Facing the incoming sweep of Harrod’s unstoppable greatsword, Sheyan heavily knelt down as the chilling blade swiped through few strands of his hair. Concurrently instead, Sheyan smashed the shaft of his saber against the floor, as it emitted a ‘Ka la’ cracking muffle.

This ravaged blood boat could no longer withstand such a severe blow, as another two metre long gash split opened instantaneously.

At this moment, Harrod could no longer stand steadily, as he watched on as excessive blood vapor momentarily condensed into face – vikings with furious distorted features, stained with blood as their beard and hair fluttered along the wind. These faces then reluctantly soared into the skies.

As the blood vapor continue diffusing, the frame of the blood boat started decaying and disintegrating; as though multitudes of rocks were crashing down onto a centuries old coffin.

Eventually, the boat was utterly destroyed and submerged. Consecutively, the two individuals on board plunged into the sea.

Before he was drowned under the icy mix of blood and seawater, Sheyan revealed a sneer on his face; as though he was hunting down a large shark. He then quietly and peacefully submerge beneath the water surface.

As for Harrod’s entire body, he was engulfed in wrath and humiliation! As the furious frenzy of a berserker was triggered, his surroundings seemingly morphed into a horrifying blood red vortex!

Sheyan had naturally placed away ‘Ambition’ into a whole other dimension – his party storage. Even Little Lord Fokke couldn’t locate the ‘Diary of Morgan Fokke’ in the storage, so obviously, ‘Ambition’s’ aura couldn’t be leaked out to scare away the ravenous sharks.

Simultaneously, both individuals were shredded with superficial wounds, as the flavour of their blood permeated through the sea. Instantly, the insatiable caribbean sharks swarmed them, as started tearing the humans asunder with their massive awe-inspiring white fangs.

Plunged into such a situation, Sheyan covered his face with his arm and refrained from striking back; allowing the sharks to ravage him!

Sheyan had calculated beforehand. With his current defensive capabilities, an enemy’s theoretical damage must scale above 83 points in order to breakthrough the absorption of his innate ability ‘Stronghold’, and deal more than 1 damage to him.

Furthermore, according to the statistics beforehand, a third rate ship’s marine could only deal roughly a hundred damage with a shot from his rifle. Thus, he could deduce that the chomping menace of these commonly seen sharks of the caribbean sea would not eclipse that of a lead bullet. If not, none of the ships in the caribbean sea would be able to withstand the joint assaults of sharks, and be sunk.

In contrast to Sheyan’s conservative self, Harrod was frenziedly massacring the sharks in the sea. His eyes were rolled backwards, and completely revealed a deathly whiteness encircled by bloodshot veins. Pipes of thick bulging blue veins protruded out along his neck.

Even in the water, his dual-handed greatsword swept horizontally with unparalleled power! The surrounding sharks around him were directly dismembered into two wherever his greatsword struck, or gravely wounded even it was just a slight brush!

The agitation from the blood boat sinking was tremendous. Speaking from various perspective, this boat was like a symbol of their Asgarda tribe; a sacred tool! It had been inherited throughout the generations, but was utterly ruined in his hands after several generations. To Harrod, this was akin to being drowned in humiliation and guilt. Only one notion remained in his mind – to slaughter!!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Perhaps slaying the enemy ahead, or whatever that obstructs his path, or perhaps himself!

Harrod waved his greatsword as he upsurge a blood storm within the water. Then, he formed up into a tremendous blood vortex, as he surged towards Sheyan. Except, he was no longer in his blood boat where his movement speed was enhanced, while Sheyan’s speed was dwarfed.

One could distinctly observe that Sheyan’s mobility in the water was amplified in comparison to that of Harrod’s. Even if Sheyan swam in circles, catching up still wouldn’t be an easy feat for Harrod.

Furthermore, his wild massacre of sharks only led to a bitter fact – the masses of sharks would not decrease, but in turn, more would be attracted by the rich blood stench. Hence, the sharks surrounding Sheyan were enticed over, as they devoured the corpses of their comrades as well.

These savage sharks surged forward as they pursued in from the four corners of the sea. In this current era, shark fin hadn’t been popularized, and the sharks of the caribbean sea had not been butchered excessively. Naturally, they were without nemesis in their ecology. Moreover, a dog’s sense of smell was already outstanding, but sharks were a notched above the dogs.

They could detect the rich odour of blood and flesh from just 1 parts per million (PPM) in the water. Moreover, even a gram of amino acid that dissolved inside a kiloton of seawater, could be detected by the sharks!!

If the former congregation of sharks around the blood boat was described as a boiling bowl of porridge, then the current scene of even a kilometre away, had become a terrifyingly shuddering spectacle to behold! The sharks had practically transformed into tidal waves, as it swept in fanatically and astoundingly.

As it was night time, even the pirates on board could not differentiate the current state of battle. There was seemingly no ways of interfering even if they wished to, but could only watch on with widened eyes as they strived to differentiate the core position of these wave like sharks.

Frequently, regiments of maroon blood would gurgle out and pollute the water, which was the sole testimony that Harrod was still struggling.

However, the current Harrod was already an arrow at the end of its flight.

The greatest flaw of berserkers, were their inability to persist in a drawn out fight. Recited in the poems of troubadours, thee berserkers were only experts in unleashing a tempest of assaults to drown their opponents. There had never been a poem about a berserker gaining victory after three days and three nights of battling.

A berserker drew destructive might from pain, but pain was like a double-edged sword to them. As long as time dragged on, they would ultimately fall over the edge of defeat. Chapter 530: Kill!

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In reality, this battle had concluded the moment Harrod had failed to detect Sheyan’s intentions, leading to the blood boat being destroyed. Once the tempo of battle had fallen into Sheyan’s grasp, attempting to make a comeback became too difficult.

Sheyan executed his affairs systematically and stably. Whenever he occupied the upper hand, he would gradually, bit by bit, accumulate his advantages to build momentum, and bit by bit, he will convert this momentum to attain victory!

Nevertheless, the storyline characters present now had all heard of stories about berserkers making impossible comebacks; ultimately turning an utterly disadvantageous situation around to claim victory.

In reality, berserkers could truly unleash mind blowing explosiveness, and if a slight careless mistake offered them the chance, they could truly dictate a sudden triumph. Yet sadly, Sheyan was an individual adept at suffocating the opportunities of his rivals.

Harrod panted violently as he felt the crushing pressure of the boundless seawater. Even the greatsword in his hand had became increasingly cumbersome, and he could clearly feel his strength seeping away as time passed.

It was a never ending butchering of the surrounding sharks. With every slaughtered batch, another would instantly replenish them! No matter how formidable a berserker was, it was impossible to evade the agile ravaging sharks of the sea. Ever since plunging into the water, Harrod had failed to attack his nemesis even once! He was clearly aware what this represented.

“This rotten enemy, these accursed sharks!! AHHHHHHHHH!!”

Blood streamed out from the corners of Harrod’s eyes.

PAM! The animal hide armour he was wearing exploded in shreds! Gripping the shaft of his greatsword tightly with both hands, spurts of dark blood gushed out from his wounds.

An incorporeal vortex covered around the blade of his greatsword, as an inexhaustible force of attraction diverged out of it; causing the surrounding seawater to churn like a racing current. Its breakneck pace rotating pierced out with crazy incisiveness!

Harrod’s head poked out of the water surface as he inhaled deeply. This action immediately swelled up the bulging veins of his head and neck, as his blood vessel filled eyeballs protruded from his eye sockets.

Finally, his arms, bracing the greatsword, swelled up, transforming into an inharmonious deformity with his body.

This image reminded Sheyan of a familiar scene, as he reflexively recalled Scarface Harry.

Indeed, this was the ability that Scarface Harry had demonstrated before.

Flesh Explosion!

Harrod strived as he raised his greatsword with his deformed arms, before pointing its tip towards Sheyan’s direction. Bloodied ice shards swiftly revolved around it, as the nearby sharks surrounding the greatsword had seemingly encountered an invisible blender; diced into chunks within a split second.

At the tip of the sword, an enormous bloodied whirlpool was taking shape as it expanded unceasingly! Crashes of oceanic tides falling up and down echoed in the ears of everyone.

Afterwards, that massive bloodied whirlpool blatantly surged towards Sheyan!!

Wherever the whirlpool past, those insatiable sharks were minced like brittle tofu and blended into the whirlpool, instilling a greater sorrowful bitterness within it.

Right before the whirlpool reached Sheyan, Harrod roared out with utmost vigor; his widened mouth baring his yellowish sharp teeth, and even the veiny wall of his larynx could be seen. Despite that, his roar couldn’t be heard due to being underwater.

The pirate crowd concurrently realized that though Harrod’s body remained lofty as usual, his arms were hung down limpidly; a clear mis-match from his earlier domineering strength. That bloodied whirlpool he conjured up had completely absorbed away his vitality and strength.

Facing Harrod’s desperation strike, Sheyan shockingly dove towards the seabed like a rock. His legs stomped down onto the seabed, releasing a misconception as though he was anchoring himself down!

Instead, he pounded his fist against a reef before him, as numerous deep cracks extended out from the surface of the solid reef! Greyish rock fragments floated up within the water as the solid reef trembled and begun crumbling.

Sheyan then hugged the reef with both hands, before forcefully hurling it ahead!

A table sized solid reef spiralled forth through the water, as it dragged along dense white froth behind it. Having been slapped unyieldingly by the waves for millenniums, this dark-cyan reef greeted the massive bloodied whirlpool straight on.

Despite that, within a short duration, the reef was completely grinded into chunks, dozens of chunks, as it was sent dispersing away effortlessly by the whirlpool.

Witnessing his interception crumbling in vain, Sheyan continued pounding against the reefs around him. Tugging and pulling, he hauled out a reef that was as tall as two individuals, out from the seabed.

Loads of bubbling froth and turbid seawater enshrouded him, as he employed this reef like an enormous shield to cover his front. Blop! Blop! Blop! Blop! Tiny rock fragments sunk down from crumbling cracks.

His muscles swelled tautly as bulging green veins wriggled along his arms like tiny snakes. A series of bubbles leaked out from his lips, as he staked in his full strength before hurling this gigantic reef over! Rolling with imposing turbulence through the water, the gigantic reef clashed into the bloodied whirlpool!!!

When the two collided, terrifying blood rays could be seen dispersing out from the whirlpool, as it flooded forward like quicksilver! Instead, the surface of this impregnable cyan-black reef appeared to be corroded into talcum powder, before diffusing away as though being poured on with sulfuric acid.

Gurgle gurgle! Large quantities of air bubbles emitted out, as that reef was chiselled into fragments by the immense force carried by the whirlpool.

In the next moment, Sheyan’s figure was swallowed by the enormous bloodied whirlpool, as the seawater was dyed in crimson!

At that instance, Sheyan only had the luxury of covering his face with both hands.

The terrifying bloodied whirlpool, unleashed by the ‘Flesh Explosion’ ability of a viking berserker, mercilessly devoured Sheyan; threatening to dismantle his bones and bitterly tear his flesh asunder.

It was a pity that Sheyan could still stubbornly persist, as the bloodied whirlpool raged on for nearly ten seconds before dissipating. Even after a tempest of torrential destruction, Sheyan remained firm and upright like a boulder on the seabed. Innumerable minute lacerations covered his body. Yet, he still remained unyielding amidst the layer of dense insipid blood seawater swirling around him.

Harrod looked on with protruding bloodshot eyes as he panted heavily. Although already a spent force, he managed to draw strength out of nowhere to dive fiercely towards Sheyan.

Lugging along his dual-handed greatsword behind, it carved an icy dazzling brilliance trailing behind; as though he was slicing the sea into two!!

No longer planning to dodge, Sheyan clasped his ‘+7 West’ with both hands, as he rushed along the seabed towards the incoming Harrod. He then slashed forth with his saber!

A blue blade ray swept through the seabed brimming with mournful intent, leaving a profound dull blue afterimage tailing behind! It was like a vestige of floating blue starlight similarly seen when one undergoes lasering of the retina!!

Gushes of maroon blood diffused out as Harrod’s eyes gradually dimmed. A streak of red lingered across his neck, before a frantic outpour of blood escaped from that streak.

He pointed at Sheyan with widened mouth, attempting to speak but the words choked within his throat. Frozen blood plasma and saliva spewed out from his badly mangled mouth, as one could identify a semi-severed maroon tongue within!

As it turns out, that bloodied whirlpool executed by Harrod was only possible due to the crazy and grave sacrifice of biting his own tongue!!

In Harrod’s perspective, being dragged into the water had already severely impaired his battle capabilities. If the might of his ‘Flesh Explosion’ had been unleashed on dry land, Sheyan would probably not be able to withstand it.

“Hu~~~~” A long sigh leaked out from Harrod’s throat before he shut his eyes. That dual-handed greatsword of his floated down from his right hand, as it crashed against the seabed; curling up a gust of sand. from henceforth, his vitality had departed from his body.

Sheyan observed Harrod’s corpse in silence for a brief while. Then, he picked up the dropped key; one that was emanating a bright silver glow.

Following that, he discovered the greatsword that was shimmering with chilling radiation atop the sandy seabed. Yet strangely, the body of this sword became laced with a transparent icy layer.

Naturally, Sheyan activated the plundering ability of his ‘Pirate Captain’ title, and successfully acquired it before storing into his personal storage.

As this moment, those insatiable sharks were once again lured in by the reeking blood, as they swam over in succession. Witnessing the new congregation of sharks, Sheyan sighed as he pulled out ‘Ambition’; not desiring for Harrod’s corpse to be mutilated by those sharks.

The redoubtable aura of Paul swept through and instantly intimidated the ravenous sharks, sending them fleeing for refuge; as though they had detected a looming specter.

When Sheyan floated back to the surface of the sea, his pirate crew broke out in fanatical cheers; waving their bandanas up high as their morale skyrocketed.

In contrast, Ammand’s side was completely dumbstruck. Especially the seven vikings whose jaws were dropped with disbelief. As though turning deranged, they leapt into the sea and swam towards the aftermath of the battle; intending to retrieve Harrod’s corpse.

Towards such a scenario, Ammand didn’t reveal any looks of dismay. Instead, his bearing indicated he had other cards up his sleeves. However, this was only reasonable.

Bear this in mind, someone who beared a deep hatred towards another for decade, would definitely be contemplating about his vendetta for vengeance without rest. Naturally, he wouldn’t simply resort to a single killer move. Chapter 531: Misfortune

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Even though Ammand appeared confidently prepared, Sheyan still had his own trump card – Reef!

Capable of awakening to become a Growth-hunter at anytime, once Reef successfully broke through, Sheyan believed that he would fuel the combat prowess of the party in unimaginable fashion!

Even if Ammand laid down countless traps or devised countless schemes, ultimately an individual’s capability had a limit. Unless his crew could reach the dreadful tier of the pirates on board the three legendary pirate ships, he would absolutely be unable to deal a fatal threat.

In Sheyan’s deduction, as long as Reef awakened, Ammand could at most beat the trio into a crushing defeat; destroying the painstakingly established Hill Maiden, and even annihilating his pirate crew. Yet if he wished to slay Sheyan, that would be an seemingly inconceivable mission.

On the verge of commencing battle where both sides had drawn swords with sinister designs, a tiny single-masted sampan glided in abruptly from afar. On board it, a pirate frantically waved a signal flag and cried out.

“Hurry and retreat!”

When that sampan encroached closer, one could hear the exasperated shouts of that pirate clearly.

“That blasted Captain Norrington has defeated Chevalle’s pirate fleet, and be returnin’ in triumph. I heard his fleets be passin’ by here soon to inspect fer smugglin’ activities on tis’ lil’island. If we tarry on, it will be too late!”

This piece of information was like a thunder from a clear sky. One could notice Ammand’s facial muscles twitching, before he seized the informant pirate as he howled furiously.

“What did ye say? What gibberish is ye spewing??!!!!”

That pirate replied with a trembling voice.

“The Truth! Son of the Black Sea, me words be truth. Norrington’s fleets would be swarmin’ here within ten minutes!”

“That’s impossible!!” Ammand howled crazily. He suddenly twisted his head to glare at Sheyan with venomous eyes that seemingly wished to carve out the flesh from Sheyan’s body, one chunk at a time.

Then, he sighed deeply before releasing that pirate, and tossed two gold guineas to him.

“Well done, Turgis. I lost myself momentarily. Weigh the anchor and hoist the sails. Prepare to set off!”

Sheyan slanted his head and chuckled as he observed Ammand, before waving farewell. Ammand completely ignored him as he turned away.

The sailors on both ships started operating. Not too long later, the originally two interlocked ships finally separated amidst the creaking of wood.