty!” Chu Feng replied in a decent tone.

Princess Lin truly wanted to beat him up.

Afterward, Chu Feng began to step forward with the toad and walked towards the interior.

The broken mountains and the dilapidated gates were surrounded with countless patterns. Chu Feng stepped along a winding path and warned everyone else not to step on the wrong place.

Everything went smoothly after passing the gate. There were no more dangers for the moment. They walked past a ruined area and began to enter deeper.

Very soon, they saw a platform floating in the air. It was still hovering and hadn’t fallen even to this day.

“Imperial Carriage!”

The old woman cried out. She stared fixedly at the dilapidated carriage atop the stone platform. The simple carriage was already decayed but was still emitting some residual energy.

“This imperial carriage was pulled by quasi-divine beasts, and this platform is its parking spot!” Li Canghe’s voice was trembling.

That was because, according to his explanation, this kind of imperial carriage drawn by a mature quasi-divine beast could roam the starry skies and cross unhindered through various great stars.

This was a parking platform which had descended from the starry skies!

Divine beast, an extremely powerful bloodline that was almost indomitable. A single divine beast could sweep through the world and destroy vital stars. Who would dare use such a beast to pull his carriage?

Normally, those who could use divine beasts to pull their carriages belonged to top-grade sects!

One could see several such stone platforms had long since landed in this place and there were broken carriages amidst the rubble.

This indicated that this place was extremely glorious back in the day. They used quasi-divine beasts to pull their carriages and not just one! It meant that the powerful evolved beings here frequently roamed the stars.

“This is definitely the ruins of an ancient imperial court.” Li Canghe made such a judgment.

Chu Feng didn’t pay attention to these things. His nose was opening and closing because he had noticed a strand of clear fragrance drifting in from a distance. The scent was extremely soothing to the spirit. There should be an imperial medicine farm here! Chapter 362: Imperial Inheritance

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The strand of clear fragrance was very faint, but it was also very real as it drifted into Chu Feng’s nose. The others also sensed it and revealed odd expressions.

“There’s a mutant fruit here!”

They were confident that this was a fruity fragrance. There was an extraordinary fruit ripening here. That was because they could already smell the fragrance from so far away. This went to show how special this fruit was.

That majestic stone platform was still suspended in the air. If one were to consider all the shattered ones, the past era was simply too astonishing!

“There are a total of 48 such platforms. This meant there were 48 quasi-divine beasts to pull them. This lineup is enough to battle through the starry skies. How terrifying! It must be a four-star imperial court.”

Li Canghe was shaken and felt his scalp go numb. This was definitely the ruins of an imperial court. Even his breathing became quite irregular.

That was because there were no sects at this level in the world he had come from. Just thinking about it made one ache with envy. He was extremely excited.

The old woman was also breathing heavily and had to try hard to calm herself down. They had discovered a four-star imperial court just from opening a random ruin.

Chu Feng was distracted. Li Canghe’s stories were like a dream to him.

Battle through the starry skies and roaming the cosmos-just how powerful an evolved being must that be? The sects they founded were too astonishing.

Now, he was just a shackled realm entity. He longed to reach these legendary realms but felt quite unfamiliar and farfetched.

To him, that was god-that was immortal!

However, those ancient beings had no such notions. They only believed in evolution. They believed myriad things possessed spirit and could continuously transform.

“The waters on earth are truly deep. This place is too terrifying. This withered world is truly unfathomable.” The old woman sighed.

Doubtlessly, if one were to open up all these ruins and find them well-preserved, earth would likely surpass many ancient vital stars.

These were enormous fortunes and unbelievable opportunities.

Merely the fortunes in this ruin, if used well, was enough to induce superior evolution in a life form from an ancient star. The recipient would improve rapidly and surpass the past glory of the mother star.

Once they thought of such a possibility, Li Canghe, the old woman, and those descender scions began to breathe heavily. Their eyes seemed to be burning.

In the end, they glanced at Chu Feng and spoke various words of gratefulness, beseeching him to open this ruin.

Chu Feng laughed coldly inside. These people were previously revealing killing intent and wanted to kill him after he had outlived his usefulness. Some of them were coveting the black substance within his body.

Now, after seeing the ruins of an imperial court, they had become so polite again. How pragmatic!

He smiled despite the dissatisfaction inside. These people wanted to use him, but didn’t he also want to use them?

Many of those in the group were king level-entities, the best kind of cannon fodder to help him probe the path ahead.

Domains weren’t that simple. This was especially so within the imperial court. Even though they were badly damaged and the land itself had almost collapsed, the remaining runes were still lethal.

He needed to deduce them and also required people to test them out. It was the most suitable to let these people step on the mines.

Many people climbed onto the stone platform and gazed at the starry sky, sighing about how strong the imperial court was. It was like a divine court that had once suppressed many starry oceans and commanded many planets.

Even Chu Feng felt somewhat moved. He had also arrived with the help of other people and was thinking about how, back in the day, the evolved beings of this place would enter the cosmos when they went out to wander or visit friends. This felt incredible.

Humanity hadn’t rushed out of the solar system despite the advancements in technology. They had never entered the real ocean of stars. But the ancients from tens of thousands of years ago had long since reached this step. This made him feel quite odd.

Different paths and different civilizations. In the end, they would all return to the same place. All of them would face the deep starry oceans.

Following which, they set out again and headed straight towards the place where the fragrance was coming from. Many of them revealed hopeful expressions.

There were some bewildering mists in this region, and the energy here had become denser. There were some skeletons on the ground, all of which were radiating bizarre energy. It was so frightening that no one dared to approach.

An explosive battle had taken place here in the past. It was a rather terrifying battle in which many evolved beings were torn apart and died without a whole corpse.

“Some of them are at the golden arhat level,” said the half-burnt old woman as she stared at the slightly glowing skull on the ground.

That was an invincible diamond bone. Even now, despite being badly damaged, it still possessed some of its past qualities.

Currently, there wasn’t a single entity at such a level. Additionally, the current energy environment can’t sustain the appearance of such a creature either.

Finally, after going deeper inside, they saw the place where the fruit fragrance was coming from.

A little tree was rooted among the rubble. Its whole body was a lustrous purple, and on it was growing a single purple apple. It was precisely this fruit that was releasing the fragrance.

Many people revealed odd expressions and wanted to go up to pick it, but all of them were afraid of the domain runes.

This little tree, rooted within the rubble, was as tall as a person and seemed like an apple tree.

“Ah, this apple is indeed extraordinary. It can allow anyone to sever the sixth shackle!” someone said.

All of them were experts, especially those descender scions. Their discerning eyes were immediately able to tell the apple’s level.

With earth’s current state, they would still have to wait a certain period if they wanted to find fruits capable of helping one sever the seventh shackle.

The world underwent rapid evolution after the snowstorm. The mutant fruits rapidly increased in number but didn’t quite see any improvement in quality.

That was why many life forms were able to sever their sixth shackle and overtake the predecessors at the bend.

Chu Feng secretly transmitted his voice, telling the toad that he could pick the fruit.

The toad didn’t say another word before scuttling over with a swoosh. It picked the fruit immediately and bit of half with a chomp.

“You dare?!” someone shouted in anger. Before they could even react, the toad had already made his move and swallowed the fruit. This angered some people.

Even if some people had already severed their sixth shackle, they paid attention to such a fruit because it could help make the people on their side stronger.

“Why do you care?!” The toad shot an arrogant sideways glance at a certain young man.

It kept out stuffing the fruit into its mouth while speaking, filling its mouth with fragrance. This made even Chu Feng feel some heartache. Another divine fruit had been wasted on this toad.

But it was still better than it landing in their pockets. Currently, he still had no intention to lose all decorum with them over a fruit.

Besides, this toad was a divine beast. He might be able to break through and become stronger after eating enough of such fruits.

“That fruit belongs to us. How dare you take it?!” the young man said with a cold voice. His attitude was quite vigorous.

These words made Chu Feng frown as he said immediately, “So, these ruins are all yours? Then we should just go back immediately.”

“Feng Hong, do you know how to speak at all? Have you gotten used to being tyrannical at home? Shut up quickly,” Li Canghe berated.

Qi Lin also revealed an odd expression and said, “Chu Feng, don’t take this to heart. It’s all because Feng Hong has a brother who wants to break through his sixth shackle but couldn’t find a suitable fruit back then. He was just too anxious.”

She was peerlessly charming. With her hair flying in the wind, her watery flowing eyes, and her lustrous white skin, she possessed a beauty that moved one’s heart.

This Gu had the potential to be nurtured. At rank four, it could become wave trace Gu which had an even stronger effect.

For rank five, it had two different refinement directions. One was wandering wave trace Gu that had instant evasion properties; and another was the river wave trace Gu that allowed the Gu Master to run quickly on water surfaces.

At rank six, it would be the extremely famous worldly wave trace Gu.

All of these Gu were the best among rank three. Along with Fang Yuan’s meticulous guidance and the wolf packs’ pressure, it was no wonder Ge Yao was improving rapidly with her battle strength rising step by step.

“Warrior Chang Shan Yin, you are a sage. Your guidance is much more amazing than my tribe’s three top elders. Even if you don’t take a fancy upon me, I want to invite you to be a guest of our Ge tribe. If you are interested, I will do my best to persuade father to make you an external elder!”

Ge Yao turned around and walked to Fang Yuan’s side, and invited him with a sincere expression.

She was after all the young missy of Ge tribe, her foresight was extraordinary. She realized Fang Yuan’s worth; not only his bravery, but more importantly his ability to educate others. This was the strength of wisdom, if he educated the tribe’s next generation, the whole tribe could flourish.

“I can become a guest of Ge tribe, but I don’t have any interest in becoming an external elder.” Fang Yuan walked forward while shaking his head to refuse.

Ge Yao persuaded him several times, but Fang Yuan’s attitude was firm.

The girl sulked and followed behind Fang Yuan, looking at his back with an angry gaze.

“Do you think you are amazing just because you can teach? Hmph. I used such an urging tone, yet you remain unmoved. No interest to become my Ge tribe’s external elder? Are you looking down on my Ge tribe?”

“Chang Shan Yin, you scoundred!”

Ge Yao gritted her teeth in hatred while having a doubt in her mind: “But this name Chang Shan Yin, it is really familiar, where in the world did I hear it?”

Poison grassland was covered with dark clouds all year round, and in this dusky light, the two walked for some distance.

Fang Yuan stopped.

In front of him was a large field of sunflowers.

Each of these sunflowers had a dark purple stalk and large pitch-black petals. Its basin-sized stamen showed a pale human face.

Ghost face sunflower!

This sight caused Ge Yao to immediately hold her breath and grab Fang Yuan’s sleeve, whispering in a very soft voice: “A lot of people definitely died here, with many ghosts wandering around, it led to the growth of so many ghost face sunflowers. Every ghost face sunflower is a ghost that died unjustly. Let’s detour around this place, there are definitely many ghost cry Gu living in these ghost face sunflowers and there could even be ghost face Gu.”

Ghost cry Gu was a rank three soul path Gu which could let out a mournful wail that could cause the soul to shake.

Ghost face Gu was a rank four soul path Gu that could create a tremendous impact on the soul.

“It is such a large field of ghost face sunflowers, how long will we take to make a detour?” Fang Yuan concentrated on this sea of sunflowers, he did not show any expression on the surface but was actually very happy inside.

This confirmed the direction he was walking towards was not wrong.

As long as he walked along this direction, he will find that battlefield twenty years ago and obtain the Gu worms left behind on the battlefield.

Northern plains was different from southern border.

Southern border had lots of mountains and one could distinguish their general direction; while northern plains was grassland as far as the eye could see and was very easy to get lost.

Thus, Ge Yao carried return heart Gu with her for support. Return heart Gu would always point towards the direction of the home in the Gu Master’s heart.

However, return heart Gu could only indicate the direction and not the position.

If Fang Yuan wanted to ensure that he was moving in the correct path, he would have to take the risk of moving through this field of sunflowers.

Fortunately, he was already prepared.

He lightly removed the girl’s hand on his sleeve and squatted down. He put his palms on the ground and then activated a Gu in his aperture.

Soon, green underbrush grew out from the ground.

The lush underbrush rose little by little and the slender grass and leaves coiled around each other, gradually forming into a puppet.

Enslavement path, rank three grass puppet Gu.

This Gu worm was something only Southern Border had; Ge Yao looked at each grassman puppet with astonishment, they continued to grow and soon formed a group.

These grassman puppets were short and thin, the leaves tightly weaved together, they held a bamboo blade on one hand and a rattan shell shield in the other.

This was the rank three rattan shell grass soldier.

Previously when Fang Yuan had fought one against seven at San Cha mountain, Tie Ruo Nan had used such a Gu. Later, Fang Yuan obtained a grass puppet Gu in three kings blessed land from one of the people he killed.

Grass puppet Gu was rather common in Southern Border. Rank three grass puppet Gu could could create an army of rattan shell grass soldier that had the strength to kill rank one Gu Masters. Rank four grass puppet Gu could create grass sword elite soldiers which possessed even stronger battle strength.

However, at northern plains, the grass puppet Gu also suffered from the restriction and the rattan shell grass soldiers it created were weak.

However, Fang Yuan created these rattan shell grass soldiers not for battle and was indifferent about them.

After a while, close to a thousand rattan shell grass soldiers started clearing the way in front of him.

Fang Yuan pulled Ge Yao’s hand and under the protection of another hundred rattan shell grass soldiers, they walked into the sea of ghost face sunflowers.




Every ghost cry Gu let out a sharp screech; the rattan shell grass soldiers ahead collapsed. The voices the ghost cry Gu let out were not the same. Some were sharp frightened sounds; some were like the bleating of sheeps; and some seemed to be recounting hidden bitterness.

“Ghost… ghost faces are rising.” The girl shook as she looked at the pale, terrifying ghost faces fly out from the sea of sunflowers.

Fang Yuan gently patted her hand and then calmly organised the puppets.

Soon, some rattan shell grass soldiers left the main group and sacrificed themselves to lure the ghost faces away. Chapter 351: Demon of war

The Four States Lake had waves going in all directions, just like a storm arriving. If the Southern Summer Country was not prepared ahead of time, faced with these kinds of waves, it was hard to guarantee they wouldn’t suffer any losses.

They could feel the shockwaves even this far away?

Then what kind of scene would the War Hounds army look like at the center of the explosion?

Chu Tian gave a few loud laughs, “Good, good, immediately weigh anchor, this formation is inconvenient. Once we line up, we’ll charge forward at full speed and take care of all those drowned rats!”

When Chu Tian’s orders were send the Southern Summer fleet immediately began to move as several hundred warships formed a line, approaching the War Hounds location in a half circle. They used around half a day to arrive there and they saw many pieces of debris in the water.

Broken masts.

Shattered deck.

Damaged flags.

Large amounts of War Hounds corpses filled the water. There were also many still alive War Hounds soldiers gathering together, trying to use any method to stay afloat.

“Hey, hey, can you all hear me?” Chu Tian took a large speaker from Meng Qingwu’s hands. When his voice was passed through the large speakers, it was enough for the other side to clearly hear him, “I am Central State rescue team’s leader Chu Tian. I heard a large disaster happening in the distance, so I quickly came from afar to help, but I never thought that it would be this serious. You don’t need to worry, I’ll immediately end the pain for you now. Crossbows, cannons, and bows to the ready!”

The War Hounds officers’ nose almost went crooked from their anger!

This damn fellow, he actually used this kind of underhanded method!

“Damn, I knew it was done by you!” Wang Tianlong was standing on half of a warship looking very sorry as he was surrounded by several hundred War Hounds soldiers, “This will anger the Fang King and the Eagle Burial Kingdom. No one will be able to save you, just wait for their revenge!”

Chu Tian looked around.

Wang Tianlong and Nangong Ling, these two rebels were both injured, but they were still alive. Their luck was really good! The two of them were familiar with the Southern Summer territory, so it was natural for the Fang King to let them lead. Chu Tian also found that there was only a single True Spirit Realm War Hounds expert, but with only one of them, there was no threat at all. After all, the War Hounds were already like this, how could they still retaliate?

The Fang King was not here!

Dongfang Gan’s prediction was not wrong at all!

The Fang King really did launch a two pronged attack. The War Hounds would send their troops through the water, while the other side would cross over the mountain range to ambush the city!

This plan was pretty good!

The Southern Summer soldiers were very weak. If they did not stop the War Hounds fleet, they would not have the strength to defend the city. They could not choose to defend the city because they definitely could not stop the six hundred thousand army. Central State was like a coffin with its final nail, it would fall to the enemy sooner or later.

But were things really that simple?

Chu Tian had only made a casual move against the War Hounds and he had already stopped their six hundred thousand fleet, how could they keep playing? But Chu Tian was just beginning!

Chu Tian shouted into the speaker, “Dear refugees, please prepare yourselves. You will feel a jolt soon!”

The War Hounds soldiers all opened their eyes wide in shock.

What was this fellow planning to do?

Chu Tian snapped with his right hand!

Several outlines appeared in the clouds which were several dozen giant Miracle Commerce airships!

Each airship was guarded by a small group of griffin knights. When the Miracle Commerce airships came over, large amounts of bombs fell like rain, being thrown into the War Hounds army.

Waves of explosions came one after the other on the Four States Lake!

After those violent bombs exploded in the water, the terrifying shockwaves were enough to shatter their internal organs. With this wild bombing, it was impossible to imagine the casualties the War Hounds suffered.


“Hit them down!”

A group of vulture cavalry made their move. The Fang King was worried this fleet would suffer a loss on the water, so he had left a group of vulture cavalry to guard the fleet. Who would have thought that before the vultures could even approach, the griffin knights would grip their Source Energy Submachine Guns as they met them.

In an instant.

A large dense mass of light bullets flew at the vulture knights.

That fierce firepower pinned down the vulture knights without any hesitation.

Wang Tianlong was filled with rage. The War Hounds chief was just as angry as he gave his order, “Charge, charge forward without caring about the price. Occupy their warships!”

The War Hounds really were the sturdy spirit beasts.

Even in this kind of situation, they could still counterattack. They swam through the water and attempted to capture the Southern Summer warships.

“This is only the appetizer before the meal!” Chu Tian raised the volume of the speaker to its max and loudly shouted, “Following this, it’s the main course!”

Over a hundred explosive crossbow arrows entered the lake waters and the entire lake was soon covered in high temperature flames. Flame and water dragons danced as the fierce shockwave shattered the spirit beasts’ inner visceras. These attacks were like bombs being thrown in water filled with fish, instantly killing a large part of them.

“Use the launchers!”

The Miracle Commerce workers opened the long rectangular boxes.

These launchers had honeycombed shaped mouths. When the Miracle Commerce workers pressed the fire button, a group of bombs were thrown into the air. They fell into the water in a dense area and instantly created a series of explosions!

Too terrifying!

How was this a war?

This was simply an one sided slaughter!

With the three attacks in short bursts, there was no time for the War Hounds to react. Several tens of thousands of War Hounds were killed and almost all of the War Hounds were injured. However, the War Hounds soldiers were very sturdy. Although they had fallen in the water, they all wildly swimmed, laughing in the face of death as they charged forward. They used their spirit energy to block these attacks and ignored all of it as they charged at the ships.

The War Hounds were much stronger than the Southern Summer soldiers!

There were many peak Awakened Soul Cultivators amongst the War Hounds experts. They were very dangerous since they were trapped beasts, so people couldn’t be careless!

Tiandu. Lu Mansion.

A woman wearing a dark purple dress embroidered with large Begonia sat on a stool by the window. Her facial features are like a painting and she has an elegant demeanour, looking gentle like the spring water.

On the left hand side of the woman was a small table with a brown leather bag on top, the bag was just sent over by a waitress and contained some documents.

She had read each word contained in the documents very seriously, so much so that after reading she used her fingers to carefully touch each word. Even until now the astounded feeling she felt is still difficult to put into words.

After calming down her mood, she then carried the bags and walked toward the front yard.

Inside the yard are office buildings, rock gardens, ponds and pavilions; each step there is countless beautiful sceneries. But the woman just looked up at the path and was not even distracted in the slightest.

The woman came to a stop in front of a classical building; on the building are three elegant characters ‘Illustrious Virtue building’. The person who wrote these letters was Chu Xianda, the current monarch of the West Wind Kingdom.

At the entrance of the small building, there were men wearing ordinary green garments guarding outside but they displayed an imposing manner. Inside,were even more guards.

Seeing the woman coming over, the two men wearing green shirt bowed and greeted her at the same time.

“Welcome Madam.”

The woman smiled slightly at them, then asked with a smiling face: “Where is Qingming? “

“The Governor’s is working in the study.” The bearded man Yue Feilong replied with a smile. “Do you want me to go in and report? “

“No need to trouble you two generals. “The woman declined, her smile was gentle and charming, but gave an unquestionable toughness. “I’ll head inside myself. “

Yue Feilong wanted to stop her but was pulled back by the lean man next to him.

“Why? I can’t go in? ” The woman was still smiling, but her smile showed a little hint of danger.

Li Pingan hoped to smooth things over and said: “Feilong is afraid the governor will be disturbed when he’s dealing with matters of the state. However, since the lady wants to see the Governor, then of course you can do so anytime; we don’t dare to stop you—“

The woman nodded and walked towards the building.

After the lady had walked away, Yue Feilong complained in a low voice: “Old Li, you forgot what the Governor said? He said he wants to focus on work, no one is allowed to come in. “

“How would I not remember the Governor’s words? But old Li–you’re unclear of the situation, are you not aware of the Governor and the lady relationship? Husband and wife wants to have a little reunion; the Lady wanted to surprise the Governor, what are you doing getting between them? “Li Pingan said with a smile.

“Old Li, I think the Governor’s order is intended for the Lady—” Yue Feilong glanced around the surroundings and whispered. “He hoped that we would stop the lady from coming in. “

“How is that possible? “Li Pingan is shocked. “Why would you have that suspicion? Could it be that the Governor–is having an affair? “

“Li Pingan, you old military lump, if you continue to tarnish the Governor’s good name, I will draw out my sword and fight you with all might–Are you not aware of the Governor’s character? How would he be unfaithful to the Lady? I was just suspicious—have you not noticed? Recently the Governor has been busy attending social events during the day and when he returns at night he immediately heads into the study –I feel that the Governor is hiding from the Lady—–“

“Now that you mention it—yesterday the Governor had finished his matters earlier in the day, but he suddenly said he wanted to eat dim sum at Fu lai restaurant, then he brought us all to Fu lai restaurant and we spent an afternoon there–Before, when he returns, does he not hurry into the courtyard? “

“I heard that after men reach a certain age, their capacity will decline—Do you think the Governor is not capable in that aspect, so he’s avoiding the Lady on purpose? “


Yue Feilong drew out his sword and shouted in an angry voice: “Li Pingan, do you want me to sever your dog head with my sword?” 051 – Father and son dilemma!

Gongsun Yu pushed open the door to enter; in front of her was a hectic scene.

Several books were spread across the table, and under the table were a disarray of discarded papers.

A man was bent over at the desk, scribbling away rapidly; the beautiful calligraphy he wrote seemed to leap out of the page in a neat row. It was as if each and every character was a little spirit filled with life.

Gongsun Yu stood in the doorway for a moment, then realised her arrival did not disrupt her busy husband at what he was doing. She then deliberately asked aloud: “Qingming are you busy? “

Lu Qingming’s wrist paused, took a glance at his wife and said: “Xiao Yu, what are you doing here? Go back and rest. I still have some work to finish; after I’m done I’ll come over. The Kingdom is in troubled times. The border areas are making every effort to handle everything, but we still can’t afford to slack off at all. Even if I, the newly appointed Governor, has returned to Tiandu, there is still no way I could set aside the matters of the provincial areas–there’s too many matters, you will have to bear with it. “

Not only did Gongsun Yu not leave, but she turned around, shut the door and said: “Qingming, I want to speak with you.”

“Fine. You can speak as much as you want with me. Go back first, then in a while I’ll come to the room to see you–“

“I want to say it now–in your study.” Gongsun Yu’s eyes watched her husband with a gentle expression; but her attitude was exceedingly stubborn and firm.

Lu Qingming placed down the writing brush in his hand and his handsome facial features revealed a smiling expression. The southwest wind ruffled his skin but did not blow away his warrior spirit. He pushed the chair, stood up, and smiled: “Okay. What do you want to say? “

Gongsun Yu handed over the leather bag and said: “Take a look at this first.”

“What is it?” Lu Qingming received the bag and asked as he untied the string on the bag.

“Guilt and remorse.” Gongsun Yu said in a calm voice. But her eyes were slightly red, a sign of her extreme emotions.

Lu Qingming’s expression went slightly stiff, then instantly return back to his usual self, pretending not to see the strange expression on his wife’s face and said with a smile: “I’m curious, what is it that’s so serious? “

Lu Qingming unfastened the bag and took out the pile of papers from the inside.

“Huh?” Lu Qingming glanced over at Gongsun Yu with a puzzled look and said: “Exam papers?

“The examination paper of the Kingdom this year.” Gongsun Yu said with a calm face.

“Interesting. Perhaps I need to sit this test?” As Lu Qingming spoke, he had already begun to read the several papers in his hand.

Lu Qingming’s has a wide accumulation of knowledge; without any difficulty he had already finished reading all the text.

He inserted the papers back into the leather bag and said: “He could have gotten a higher score if he carefully checked over some of the questions. He dropped points at the places where he shouldn’t have, but instead the difficult questions were answered very well–this student is gifted, he should be attending West Wind University, right? Or other famous universities in the Kingdom? “

“You know who he is.” Gongsun Yu stared at Lu Qingming as she stated.. This was not a question, it was a statement.

“What does that mean? “Lu Qingming once again flipped through papers and inspected again, then said with a smile: “Li Muyang. A very strange name. Why would I know who he is? “

“I know you know who he is.” Gongsun Yu stared at her husband without blinking and said: “You lied to me sixteen years ago and now you still want to lie to me? Lu Qingming, if you dare lie to me once more, I will never forgive you in my entire life. “

Distress can be seen within Lu Qingming’s eyes and his expression displayed the colour of pain as he said: “Xiao Yu, what do you want me to do? “

“I want him to come back.” Gongsun Yu said in a firm voice: “I want to bring him back. “

“That is impossible.” Lu Qingming shook his head. “Sixteen years ago, we sent him away, and now can we no longer can take him back–Xiao Yu, you should know very clearly. That is simply impossible. What reason can we use to take him back? How do we explain his existence? “

“Lu Qingming, he is my son, he is our son–Back then you all thought he has a disability, he was a trash, and were afraid that he would not have survived or would become a deformed child and he will humiliate the Lu family. And that if he live for another day, then the Lu family will be the joke for another day–“

Gongsun Yu desperately clenched her fists, holding back her tears. She gritted her teeth and said: “But look at him now. He is not disabled, not a trash, and not a deformed child–instead, he’s much smarter than a lot of people and he works much harder than many people. He should get a better education; he should get everything he deserves. He should return to the Lu family, to his parents–I will explain everything to him, so that he does not hate us, so that he does not hate the Lu family. Then, we will use the rest of our lives to atone for the sins we committed.”

Gongsun Yu stared at Lu Qingming and said each word carefully: “Therefore, I want him to come back.”

“Xiao Yu–” The veins on Lu Qingming’s forehead bulging out and within his eyes was strong intractable agony. “These days I have been hiding from you, I was afraid you and I would argue, worried that you would bring up everything in front of me and ask me to give you a answer. I admit it I know who he is. I’m even more concerned about his existence than you–This exam paper I have seen it already. I also know you will have surely seen it. “

“I also want to collect him; just like you, I also want to take him back. I don’t need you to explain, I’ll personally explain everything to him, I would like to atone for my mistakes–I don’t know if he will forgive me or not, I just want to stand in front of him and tell him everything. I want him to know what exactly happened that night. I want to let him know that he should have had a completely different life–“

“However, we can’t do that. As you said, back then we sent him away because we were afraid he wouldn’t survive or even if he survived he would become a deformed child, we were worried he’ll be laughed at, be criticised by our political enemies–if we take him back now, how do we explain his existence? How do we explain our relationships? How do we explain where did he go? The scandal that happened sixteen years ago, after sixteen years of fermentation and brewing, will possess an unbearable stench –if we announce to the outside world now that Li Muyang is an abandoned child of the Lu family, then what will happen to the reputation of the Lu family in Tiandu? Furthermore, would the Lu family have any face to stand up in the Imperial court anymore?”

“Moreover, the situation in Tiandu now is complicated. Father is attacking for the position of the Left government minister. Lu family is in a vortex, countless people are watching us attentively, every single member of the Lu family is particularly cautious. If there’s any noise leaking out at this crucial moment—Xiao Yu, if we bring him back at this time, then is that not the same as putting up a target on our bodies? “

“This is the reason that you refuse? ” Gongsun Yu stared at her own husband with extreme disappointment: “Just like the reasons you abandoned him sixteen years ago, it is utterly absurd.”

“Xiao Yu, give me a little more time. Now we know he is living happily, and there’s also a high possibility that he will be coming to Tiandu to study. When that time comes he will be right under our noses, we can properly look after him then. Wait until there’s an opportunity, we will bring him back and we can reunite–How does that sound? “

“Lu Qingming—“

“Xiao Yu–“

“I don’t even want to wait another day. “

“Xiao Yu–“

“I want him to attend West Wind University.” Gongsun Yu said aloud.

“Fine.” Lu Qingming immediately agreed: “I’ve read his papers, if there isn’t any accidents, then without a doubt he can attend to West Wind University.”

“I want to make sure he goes to West Wind University.” Gongsun Yu said.

“Fine.” Lu Qingming nodded and said: “I can guarantee that. He will definitely be admitted to West Wind University. If they do not allow Li Muyang to study in West Wind University, I will personally go to and tear down West Wind University’s entrance and use it as firewood.”

“Lu Qingming, I hope you won’t disappoint me this time.” Gongsun Yu’s eyes swept across her husband with a deep expression, then turned and walked towards the outside. “

Lu Qingming’s emotions were extremely agitated, walking up and down in the study.

“Guards.” Lu Qingming shouted loudly.

Guard Li Pingan knocked on the door and entered, asking: “General, is there something you want me to do? “

Lu Qingming is a high-ranking general that fought on the battlefield; both Li Pingan and Yue Feilong were members of his army. Later he transferred to a civilian post and became a provincial Governor, but the people around him still likes to call him ‘ General ‘.

“Is the head of family in?” Lu Qingming asked aloud.

“About that–I’ll go find out?” Li Pingan said in a low voice. But he thought to himself that whether or not the head of the family was present was something that he won’t know and also wouldn’t dare to know.

“No need.” Lu Qingming waved his hand and said: “You may leave. “

“Yes. General.” Just as Li Pingan left the room, he looked at Yue Feilong with a meaningful glance and said: “The lady is certainly not satisfied with General’s performance; the lady is angry and General is frustrated—“

“Li Pingan—” Yue Feilong drew out his sword once again. “

Before the two of them even have the time to fight, Lu Qingming walked out carrying a document bag.

Just as the two of them were trying to catch up to him, they heard Lu Qingming’s orders: “You don’t need to come.”

Lu Qingming arrived at the left side of the yard, seeing the old butler coming to greet him, he asked: “Where is father? “? “

“Master is at a meeting in the study.” The butler said with a smile. “Young master, do you want to come back later? “

“I’ll sit here and wait.” Lu Qingming glanced at the butler as he answered him. “

Butler took a glimpse at Lu Qingming and said: “Young master, please go to the tearoom for a cup of tea. “

“Thank you.”

Lu Qingming sat at the tearoom and waited for half an hour, the butler then came to ask him to come into the study.

Lu Qingming entered, seeing his father sitting inside like the towering high mountains, he said in a low voice: “Father, I want to bring Muyang back.” 052 – Raising to fight a wolf!

The head of the Lu family, Lu Xingkong. His appearance was intimidating and he has the authority to overturn the imperial court. He was known as the ‘Sand Eagle’ within the political and government circles.

The Sand Eagle is a rare species found in the desert; they are greedy, violent, and aggressive. They feed on carrion, but from time to time they plunder fresh ingredients, altering their personal taste. Lone wolf, wild hare and even troops and convoy are his target of attack. Once you are locked on as their prey it would result in a situation of them not leaving you until you die.

They will swoop down and take you into the air unless you killed them.

Comparing someone within the political and government circle to an animal like the ‘Sand Eagle’ is absolutely not a compliment. Subordinates are afraid of you, superiors are vigilant against you, it could even be said that every step you take is extremely difficult and dangerous.

If this title came out of an ordinary person’s mouth, then most likely their dead bodies will soon be floating around the moat of Tiandu.

However, these words came from an old man of the Song family who is known as the ‘eye of the stars’. Even if Lu Xingkong is unreasonable and overbearing, he still can’t do anything about it.

The Kingdom’s left minister position was vacant, yet the Royal Chu family of West Wind has remained silent on this matter. Every family and clan were desperately fighting for this position; in terms of prestige and experience Lu Xingkong is the strongest competitor. Now the entire imperial court and the ordinary people are all watching carefully to see if his path in competing for the position of left government minister is a success.

If he is successful, then the Lu clan will become a military general family to a government minister family in one step. His family which had a military background for thousands of years will become the head of the government officials; it is a qualitative jump in position.

If he is successful with the position of government minister, it will be an enormous honour for the family and a safeguard for the family for hundred of years. Otherwise, even if they were to continue with Lu Xingkong’s position as the leader of the military officers in the country, just how far could he go? Suppose that all the elites in the family died fearlessly on the battlefield, then how could the Lu clan continue on? How could they maintain their riches and honour?

This was a hurdle to Lu Xingkong, but for the Lu family it is even more of a hurdle.

Therefore, the entire Lu family including Lu Xingkong are making every effort to help fight for the left government minister position. This was the reason that Lu Qingming, the provincial Governor was returning to the capital to help campaign for his father.

Lu Qingming is busy, but Lu Xingkong doesn’t even have a moment to spare. Everyday he meets with people constantly, colleagues, old friends, and subordinates–Now is the time to stand or pretend to stand. Each individual performance is under the watchful eyes of thousands of people, no one dares to relax and be careless.

“Father, I want to bring Muyang back.” Lu Qingming stood in front of his father and said in a firm voice. “

The few television stations that were still running broadcasted such news every day. They were all related to Xinghe. Only the open declarations of love managed to elicit a response out of SamWolf.

Sam spat a grape seed out of his mouth and commented with derision, “Who are these people that they think they are qualified to marry Xinghe? They are so late to the party.”

“Yes, you would know what that feels like,” Ali chided him with a straight face. For some reason, he had nothing to say in defense of himself.

Cairn was tapping on a calculator and he said seriously, “So many men want to use every penny they have to marry Xinghe. I made some calculations, by accepting the dowry alone, she would be the richest person in the world.”

“Do they not mind a polygamous relationship?” Wolf asked innocently.

Cairn nodded after some thought. “I don’t think so. Many of them have stated openly that they would not mind being her lover without any status.”

Sam straightened in his seat and said, “Actually, that is not such a bad thing. I wonder whether Xinghe will agree to that or not.”

Ali coughed awkwardly and stressed, “That should be Mr. Xi’s decision, right?”

Sam and the guys finally realized the change of the atmosphere in the room. They turned their heads slowly around and fear registered on their faces when they saw Mubai who stood at the door.

Seeing his mirthless expression, Sam quickly stated, “We do not harbor any intentions towards Xinghe, we are just joking, I swear, it is just a joke!”

“He’s right, we were only joking.” Cairn also nodded rather guiltily.

Mubai smiled and said, “I know you guys are just joking. Don’t worry, I didn’t take it to heart.” Chapter 838: Rather Be Single

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

He then turned and left.

Sam asked with disbelief, “He let us go so easily… Am I dreaming?”

They knew about the depths of Mubai’s envy, after all, they almost died under his hands once. The fact that he was so approachable then was… unsettling to say the least.

Cairn said with uncertainty, “It should be fine.”

Then, what was this sinking feeling in their stomach?

Their anxiety was not unfounded because Mubai did take revenge against them eventually!

Through some hidden channels, Mubai leaked the pictures for the three of them to the public, causing the public to realize they were Xinghe’s close friends, and that they were instrumental in Xinghe’s crusade against He Lan Yuan.

The three of them were good looking guys to begin with and the females all over the world swooned over them once they knew about their existence. All three of them cut sorry figures hiding from their pursuers.

Before this, they were hoping for a girlfriend to escape their single status, but now… there were so many girls falling at their feet that they felt like they were drowning in them. They were living lives similar to fugitives, but it was worse. To be perfectly honest, they would rather have continued their single lifestyle than suffer this fate…

However, those were later concerns.

After Mubai left, he went to look for Xinghe. Xinghe had kept herself sheltered after dealing with the satellites. She had been busy discussing the next step of her plan with the United Nations. The threat of the satellites might be over, but He Lan Yuan was still alive.

He Lan Yuan did not attempt to contact them again. The few remaining satellites worked normally but they did not receive any signal from the moon again. The various countries were planning to launch more satellites to check out the situation on the moon. They even intended to send their military there.

Galaxy Control Centre failed to contact He Lan Yuan as well. As most of the satellites fell, communication between the two parties ended.

It is worth noting that any satellites that wished to be launched in the future would liaise with Galaxy Control Centre. The signal tower would be Earth’s biggest information control center.

Xinghe was not stingy with her skills. Almost every known experts came to the tower because they wanted to know how Xinghe managed to wrangle the control of the satellites away from He Lan Yuan. Xinghe told them everything they wanted to know.

The method she employed was actually very simple. He Lan Yuan was surprisingly singular in his system outline; he used the same system for almost all of his technology.

In other words, for all his system, there was a central defense point. This would normally be a weakness, but since the system design was so crazily good, He Lan Yuan was brazen enough to use the same system for all his technology.

In other words, by hacking one of them, one would have managed to hack the rest. Therefore, from the moment Xinghe cracked the defense system at the He Lan family’s launch base, she would be able to replicate the same result for the rest of He Lan Yuan’s systems. That was how she managed to take control of those satellites.

Under normal circumstances, this would not have been possible because the defense system was unusually strong. No human being should be able to crack it. Unfortunately for He Lan Yuan, he did not account for Xinghe’s inhuman computer skills. Chapter 839: Her Mother’s Design

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The experts were mightily impressed after Xinghe explained the system. She managed to hack through such a complicated, incomprehensible system. Her ability was something beyond their comprehension. However, there was one question that was still on their mind.

“Miss Xia, since He Lan Yuan knows all the technology follows the same system, he should have been alerted when you hacked the launch base computers. However, it did not seem like he was aware of that, why is that?”

In fact, it did not seem like he was aware that Xinghe had taken the control away from him until it was already too late. That was the one conundrum that they could not solve.

Xinghe’s eyes darted around for a bit before answering, “My only explanation is that the system was not his to begin with. He is probably not very good with computers. After all, from our knowledge, he is only a scientist, not a computer expert.”

Comprehension dawned on them. “You are most likely correct. Looks like he has many impressive talents in his employment.”

“Alas, all those people were at his bidding, if only they would see the truth and side with justice. These are all great talents that can contribute a lot to humanity’s progress.”

“Indeed. Hopefully, when the military reach the moon, these people will choose to surrender because we will accept them with open arms.”

“Miss Xia, I heard you are following them to the moon as well, is that true?” someone asked.

Xinghe nodded. “Indeed, I will. Alright, that’s all for today, I still have something else to attend to.”

Xinghe walked towards Mubai who was waiting by the door. As she got near, Mubai took her hand naturally as they both walked out.

Outside, night was falling. The stars were twinkling; the starry night at Galaxy Control Centre that night was breathtakingly beautiful.

Walking on the grassy knoll, even Xinghe could not stop herself from raising her head to take in the majestic view. Mubai asked her gently, “What’s on your mind?”

Xinghe replied, “I wonder how it is up there and whether she is still alive.”

Mubai knew who Xinghe was referring to. It was her mother, the second Shen miss.

“She must still be alive. In this world, no one is more talented than her, with her talent, she will have found a way to survive.”

“Hopefully, you’re right, but I am afraid He Lan Yuan will take revenge against her,” Xinghe said solemnly.

All the systems were designed by her mother, He Lan Yuan would most likely see through the ruse and make the connection. Xinghe was afraid He Lan Yuan would harm her mother after he found out about her identity.

Mubai squeezed her hand and said, “I am sure she has come up with a back-up plan since she had the forethought to leave a fatal weakness in the system for you to find.”

Xinghe nodded and said with confidence, “Regardless, I must go up there and meet her personally.”

Mubai added, “I will follow you.”

“But your body…”

“Is fine,” Mubai said with a smile. “I have the most powerful heart out of everyone in the world, I think no one is more qualified than me to go on this journey with you. Furthermore, I have done the necessary checking; my body is fine.”

“But the danger is still there,” Xinghe said solemnly. They were going to the moon, there was no way of telling what kind of danger awaited them.

She had personal reasons to go but she did not want him to follow her.

Mubai retracted his smile and looked at her intently. Chapter 840: Follow You Everywhere

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

“In other words, you only want me to share the good times but not the bad times?”

“You have your responsibility and I have mine. I don’t want to drag you into my business.”

Mubai’s eyes turned deeper and his voice dropped to a deep growl. “Does this mean you don’t actually love me?”

Xinghe frowned. “Why would you think that?”

“Because if you do, you would not have much such a distinction between you and me. If this is my responsibility, would you follow to help me?”

Xinghe did not know how to answer. If the shoes were on the other foot, she would follow him too.

Mubai pulled her in for a hug and said softly, “Therefore, don’t stop me from going with you. You have no idea how much I hate myself when I have stand there and do nothing but support you from the sidelines. If you take away my last pleasure of being your side, wouldn’t that be too cruel?”

“But I’m going into the heavens, not somewhere on Earth.”

Mubai laughed. “That is just perfect, is it not? I will follow you to heaven and hell.”

Xinghe could not suppress the smile on her face. She hugged him back and nodded. “Alright then, we will go together. I will be putting my life in your hands.”

Mubai was taken aback and he hugged her even harder!

This was the first time Xinghe had voiced her reliance on him, it gave him much surprise and excitement. Mubai could not contain himself from kissing the top of her head. He promised, “Don’t worry, I swear to protect you with my life. My single goal in life is to be your guard.”

Xinghe was deeply touched. Internally, she swore to do the same by him. As long as she was alive, she would not leave his side. In the past, they had missed many things, but that only made them savor their future together even more.

No matter what happened in the future, they would stick together and would never be apart.

After Xinghe and Mubai decided to join the military to go to the moon, they joined their training camp. They had to undergo plenty of strenuous training before they were allowed to go into space. The training was difficult, but it was not much of an issue for Xinghe and Mubai.

SamWolf and Ee Chen also joined the training. They also wanted to go into space. They could not miss out on such a grand adventure.

Even Munan wanted to follow along, but he was directly denied by Mubai. There was no telling what would happen on moon, they could not risk the Xi family’s whole future on this one adventure. For the sake of his family, Munan had to yield. He was deeply annoyed because he should be responsible for this kind of mission and not Mubai.

However, the person with the biggest say then was Xinghe. If Xinghe was going to the moon, there was no way Mubai would not follow. Hence, Munan had no choice but to surrender to his fate.

Not only him, many people volunteered to follow them on this adventure to the moon. They could not imagine the base He Lan Yuan had built up there. Therefore, they wished to see the place for themselves. This kind of opportunity came once in a life time, even if they died up there, it would be worth it.

However, none of the volunteers were allowed the opportunity. The ones going were soldiers, doctors, and scientists who had gone through stringent screening. It was due to Xinghe that SamWolf and Ee Chen were allowed to tag along.

As Xinghe and the rest were undergoing the training, the order of the world was slowly recovering. However, the world order was not something that could be fixed in a short amount of time. Chapter 328: Hovering Target (Part 3/3)

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Luo Nan understood tacitly when he met Worker Zhai’s gaze. “Then, let me try.”

“Hellooo. I did use my penetrative energy.” Crag Burst wasn’t about to give up. He was a bit impolite, for he harbored vigilance deep down. “You were talking to me first, not even mentioning Nanster. Plus, there isn’t much difference when comparing me to Leister. Why can’t I achieve the same result as him?”

Worker Zhai responded gently, “I’m thinking of two reasons. One is that my amplification device is more suitable for mentally enhanced ability users. And you, a typical case of physical enhancement, have a different direction of interference. The second is that the miniature rhombohedron may be similar to our wristbands. There is a level for daily application, and there is a different level for developers.”

Crag Burst rubbed his large bald head. He felt that what Worker Zhai said was reasonable, and he turned his gaze toward Luo Nan. Luo Nan nodded and said, “The work Worker Zhai did just now was extremely delicate and precise. He used his mental power and borrowed a bit of electrical current from within the device to realize an amplification of interference in the material plane. But when it comes to you, Brother Crag Burst, you completely destroy the amplification effects.”

“So it was like this.” Crag Burst nodded his head and looked at Worker Zhai once more, this time with a different meaning in his eyes. “Do you have an affinity for electrons? This is quite a decent ability. It’s especially suitable for a repair technician. You can be considered a tiger that has grown wings. There aren’t any places without electricity these days.”

Worker Zhai burst out in laughter. “It isn’t suitable for a repair technician; it’s necessary. If I wasn’t a mentally-inclined ability user who can realize an affinity with electrons, engaging in deeper research would just be wishful thinking.”

He cast his gaze at Luo Nan with complicated emotions. “I don’t even dare to think about the level of visual power that people like Mr. Luo possess. Us amateurs who haven’t even started are indeed left in the dust when compared with the Awakened.”

“This one here, Nanster, has special circumstances.” Crag Burst made way for Nanster as he spoke. He easily added, “I really feel like I’ve seen this toy somewhere before.”

Luo Nan didn’t speak. He took a step forward and grasped the metal rod. The tentacles of the miniature rhombohedron within the device cavity had retracted when Crag Burst had let go, and Luo Nan didn’t put out his power in time. The tentacles fully retracted, and Luo Nan didn’t make any further movements.

“What’s wrong?” Crag Burst didn’t understand.

“He should be observing.” Worker Zhai Worker Zhai was a precision-slanted mentally enhanced ability user. Even though it was impossible for him to perceive Luo Nan’s actions on the mental plane, he was able to guess the relevant train of thought.

Crag Burst went, “Oh.” He felt a bit embarrassed for being suspicious of Worker Zhai just now. He pressed against his earlobe and did a general gesture as a member of the Society. “Let’s add each other as friends.”

Worker Zhai laughed wryly and waved his hand. “It’s embarrassing, but it’s impossible for me to add people.”

“Huh!? You don’t have an ID on the Psychic Wave Network?”

“I have one, but it’s very hard to use normally.” Worker Zhai shook his head again. “I have just that bit of mental power, and I have yet to reach the level that will allow me to interfere with reality at anytime and anywhere. So, I have only been able to wander around the perimeter of the circle for these past few years. I rely on my trade to make a bit of a living. Fortunately, Papercut looks out for me. He frequently introduces work for me.”

It was without a doubt that Luo Nan was introduced to Worker Zhai in this way.

Crag Burst asked inquisitively, “It can’t be that bad? I saw that your interference ability was quite precise….”

“That’s because I’m in this workshop. Outside of here, I am no different from a normal person.”

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Zhu Yi looked into the distance and remained calm, “This is the War of the Two Worlds. As the powers from both sides clash with one another, a minor detail can affect the overall situation.”

He asked, “Oh yes, where’s little junior brother and little junior sister?”

Shi Tianhao had already entered the Barren Expanses early on. Luo Qingwu and the rest also followed him. As they travelled across the Barren Expanses, they were even deeper than both Shi Yu, Zhu Yi and the others.

However, they were about to retreat after they heard Lin Feng’s warning. And after they knew about some powerful individuals that left the Black Sea to attack the Great Qin Empire, Shi Tianhao and the others quickly rushed to Mount Guxing.

Yue Hongyan crushed a Voice-Projecting Crystal and her supernatural awareness communicated through it. However, she revealed a stunned look on her face suddenly, “….Oh?”

Zhu Yi turned to look at her, “What’s wrong?”

Yue Hongyan’s expression turned dismal, “I’ve contacted Tianhao and the others. But I’m hearing intermittent sounds, as if there’s some power interrupting.”

“Although Tianhao and the others are not in danger now, it will take some time for them to flee from some mystery domain that they are in.”

Zhu Yi was a little surprised, “Someone set up an ambush?”

Yue Hongyan shook her head, “According to Tianhao, there’s no ambush. Rather, it’s a natural formation in the Heavens and Earth. However, it’s normally concealed and not revealed. Tianhao was rushing and shook void space that triggered the appearance of that mystery domain.”

The both of them looked at each other and shook their heads. They felt a sense of dejection at this point. Chapter 118: This Turtle Is Hardest

Hua Pengju had always been waiting for the opportunity to seek revenge.

If not for Tu Dahei, the days of his and Song Xiao’s tyranny in Team Red would not have departed with no sign of return. He would not have needed to desperately struggle on the edge of elimination!

As such, after Yama Minamiya announced the rules of a free-for-all, Hua Pengju gathered the four remaining members in Song Xiao’s faction. There were all in the same boat to begin with, and now, they were all comrades in arms with a common enemy named Tu Dahei!

As such, their approach was direct and brutal. Just a simple phrase, fuck him!

Their idea was similarly simple. Even if they could not take Tu Dahei down through their collective efforts, they could at least ruthlessly hold Tu Dahei back. Since there was no way for them to obtain the nomination, there was no need to care if their actions would expose themselves to everyone around them.

If they could vent the anger in their hearts, so what if they harmed others and themselves?

However, Hua Pengju never expected that Tu Dahei was so weak, even in his wildest dreams!

After Hua Pengju slammed his palm into Shi Xiaobai’s chest, he did not hesitate to send another palm strike. As a person who perennially mixed in hooligan circles, he had the ruthlessness common hooligans lacked. Even though Shi Xiaobai had already spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, it was still not enough to make his heart turn soft!

Hua Pengju’s intent was cold and brutal. Take advantage of his perilous situation!

A struggle appeared in the other four teammates’ eyes. Reason told them that Tu Dahei was already very likely severely injured by the five of them. If they continued their beatings, Tu Dahei would likely be crippled even though it was unlikely he would die.

Was doing such a thing okay?

The four people exchanged glances as their mouths spontaneously suffused a sneer. They immediately struck Shi Xiaobai again. Since they connived with Hua Pengju, what sort of conscience could they have left? Striking with lesser strength was the only remaining benevolence they had.

As such, under everyone’s watchful gaze in the middle of the field, a shocking scene that caused everyone to draw a gasp happened.

Hua Pengju and the other four began hitting Shi Xiaobai as though they were ruthlessly hitting sandbags. Shi Xiaobai was like a tiny boat that was floating in the middle of a surging storm, suffering the relentless crashing of waves. He was letting the five hit him without resisting!

This scene only happened for a few seconds, and by the time everyone managed to react, Hua Pengju and company had already struck Shi Xiaobai several times.

When Ye Jiaquan saw this, his eyes appeared like they were about to crack. He shouted “get lost” to the Team Blue members who had been pestering him right from the beginning as he tried to charge over to help Shi Xiaobai. However, the few Team Blue members kept blocking his path with deadpan expressions.

When Xiang Wu saw this scene, he grunted coldly and wanted to intervene, but when he turned around, he saw Wang Lin blocking his path. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he slowly raised the dagger in his hand.

When Riko saw this scene, her face was already pale. Without any hesitation, she wanted to rush into the field and stop this unilateral abuse.

Riko was blaming herself in her heart. Regardless of how much a genius Shi Xiaobai was, being able to cultivate to the fourth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm in twenty days was already a miracle. It was understandable that he had yet to grasp any combat skills. However, she had encouraged Shi Xiaobai to participate in this cruel selection free-for-all battle without completely understanding the situation. She had harmed Shi Xiaobai.

“Hold on.”

A hand pulled Riko’s arm back.


Riko turned her head to look at Yama Minamiya, who had stopped her. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. Was her father prohibiting her from interrupting the selection battle?

Riko clenched her teeth slightly. She seldom rebelled against her family, but this time, she could not relent. Even if she were to disappoint her father, she had to stop Hua Pengju.

Riko used her strength in order to free herself from Yama Minamiya’s grip.

Yama Minamiya suddenly said with a solemn expression, “Look carefully at the child’s expression.”

Only then did Riko realize that her usually taciturn father had a smiling look of interest in his eyes.

Riko immediately turned her head to look at Shi Xiaobai. As she focused her eyes, she saw how Shi Xiaobai’s body was shaking in a manner that could not be clearly seen while Hua Pengju and company were beating him.

That face should have been pale, but…

Riko’s pupils abruptly constricted.

“He is smiling!?” Riko exclaimed in horror. At that moment in time, Shi Xiaobai had an undisguised smile suffusing from his lips. While experiencing the five-men gang beating, he was still able to smile?

At the same time, Riko realized another shocking matter!

Shi Xiaobai never issued out a tragic scream from the beginning to the end. No, not only that, on closer inspection, the skin that was exposed by Shi Xiaobai did not have any bruises after experiencing Psionic Ability attacks!

What…was going on!?

Shi Xiaobai wanted to laugh out loud. If not for this sudden Absolute Choice that caused him to be somewhat worried for Chen Lingcun’s safety, he would have brazenly laughed out loud.

Shi Xiaobai wanted to moan comfortably while enduring Hua Pengju and company’s beatings. Every muscle on his body was trembling in bliss, giving him the satisfaction of having his heart filled to the brim with joy.

Oh, don’t misunderstand. Shi Xiaobai is not into masochism, He just could not extricate himself from the indulgence of becoming stronger.

Eh? You are asking why he becomes stronger while being beaten?

Hehe, you are really out of it!

Speaking of this matter, there is a need to mention that when Shi Xiaobai cultivated his Crab Steps to the “Dominating Refinement” realm, the Absolute Choice had given him a B-Class reward-Filthy Turtle Divine Technique!

And Filthy Turtle Divine Technique was truly a divine technique!

This divine technique consisted of three parts. The first was a body tempering cultivation technique-“This Turtle Is Hardest”.

“This Turtle Is Hardest” was similar to traditional body tempering techniques. The final goal was to similarly increase a cultivator’s physical defense through cultivation. It meant improving the four major defenses-skin, flesh, bones and mental defenses.

Every Psionite would supposedly choose a body tempering cultivation technique that was most suited for them to increase their physical defense.

This Turtle Is Hardest was one of the most ordinary and common body tempering cultivation techniques.

However, the cultivation method of “This Turtle Is Hardest” was extremely special. It was completely different from other fancy schlocks.

Common body tempering cultivation techniques would use a specific motion or training method to constantly push the body to its limits in order to improve the body’s constitution.

Some body tempering cultivation techniques would send their Psionic Power gushing through their bodies and use the passing of time to transform their bodies.

There were other insane body tempering cultivation techniques that used the power of nature to temper their bodies.

For example, using fire to temper their bodies while rising from the ashes, or using lightning tribulations to construct a lightning tempered body. There were also water, wind, ice-snow tempered bodies, etc. Through these natural forces, they could temper their bodies’ physical properties and through that improve their body’s defenses and resistances.

The aforementioned were the most commonly seen body tempering cultivation techniques, but “This Turtle Is Hardest” did not belong to any of this.

This Turtle Is Hardest’s body tempering cultivation technique had a complicated theory, but to sum it up in three words, it was-getting a beating!

Translator’s Note: My Patreon is now at 112/300 to the next goal. There will be 3 bonus AC chapters released once the goal is reached! The sponsored bar is $20 from a sponsored chapter that will be released as soon as possible! Zhu Yi creased his brows slightly and asked Yue Hongyan, “Can you determine their location?”

Yue Hongyan replied, “I’m hearing intermittent voices. To determine their location, it’ll not be easy. That mystery domain distorts void space and forms an independent plane of space on its own. Tianhao and the others are separated from the Greater World. To find them, you can only bring the Higan Golden Bridge near them. However, I believe that a lot of time will be expended if you do so.”

Zhu Yi shook his head. In this way, finding Shi Tianhao and the rest first would be inappropriate. Finding someone required a lot of time. This didn’t include the extra time wasted along the way too.

They might have time, but the Great Qin Empire might not be able to hold on.

Both parties shared a rather cordial relationship. If they did not extend a helping hand in time, the Great Qin Empire would be in disaster under the pressure exerted by the Earth Dragon King and Azure Sky Dragon King.

The Dragon tribe had reached the Mount Guxing region after chasing the Great Qin Empire. As compared to the Great Qin Empire, the Purple Clouds Sect that shared a closer relationship with the Celestial Sect of Wonders was also there. If they did not retreat in time, they would also be implicated. Zhu Yi and the rest couldn’t just watch and ignore too.

The Higan Golden Bridge turned into a golden bow that stretched across the sky. In an instant, it reached a far distance. Its target did not change as it stretched towards the direction of Mount Guxing.

Right now, Mount Guxing had become a devastated battlefield.

The vast golden auspicious clouds were like a boundless sea of clouds. They engulfed the entire Mount Guxing area and the aura of the auspicious clouds was very mighty. This aura left a sense of repression, as if an almighty ruler had descended.

The golden auspicious clouds represented the might of the Immemorial Celestial Dragons. At this moment, they seemed to condense to form a solid entity that sealed this plot of void space. Everything inside seemed to be like small worms inside amber that couldn’t escape.

Within this sea of golden clouds, there was a projection of a long dragon. Its length was difficult to be measured. As it passed through layers of void space, it crossed millions of miles and there seemed to be no end destination to where it was going.

If the golden auspicious clouds did not shift void space, the huge projection would certainly be unable to be contained.

This long projection revolved around the clouds, like a dragon that flew within the Nine Heavens and attempted to burst out of it.

But the more it struggled, the more a sense of extreme fury was exuded from the sea of golden clouds. The growl of a dragon resonated in the Heavens and Earth. It was the voice of the Earth Dragon King.

That projection belonged to the Immortal Dragon City.

As the projection revolved around, it was like a long city that stretched out across the Heavens and Earth. It revealed a sense of indestructibility and security.

And at this point, a huge Immemorial Celestial Dragon appeared amidst the sea of golden clouds. A brutal force struck the Immortal Dragon City repeatedly. That brutal aura was like a raging wave in the ocean that slammed against a seawall. To destroy the Immortal Dragon City, everyone behind the wall had to be exterminated as quickly as possible.

The Earth Dragon King had revealed his true form unceremoniously. Even though the Immortal Dragon City was very powerful, it could only passively defend.

Fortunately, the defense of the Immortal Dragon City was its strength. Hence, it was able to hold on even under the relentless attack of the Earth Dragon King.

Shi Yu stood above the Immortal Dragon City and looked extremely dispirited. In his eyes, a radiance flashed repeatedly.

Although the Great Qin Empire cultivators had retreated quickly under the leadership of Shi Yu, they were still blocked by the dragons at Mount Guxing. The Earth Dragon King displayed his Dragon Awe Auspicious Clouds and sealed the Heavens and Earth. This left Shi Yu and the Immortal Dragon City unable to free themselves. They could only withstand the relentless attack helplessly.

And within the sea of golden clouds, there was an azure dragon figure that flew besides the Earth Dragon King. It emitted an azure radiance. That azure radiance carried the powerful effect of breaking spells. It was silently eroding the defense of the Immortal Dragon City.

Against the Immortal Dragon City and Shi Yu, the dragons were only filled with extreme fury and humiliation.

Even against a stronger opponent, the Earth Dragon City wouldn’t allow the Azure Sky Dragon King to intervene. The Azure Sky Dragon King would not make a move recklessly too.

But at this point, the both of them only had one idea in their heads. They wanted to exterminate the enemy before them. Everything else was secondary.

However, the Immortal Dragon City displayed an immense defensive power that was only secondary to the Supreme Heavenly Mirror among all the destiny level magic treasures around.

As light projections flashed, the long city wall seemed to be filled with countless people standing shoulder to shoulder at the top of the city wall. They let out a unified scream at the same time.

This scream seemed to cause the same image to appear in front of everyone.

It was the image of an arduous battle across many generations of human cultivators against true dragons that concealed within clouds, in the hope of overthrowing the enslavement of humans by the demons.

They did not submit or cave in. They roused one another and acted fearlessly. As they unified, they protected one another.

After thousands of years of legacy, the dignified will that the humans possessed was well-exhibited today.

At this moment, the Divine Lands was also shaking, even though it was far away. It was as if the wills and minds of thousands of people had gathered together. They formed a common will that transcended void space and came to the Barren Expanses, supplementing the Immortal Dragon City.

At the center of the crowd above the city wall, there was a huge human figure that stood there. His gaze was filled with seriousness and dignity. It carried the love and concern that he had for his comrades and the refusal to submit to his enemies. He stared at the sea of golden clouds before him and the Earth Dragon King who appeared very subtly within the sea of clouds.

It was the display of the spirit and will of the first human emperor of the Primordial Age, Emperor Shi.

He hated!

The young masters and mistresses of the large tribes could pick among the desolate bones, not using those with side effects or low efficacy!

But for him, he had to go through all the trouble and sacrificing his wealth just to obtain a rejected piece of Frost Python desolate bones!

Putting all hope on a set of desolate bones, which had immense side effects, and risking his life to consume it was pathetic!

“Chengyu, it has been hard on you all these years. But you have to know even the bright in the big tribes are few in number. There are even plenty without the talent in the big tribes, they too don’t get much of the desolate beast meat…” The Patriarch felt guilty. He knew Lian Chengyu had great talent, but because the Lian tribal clan was too poor, they were unable to nurture him. All these years, the Patriarch had known that Lian Chengyu had a grudge towards the tribe despite him never uttering a word.

It was hard for Lian Chengyu to listen to what the Patriarch had to say. He answered, “Grandpa, don’t console me. Heaven is heartless, treating all things as dogs. Since the world is unfair, I will use my own strength to gain that fairness! Sooner or later, I will take control of my life, and will take control of the lives of others! In the future, I will have all the children of the big tribes at my feet!”

“I understand,” sighed the Patriarch. “Tomorrow I will pass the order to gather more people to refine the desolate bones. I will not care about the number of deaths. With more people, they can absorb more of the Frost Qi…making it safer for you when you consume the desolate bones.”

The Patriarch knew that Lian Chengyu would not feel any remorse for the poor who died for him.

Lian Chengyu hated the unfairness of the world. He felt he was extremely unlucky, so how could he be bothered with the unluckiness of others?

To Lian Chengyu, the poor were like ants. Even Lian Chengyu saw himself as a slightly bigger ant.

The survival of the fittest, this was a notion ingrained deep in Lian Chengyu’s heart. Only by eating the smaller ants could he keep growing till the point where he could control his own fate and the fate of others, as a top expert. Chapter 22: Recruitment

Early in the morning as the sun shined and mist rose from the woods…

The ancient vast wilderness welcomed a brand new day.

With the herb picking halted, Jiang Xiaorou was preparing breakfast while Yi Yun was chopping wood in the yard.

He did not use a hatchet, but was chopping them with his bare hands!

“Pa!” A clear loud snap rang. A clean cut separated the firewood into two.

Yi Yun looked at the two pieces of firewood and said to himself, “‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ when mastered can break a tree trunk into thing chopstick like pieces with bare hands in less than a minute. If I were to practice for another three months, I wonder if I’ll reach that point.”

Yi Yun was deep in thought when he heard a noisy commotion from far.

Listening attentively, Yi Yun heard Zhao Tiezhu’s voice: “Lian tribal clan’s people! Listen carefully! The Patriarch has issued an order to recruit ten strong men to refine the desolate bones. Those who are interested can sign up for it. They will be accepted on the basis of merit!”

Oh? Recruiting ten strong men to refine the desolate bones?

Yi Yun had a thought. He had been thinking about the illness the villagers had contracted from refining the desolate bones for the past few days.

The large numbers of sick were all healed by a “miracle drug”.

Something had to be amiss for them to recruit new strong men for the refinement.

With that thought, Yi Yun threw down his firewood and headed to the grain-sunning ground in the village.

From afar, Yi Yun could see Zhao Tiezhu standing up high shouting.

Many villagers were alarmed. The villagers who were responsible for the refinement of the desolate bones had received numerous benefits. Besides the miracle drug and the bacon, they were also given food subsidies.

Because of the desolate bones, there was extremely little food left in the Lian tribal clan. Being able to collect more food was what the villagers dreamed of.

“I’ll sign up!”

“I’ll sign up too!”

The people rushed towards Zhao Tiezhu to sign up, afraid that they were too late to be in line.

“I, Wang Dahu, is willing to refine the desolate bones! I’m a second tier male!”

A stout but yellow-faced man due to malnutrition stood in front of Zhao Tiezhu. He looked at Zhao Tiezhu with hope in his eyes

“Second Tier male…that would barely do…” Zhao Tiezhu scrutinized Wang Dahu with a picky glare.

Zhao Tiezhu did not know that the refinement process was fatal. It was a top secret in the Lian tribal clan, so to prevent the secret from leaking, only very few members of the upper echelon of the Lian tribal clan knew.

The other members of the warrior preparation camp did not know that the set of desolate bones contained a fatal Frost Qi that would seep into their bodies and erode their lives away before sealing their fate by causing them to die from organ failure.

So Zhao Tiezhu thought of the refinement process as a wondrous job.

Being given the authority to pick people to do such a wondrous job made Zhao Tiezhu complacent. The authority vested in him made many look at him with a fawning look and compliments rained on him.

Zhao Tiezhu was extremely picky with the people, “Wang Dahu, you stand by the side. You will be considered a substitute; it will be you if there’s no one else more suited.”

Hearing Zhao Tiezhu’s words, Wang Dahu was delighted. He thanked Zhao Tiezhu incessantly before standing aside obediently.

“Oh? Liu Er, you’re here to sign up too? For a person with weak legs, a gust of wind would blow you away! You have to know, that the refinement of the desolate bones requires you to chop firewood, man the fire, fan it from daily from morning to night. Also the temperature around the cauldron is extremely high. Without sufficient fitness, you will faint straight away!”

Zhao Tiezhu impatiently waved his hand to chase away the monkey-thin Liu Er.

Lian Chengyu had handed down a mission of picking strong men. Picking weaklings was definitely not wanted.

One by one, the villagers rushed forward to sign up, however many were chased away while few stayed.

Yi Yun monitored the situation nearby. He felt that there was something wrong with the desolate bones!

But, even if there was a problem, he had to investigate it himself.

Because the desolate bones were very important to Yi Yun.

With the Lian Clan Herb Mountain picked dry, he needed plenty of energy and nourishment for his training. The grain porridge was insufficient.

“Oh? It’s you!” Just as Yi Yun was thinking about his next step, he suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him.

The voice was deep and gentle, but Yi Yun’s face changed the moment he heard it!

It was Lian Chengyu!

Wasn’t Lian Chengyu in isolation? Based on Zhao Tiezhu’s words, he was to be isolated for three months. Why was he out so early?

Yi Yun’s original plans were to exceed Lian Chengyu by the time he left isolation three months later. At that point, he need not fear Lian Chengyu. But now, Yi Yun had just been practicing martial arts for seven days, and even if the Purple Crystal could defy fate, Yi Yun would not be able to defeat a Mortal Blood level five Lian Chengyu who had been practicing martials for ten years.

Yi Yun thought carefully, he didn’t have any grave hatred for each other. Lian Chengyu’s attempted murder might have just been a matter of convenience. It was analogous to a person seeing a rat in the house. The person would kill it, but if he missed, he would not tear down his walls to chase it to death.

Yi Yun turned around having calmed his expression before meeting Lian Chengyu’s eyes.

But upon seeing Lian Chengyu, he immediately showed fear, unsure of what he had to do.

“Young…Young master Lian?”

Yi Yun retreated a few steps, as if he had been shocked by Lian Chengyu’s sudden appearance.

Lian Chengyu frowned; this kid did not die?

His original attempted murder was indeed a matter of convenience. The main reason was the hate he felt Yi Yun had for him. Lian Chengyu was afraid that during the critical stages of the refinement process, and the combination of the lack of food and deaths would incite the villagers. Lian Chengyu was afraid that Yi Yun who could easily incite the villagers would cause a riot due to Yi Yun’s hate for himself.

Lian Chengyu was pursuing the highest standards of martial arts, to be someone to lord over millions. With this goal, he had the mentality of an emperor. A person of Yi Yun’s stature was negligible. In order to prevent any potential danger; having Yi Yun dead was no big deal. Lian Chengyu had killed numerous; after all the desolate bones refinement alone would cause many deaths.

Since killing Yi Yun was a small matter, Lian Chengyu did not take it to heart. He had previously not verified Yi Yun’s fate. It was only after he left his isolation that he discovered Yi Yun alive, puzzling him.

For a lowly poor person to not die under his own attack, what could have happened? Were his own skills not enough?

“What are you doing here?” Lian Chengyu asked.

“Answering Young master, I heard that Lord Zhao was recruiting strong men to refine the desolate bones. I also heard that we could get bacon, so I’m thinking of trying.”

“Oh?” After hearing Yi Yun’s words, Lian Chengyu’s eyes burned with contempt. Yi Yun was only twelve, yet his words on the day of the ration distribution were unlike that of a twelve-year-old child. He also had the ability to incite the people to riot, making him an unstable factor in Lian Chengyu’s calculations.

But now, Yi Yun looked like a kid. What could a person who only had eyes on bacon do?

Lian Chengyu could not be bothered with Yi Yun except for the mysterious failure to kill Yi Yun.

“Since you want to refine the desolate bones, why don’t you sign up? What are you doing out here?”

“To…To be honest to Young master, Lord Zhao only wants people who are at least second tier males, but for me…I…”

Yi Yun’s voice lowered once he said that. It was as if he was ashamed of his tiny strength, and was unable to say anything further.

Lian Chengyu’s contempt in his eyes became clearer. This idiot, to think I thought so highly of him. That’s right, he’s just twelve, what sort of schemes could he have.

Lian Chengyu forgot that he too wasn’t that old. He was only seventeen. Among the other seventeen year olds, he was the worldliest, but he was still a bit too young. He could never have dreamed that the twelve year old in front of him had the soul of an adult.

“Since you have the heart, and are willing to give your strength to the Lian tribal clan, I will not forbid it. Seeing how ambitious you are, you are a person worthy of grooming. I’ll make an exception and give you a chance.”

Lian Chengyu gave Yi Yun a few words of “encouragement”.

This retard can contribute a bit of strength, although he’s a sickly kid, his fitness does not matter when using him to absorb the Frost toxin. … Chapter 23: Yi Yun’s Elixir Refinement

“So I can refine the desolate bones?” asked Yi Yun.

Lian Chengyu made a silent acknowledgement. It was so pitiful seeing a person live a life where he was so happy to be sent to his death.

“Thank you Young master.” Yi Yun was very happy. This was not faked, for he was truly happy. He had originally thought Lian Chengyu would go crazy and pat him a few more times after seeing him alive to ensure his death.

Although Lian Chengyu’s methods would not harm Yi Yun, it would result in many implications.

Lian Chengyu might mistake it as an error for failing to kill Yi Yun for the first time. But he would realize it if there was a second time. For Yi Yun, that was not good news.

Yi Yun’s goals to refine the desolate bones were fulfilled by Lian Chengyu.

Refining the desolate bones gave Yi Yun time to breathe. Yi Yun’s strength increased at exponential rates, so in two months time, things will no longer be the same!

“Yun-er, why aren’t you coming home to eat?” Jiang Xiaorou had finished preparing the meal and had came out to look for Yi Yun. But she saw Yi Yun speaking to Lian Chengyu the moment she came out the door.

Jiang Xiaorou was instantaneously worried. Lian Chengyu had previously harmed Yi Yun grievously, and almost took his life!

She walked over quickly, afraid that Lian Chengyu would harm Yi Yun.

Although Jiang Xiaorou hated Lian Chengyu to the bone, she knew she could not lose decorum with him.

“I see, it’s Young master Lian.” Jiang Xiaorou smiled wryly after seeing Lian Chengyu as she pulled Yi Yun behind her.

“Oh? Jiang Xiaorou I remember you.” Noticing Jiang Xiaorou’s actions, Lian Chengyu frowned. This girl was still hostile towards himself!

Lian Chengyu disliked having the poor plebeians of the Lian tribal clan show any disrespect to him. It was a result of an inferiority complex within him under all the larger powers, so he aimed to establish his authority among the poor who could not compare to himself.

But Jiang Xiaorou was considered a woman he admired, so he was more tolerant of her. He would slowly tame her.

Lian Chengyu left. Although he admired Jiang Xiaorou, he did not giver her any attention, nor say one word more to her. He was an elite. He was like an emperor who only visited, but never chased. He just needed to wait for Jiang Xiaorou to reach a desperate situation and get Zhao Tiezhu to deal with her.

Jiang Xiaorou looked at Lian Chengyu’s back as she clenched Yi Yun’s small hands, “Yun-er what was going on?”

“Nothing, Sis Xiaorou. You don’t have to worry,” answered Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was the one who told Jiang Xiaorou that Lian Chengyu had hurt him. Since Yi Yun assured her, Jiang Xiaorou eased up. These few days, she began to vaguely feel that her brother was no longer the mere child he was. He had his own ideas.

But Jiang Xiaorou began to think before she felt something amiss, “Yun-er, you can’t be thinking of refining the desolate bones? You can’t go to that place!”

Yi Yun looked at Jiang Xiaorou in surprise. Jiang Xiaorou’s keen intuition was surprising. Though she didn’t know what mysteries the refinement process had, she had figured that it was a dangerous job.

Yi Yun thought it over before saying softly, “Sis Xiaorou, I’m not as weak as you think. Having came back from the dead, I think I’m different from the past…Don’t you remember me climbing up the 20 meter tall cliffs a few days ago.”

With Yi Yun saying that, Jiang Xiaorou recalled. She was astonished at Yi Yun’s speed climbing up the cliff, but accepted it because Yi Yun liked to climb and pick herbs since young.

Thinking it through, Yi Yun was indeed more vigorous. He was much better at scaling cliffs than most of the members of the warrior preparation camp.

With that in mind, Jiang Xiaorou felt reassured. Her brother was indeed different.

Mubai was panting slightly, his gaze blazing with insuppressible emotion. Like a scorching flame, he seemed to be melting her within his gaze.

His heart jumped violently, the sudden kiss boiling his blood.

Even a distance away, Xinghe could hear his beating heart. She felt curious, why was he so nervous when she was the one being taken advantage of?

The two stared at each other wordlessly for two seconds. Mubai leaned in for another kiss but Xinghe averted her face and locked eyes on the computer screen instead.

“It’s good that you’re here. See whether you recognize the person,” she said in a calm voice as if nothing had happened. Chapter 336: He’s the Feng Family’s Young Master

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Mubai was still recovering from his sudden, uncontrollable passion. His gaze turned towards the screen following her words.

“It’s him!” Mubai narrowed his eyes with menace. The face of the man on screen was awfully familiar. The air around Mubai became charged with killing intent.

“This is your kidnapper?” he asked chillingly.

Xinghe nodded. “That’s him. Do you know him? Who is he?”

Mubai laughed joylessly. “So it is him. In City T, there is only one party powerful enough to come after the Xi family and that is the Feng family. This here is the Feng family’s Young Master, Feng Saohuang. Not only that, he is currently a major general.”

“The Feng family?” Xinghe was not familiar with City T’s politics so she hadn’t heard that name before.

Mubai explained, “The Feng family is our bitter rival. In recent years, they have expanded greatly and now their target has finally turned towards our Xi family. For your information, something bad happened to Munan yesterday, now I’m even more certain it has everything to do with them.”

“Your cousin, Munan?” Xinghe was surprised.

“That’s the one.”

“What happened?”

Mubai told her everything. Xinghe was shocked that a force as powerful as the Xi family would face a predicament as serious as this. Then again, the higher one climbs, the greater the number of people who would want you to fall. After all, the Xi family had too big of a market monopoly, only by taking down the Xi family could other people rise.

Xinghe understood how ruthless the world could be, especially the business and military worlds. It was eat or be eaten.

Feng Saohuang would stop at nothing for the sake of power and profit. She’d personally tasted his methods before; she knew he was a cold-blooded person. Now that his target had switched to the Xi family, his goal was most likely greater than taking down the Xi Family. He must be aiming to crush the Xi family until there was no chance of a comeback!

She couldn’t allow that to happen! She did promise to help Mubai whenever she could and she couldn’t allow any harm to come to her son!

Therefore, for the sake of Lin Lin, she had to help neutralize this threat; she had to neutralize the Feng family.

“Have you put any counter measures in place yet?” Xinghe asked suddenly.

Mubai admitted solemnly, “Not yet. There is no proof so we can’t do anything against him. The most pressing thing now is to help Munan clear his name so that Feng Saohuang’s ploy wouldn’t succeed.”

Xinghe nodded. “However, that is easier said than done. We should concentrate on smoking out the traitor first before we can start looking for the stolen munitions.”

Mubai looked at her and smiled handsomely. “You think there’s a traitor as well?”

Xinghe raised her brow. “Only a traitor could steal the munitions so silently from under your cousin’s nose.”

“You’re right,” Mubai’s eyes filled with vengeance. “Whoever it is, their ending won’t be good for betraying our Xi Family.”

“Do say something if you need my help,” Xinghe said, “After all, my rage can only be quenched by dealing with that Feng Saohuang myself!”

Mubai asked, “Why is he going for the black casket? What is his connection to Project Galaxy?”

Only then Xinghe realized she hadn’t told Mubai the information given to her by Ye Shen.

“Do you want to know what the big secret Ye Shen had been hiding is?”


“According to him, the end of the world will happen in the next fifteen years, and the black caskets are energy crystals to power the spaceship that will take us away from Earth.”

Translator’s Thoughts

Lonelytree Lonelytree

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“Project Galaxy, according to him, is a plan to find another habitable planet and this project was initiated by our parent’s generation.”

Mubai was dumbstruck! No sane person would believe something like that really existed!

“That is what Ye Shen said?” Mubai tried to confirm.

Xinghe nodded. “Indeed, but I find his belief to be highly suspicious.”

Mubai concurred, “Me too. However, considering the fact that Feng Saohuang had gotten involved, this Project Galaxy has to be something important.”

“Ye Shen’s, Xia Meng’s, and Ruobing’s fathers and my mother share a similarity. All of them appeared in City T thirty years ago and disappeared twelve years ago. Ye Shen must have used this connection to locate Xia Meng, like how Ee Chen used this to find Ruobing. However Saohuang only knew that Ye Shen had the energy crystal but not Xia Meng. He has no idea about this similarity so his parents should have nothing to do with this project. Then, this means that he knows about this project from other sources and fully believes its implications.”

Mubai understood what she meant. “You mean to say that there is validity to this Project Galaxy stuff since it has been confirmed by Saohuang’s involvement?”

“That’s right.”

“If the apocalypse stuff is true then we have to get involved as well.”

Xinghe nodded. “That’s correct. Therefore, we need to find the two energy crystals Ye Shen hid and try to pry more information from Saohuang.”

“Did he know you have an energy crystal as well?” This was the question Mubai was most worried about.

Xinghe shook her head. “Not yet. My mother probably had thought all these would happen so she took me away from City T to overseas. No one but myself knows about her time of disappearance. Furthermore, you can’t find anything on her, she wiped out all the information there is on her.”

“But your name is such a giveaway.”

“Xinghe is a common name. The most they will do is suspect me, there is no way they can tell for sure. Take Ee Chen and Xia Meng for example, they only suspected that I have something to do with it, they couldn’t confirm it.”

Ee Chen suspected she had something to do with the project after working with Xinghe, while on Xia Meng’s side, Xinghe herself admitted the truth.

Mubai was still worried. “Regardless, we have to be careful. Even suspicion could lead to a lot of danger.”

“I understand.”

“From now on, I will have my men protect you at all times. You just rest well and leave everything to me.”

Xinghe shook her head with determination. “I cannot do that. I will only feel safe if I personally have a hand in it.”

Mubai expected as much. He knew she was not a woman to hide in a man’s shadow. Furthermore, she had proven herself to be more intelligent and brave than most men. She didn’t need a man to shield her from the world because she was more than capable to take on the world with her power alone.

Mubai looked at her and said helplessly, “I didn’t realize you have such competitive personality.”

“I’m not being competitive. I just prefer to have my fate in my own hands.”

After all, who could make the best decision for her other than herself?

This was the quality Mubai valued the most in Xinghe. If she didn’t stay true to herself, then she wouldn’t be Xia Xinghe.

“Alright, then I will support you in any way I can,” Mubai offered, “Tell me should you need any help and I will do everything I can to help you.” Chapter 338: Start to Care About Him

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe was surprised he would promise such a thing.

Tell me should you need any help and I will do everything I can to help you.

That was a serious promise that Mubai gave.

Xinghe turned back to the computer and responded, “In that case, I will do my best to help your family. I’m sure that, with our cooperation, we can overcome this predicament.”

“Sounds great!” Mubai said with a winning smile. He was overjoyed because he realized Xinghe was looking out for him. It had been hard work getting to this stage. There was finally a small space for him in her heart…

Then he thought back to the sudden kiss that they shared. When it happened, her response wasn’t repugnance but surprise. If Xinghe loathed him as her pursuer, he knew she would have slapped him or worse.

They had once been married so they had done the ‘deed’ before but those were compelled by lust. However, his kiss earlier wasn’t born out of lust but love. That was probably why she was shocked.

Mubai didn’t dare push his luck; he was satisfied with the kiss. As they say, baby steps. It was because he respected her and cared about her that he would attend to her concern and take things at her preferred pace. After all, he couldn’t afford to scare her away. She was too important to him.

“Before we deal with the Feng family, do take a rest. You just woke up today so don’t exhaust yourself. Rest for a few days first,” Mubai reminded her gently.

Xinghe had other plans. “I’m perfectly fine, I will rest when my body tells me to. Speaking of which, where’s Xia Meng?”

“Her old body was no longer usable so we transferred her memory into a coma patient. Actually, I think she might be awake now too since you are. Also, she already gave me her energy crystal, I can pass it to you anytime you want.”

Xinghe nodded. “I’m glad she has a new start. It’s good that she passed you the energy crystal, this is our secret weapon against Feng Saohuang.”

Mubai thought of that too. “Saohuang thought Ye Shen only had one, right? This can be the one variable that screws up his plan completely.”

“Indeed. However, we must be careful to not let him find out the location of the two crystals Ye Shen hid first.”

Mubai sighed helplessly. “If only we knew where Ye Shen hid it.”

Mubai’s men had almost turned the city around but there was no progress. However, this probably meant that Feng Saohuang’s men would have the same trouble locating them as well.

Xinghe had a lightbulb moment, and she said quickly, “Can you get me Xia Meng’s energy crystal? I have an idea I wish to try out.”

“What idea?”

“The energy crystals are a type of rare metal, right? We can use that property to create a detecting instrument.”

Mubai looked at her curiously. The Lord of Simping “You have confidence that you can make it work?”

“No promises, but it doesn’t hurt to try.” Contrary to her words, Xinghe sound absolutely confident.

Mubai’s eyes were gleaming when he looked at her. He loved witnessing her acting confidently. To him, it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Reincarnated into Warframe Universe: Tyranny of the Tenno “Alright, I will give it to you in a bit,” Mubai couldn’t help but smile. “But you have to rest for now, I’ll have the cooks prepare something for you. What are you in the mood for?”

“Anything is fine.” Xinghe was not a picky eater.

Mubai nodded as he moved to support her up. “Then, I shall help you retire to bed for now. I will call when the food’s ready.”

Xinghe was inclined to demur but she was feeling rather tired. Mubai was right, she was still recovering. She had been up for only one or two hours but she felt weighed down by great fatigue. Chapter 339: Implicated

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

With reluctance, Xinghe nodded and allowed herself to be led back to the bed. Mubai helped her get into the bed and tucked her in.

“Clear your mind for now and sleep. Sweet dreams,” he whispered.

Xinghe nodded and shut her eyes. Very soon, her breathing became more and more rhythmic…

Mubai sat beside her bed, studying her profile. After he was certain she was asleep, he leaned in and gave her a light peck on her forehead. Then, he moved away. He laid his eyes one last time on her sleeping face before getting up lightly. He left and closed the door behind him.

Unknown to him, the moment the door clicked shut, her eyes opened. She was still awake when Mubai leaned in to give her a goodnight kiss. This was the second kiss she received from him that day and her feelings were complicated. She knew perfectly well how Mubai felt about her but she was unsure whether she reciprocated those feelings or not. She couldn’t say for a fact that she loved him but it was true that she was no longer averse to his romantic advances.

Her mind was clouded because it was not her habit to concentrate on things like romantic relationship and feelings. She was unsure how to react towards Mubai’s active pursuit because she too had no idea how she really felt. She was willing to give everything for the person she loved but it was hard to tell whether Xi Mubai belonged in that category of people or not…

Either way, it was not yet time to deal with questions like those, at least not until the threat of the Feng family had been resolved. Xinghe sighed and went to sleep.

Xinghe had a long sleep. No one came to disturb her so she had no clue that the atmosphere within the Xi family had gotten increasingly strained. Munan’s predicament had turned into a colossal disaster. All the collected evidence pointed towards him. He was the biggest suspect. Even his father Xi Jiangnan who was Hwa Xia’s senior military official was also implicated.

If this charge of illegal profiteering of military munitions was pinned on Munan, the whole Xi Family would be dragged into the investigation and that included Mubai.

Auto Draft

She was at a loss to continue…

She was flustering now and she knew that everyone was looking at her as she thought, “Someone help me. Stupid Han Lin, you got me into a fix. My cultivation isn’t as high as Alice or Isa. I can’t fight them. I don’t even know if I have a place among the eighteen…maybe I should give up and sleep in the comfort of my bed…”

Han Lin asked coolly, “Are you thinking of sleeping in the comfort of your bed?”

Aiel was startled as she said somberly, “Of course not!…”

Han Lin giggled, “Oh really?”

“Han Lin!”

Yi Ping began to laugh spiritedly and his laughter was like a warm sun that lifted the spirits of everyone!

Everyone was looking at him!

Aiel looked at him with a pitiful look, “You are…laughing at me?”

Yi Ping’s expressions began to turn somber as he said gently to her, “Oh no. It is just that I have recalled the first time that I have met Han Lin and you. The atmosphere was surprising lively even though I was entering the tiger’s den. Same as the second time.”

But Aiel shook her head with a melancholy expression, “So this is the feeling that you have for me…a lively atmosphere…”

Lingfeng secretly tugged Yi Ping’s sleeves and she seemed to be saying to him, “Go and say something comforting to her!”

She had restrained from using her Divine Whisperer because she knew that Aiel, Alice, Isa, the Universal Old Man and Xiang all had sharp ears!

Yi Ping caught Lingfeng’s hint immediately as he said firmly, “No Aiel, you are wrong. Without you, we can’t accomplish anything. You are our lifesaver and I know that I can never repay your gratitude enough for saving Yixian and Isa. And without your divine pills, we definitely can’t make our way this far. I can’t say thank you enough!”

Aiel was startled as she looked shyly at Yi Ping…

The Universal Old Man sighed in his heart, “If Yi Ping says one more word then Aiel’s heart will surely melt. I hope he don’t…”

Yi Ping blurted out, “Therefore in my heart…you have a special place…”

Aiel broke into a jovial smile and her eyes were beaming beautifully. Her heart was fluttering and she did not know what more to say…

Lingfeng tugged Yi Ping again as she moaned silently, her alluring eyes flashed dangerous at him. “Hmph! You are overdoing things!”

But to Lingfeng’s surprise, Yi Ping simply stood like a stone as he looked at Aiel!

Han Lin was also tugging Aiel but she seemed oblivious to her surroundings as she lifted her beaming eyes admirably at him…

Han Lin had remembered that the first time she had met Yi Ping, he was also staring at Aiel in this manner!

She moaned silently, “Mistress, don’t tell me that you have fallen into the ocean of love. Have you forgotten that we are supposed to play the fates of men in our palms? And one of the most sacred commandants of the Celestial Aiel Sect is not to fall in love. Arghhh, never mind. You are the mistress and you set the rules…”

All of a sudden Alice interrupted with her divine voice, “Everyone, come over here!”

She was standing next to the greenish pool which was in the middle of the hall!

Yi Ping was jolted from his stupor by her divine voice. He hastily pulled himself from the enticing Aiel…

Ye Yin who was resting her head on his head dreamily whispered softly to him, “So finally you have looked at her enough?…”

Lie Qing smiled weakly as she cuddled herself in Yi Ping’s embrace, her eyes beaming with love for him. “Ping’Er, let’s us take a look at that pool.”

Lie Qing’s timely intervention saved Yi Ping from giving an explanation as he quickly said aloud, “Let’s go and see what is in that pool first.”

As they went ahead to the pool, Yunzi, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were secretly looking exasperating at one another!

Somehow they got the feeling that Lie Qing and Ye Yin were lying in Yi Ping’s embrace far longer than it required them to recover their strength!

And they were wishing in their throbbing hearts that they were the ones that were in Yi Ping’s embrace right now!

Alice broke into a smile once everyone had gathered around, “Heaven blessings indeed! Look!”

Yi Ping took a baffled look into the greenish pool but he did not see anything strange about it.

Isa took a stirred interest in the greenish pool and her eyes had suddenly shone with delight!

She took a glance at the Goddess of Mercy, “Xiang, what do you think?”

The Goddess of Mercy gasped with astonishment as she looked at Alice for an answer, “This is…is it really…”

Yunzi asked curiously, “Can it be that there is a something about this pool? And what is it?”

Lele took a curious look before she giggled softly, “It looks like a good spot to bath in!”

Mei’Er gasped weakly, “Surely not! No one cleans it for thousands of years!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly because he knew that Lele was serious about it. Lele almost rarely passed out an opportunity to take a dip in a pool. He still remembered vividly how she had taken a bath in the Tranquil Pool of the Tranquil Clan, shocking both Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan who had considered the Tranquil Pool to be sacred!

Alice pointed to the pool as she smiled mysteriously, “This is the “Ancient Swords Pool’. This pool is actually a miraculous pool that can not only revive our martial strength but also strengthen it!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Is it really so miraculous?”

Lele laughed daintily, “Quick, let us take a drink from the pool at this very instant! I am dying to expel the intricate energies from the Esper Formation from within me. It is making me so uncomfortable!”

She was about to take a step forward when Alice said sharply to her, “Don’t! Or you will surely die!”

The Goddess of Mercy smiled weakly to the startled Lele, who was blinking her eyes. “Alice is right. I have heard of this Ancient Swords Pool too. This type of pool is used to refine divine swords and is actually toxic to drink, even to the immortals.”

Lele smiled bitterly, “Then how do we replenish our strength then…”

The Goddess of Mercy gave a sly smile, “This, I do not know either! Maybe you want to ask the others who know.”

Isa shook her head, “I wish I know.”

Alice replied coolly, “We definitely can’t drink from the pool at all. Also, we cannot make contact with the pool either. It is because it is highly toxic!”

If they could not drink or touch the pool, how then could they regain their martial strength?!

Just as everyone was at a loss as they looked bewilderedly at one another, Alice gave an amused smile, “Don’t be discouraged. I am the Goddess Celestial Alice, the keeper of knowledge. If I am able to identify this as the Ancient Swords Pool then I surely know a way.”

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “Then may the Great Goddess enlightens us!”

Yu’Er said respectfully, “Normally in such a situation, we need to pray to the Gods for guidance but today a living Goddess is standing in front of us and giving us a direct answer…”

Mei’Er chuckled softly, “Four actually…”

Lele chipped in as she winked at Mei’Er, “Four and a half…”

Alice smiled, “We need a key person first.”

Youxue asked, “Yi Ping?”

Alice shook her head as she looked at Han Lin, “Han Lin, can you dip your Green Dragon Sacred Sword into the Ancient Swords Pool?”

Han Lin was startled as she looked helplessness at Aiel, “Me?”

Aiel nodded gently to her, “Go and do as the Goddess Celestial Alice says.”

As Han Lin unsheathed the Green Dragon Sacred Sword and dipped it into the Ancient Swords Pool, Alice had suddenly moved silently to her back and had jabbed her at the back of her neck. “Don’t move!”

Han Lin was stunned from the sudden attack and so was everyone!

She gasped out as she turned ashen, “What are you doing?!”

Yi Ping panicky called out, “Alice, what is wrong?!”

Alice said quietly to Han Lin as she unsheathed her Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword to prevent anyone from coming close to her, “You are a Dragon Practitioner, as antique as the Ancient Celestials. Long ago, the Dragon Practitioners and the Ancient Celestials had fought a great war in the lower and upper realm. The totem of the Jade Emperor is a dragon and the Dragon Practitioners are his people…”

Han Lin broke into a cold sweat as she whined panicky, “I…am a peaceful Dragon Practitioner…”

Aiel immediately pleaded panicky, “Great Goddess, Han Lin she is really a peaceful Dragon Practitioner! She is too dense to plot against the Pangu Race…”

Yi Ping was also saying panicky, “Alice, release Han Lin. She is really a good maiden. Don’t harm her!”

Alice examined Han Lin coldly, “Oh really? Why is that I can sniff the blood of so many Celestials in you?”

Han Lin turned ashen immediately!

She lowered her glance hopelessly but all of a sudden she lifted her head to look at Yi Ping, “Yes! You are right. I am guilty. You can slay me now if you want. I admit. I do have the blood of many of the celestials in my hands!”

Aiel shook her head, “That is because this is a chaotic era. Han Lin only did it because it is I who has asked her to do so. If we don’t defend ourselves, others will have done us!”

Alice said coldly, “Even though I have slept for a long time but I do know the deeds of the Celestial Aiel Sect. It is not entirely honorable and you have already broken several of the most sacred laws of the Immortal Realm. Even the immortals have to obey the natural laws of the Heavens. Aiel, surely you do know about it?”

Aiel smiled bitterly as she looked at Isa and the Goddess of Mercy, “I have actually forgotten that I am an immortal after my Heaven Eyes had been sealed by you, Alice. But I don’t blame you. Because…”

She looked up as she looked tearfully at the Universal Old Man before she lingered her sight upon Yi Ping, “Because I don’t have any regrets. The lower realms are so beautiful. So full of emotions and lively people…”

The Heaveness Lingfeng muttered, “…everyone can choose their loves…”

Aiel nodded, “Compared to the lower realms, the Immortal Realm is a really cold and emotionless place.”

Lingfeng smiled coldly, “I have never been to the Immortal Realm but I find the Celestial Realm to be an equally cold and emotionless!”

Han Lin said weakly, “You can take away my life. I don’t care anymore!”

She muttered softly, “Yi…Ping…”

Yi Ping had already stepped next to Alice who surprisingly did not react as he said gently, “Alice, I know you won’t hurt Han Lin, am I right?”

Alice smiled coldly, “You are wrong. I will not only take Han Lin’s life away but I will also take the lives of Lie Qing and Ye Yin!”

Yi Ping was startled as he stammered with shock, “Alice! What is going on?!”

She hummed coldly, “That is only because of the two Darkswords that are in their hands. Do you know that these two Darkswords once belonged to two of the most powerful Heavenly Kings? They who are the slayers of countless immortals!”

Yi Ping was trembling, “Just because of that so they must die?”

Alice said coldly, “This is because of the destinies of these two divine swords that will lead their masters to go against Heaven and create havoc in the Immortal Realm in the future. Therefore I must put a stop to their destinies first.”

Lie Qing smiled bitterly, “Thanks for telling me why I must die.”

Ye Yin was completely taken by this sudden turn of event as she thought, “Does Alice really wants to kill us? Can she do it alone? Can she even defeat Shen Xingyue or Lele in her current state? Or has she recovered from her injuries already? She is protected by the Heavenly Empress Robe and the Celestium Silk. Moreover for sure she has already attained the Indestructible Golden Body…”

Shen Xingyue, Youxue, Lele, Yixian and all the others had already encircled Lie Qing and Ye Yin in a protective manner!

Isa asked coldly, “Alice, what are you doing?”

The Goddess of Mercy hummed coldly, “Alice, let Maiden Han Lin go now. Or don’t blame me!”

Alice smiled coldly, “Do you think that the whole lot of you are able to stop me? Don’t forget that I am a Seventh Cosmos Positioning Immortal. Before I kill all of you, I may as well let you know something. The engraved words that are in this hall are the intricacy formulas of the Flawless Sword Techniques and the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem! These two martial skills are much sought in the Immortal Realm and are not for your eyes.”

Isa and the Goddess of Mercy had turned pale immediately at the mention of the Flawless Sword Energy Techniques and the Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem!

The Flawless Sword Energy Techniques had only three main techniques; the Fatal Masterstroke, the Slashing Crucifixion and the Exalting Obliteration. The Fatal Masterstroke was an energy imbued sword energy technique, the Slashing Crucifixion was a series of sword bursts and sword energy waves technique while the Exalting Obliteration was a combination of the Fatal Masterstroke and the Slashing Crucifixion!

The Martial Emperor Unifying Theorem was a superior inner art skill. Only practitioners that could perfectly balance their martial force into the principle of the Absolute Equilibrium Force such as Yi Ping’s Boundless Divine Force could practice this superior inner art skill!

Yi Ping continued to stand next to Alice as he said gently, “I don’t believe that you will kill everyone just because you lust after these two divine skills…”

Alice interrupted coldly, “Why wouldn’t I? A great battle between the Arhat Practitioners and the Zen Practitioners will soon start again. I don’t want to die and I don’t want others to know the weakness of these two divine skills.”

She turned to Han Lin as she whispered coldly, “Han Lin, are you giving up without a fight? Is the Icy Dragon Maiden going to give up without a fight?”

The sword light instantly filled the surrounding area in a radius of 30 feet like a great tsunami. It didn’t even spare a single spot…

Damn him! This distance was way too close… The sword light erupted like thunder! The sword energy crashed onto the earth like a landslide!

In this moment…


Everyone was unaware!

Chu Fei Ling was unaware. He was on the other side when the kid suddenly cussed out loud to vent his anger, and then jumped behind him to seek his protection. Therefore, Chu Fei Ling also got ready to help out.

The enemy side had already lost a person by now. So, there was no longer a threat of that terrifying array formation. Therefore, there was no need for a Ninth Grade Emperor Level Expert like Chu Fei Ling to be scared of the remaining eight!

However, he had never thought that this guy would suddenly attack without giving him any prior indication! And, that too in such a wild manner!

The remaining seven saber emperors were also unaware. [Crap! How did this piteous little youth transform into the oppressive King of Hell in the blink of an eye?]

And, the person most oblivious to this was obviously none other than Ye Ran Mo – the great Saber Emperor!

This great man was filled with anger and hate. He was ready to hear what the young boy was going to say, and had his head titled to one side in anticipation. In fact, he was so interested in the information that he let his guard down. Therefore, he was completely defenseless, and simply didn’t get a chance to defend himself when a raging tsunami of sword energy suddenly erupted upon his head!

And, this was eruption of a real tragedy!

Ye Ran Mo screamed wildly. And, his body unceasingly trembled and convulsed while he struggled within the sword light…

Chu Yang had unleashed the sword arts of the Nine Tribulations Sword. How could they be merciful? It could be said that the Chu Yang of this life – as well as the previous life – had never known what mercy was!

The sword light poured down like rain. ‘Poof!’ Ye Ran Mo’s eyes had been full of intense curiosity to learn about the murderer when the attack began.

Ye Ran Mo yelled wildly, and his voice had barely spread out…

And, the sword moves exploded…

Shua Shua Shua!

Shua Shua Shua!

Ye Ran Mo extended his hand to protect his head. However… shua shua shua, the Nine Tribulations Sword’s attacks were very swift and sharp. Ye Ran Mo’s arms were reduced to mere bones in a jiffy, and ultimately got crushed…

‘Poof’ a big hole appeared in Ye Ran Mo’s chest. This was done by the sword move ‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’.

…. ….

It seemed as if everyone at the scene had been struck by lightning. They were staring at Ye Ran Mo’s convulsing body like foolish ducks. His body was being torn, and his flesh was being ripped apart. His head turned into a ‘pirate skull’ the next moment; there was no trace of flesh and blood on it. Then, his entire body turned into skeleton. And then, he turned into scarlet dust, and scattered everywhere with a ‘swoosh’…

Ye Ran Mo had disappeared!

It could be said that Ye Ran Mo – the Sixth Grade Saber Emperor – had been so stuck on finding the murderer that he didn’t even get a chance to fight back… In fact, it should be said that the very idea of fighting back never arose in his mind as he lost his life!

Ye Ran Mo would perhaps find out about this in the after-life. He’d get so mad that he might even come back to life if that were to happen… but then, he’d die again from an excess of anger!

The most bizarre thing was… Ye Ran Mo had already disappeared, but the crisscrossing sword light was still ravaging the bits of flesh and blood that floated in the air.

The sword light’s eruption finally came to an end…

Chu Yang somersaulted in the air before anyone could come back to their senses, and swiftly reached behind Chu Fei Ling to hide. After that, he gesticulated with his hands to give orders in a bossy manner, “What are you waiting for? Why are you just standing here and gawking? Hurry and kill them!”

Chu Fei Ling was watching with his mouth wide opened. He finally closed his mouth with a ‘click’, and took a deep breath. Then, he turned around in bewilderment, and looked at Chu Yang, “You, you, you… did you kill him?!”

Chu Fei Ling felt as if there was only chaos in his head!

[How’s this possible? How can this be? How can a Second Grade King Level break through the ‘energy barrier’ of a Sixth Grade Emperor Level Expert? An Emperor of the Sixth Grade knows how to form a body armor of energy around oneself. This is also the reason why Ye Ran Mo dared to go so close to him in the first place!]

[It’s impossible for Ye Ran Mo to be killed by him; no matter how I look at it! Yet… it has somehow happened!]

“You don’t say…!” Chu Yang snapped, and spoke as he rolled his eyes. He felt as if his intelligence quotient had been assaulted, [there’s a 99% chance that we have the same origin. Then, why is it that I am so clever, and you are so dumb…?]

“But…” Chu Fei Ling’s brain had stopped working on a temporary basis. So, he couldn’t respond for a while.

“But what ah…? Right now, it’s important to kill them!” Chu Yang helplessly said, “Big brother, how about you first finish up this task and ask this later? Crap! They’ve come back to their senses… I can’t believe that you wasted time, and allowed this chance to slip by…”

Chu Yang had gotten a stomachache from too much anger…

Those seven people obviously issued loud and uncanny shouts! In fact, their painful voices were heartbreaking. It was the sort of pain where they were in denial; they didn’t wish to believe, but they had no other choice, “Big Brother…!”

The blood mist was floating in the air…

“Why are you calling your big brother? Can’t you see that your big brother has turned into dust?!” Chu Yang maliciously scolded them in an evil way, “What are you calling out for? You can’t understand such an obvious fact that your big brother has vanished in a puff of smoke…? Yet, you’re still calling for him…”

“You killed my big brother!” The black-clothed Old Second turned around, and looked at Chu Yang with hatred in his eyes. Then, he suddenly let out an earth-shattering scream, “You bastard! You… You deserve to die!”

“Not just your big brother…! That one over there… I killed him too.” Chu Yang cockily puffed-out his chest, “Why? Do you have the ability to punish me?! I’m the murderer. What of it?!”

The black-clothed Old Second got so furious that his vision darkened. He roared loudly in rage, “Kill him! Avenge Big Brother and the Ninth Brother! Kill him aaaa!!”

Chu Yang hurriedly faced towards Chu Fei Ling, and spoke with a serious look on his face, “Big Brother, now it’s your turn to show your great might!”

Chu Fei Ling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t help but think in his heart, [Motherfucker, I wonder how inhumane and evil the parents must’ve been to birth such a buffoon…?]

This unexpected turn of events would’ve really… left anyone speechless.

Who in their right mind would dare to provoke someone like Ye Ran Mo? However, this little devil had actually done it. Moreover, he was truly lucky that there was a family member he could hide behind…

Those seven people were rushing over in rage at the moment. And, all of them had blood-red eyes.

Facing them head on… wasn’t a matter of technique. Chu Yang couldn’t pull this off at his current level. He was hardly a match for any of those seven people even if he thought of giving it a try… In fact, he would only end up giving them the revenge they wanted if he tried to confront them…

That was why Chu Yang had taken cover behind Chu Fei Ling. He waved his hand as he ordered in a confident tone, “Charge!”

Chu Fei Ling couldn’t help but roll his eyes. However, he had no choice. So, he obediently ‘charged’!

Ye Ran Mo – the head of the array formation – was dead. Old Ninth was also dead. The Nine Masters Great Array lacked two masters as a result. Hence, it could no longer be used. As far as the remaining seven ‘Third Grade Saber Emperors’ were concerned… how could they possibly be a match for a Ninth Grade Saber Emperor like Chu Fei Ling? Their enemy was at the peak of Emperor level!

Chu Fei Ling drew his saber in line with this well-thought-out notion, and moved forward to face the enemy. However, he was surprised when he clashed with them. This was because he noticed that the pressure had reduced by three-to-four times compared to earlier!

[What’s going on?]

[Ye Ran Mo’s death was that effective…?]

Chu Fei Ling wasn’t the least bit forgiving. He gave-off the aura of a refined scholar, but his saber skills were deadly. The strengths of the two sides were poles apart. He was like a ‘tiger entering a flock of sheep’. It was a child’s play for him. Boss Chu didn’t even need to defend himself. He was only attacking. And, the enemy fled in panic each time he brandished his saber. However, he himself didn’t need to worry about their attacks.

The resentment bottled-up within him from the time of the earlier besiege finally erupted without restraint!

The saber lights went flying around like the rain. Chu Fei Ling was singlehandedly suppressing seven Saber Emperors! The entire fighting scene was visually similar to a spherical ball of light. This sphere was brimming with dazzling lights, and was exuding a magnificent brilliance under the sunlight!

Chu Yang stood outside this circle of fight. The serious look on his face had disappeared without a trace. He was in ‘learning mode’ at present, and was trying to analyze. There were eight people involved in this fight. And, all of them had Emperor Level cultivation! Each had his own unique skill, and each one was worthy of being observed properly.

The Sword Spirit was continuously explaining about the moves whenever they’d be displayed by those experts. The Sword Spirit was patiently pointing out each-and-every fine detail in the moves, and was explaining methods to improve the offensive power of these moves. He also taught the means to defend against these moves, and the various flaws they had…

Chu Yang was listening with great joy, and seemed intoxicated…

He suddenly heard a scream while he was immersed in his imagination inside that mysterious and boundless martial arts palace. A black-clothed man had leapt-up in the air, but had been suddenly chopped into pieces by Chu Fei Ling’s saber light in midair…

“Chu Fei Ling’s saber attack may have appeared like one strike, but it’s actually nine!” Sword Spirit’s eyes lit up as he said, “You observe his stance. He flicks his wrist upwards when he brandishes his saber. However, he suddenly tilts the saber sideways when the saber has only gone out halfway. And, he maneuvers the saber downwards when the saber’s tip is about to reach its furthest point. This is one set of three movements. Thus, he displays three sets of movements with the help of his wrist to produce nine different strikes. However, the nine saber strikes join together into one attack since there is usually a single target. Therefore, it has a tremendous explosive force, and this force is basically a congregation of the attack force of each strike. And, this accumulated explosive force then blasts as a saber beam. What you are seeing is… a ‘must kill’ move! It’s also the best move to deal the fatal blow!”

Sword Spirit heaved a sigh, and continued, “Don’t you think that this is very simple? But, this move is useless for you if you aren’t skilled in it and cannot get your saber’s tip to the intended spot… or can’t maneuver it properly! This move is called ‘Yellow Flower Blossoms’ in the way of saber cultivation. And, it’s called the same in the way of sword cultivation. It’s just different methods that lead to the same result! It’s hard to imagine that a mere Ninth Grade Saber Emperor is capable of using this move. Only the capable individuals of Monarch Level are able to comprehend this move…”

Chu Yang uttered an ‘en’. Then, he carefully thought about these profound points. However, his mind blanked after much deliberation. And, he couldn’t make any sense of it.

“Your current martial power isn’t enough. So, you can’t use it. In fact, you may end up twisting your wrist if you try to practice this move rashly. You may even break it,” the Sword Spirit spoke in a teasing manner.

Chu Yang felt that the Sword Spirit’s attitude towards him had changed since yesterday for some reason. He used to be impolite and rude, but he was being somewhat respectful now…

However, Chu Yang couldn’t understand why such a change had occurred…

Another scream came from the battlefield… and yet another Saber Emperor got killed by Chu Fei Ling’s saber!

Only five people remained at the moment, and their bodies had already been riddled with scars! So, they wouldn’t last much longer. After all, the power of a Ninth Grade Saber Emperor wasn’t something they could withstand!

The black-clothed Old Second bitterly cried out, “Brothers, Same Destination Battle formation!”

The four people complied at once. They then exuded a cold murderous aura from their bodies in unison. An atmosphere of despair suddenly filled the air.

“They wish to cause mutual damage!” Chu Yang was startled in his heart.

“Their target is you!” Sword Spirit exclaimed at once.

The four people bravely dashed on towards Chu Fei Ling with no thought of personal safety. Meanwhile, the black-robed Old Second transformed into a long rainbow with his saber, and streaked past Chu Fei Ling. And, he was fiercely rushing towards Chu Yang! Meanwhile, those four people were trying to tie down Chu Fei Ling with their own life!

They would all name the same person if they were to be asked whom they hated the most – Chu Yang!

[Too detestable!]

[This despicable villain! This shameless guy! He not only killed our brothers, but he also deceived us. Moreover, he provoked us to the extent that it made us explode with rage and humiliation!]

[We will kill him for sure… even if we die doing it!]

[We won’t hesitate to kill him… no matter the cost we have to pay for it!]

This was the common wish of these five people. In fact, they felt that even their deaths at the hands of Chu Fei Ling would be worth it if they could first kill this little bastard!

The saber light came whizzing.

“You can’t block it!” Sword Spirit saw the momentum of incoming attack, and spoke in a heavy tone, “Either withdraw, or switch with me!”

Chu Yang snorted. His stance changed, and he flew backwards. A look of appreciation appeared in the eyes of the Sword Spirit. [He won’t rely on others as long as there’s a glimmer of hope! This is the mentality of a powerhouse!]

Chu Yang wouldn’t rely on the Sword Spirit as long as it wasn’t a certain-death scenario. He would only rely on himself! One can progress the most during a desperate situation… a situation when there appears a ‘life or death crisis’!

He wouldn’t progress an inch if he were to rely on the Sword Spirit during every dangerous situation! And, his journey on the road to become a future powerhouse would be greatly affected in case he was to develop even a slight ‘dependence habit’ in his nature!

Chu Yang’s body drifted backwards like a swift cloud. He was using the ‘Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique’ of the Beyond the Heavens Sect at the moment. And, he was displaying it at its pinnacle!

The black-robed Old Second roared like the thunder. He clenched his teeth, and wished to blow him to pieces in his heart. He swore, [I won’t use my saber to hack him up once I catch up with him. Instead, I will pound into this guy, and blow him to smithereens. And then, I shall eat his flesh!]

The blood-curdling screams were coming nonstop from behind. This was proof that his brothers were facing a ruthless slaughter at the hands of Chu Fei Ling! The black-robed Old Second controlled himself with great difficulty, and didn’t look back. His mission was to kill the boy who stood before his eyes!



[Little brother is in danger!]

Chu Fei Ling got impatient, and let out a loud shout. Golden rays of light erupted from his body. The unleashed saber lights billowed around; layer upon layer. It seemed as if the clouds on the horizon had suddenly encountered a hurricane!

The waves of saber light were billowing and surging without rest or stop!

This was Chu Fei Ling’s supreme skill. And, he had kept it hidden for a long time. This killer saber move was known as ‘Into the Sea of Reincarnation’! It was a unique skill, and had been created by Chu Fei Ling. It was to be used as a final blow!

Even the Sword Spirit exclaimed in admiration when he saw this move!

The tumbling sea of saber light engulfed the bruised bodies of the four experts. Their screams sounded endlessly. Their bodies got drenched with blood, and ultimately got chopped into flesh lumps in midair!

The saber light surged up, and formed a dazzling snow-white line. It was so bright that it camouflaged the sunlight. It then went lasing towards Old Second like a shooting star; Old Second was wildly charging in Chu Yang’s direction at this moment!

The black-robed Old Second repeatedly roared in sorrow. He could feel the deadly pressure behind him, and he knew that his brothers had already been killed or severely wounded. However, that little bastard was slippery like a loach fish. He had only been a bit away from him on several occasions, but this cunning guy wouldn’t stay at one place; he had continually leapt around.

He let out a wild roar, and arrows of blood suddenly flew out from the pores of his body. He had used a secret technique at this juncture. This technique stimulated his own vitality, and doubled his strength in the blink of an eye. His great saber gathered-up strong winds, and formed a huge saber-like flower. And then, he launched this attack – which had an attack radius of 300 feet – towards Chu Yang!