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This time, it was Shi Xiaobai’s flip to assault.

A distance of eighteen hundred meters could not be regarded as as close proximity. But to Shi Xiaobai, who had his flash motion method, Crab Actions, cultivated to the Crest of Perfection realm, it was not that excellent a distance. Even so, a flash movement strategy was soon after all a motion technique that focused on movement and dodging. No matter how high the realm, it was nonetheless movement at a fast speed, and not instantaneous movement that could cover a excellent distance in a blink of an eye. Shi Xiaobai abruptly charged out, and his blazing figure and the strong winds that stirred seemed to become the greatest disturbance.

Dawn right away woke up from her odd emotions. Her eyes targeted when again. Her ice-blue eyes squinted like blades as she slowly lifted her sword in preparation to strike back.

With out needing to both see her opponent’s figure, or hear the sound of the sword slicing via the air, even with her eyes closed and ears covered, she would be capable to react in the most excellent manner because she could ‘see’ the fluctuations in the air. She could ‘hear’ the breathing of the electrical power. She could ‘predict’ the trajectories of annihilation.

She did not flip her head nor did she use her eyes to capture the figure that was rapidly approaching to the level of almost instantly appearing in front of her. Rather, she suddenly turned all around and slashed in the direction of her back!

“Caught you.”

The figure in front of the lady had been penetrated by sunlight as it dispersed into a chaotic mirage. It was a fake phantom image.

And the route in which the woman slashed was at the neck of the youth who all of a sudden appeared behind her.

Shi Xiaobai’s pupils constricted somewhat. His phantom motion approach had been witnessed by means of so easily and his movement trajectory had been simply grasped. His intentions appeared to have been seen by means of by the woman from the extremely beginning.

She was without a doubt an skilled.

The smile on Shi Xiaobai’s lips grew in intensity. The girl’s superior judgment of slashing at his neck had entirely exceeded his expectations, but his response was equally gorgeous.

Shi Xiaobai quickly twisted his correct arm by half a circle and utilized an exaggerated angle to adjust the trajectory of his slash. Just as Lucifer’s Sword was about to hit his neck, he efficiently deflected it.

Dawn’s eyebrows pricked up somewhat. Shi Xiaobai’s response pace and ability to cope in an impromptu vogue left her relatively stunned.

But the following scene caught her off guard. Shi Xiaobai, who had forcefully parried the strike, must have retreated and opened up a distance to shield his neck so as to reduce some of the momentum of that strike, but he did not select to do so.

With the sound of a crack, she noticed Shi Xiaobai’s head abruptly lean back, as though he ignored the danger of cracking his neck to make it level. His body spun a couple of times like a prime to forcefully disperse the power of that strike and at the identical time, a swift and fierce beam of light appeared as it hurled straight for her abdomen!

It was unknown when the black-and-white sword in the youth’s appropriate hand had become a pure black sword. At the most dangerous second, he had parried her Lucifer’s Sword, and in his left hand, he was holding to a pure white sword. At the identical minute he defended, he had all of a sudden thrust his white sword at her.

He really did not retreat?

His neck and the ice-cold blade were in close proximity. At that minute when his life was in danger, he truly did not pick to retreat to open up a risk-free distance but counterattack there and then?

If he produced the slightest of problems, his head would separate from his entire body. Was he that unafraid of death?

Dawn frowned as she could not hurriedly retreat so as to dodge the sword beam that suddenly came thrusting at her abdomen.

Shi Xiaobai’s dual-wielding had exceeded her expectations. It was not as if she had by no means encountered opponents who used two swords at the same time, but he was the first opponent she had encountered to suddenly go from a single weapon to dual-wielding them although disregarding his existence. He would bare his fangs when he necessary to defend the most, and strike back all of a sudden.

Ought to he be referred to as crafty or crazy?

Dawn did not choose to clash head on with him. She held an advantage with her strength, so there was certainly no want to withstand Shi Xiaobai’s internecine assault.

But just following she retreated, Shi Xiaobai would quickly come sticking closely behind.

The youth held a white sword in his left hand and a black sword in his right. The energy of Sword Reality appeared to movement above the blades like stars. Abruptly, two completely diverse Sword Intents had been created from the two swords. On the white sword, there was burning Sword Intent, and on the black sword, there was watery Sword Intent that triggered ripples.

Dawn’s eyes flashed a seem of appreciation. This was the most special dual-wielding she had ever observed. Shi Xiaobai’s dual-wielding was not just basically brandishing two swords instead, he demonstrated the true charm of wielding two swords.

Dual-wielding was not as straightforward as wielding two swords in hand and making use of distinct sword attacks. Only by injecting two diverse Sword Intents into the two swords like Shi Xiaobai, could the accurate power of the dual-wielding be expressed. Nevertheless, it was not straightforward to do so. Grasping two Sword Intents was just the foundation, but to use the two Sword Intents together with a single thoughts concurrently was an very tough activity.

And what Shi Xiaobai was at present performing was even more hard. That was because both his swords were injected with diverse Sword Intents. A single of them was blazing fire and the other was soft water. These have been two totally various and contradictory Sword Intents. Dual-tasking things may not be hard, but to generate two entirely opposite Sword Intents at the exact same time, without having even considering the potential needed to dual-job, it still required clear and resolute willpower.

“You are indeed extremely exceptional, but the Sword Intent grade of your dual-wielding is nevertheless rather unpolished. If it truly is two distinct Sword Truths, it may be…”

With these thoughts in thoughts, Dawn grasped the best possibility to use a nimble swerve to dodge Shi Xiaobai’s two strikes that have been in shut proximity. She slashed at Shi Xiaobai’s waist from the side.

Her opponents option of a melee battle suited her wishes. Her movement approach, velocity and strength were very exceptional. Her combat capabilities were also something no peer could match.

Nevertheless, her current opponent was Shi Xiaobai. Shi Xiaobai was equally effectively-versed in movement strategies. His velocity and strength had been crazily enhanced by means of the Power of Taotie soon after he consumed the three holy items. His keen senses and battle instincts far exceeded ordinary people.

Shi Xiaobai reacted really quickly as he modified the trajectory at which he slashed out. Twisting his proper arm, he forcefully pushed the black sword in his proper hand to parry Lucifer’s Sword that was about to hit his abdomen. At the very same time, the white sword in his left hand was hurled straight at the woman. The watery Sword Intent was ice-cold as it formed a frost-ice sword beam which shot at the girl’s chest like an icicle.

Shi Xiaobai had as soon as again selected to counterattack when he required to defend the most. He ingeniously utilised his dual-wielding to concurrently attack and defend.

Nevertheless, it was extremely risky by performing so simply because the girl’s sword was only a sword’s length away from his waist. If the strength of the appropriate sword was crushed, his waist would be severed into two by his personal sword.

Of course, if the woman had ignored the thrusting of the white sword from his left hand, and forcefully slashed at his waist, there was a really large possibility of currently being severely injured. That was due to the fact even though attacking, one’s defense was at its weakest.

Therefore, there have been two choices positioned just before Dawn.

Initial, to ignore the threat of damage to slash at Shi Xiaobai’s waist. In that situation, Shi Xiaobai may well really nicely die and she may possibly be significantly injured. It would consequence in an internecine outcome.

Second, it was to abandon her attack and get the initiative to retreat. It would be equivalent to treating it as although that round did not happen.

Failed 1 This was a decision that had to be made in an quick.