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All First Rated Warriors were given two chances to challenge. Wu Man, Niu Zhan, Xia Shuo, and the other First Rated Warriors all began challenging and the fights that ensued were also very intense. The Black Armored Soldiers who watched the fights from the surrounding were very happy and excited.

Yet, no one challenged Teng Qingshan!

“I didn’t expect this. Even if I had only used 10000 Jin of my strength, none of these people are able to defeat me.” Teng Qingshan sighed and said, “If Yue Song’s Bending Wave Technique had attained culmination, I might be forced to use more strength!”

Teng Qingshan’s trump card was not”Crossing Worlds”, but his terrifyingly and abnormally great strength.

After he turned sixteen, he cultivated the “Godly Tiger Form Technique”for a month. When he was fighting the Flood Dragon at the Frost Jade Pool, he had already possessed an enormous strength of 150000 Jin. He then stayed in Teng Jia Village for six months, and during this time period, he was still practicing the “Godly Tiger Form Technique”. His progress was slow and no longer improved after six months,

However, when Teng Qingshan left his hometown with his cousin Teng Qinghu and headed towards Jiangning County, he was already a super powerful expert. As a super powerful expert, the control of his strength was very precise. He estimated that both his arms had a great strength of 180,000.

As the saying went, the so-called one ‘strong guy could beat up ten people’!

With this monstrous strength, Teng Qingshan could kill Yue Song with just a simple smash.

The combination of this monstrous strength and this profound spear art, Teng Qingshan would become the God of Slaughter.

“Gui Yuan Sect probably has some inner strength cultivation manual I can learn and practice.

I wonder how the inner strength cultivation manual will improve my ability.” Teng Qingshan was not arrogant. He didn’t think that he could conquer the world with his monstrous strength.

After all, the legendary Emperor Yu had split the lofty mountains with five moves of his axe.

The legendary Heavenly Emperor of the Qin Mountains could stop the hundred Zhang wide Yan River from flowing with just his palm.

As Teng Qingshan thought about these legends, he trembled with fear. These legendary figures had caused the Yan River to run dry and the lofty mountain to collapse. They were a thousand or ten thousand times stronger than him. In fact, they could probably kill him with just an easy smack.

“There are definitely people stronger than me in this land. I just haven’t met them yet as I have only met the younger generations. I would assume that Yue Song’s teacher, whose name is Cang Jiang Swordmaster, is stronger than me” As Teng Qingshan thought about it, he somehow felt slightly excited.

He was excited to have opponents.

The fights continued. The seventeen First Rated Warriors had two chances of challenging the Lieutenants. Soon, the last fight occurred.

“This is the last fight. Haha, none of them dared to challenge Teng Qingshan.” The tall and big Commander laughed and said.

“Teng Qingshan’s spear art could be said to have reached the Realm of Simplicity. The others are not stupid. Of course they won’t challenge him.” said the silver-haired elder donned in a black cloak.

“Realm of Simplicity? He hasn’t reached that level.” Zhuge Yuanhong said with a smile.



The four Commanders stared at Zhuge Yuanhong.

Zhuge Yuanhong praised, “However, he is only sixteen-years-old. Sixteen! He is only a sixteen-year-old youth, and he already has such marvelous spear arts that aren’t inferior to the techniques of some great spear art masters in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. There are only two possible explanations. One, he is either the reincarnation of a great master in the Buddhism Sect or the reincarnation of the living Buddha.

On the Land of the Nine Prefectures, there were eight most famous sects with very strong foundations.

Of the eight sects, the strongest was the Mani Temple. Each of the other seven sects ruled over one prefecture. However, Mani Temple ruled over two prefectures. Located in the west of the Nine Prefectures, its sphere of influence was the southwest Rongzhou as well as Liangzhou in the west.

Of the eight Supreme Sects, Mani Temple was the only Buddhist Sect with a history of several thousand years.

Buddhist sect had absolute authority in Rongzhou and Liangzhou.

Among the Eight Supreme Sects of the Nine Prefectures, the practice methods of the other seven sects were ‘Training Vitality into Qi’ and the ‘Unity of Spirit’. These were the two cultivation methods to reach the Realm of Qi and then the Spirit before attaining the Innate Realm. This was the most used practicing method in all of the Nine Prefectures.

However, the cultivation of the Buddhism Sect was completely different. They cultivate the three pulses and seven meridians, and the practice of finding one’s true self in order achieve Sarira so that they could become Arhat one day. Among the great masters of the Buddhism Sect, those who could achieve Sarira would be called Arhat, and they were the equivalent of innate experts.


Because the human body is limited by the heavens and earth and would eventually die, some great master of the Buddhist Sect who had attained an incredible realm could preserve their soul and achieve reincarnation. They would become the reincarnation of the living Buddha, reborn with the memory of the previous life.

If Teng Qingshan was the reincarnation of the living Buddha, then it would make sense for him to display such marvelous spear arts.

“If he was the reincarnation of the living Buddha, the monks at Mani Temple would have already taken him away. He wouldn’t be here.” The silver-haired elder said.

“There’s a very small possibility that he could be the Reincarnation of the Living Buddha.” Zhuge Yuanhong admitted. Although Teng Qingshan was not the Reincarnation of the Living Buddha, he was the reincarnation of an Internal Martial Art Grandmaster from another world, but none of them knew about this.

“Teacher, what about the second possibility?” Zang Feng asked.

Zhuge Yuanhong sighed and said, “The second explanation is that he has the Innocence of a Newborn, which gives him the ability to comprehend the heavens and earth! He had lived in the forest since young and followed the natural law. With the heavens and earth as his teacher, he was able to comprehend and create such a profound spear art! This is the Innocence of a Newborn!”

Being in the world of mortals would only corrupt to one’s heart.

However, on the Land of the Nine Prefectures, there were some naturally pure-hearted geniuses. These talented geniuses possessed the Innocence of a Newborn. They could comprehend the nature and learned from the heavens and earth. The moves of the spear art, saber art, and other techniques they created seemed simple but were absolutely profound.

“However, Feng, you must not be discouraged.” Zhuge Yuanhong said, “Being able to create such an amazing spear art has its advantages and disadvantages!”

“Advantages? Disadvantages?” The four Commanders looked at the Sovereign with bemusement.

Zhuge Yuanhong nodded and said, “Normally, when people cultivate and practice sword art, saber art, etcetera, they start from the beginning. The sword art they learn gradually becomes more and more profound and complicated. It is a process of simplicity to complexity! The expert would discover the weak points of their sword art or saber art through each fight and gradually improve. Then, it would be a process of complexity to simplicity and eventually the Realm of Simplicity.”

The process of simplicity to complexity and the process of complexity back to simplicity made every move infinitely powerful.

“The moves created through each setback, each moment of understanding, each alteration, and the final moment of enlightenment would be even more powerful than the simple and forceful moves created through by learning from nature.” Zhuge Yuanhong said.

“I understand.” Zang Feng nodded.

One could only gain higher achievements after experiencing setbacks and struggles in the mortal world.

“Geniuses like Teng Qingshan are too young. Although he could comprehend such powerful Spear Arts right now, he has not experienced many setbacks to progress further. He has yet to temper himself in the mortal world If he wishes to progress further, he must experience struggles and setbacks.” Zhuge Yuanhong smiled and said. “Of course, geniuses who have established themselves in the mortal world will have limitless future prospects!”

The four Commanders nodded.

However, they didn’t know that…Teng Qingshan had experienced much more setbacks and pain than they could imagine.

“Sovereign, the fights for the positions of Centurion have ended.”

“Yes, it is time to award the heavy armor and warhorses!” Zhuge Yuanhong ordered. Chapter 85: Dark Demonic Horses

On the school ground, the black armored soldiers were conversing quietly.

“The challenge of the centurions had ended! The newly appointed eight centurions are: Teng Qingshan, Niu Zhan, Gong Yangqing, Hong Xingyang, Yue Song……” The elder dressed in black gown announced the names of the eight final winners.

“The eight centurions come forward!” The elder dressed in black spoke loudly.

Teng Qingshan and the other eight people walked towards the front concurrently.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Eight Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses covered with heavy armor were led by eight Black Armored Soldiers. On the saddle of every Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse, there was a dark red armor.

“Every centurion of the Black Armored Army will get an Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse and a Hematite Heavy Armor. As for the weapons needed, you can use the ones you brought yourself or you can ask the sect for it.” The elder dressed in black gown said indifferently.

“Teng Qingshan.” The black clothed elder look at Teng Qingshan and spoke, “From today onward, you will be the first leader of our Black Armored Army and you will serve as the centurion of the spearmen unit under the third lieutenant.

“Yes.” Teng Qingshan answered loud and clearly.

“Accept the war horse and heavy armor!” The old man dressed in black answered coldly.

Immediately, a black armored soldier by his side led the Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses to Teng Qingshan’s side. Teng Qingshan accepted the Azure Mane Treading On Snow Horses and Hematite Heavy Armor solemnly as he commented, “The Black Armored Army is really wealthy and extravagant. A centurion gets to use an Azure Mane Treading Snow Horse and a Hematite Heavy Armor.”

Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses were the kings of the Azure Mane Horses, and they cost five thousand silver taels.

The price of the Hematite Heavy Armor was not lower than the price of the Azure Mane Treading On Snow.

If one calculated the cost of the heavy armor for the horse, it would amount to ten thousand silvers, and that was undoubtedly very extravagant.

“Niu Zhan!” The elder dressed in black cloak started to speak again, “From today onward, you will be the third leader of the Black Armored Army and serve under the first lieutenant…….”


The eight centurions all received their war horses and heavy armor. All the Black Armored Soldiers below couldn’t help but feel envious.

“The competition for the position of the centurion has ended. The nine First Rated Warriors that have failed will become sergeants. Now, the competition for the position of sergeant will begin.” The elder dressed in black finished his words apathetically and hastily sat back down. Regarding this competition for the position of sergeant, he himself as the First Commander was too lazy to even cast a glance.

Compared to the competition for the position of centurion, the fight during the fights for the position of sergeant obviously had a weaker momentum.

However, the whole school ground became even more excited.

“Qingshan, just watch. I will take this sergeant position as easy as grabbing it with my hands. You took the position of the centurion, thus, I shouldn’t make you lose face.” Teng Qinghu smiled confidently. Teng Qingshan also had confident in Teng Qinghu’s ability. Among the Second Rate Warrior, his own cousin should be considered moderate.

Because his cousin practiced Large Foundation Spear and Tiger Fist, the speed of his spear and in listening to the force should be the well-matched to the centurion, Niu Zhan.

“There shouldn’t be a problem for him to take the position of sergeant.” Teng Qingshan secretly said in his heart.

“Teng Qingshan.” A clear voice rang out.

Teng Qingshan turned his head to look and he saw that it was Wu Man who called him. Wu Man blinked her eyes and said, “Teng Qingshan, I couldn’t tell at first, but you are actually really powerful, even Yue Song was defeated by you. How did you practice your Spear Art? Who is your teacher?”

“I created it myself. Do you believe me?” Teng Qingshan said with a ridiculing smile.

“Tsk,Tsk. Still boasting.” Wu Man humphed and then looked at the Azure Mane Treading On Snow Horses next to Teng Qingshan with envy in her eyes. She then glared at Teng Qingshan, “Humph, you guys are monsters. This time, quite a few experts had actually appeared. Otherwise, one of the eight centurions would definitely be me. Ah… When can I get a Treading on Snow Horse?”

“Senior, even if you obtain this Treading on Snow Horse, taming it would not be an easy thing.” Zhuge Yun and his sister Zhuge Qing walked towards Teng Qingshan and Wu Man.

“Brother Teng, it would be fine if you just hold on to this horse, but it would not be a easy thing if you wanted to mount on its back and make it docile.” Zhuge Yun smiled and reminded. “The more precious the horse is, the harder it is to tame. You must have more patience.”

“Yeah… Brother, Look! That Teng Qinghu won.” Zhuge Qing suddenly interrupted.

Teng Qingshan turned his head to look.

As expected —

Holding a long spear in hand, Teng Qinghu was roaring loudly in pride. However, his roars were almost inaudible in the noisy school ground.

During the evening, the crescent moon hung high up in the sky.

It was in the dead of winter, and the night was still very cold. In Gui Yuan Sect’s Black Armored Camp, every centurion was given their own courtyard. The newly appointed centurion, Teng Qingshan, was currently sitting in his own courtyard.

“Black Armored Soldiers are very good at drinking.” When Teng Qingshan recalled that day, he couldn’t stop making remarks.

During the daytime, it was the competition for the positions of centurion and sergeant. When it was nighttime, they drank liquor to celebrate. As Teng Qingshan became the newly-appointed centurion, the soldiers under him naturally needed to propose a toast. The other experts of the Black Armored Army also respected Teng Qingshan as an expert and came to propose a toast.

Fortunately, Teng Qingshan’s internal organs were extremely powerful, so they were able to prevent him from getting drunk.

“There is still one thing I have not done today.” Teng Qingshan looked towards the corner of the courtyard at the Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse that was locked up.

“Taming a horse?”

Teng Qingshan walked towards the horse with a smile.

The Azure Mane Treading on Horse glanced at Teng Qingshan, and immediately lowering its head, ignoring Teng Qingshan completely.

“Phew.” Teng Qingshan pressed on the mantle with his right hand and suddenly exerted force!

The Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse stumbled and fell on its knees.

It immediately became angry and kicked its four legs, trying with all its effort to stand up. At the same time, it started neighing furiously.

Teng Qingshan only pressed on the horse mantle with just his right hand. No matter how much the Azure Mane Treading on Horse resisted in anger, it couldn’t stand at all… It was as if one of Teng Qingshan’s hands was a mountain. No matter how crazy it was, it couldn’t move Teng Qingshan’s hand even a Cun (33mm).

Teng Qingshan looked at this Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses indifferently.