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Being used to these kind of situation, both Fatty Han and Zhang Yang quickly headed to a corner and complied. After all, those policemen were holding electric batons! If they were to get stung by those contraptions, it would be stinging for a few days!

Qian Hong Wen, however, refused to comply! He was the officer in this province! A leader, technically! These police officers are all under his rank! They were practically his subordinates! If he listened to them and kneel down, how could he still face the public after being humiliated so extensively! Furthermore, he was the victim here! Fatty Han’s punch had knocked out two of his front teeth! If he did not at least beat them with a punch or two, he would not be able to sleep comfortably tonight!

The policemen walked closer and when they saw this one man still rearing for a fight, they zapped him with the electric baton and sent the man down to his knees.

“GRAaa.Aaah..argh…ah..” The poor man was zapped badly before he could no longer remain standing, where he laid on the ground twitching with the remaining electric current in his system.

“Wait! He’s the.. GRAHHahhh…ah….” The poor Monkey Butt was already kneeling down when he quickly jumped to his feet to reveal Qian Hong Wei’s identity. But the policemen did not know that and thought that he was somewhat resisting arrest. They zapped him as well and left him shaking in pain.

Both Zhang Yang and Fatty Han saw what had happened and giggled quietly.

“Take them all back to the station!” cried one of the policemen. The number of participants in this fight was quite large. It could even consider to be a mass brawl. The leading policeman raised his hand and gave the command. The other policemen nodded their head and took them all into the police car.

One by one, they were led into the back seat of the police car, with men and women in separated vehicle. Zhou Kang Ming stared begrudgingly at Zhang Yang with a right eye. His left eye was completely swollen shut. He screamed at Zhang Yang angrily. “Look what you have done to us all!”

Liu Qi Ming was also one of the unlucky one, He had only wanted to get into a good relation with Fatty Han, he had never though that he might got involve in a fight, much less being dragged to the police station! If he was charged in participating in a street fight…he did not dare think any further. His face went pale and he started to sob uncontrollably.

Fatty Han heard the sob and scolded the poor little boy. “What are you crying for?! Have you never been to the police station?”

“Keep your mouth shut!” screamed the driver through the barbed net between the passenger and the driver. “Shut the f*ck up!”

Zhou Kang Ming froze in his seat and did not even dare make squeak of a mouse. Still, his rage had not been extinguished. He stared angrily at Zhang Yang and silently swore that he will accuse him as much as he could when the police question them.

Wee woo wee woo. The siren of the police car echoed as they reached the police station. Since the number of suspects was just too great, the car was driven into the station, stopping right in front of the building.

“Get out! Get your lazy bums out of the car now!” said the policeman as he dragged them all out like ducks out of their cages.

As they walked into the building, a man dressed in a casual clothing, looking to be around the age of 30, ran up to them and greeted the front most policeman.

“Are these the people that had cause the commotion at Dream City?”

“Yes, Secretary Lee!” said the policeman. The person that addressed him was the Secretary of the Chief of the Public Security Bureau. He could not afford to make a mistake.

Secretary Lee quickly search through the crowd, screaming, “Chief Qian! Chief Qian!”

“I’m here! I’m here!” cried Qian Hong Wei with his trembling lips. The poor man had zapped with the electric baton, and he could still feel the numbing sensation all over his body. The man could not even speak properly.

Secretary Lee quickly headed toward Qian Hong Wei and said sternly. “Officer Bai, this man is the Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief Qian Hong Wen! Look at him! Look at how much he was mistreated! These psychotic mad men had betrayed the country and dared to even strike a member of the government! We have to punish these rogues severely with extreme prejudice!”

The policeman called Bai was stunned. He had never known that he had arrested the Cang Lang Province Government Publication Department Deputy Chief Qian Hong Wen! Oh god! He did see one of his subordinate using the electric baton to attack the man! If the department finds out what had happened, he would be partially responsible for it!

Zhou Kang Ming was completely dumbfounded. His heart racing madly. Psychotic? Betray the country? Rogues?! If he was really charged with those accusation, he would not even die in peace! He quickly jumped in horror and screamed at the top of his lungs. “I’M INNOCENT! INNOCENT, I TELL YOU! IT WAS ALL ZHANG YANG AND HAN GUANG! IT WAS THE TWO OF THEM THAT STARTED THE FIGHT! I’M INNOCENT! INNOCENT!” 06-35 Lotte’s Remodeling

The next day, Jin was very busy starting from the morning.

“Jin-sama, His Highness Ernest has summoned you.”

Immediately after breakfast summons from the Prince came, and Jin left for the inner royal palace. There was the third Prince Ernest along with lotte.

“Oh, Jin, repair Lotte properly at once!”

The third Prince Ernest said. It seemed like a royal’s selfishness, but as Jin treasured Lotte whom he built himself, he laughed and agreed.

“If possible, I’d like it if you made her more durable than before.”

The Prince said to Jin.

“More durable? Not stronger?”

Jin replied with a question.

“Uh huh, make no mistake, her being stronger would be good but before that I don’t want her to be broken.”

The prince replied. Jin was pleased with his answer. He then said,

“Understood, I’ll give it all I got.”

The prince was greatly delighted.

“You will? In that case, you can use any of the materials in the storehouse! With my permission you’ll be let to take them!”

He said and went off, and immediately came back holding some documents in his hands.

“If you show these, the manager will let you in.”

He said and handed the permit to Jin.

“Well then, I wonder what kind of materials there are.”

After obtaining the permit, Jin first borrowed the workshop inside the royal palace. It seemed to be a place that was usually used for the maintenance of knight golems.

He had Lotte wait there, and from there took a cart for transporting materials and pulled it half excitedly to the royal palace’s raw material storehouse. It was in the corner of the inner royal palace grounds. Two soldiers were guarding it, and official was closely managing who was allowed in.

Jin showed the permit he got from the Prince and was immediately let in. The official followed him in just in case to watch out for theft, but Jin had absolutely no intention of doing that. Because at any rate, the materials would be several levels behind ones in Hourai Island.

Even so, materials valuable in their own way were also stored within.

Jin took plenty of aluminium and bronze, within limits. In addition he decided to use a little bit of Adamantite, four Magi Crystals, and a Sand Worm’s leather.

He glanced at the official in charge who was muttering something about how if Jin didn’t have the Prince’s permit. Jin the pushed the materials cart back to the workshop lent by the Prince.

When he got back it wasn’t just Lotte but the Prince too.

“Your Highness!?”

“Ahaha, I wanted to see Jin repair Lotte, so I ended up skipping today’s studies.

It seemed the Prince Ernest was very fond of golems. Or maybe he was just fond of Lotte.

“Is it fine if I watch from here?”

“Sure, go right ahead.”

Jin didn’t hold any dislike towards this Prince who genuinely loved golems.

Jin suspended Lotte’s Magic Energy and,

“First, let’s reinforce the skeleton.”

With that explanation he went towork.

“Ah, that’s aluminium, isn’t it? And that over there is Adamantite.”

As might be expected after he said he wanted to make his own golem in the future, the Prince was reasonably informed.

“Yes, first I’ll change the steel skeleton to an aluminium one.”

Jin said, and began to form a replacement for the skeleton identical in dimensions. Usually the work would be over just like that, but for the Prince’s sake he took it easy.

“Oh really, Lotte’s skeleton was like this.”

“It’s close to a human’s.”

Jin kept working while sometimes giving explanations. After that he coated the surfaces that moved along other surfaces with adamantite.

“Ah, I see. Partially using adamantite to prevent wearing down.”

The Prince also was rather quick to understand.

Next was the work on the muscles. Forming fibers of Sand Worms’ leather, Jin intertwined them together to make ‘Magical Muscles’.

“Amazing, I’ve never seen this technique before…”

The prince said as he kept staring at Jin working. The current look of the golem with the muscles attached was frankly ominous, but the prince wasn’t concerned about it one bit.

Then was the most important bit: inserting the Magi Device. This was just a simple transplantation of the already existing one, or so the Prince thought, but,

“Your Highness, this structure protects Lotte from the [Subordination Rewriting Magic].”

He said and held out the Magi Device in front of the Prince to show it well to him.

“Hmm, so this is the centralmost part of Lotte. …Could this container be Mithril? There’s some Magi Formula carved on it too?”

“Yeah, it’s a Magi Formula to protect against outside magic.”

“There’s a Magi Formula like that!?”

The Magi Formula was of the same nature as a [Magic Barrier]. The effective area was the inside of the component instead of an airspace though.

Jin was going to teach the method of protecting against the [Subordination Rewriting Magic] to the Minister of Magic later, he said, and resumed the work.

He put the Magi Device in its proper place in the chest and covered the surroundings well with Magical Muscles.

“Now the first step is over.”

Jin said, and waited for questions. As he thought, a question came from the Prince.

“Hey, if the Magi Device is covered with Mithril, outside magic may not influence it, but doesn’t that also mean Magic Energy can’t get out from the inside?”

A rather good question. Jin found it easy to understand why the Prince asked it and replied,

“Usually that would be the case. But, see these wires coming out from it?”

Jin pointed at the six wires protruding out.


“These are conducting wires that transmit Magical Energy to all of the body parts. They’re linked to each of the arms and legs, the head, and the torso.”

“Oh, I see. But can’t the magic travel through those wires to the other direction?

The Prince’s understanding was excellent. Jin was glad and began one of his explanations.

“It cannot. These wires are made out of Mithril, and while they let Magical Energy through, they don’t let magic through. If you want to know why, then…”

Magic Energy was simple waves of energy, but magic was an energy with substance in a sense, so traveling through this thin wire would be difficult for it, he explained.

It seemed the Prince still only understood about half of the explanation, but at the very least it was conveyed that that’s the way things are.

“You’re amazing, Jin. You seem to know more than my teacher.”

The Prince Ernest looked at Jin with respect. Jin smiled and resumed his work.

“Now, Lotte’s restoration, entering the final stage.”

With that notification, he removed the exterior of the ex-Lotte, and moved it over to neo-Lotte. While replenishing the missing parts with the bronze he brought.

Seeing Lotte return to her original form in front of him, the Prince was also delighted.

When the transplantation of the exterior was finished, only the steel skeleton was left. Everything else had been recycled.

“Alright, shall we do the final finishing touches?”

Jin said and returned the steel skeleton back to an ingot.

“Woow, how magnificent.”

The Prince observed the process of turning the skeleton into an ingot and praised Jin. Even this was just tenth of Jin’s normal working speed. Normally the transformation would be over in the blink of an eye.

Bingqian softly sighed and returned to her seat.

Ye Zifeng looked at Yang Jing and furrowed his brows, “Uncle Liu, she came from Tiandao City. Could it be that everyone who’s a guest in your Liu clan will always become a part of your Liu clan? Can she even count as someone from Leizhou City?”

Ye Zifeng wasn’t scared of Yang Jing. He just didn’t agree with Liu Mu’s underhanded methods.

Liu Mu cheerfully nodded and laughed, “Ahhh Zifeng. You don’t know this but Miss Jing is actually someone from our Leizhou City. It’s because of the fact that she has a weak constitution that she moved Tiandao City. She needed someone at the Martial Spirit stage to continuously give her Pure Yang Qi so she became a disciple under the old devil Muyun.”

He smiled and continued, “So… Of course she can be counted as someone from Leizhou City.

Ye Zifeng nodded and looked at Bingqian, “How’s her alchemy skills compared to yours?”

Liu Bingqian thought about it for a bit, “Senior sister’s talent is better than mine but she has always been sick and cannot use her qi to warm up the ingredients properly. Thus, she is somewhere on my level. But you have to be careful. She is a lot better than that Song Shiyun.”

Liu Yige coldly laughed, “Just give up Ye Zifeng. Miss Jing’s alchemy skills are far better than that Song Shiyun’s. You should forfeit now to save some face.”

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Zifeng smiled, “Alright. I accept this match. However Miss Jing, how about you let me decide on how we’re going to compete?”

Yang Jing nodded, “Sure.”

In her eyes, there was no one else in Leizhou City who can match up with her other than Liu Bingqian. Thus, she didn’t believe that this youngster can beat her at all.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Cool. Then we’ll compete in making a Pure Yang Dan.”

Yang Jing’s calm face suddenly changed when she heard “Pure Yang Dan” and immediately stood up from her seat.

“What? How can this be? You can concoct a Pure Yang Dan?”

Her body was weak and needed a Martial Spirit realm expert to pass on their pure yang qi to let her survive. If she had a Pure Yang Dan, then she won’t need their help anymore and can rely on herself.

However, even though the pill wasn’t hard to concoct, there was an extremely low chance in succeeding. After trying for around a hundred times and failing all hundred times, she finally stopped trying.

Right now, from what Ye Zifeng can see, Yang Jing definitely doesn’t know how to concoct a Pure Yang Dan!

Liu Mu furrowed his brows, and looked over at Bingqian, “Qian-er, is this Pure Yang Dan very hard to concoct?”

Liu Bingqian was shocked, “Of course it is. If sister Jing has a Pure Yang Dan, then she doesn’t need to stay in Tiandao City and receive help from Martial Spirit experts anymore!”

“So that’s how it is.” Liu Mu looked at Ye Zifeng. From what he can tell, not even Bingqian can concoct this Pure Yang Dan. If Ye Zifeng is able to, then he is probably better than Bingqian.

Thinking about this, it wasn’t bad if Ye Zifeng goes to the competition with Bingqian. However, he still wanted to win that ten percent of business channels.

Liu Mu quickly waved his hands and called for a servant, “Come on. Did you guys hear it? Bring out the ingredients for the Pure Yang Dan!”

Liu Bingqian shook her head, “No father. Not many people know about the ingredients for this pill. I’ll personally go and get the ingredients!” These soldiers were all elites under Mo Yuntian. They were aces of the army. Them calling Nie Yan instructor was proof they recognized his strength.

Born the son of an army man, Nie Yan had inherited some of his father’s thinking. He also believed strength reigned supreme and subconsciously devoted himself to training his body. However, having only faced students, he had no clear view on the extent of his progress. There was a clear difference between them and real fighters. But this match with Wang Duo today gave him new confidence. He wasn’t any weaker than the elites of the army!

Nie Yan became all the more aware of the changes that occurred to his body after advancing to a Shadow Dancer. Just what sort of secrets did this title hold?

Knowing he wouldn’t find the answer right now, Nie Yan stopped thinking about it. He focused on his task at hand. He had to instruct the 36 soldiers in front of him.

Wang Duo retreated back into the ranks. He was thoroughly convinced of Nie Yan’s strength. When he gazed at Nie Yan, his eyes flickered with a hint of zealotry. He admired anyone stronger than him. Especially Nie Yan who was even younger than him. He could already imagine what Nie Yan would be like in a few years. He no longer had any doubts about this new instructor Mo Yuntian found for them.

After receiving Mo Yuntian’s approval, Nie Yan faced the group. “Some of you might feel reluctant or unwilling. After all, General Mo Yuntian found a 19-year-old kid who’s still in school to be your instructor. The army is a place where strength speaks. I won’t try to win you over to my side with flowery words. If any of you are dissatisfied, you can come forward and take it up with me. We’ll settle it with our fists. Starting today, as long as none of you can beat me, I am your instructor. Since General Yuntian is leaving you guys in my care, I naturally have to produce some results,” Nie Yan said. Even though his tone was laced with arrogance, this was a must in the army. He knew this was the only way to tame this prideful bunch.

The several dozen soldiers stood up straight with their chests out and heads held high. They were already thoroughly convinced of Nie Yan’s strength after watching him beat Wang Duo. So, none of them voiced any complaints.

“Good, now give me a head count,” Nie Yan said.

Nie Yan quickly received the number, 36 people in total. He had to whip them into shape to Mo Yuntian’s satisfaction. Thinking about the arduous task at hand, he felt a heavy weight on his shoulders.

“Introduce yourselves. State your name, age, etc.” Nie Yan swept his eyes over the group. Since Mo Yuntian had placed them in his care, he naturally had to know a little bit more about them.

Wang Duo and the others turned to Mo Yuntian. Seeing the general give a nod, he stepped up. “Reporting to instructor! Wang Duo, 26 years old, 721st Special Mech Brigade, major general…”

Nie Yan’s mind trembled. A 26-year-old major general, and a member of the 721st Special Mech Brigade! He had heard rumours of this unit’s outstanding military achievements. Any random soldier from there would receive the treatment of a major.

Lei Su and Xiao Yu dropped their jaws in shock. Wang Duo actually belonged to the 721st Special Mech Brigade, not to mention he was a major general!

“Reporting to instructor! Lin Yi, 25 years old, 275th Special Starship Brigade, major general…”

“Reporting to instructor! Luo Ye, 26 years old, 721st Special Mech Brigade, major general…”

One by one, they stepped forward and introduced themselves. Nie Yan felt his head spin. They were at least senior colonels, while there were even three major generals! Not to mention the oldest of them was only 27.

If Nie Yan hadn’t known, he would’ve remained ignorant. Now that he knew, he was flabbergasted. These guys all belonged to special brigades and had reached the rank of senior colonels and major generals at such a young age. Their futures were limitless! Yet Mo Yuntian had tasked him with training such a group. A feeling of incredulity welled up in his heart.

“Next year, they’ll be participating in a military-wide competition. If they place high in the rankings, they can directly enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. Originally, I wanted you to help me improve their synchronization rate in Conviction. However, you’re far stronger than I expected. Having you serve as their instructor will be good for everyone. For the next 12 months, I’ll leave them in your care,” Mo Yuntian said.

“I can only promise to give it my best,” Nie Yan replied, forcing a wry smile. These guys were all high ranking officers. Any one of them was a figure he couldn’t afford to offend.

Mo Yuntian chuckled. “I believe in your strength. Are you interested in enlisting? With your skills, passing the physical examination is simple, and then you can easily enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. Your father served, and now he’s doing business on behalf of the country. If you’re willing to enlist, I’m sure he’ll be over the moon.”

Nie Yan hurriedly waved his hand with a panicked expression. “Please don’t joke around with me, General Yuntian. I have no plans of enlisting.” If Mo Yuntian spoke with his father, he might really end up being sent off to the military. He had no grand ambitions of climbing the ranks of the army. All he wanted was for his family to live a happy and peaceful life.

Seeing Nie Yan’s strong refusal, Mo Yuntian could only let out a deep sigh. “Fine, I won’t force you. If you change your mind one day, you can come find me at any time. The deadline is one year from now. After that, joining the 12th Armoured Mech Corps will be difficult.”

Nie Yan didn’t even have to think about it. He definitely wouldn’t serve in the military. If he became a soldier, he would have to go on a tour in outer space. Far from home for at least several years, this kind of life wasn’t for him.

Hearing Nie Yan’s refusal, Lei Su couldn’t believe his ears. Did Nie Yan not know what the 12th Mech Armoured Corps was, what this force represented? He really wanted to go up and beat the stupidity out of Nie Yan. The 12th Mech Armoured Corps was a special armed force independent of the military. According to rumours, they would be outfitted with the most advanced mech suits. One could imagine what a supreme honour it would be to serve in it. He would kill for a chance to join them, but Nie Yan had directly refused without a second thought.

Seeing that his words had no effect on Nie Yan, Mo Yuntian could only give up. “I’ll leave their training in your care.”

“Yes, General Yuntian!”

“I heard you have a bodyguard called Bayonet by your side. How skilled is he compared to you?” Mo Yuntian asked. Even though he had heard of Bayonet’s name before, he hadn’t seen the man in action. He didn’t know how strong Bayonet was or whether his fame was just for show.

“He’s much stronger than I am. I’d be lucky to last even 20 minutes against him,” Nie Yan replied. This was the cold, hard truth. Even though he had grown much stronger in these recent days, he was still a far cry away from Bayonet, who far surpassed even the top assassins and mercenaries on the international stage.

“Oh…?” Mo Yuntian was a bit shocked.

Hearing Nie Yan could only last 20 minutes against Bayonet, Wang Duo and the others were skeptical. After all, they had witnessed Nie Yan’s strength first hand just moments ago.

Nie Yan saw Mo Yuntian and the others were doubtful. However, he understood Bayonet’s strength better than anyone. He sometimes wondered if Bayonet had also served as a special forces soldier in his younger years.

Mo Yuntian gazed at Nie Yan’s eyes. He isn’t joking.

“You can rest assured leaving these guys in my care. General Yuntian, I’ll definitely show you satisfactory results,” Nie Yan said. A thought crossed his mind. Even if he didn’t want to enlist, there was no harm in building up a good relationship with these aces of the military. Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the other 34 all had bright futures ahead of them. Even if they failed to enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps, this bit of a connection would still be quite helpful to him.

Little did Mo Yuntian know that Nie Yan was already thinking about how he should expand his network of contacts.

Nie Yan turned to Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others. “In the evening, come meet me in front of the Asskickers United guild office in Calore. As for during the day, I’ll have Bayonet train you guys.”


Wang Duo, Lin Yu, and the others already viewed Nie Yan as their instructor. Nie Yan naturally didn’t refuse. In the military, this sort of superior-subordinate relationship was incredibly important. Father Nie was a prime example of this. He had been the captain of a squad. Later on, he was discharged while many of his subordinates continued climbing the ranks. Even though most of them ended up in far higher positions than he had ever reached, they still fondly called him squad captain every time they met. It was a relationship that lasted a lifetime.

If Nie Yan wanted Wang Duo, Lin Yu, and these other elites to remember him, he would have to earn their genuine respect and reverence! He had no experience in training soldiers, so he could only push this job to Bayonet. However, when it came to teaching people about Conviction, there was no one more suitable!

“Bayonet, come out.” Nie Yan turned to an empty corner in the gymnasium.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others were confused. Who was Nie Yan talking to? There was no one there. At this moment, a slim figure stepped out from the corner of the gymnasium. There were only a few benches and tables over there.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, along with Mo Yuntian, Lei Su, and the others’ minds trembled. They had been in the gymnasium for so long yet never noticed there was anyone else in here with them. What kind of hiding ability was this!? If Bayonet wanted to kill them, none of them would have a chance of surviving! At such a close distance, with any half decent weapon, he could wipe them all out in an instant.

He’s strong! Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others shared the same thought.

Bayonet really did live up to his reputation.

At this moment, Mo Yuntian als couldn’t help but envy Nie Yan. A person like Bayonet would be a huge asset to the military!

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others finally believed Nie Yan’s previous words.

“Over the next year, he’ll be training you in combat techniques,” Nie Yan declared.

Previous Chapter

Next Chapter “You know, whipping people into shape isn’t part of my paygrade. If you have additional work for me, I’d like to request a raise.” Bayonet chuckled. Of course, he was joking. He had nothing better to do anyway. This would at least add a bit of amusement to his day. In his eyes, Wang Duo and the rest were still young and inexperienced. Looking at them, he couldn’t help but recall some old memories. He deeply sighed. The past couldn’t be changed. He had already left the military long ago.

Nie Yan smiled. “Help me train these guys. I trust General Yuntian won’t be stingy.”

Mo Yuntian examined Bayonet more closely. Bayonet looked somewhat familiar. However, they weren’t acquainted. He wouldn’t forget an individual like Bayonet.

As Bayonet walked forward, Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others felt a heavy pressure bear down on them. Their hearts shivered. When they gazed at him, a peculiar light flickered in their eyes.

Damn, this guy is not to be messed with. Thinking about how this kind of top expert would be training them, they felt their blood boiling with excitement.

Bayonet swept his gaze over the trainees. His lips curved into a sadistic grin. “I can train you guys, no problem. The question is whether you guys can endure it or not. Those of you who can’t tolerate some pain should scram right now!”

Bayonet’s words sparked a hint of anger in their hearts. Wang Duo said in a serious tone, “We won’t shrink back!”

“Good, you guys better remember those words,” Bayonet said. Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others’ zeal made him recall his early days in the military when he was only 16.

At this moment, Mo Yuntian received an urgent call. After saying a few words, he bid everyone farewell and departed.

Nie Yan left Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others in the care of Bayonet. He would likely have no problem dealing with this group.

Nie Yan happened to catch the reminiscing look in Bayonet’s eyes. His mind trembled. Ever since he recruited Bayonet, aside from a few things related to his profession, he never spoke about why he became a mercenary, his own personal history, or anything in that sphere. He was definitely a man with a story!

However, Nie Yan had no intention of prying into Bayonet’s history. If he wanted to win someone over to his side, respecting their privacy was important.

Mo Yuntian had already prepared an apartment for the trainees close to Nie Yan and Xie Yao’s residence. Furthermore, he had reserved this gymnasium as their training grounds.

After handing everything over to Bayonet, Nie Yan, Xiao Yu, and Lei Su walked out of the gymnasium.

“You really lucked out this time, didn’t you? You get to be the instructor of all these elite soldiers. It’ll definitely help you build your connections in the future. Still, I can’t believe it… 25- to 26-year-old senior colonels and major generals. They’re all important figures in the military. If they can enter the 12th Mech Armoured Corps, their influence will increase even more. When you’re sitting high atop the clouds in the future, you better not forget us brothers!” Xiao Yu chuckled, patting Nie Yan’s shoulder.

Nie Yan chuckled. He knew Xiao Yu was just joking. Xiao Yu’s family was influential both in the political and business world. On the other hand, he was only just starting to make a name for himself. Even if another several decades passed, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to overtake Xiao Yu.

“General Yuntian invited you to participate in the selection exams for the 12th Armoured Mech Corps! How could you refuse!? Do you even know what kind of an existence the 12th Armoured Mech Corps is!? They report directly to the Council of Generals!” Lei Su exclaimed in an aggrieved tone.

“Everyone has their own path,” Nie Yan replied calmly.

Lei Su bitterly smiled. Nie Yan’s lack of interest left him at his wit’s end.

“If you want to join the 12th Mech Armoured Corps so bad, I can try and help you,” Nie Yan said.

“Really!?” Lei Su’s eyes lit up with excitement.

Nie Yan nodded. With Lei Su’s skills, entering the military was only a matter of time. He could throw Lei Su a bone. It wasn’t some scheme to have Lei Su owe him or anything. Blood Princess As long as Lei Su could put in a good word for him every now and then, he would be satisfied.

“I, Lei Su, am a man of honour. If you can help me enter the 12th Armoured Mech Corps, I’ll forever be in your debt!” Lei Su patted his chest.

“If you prove your strength, I’m sure General Yuntian will give you a chance. During the day, you can train alongside Wang Duo and the others with Bayonet. In the evening, come report to me along with them,” Nie Yan said. He already had to train 36 individuals. An extra head wouldn’t make a difference. As for Lei Su’s grandiose declaration, he didn’t take it too seriously and dismissed it with a laugh.

Regardless, today’s harvests were quite fruitful for Nie Yan. He had joined Heavenly Kings and finally started building his network of contacts in the Top Military Academy. He had planted the seeds. In the future, they would bloom into beautiful flowers and bear plentiful fruit.

After passing through the corridor on the way out, the three bid farewell to each other and went their separate ways.

Nie Yan returned to class. The rest of the day quickly went by without anything of interest happening. As the final bell rang, he and Xie Yao returned home.

“Nie Yan, we’ll have a five-day holiday next week. How about we return to Huahai together?” Xie Yao asked.

“Sure. It’s about time we head back and see how everyone is doing anyway. When the time comes, I’ll have my father send someone to pick us up.” Nie Yan nodded.

“Mhm.” Xie Yao brightly smiled

Nie Yan knew Xie Yao was feeling a bit homesick. He gently stroked her fair, white cheeks.

The Xu Family cultivators knew their future would be bleak, but none of them dared to disobey, two of them going forward and picking up the unconscious Xu Zhi Bing before all of them followed behind Luo Qing.

“Hai Ke Family?” Qian Tong turned his head to look at Yi En.

Yi En’s whole body shivered as he hurried went forward and shouted, “Yi En greets Elder Qian. Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Please show mercy, Elder Qian, Yi En was muddled before, mercy, Elder Qian!”

Qian Tong smiled coldly, “You’ll keep your life for a little while longer. As for how to process you, that will be up to Nephew Yang.”

Revenge was best exacted by oneself. With a single sentence, Qian Tong had destroyed the Xu Family, so if he were to completely destroy the Hai Ke Family now, where would Yang Kai vent his anger? If Yang Kai didn’t have somewhere to vent his anger, how could Qian Tong discuss anything else with him?

Listening to Qian Tong’s words, Yi En’s face went pale, he felt that falling into Yang Kai’s hands would definitely not end well for him.

At this moment, Yang Kai stood up, and although his face was still pale, his Saint Qi aura was at least somewhat stable.

“Stop the Spirit Array,” Yang Kai called out to Yang Yan.

Yang Yan nodded, and in the next moment, the thick fog dispersed, revealing the empty space in front of the cave to everyone’s eyes. After seeing the tragic state of Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother, everyone drew a sharp breath.

Just now, when Yang Kai had been blown out of the fog bank, he had looked seriously injured, so everyone thought that Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother would be fine, but now it was obvious that these two’s injuries were far more serious than Yang Kai’s.

Their bodies were covered with blood, and it could be said that there wasn’t an unscarred placed on them. Hong Zhen had lost and arm while his Senior Brother had lost a leg. The two sat together, their faces pale and filled with dread as they kept glancing around.

With a sigh, Yang Kai knew that he had still underestimated these Origin Returning Realm cultivators. He had thought that by using his Golden Blood and Yang Yan’s Spirit Array, he would be able to kill them, but the moment he launched his attack, he realized that he was wrong.

The power of their Shi was amazing and with their two Shis overlapping, they were able to interfere with Yang Kai’s movements, slow down his attack, and even sense what direction he was attacking from.

Without using his Golden Blood, Yang Kai wouldn’t have even been able to injure them. Yang Kai had used a drop of Golden Blood, but thanks to their Shis, he was only able to cut off one of their arms and one of their legs; this poor return on investment filled him with annoyance.

A drop of Golden Blood was equivalent to three months of dedicated cultivation, not something he could casually waste.

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother shouldn’t have much fighting strength at this moment, to the point where any Saint Realm cultivator could easily kill them, but with Qian Tong here, it was naturally impossible for Yang Kai to kill them as, regardless of the circumstances, they all belonged to Shadow Moon Hall.

Shooting Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother a glance laced with regret, Yang Kai walked towards Qian Tong.

“Nephew Yang, this old man is ashamed he arrived late and allowed you to experience something frightening,” Qian Tong welcomed him and said with a look of fear.

While speaking, he was quietly glancing over towards the cave, worried the Origin Grade Artefact Refiner behind Yang Kai would be dissatisfied with his attitude. Qian Tong was extremely annoyed with himself right now, he had tried so many ways to forge a friendly relationship between Yang Kai and Shadow Moon Hall, but this waste, Xie Hong Wen had actually ruined all his previous efforts.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t seem to have suffered any mortal wounds or even too serious injuries. On top of that, the Origin Grade Artifact Refiner behind him had still yet to show themselves, allowing Qian Tong to slightly relax. If the Artifact Refining Grandmaster really became angry with Shadow Moon Hall, he would surely appear personally to speak, but since he hadn’t shown up yet, it was obvious he was incredibly confident in Yang Kai’s ability to handle this situation.

This all only made Qian Tong more certain of his previous conjectures and caused him to act with greater prudence.

It wasn’t surprising that Qian Tong couldn’t see through the truth of this matter though, Yang Yan’s existence was simply too unbelievable. Qian Tong would never be able to imagine that she was the Origin Grade Artifact Refiner he wanted to win over.

“Elder Qian is too serious, Junior wasn’t affected in any major way,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and replied. Qian Tong gave him a good impression, so even if he was showing goodwill with some selfish intentions, that was simply the way of the world. Qian Tong hadn’t plotted against him or used dishonest means to entrap him, and since Yang Kai had to establish a presence on Shadowed Star, forging a friendship with this Shadow Moon Hall Elder wasn’t a bad idea. As such, Yang Kai lowered his posture greatly and assumed the stance of a Junior in front of him, allowing Qian Tong’s heart to calm down further.

“Good, very good,” Qian Tong nodded.

“I’ll return Elder Qian’s Wild Rose Pill back; Junior has some healing pills on him already so I temporarily have no need of it. Elder Qian’s intentions are enough,” Yang Kai said before handing back the Wild Rose Pill.

Qian Tong’s eyes flashed and he immediately understood that Yang Kai was unwilling to owe him a favour, so he didn’t press the issue, retrieving the Wild Rose Pill with a big laugh. In Qian Tong’s opinion, Yang Kai had an Artifact Refining Grandmaster behind him, so he obviously wouldn’t lack good things. How could he care about a trivial healing pill?

“Nephew Yang, I have already settled the issue of the Xu Family, Luo Qing will handle the matter in a way that will surely satisfy you. As for the Hai Ke Family, seeing how they seem to have some relationship with you, I’ll let Nephew Yang deal with them personally,” Qian Tong was an old fox so he naturally knew how to handle such situations. He hadn’t acted too forcefully just now because he had seen many cultivators of the Hai Ke Family standing beside Yang Kai. While he didn’t recognize most of them, Qian Tong had some slight impressions of Wu Yi as she was one of the best disciples of the Hai Ke Family.

Yang Kai nodded to express his thanks before glancing over at Yi En, the latter going pale and unsteadily walked forward and bowed, “My family and I had eyes but failed to see. When Your Excellency arrived, not only did my Hai Ke Family fail to show hospitality, but also committed several serious offences, I request Your Excellency mete out an appropriate punishment!”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, thinking this Yi En was only harming himself by trying to act clever. If he had apologized sincerely and begged for mercy, out of consideration for Wu Yi and her follower’s faces, Yang Kai may have not tried to hold him accountable, but Yi En claiming he had failed to show hospitality was obviously him implying that Yang Kai was a guest on Dragon Cave Mountain while the Hai Ke Family was his host, and a guest embarrassing the host in his home was never appropriate.

Qian Tong could also read the hidden meaning of this old man’s words and couldn’t help sneering before closing his eyes, apparently disinterested in watching this cheep performance.

“Although your Hai Ke Family never acted directly against me, those who dare to threaten and annoy me are not worthy of me showing mercy,” Yang Kai looked at Yi En coldly, causing the latter’s knees to weaken and nearly give out.

“However…” Yang Kai continued, “Your lives mean nothing to me either way, so if you want to survive, ask Wu Yi yourself.”

Yi En gawked for a moment before a surge of joy welled up inside him as he kneeled down and kowtowed, “Many thanks, Your Excellency, for sparing our lives!”

Yi En immediately understood that the Hai Ke Family would not perish today as no one knew Wu Yi’s temperament better than him. As long as he asked, Wu Yi would definitely not kill them; after all, she still had attachments to the family.

“Go away!” Yang Kai shouted impatiently.

“Yes yes yes!” Yi En quickly got up and walked over to Wu Yi’s side, trying to come up with the best way to speak to her.

“Nephew Yang’s forgiving heart is admirable! En, if it was this Elder, he would directly kill them all, death ends all troubles,” Qian Tong commented.

Yang Kai smiled slightly but didn’t say anymore.

It was impossible for him to really kill Yi En in front of Wu Yi. If it was during a battle, then that was another story, but with Yi En not able to put up any resistance, killing him became unimportant. No matter how clever Yi En tried to be, with his current strength, Yang Kai had no reason to fear him.

“Nephew Yang, how do you want to handle this little bastard? No matter what decision you make, this old master will support you unconditionally,” Qian Tong stretched out one of his hands and grabbed the swollen faced Xie Hong Wen before tossing him in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stared down at Xie Hong Wen with an indifferent look.

However, Qian Tong was keenly aware that there was a thick murderous intent flashing in the depths of Yang Kai’s eyes, causing the former to feel somewhat startled. Yang Kai had not revealed any murderous intent towards Yi En just now, but facing Xie Hong Wen, it seemed he really wanted to murder him.

Xie Hong Wen dying wasn’t a big deal, but with his father being a Deacon in Shadow Moon Hall, once Yang Kai killed him, there would still be some trouble.

The subtle expression on Qian Tong’s face was not missed by Yang Kai. If Qian Tong was truly indifferent, Yang Kai wouldn’t hesitate to kill Xie Hong Wen here and now; after all, one should beat a snake to death to avoid future calamity. The performance of the Xu Family these past few days perfectly illustrated this point. But reading the meaning behind Qian Tong’s words and expressions, Yang Kai understood that killing Xie Hong Wen would cause problems even for him.

How powerful could a Deacon be though? Could he even cause problems for an Elder?

Yang Kai quickly realized that Qian Tong wasn’t afraid of Xie Hong Wen’s father, but rather the person behind Xie Hong Wen’s father, similar to how he didn’t want to become friends with Yang Kai, but the powerful Grandmaster Artifact Refiner behind him.

Understanding this, Yang Kai fell into a dilemma.

Xie Hong Wen had brought two Origin Realm masters here to cause trouble, and if not for Yang Yan’s Spirit Array, even if Yang Kai was confident he could still escape, Wu Yi and Yang Yan would have ended up in a terrible situation, this matter couldn’t just be brushed aside.

Seeing Yang Kai’s murderous intent growing stronger by the moment, as if he would strike in the next instant, Qian Tong kicked Xie Hong Wen’s stomach and sent with a rolling while cursing, “You little animal, tarnishing my Shadow Moon Hall’s face wherever you go, do you think just because your father is a Deacon you can act however you please? Do you think this old master doesn’t dare to clean up Shadow Moon Hall’s mess by killing you right now?”

Xie Hong Wen’s face changed greatly as he hurriedly crawled back, latching onto Qian Tong’s thigh and crying, “Elder Qian, please show mercy, disciple knows his wrong! Disciple won’t dare commit such acts again. After today I will certainly return to Shadow Moon Hall to enter secluded penance, please spare my life, Elder Qian!”

Qian Tong quietly glanced over at Yang Kai’s face and found that his murderous intent had not diminished at all, causing him to sigh in his heart knowing that if he couldn’t satisfy him quickly, Xie Hong Wen would definitely die, raising his voice in anger and shouting, “A mere Saint King dares to act so wantonly, thinking himself invincible in the world? It was clearly a mistake to allow you to have two Origin Realm masters as guards, it was definitely them who gave you the courage to dare oppose this old master’s words! Since that’s the case, I’ll kill those two bastards first!”

Saying so, Qian Tong raised his hand and sent out two Saint Qi blades towards Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother who were even now unable to catch their breath.

Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother had managed to escape from the clutches of death just now, and although one had lost an arm, and one had lost a leg, they were simply glad to be alive, but when Qian Tong’s words rang out, by the time they reacted, the former’s strike had already arrived in front of them.

“Elder Qian, mercy!” Hong Zhen was terrified and called out in panic, but by the time his words ended, there was a new hole in his forehead and the forehead of his Senior Brother. As their eyes quickly grew dim, the two Origin Realm masters died.

Xie Hong Wen froze up, a foul smell overflowing from the ground beneath him, his face as pale as paper.

Yang Kai was also dumbfounded.

He hadn’t expected Qian Tong to actually kill these two Origin Realm masters. From Qian Tong’s words just now, Yang Kai had at first thought he was subtly reminding him that Xie Hong Wen’s background was strong and that he should show mercy where possible. Yang Kai had also made up his mind to take a step back and extract some compensation out of Xie Hong Wen in exchange for not killing him, but in the blink of an eye, two Origin Returning Realm masters had actually been killed.

After gawking for a moment, Yang Kai became overjoyed, and quickly used the power of his Demon Eye of Annihilation to stealthily absorb the two remnant Souls into his Knowledge Sea then using the golden light to purify them.

Even after using a drop of Golden Blood and Yang Yan’s profound Spirit Array, Yang Kai had been unable to kill these two, causing him a lot of annoyance as it meant losing a great opportunity to learn about Shi, but now Qian Tong had finished them off for him.

However, Yang Kai soon understood why Qian Tong had acted so decisively. Both Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother had been crippled, so even though they hadn’t died, their futures were incredibly bleak. There was no pill in this world that could completely regenerate broken limbs. By sacrificing these two essentially worthless Origin Realm cultivators, Qian Tong could calm Yang Kai’s anger and save Xie Hong Wen.

And sure enough, after the death of Hong Zhen and his Senior Brother, the haze clouding Yang Kai’s face finally eased, allowing Qian Tong to breathe a sigh of relief. What he didn’t know was that Yang Kai’s expression had relaxed only because he was able to obtain the two remnant Souls of these Origin Realm masters, allowing him to finally learn about Shi. Lightly coughing while suppressing the joy and excitement in his heart, Yang Kai said lightly, “Since the culprit has suffered a grave punishment already, I’ll let this matter end here. I’ll only advice Young Lord Xie to consider his actions more carefully in the future.”

“Yes yes yes, many thanks Elder Brother, many thanks Elder Qian,” Xie Hong Wen wept as he continued offering his thanks.

“Why haven’t you scrammed yet?” Qian Tong shouted angrily, resulting in Xie Hong Wen quickly standing up and flying off unsteadily, not daring to stay here any longer, afraid he might lose the life he had barely managed to hang onto just now.

After the dispute was resolved, everyone was satisfied.

Yang Kai obtained the Soul remnants from two Origin Returning Realm masters, allowing him to absorb their sentiments of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao while studying Shi. Naturally, he was quite happy. As for Xie Hong Wen, Yang Kai had no choice but to give Qian Tong face. If he had really insisted on killing Xie Hong Wen, Qian Tong would probably have become disgruntled with him, the cost wasn’t worth it.

On the other hand, Qian Tong managed to save Xie Hong Wen and was very satisfied. Although Yang Kai was young, he at least understood how to advance and retreat, an admirable quality.

All in all, it ended with a win-win situation.

“Elder Qian, many thanks for your efforts here. Junior will not forget this,” Yang Kai thanked him with cupped fists. He knew that if Qian Tong hadn’t arrived so quickly, he would definitely have killed everyone here, including Xie Hong Wen, and if Xie Hong Wen died, he wouldn’t have been able to remain here any longer. There was still a lot of Space Spirit Crystals beneath Dragon Cave Mountain, so if for nothing else, Yang Kai had to thank Qian Tong for giving him more time to mine it clean.

“Nephew Yang is too polite,” Qian Tong laughed, “This old master didn’t do anything. On the other hand, Nephew Yang is a true dragon among men, severely wounding Hong Zhen with just a First Order Saint Realm cultivation, Nephew Yang’s future achievements will certainly be limitless.”

“I cannot take credit for this, I was simply relying on the power of this Spirit Array,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

Qian Tong had a clear understanding of the situation as he had taken quite a few looks at the Spirit Array already. However, because the Spirit Array was currently inactive, Qian Tong couldn’t examine its mysteries at all, shocking him greatly. Now, he guessed that the master behind Yang Kai was not only an Origin Grade Artefact Refiner but also a powerful Array Master.

His guess was, of course, correct, but Qian Tong was completely off about this master’s identity. The artefacts were refined by Yang Yan, and the Spirit Array here was also arranged by her. The master he was looking for was right in front of his eyes, but unfortunately, Qian Tong had no way of knowing this.

“Does Nephew Yang have a place to settle down?” Qian Tong asked, “If not, this old master can recommend you to Shadow Moon Hall. With Nephew Yang’s aptitude, after entering Shadow Moon Hall, you will surely become a Core Disciple. Is Nephew Yang interested?”

Yang Kai, of course, knew what Qian Tong was thinking and immediately shook his head, “No thank you, I quite enjoy living here. Junior is used to living freely and doesn’t understand proper etiquette. If I were to really enter a Sect, I’m afraid I would just end up embarrassing myself.”

Qian Tong smiled faintly and immediately put aside this issue. He knew if he were to continue pestering here, the efforts he just made would be squandered. Instead, Qian Tong made several glances towards the cave while remaining in place, waiting for Yang Kai to invite him inside to sit.

The Origin Grade Artefact Refiner and Array Master behind Yang Kai must currently be resting in the cave, so if Qian Tong could get invited in, he might be lucky enough to meet this man.

Qian Tong didn’t speak, but Yang Kai also remained silent. Right now, Yang Kai was anxious to enter retreat to research this strange thing called Shi, so how could he have to mood to say anything further. The problem was he also didn’t make it clear he wanted Qian Tong to leave.

The two of them both glanced back and forth at one another, the situation quickly growing somewhat awkward.

“Wu Yi greets Elder Qian,” At the critical moment, Wu Yi arrived with Yang Yan and politely offered her greetings, breaking the awkward air.

“Good good good,” Qian Tong smiled and nodded, “Are you a disciple of the Hai Ke Family?”

“Yes, but I have separated from the family and now only follow Senior Brother Yang,” Wu Yi replied softly.

“Very good. Following Nephew Yang will definitely give you a more promising future than remaining in the Hai Ke Family. You have good vision little girl, work hard; it would be best if you can tie down Nephew Yang in body and mind.”

[This damn old fart, spouting off unnecessary nonsense!] Yang Kai cursed to himself.

Wu Yi’s face turned red as she pursed her lips and smiled helplessly, “This Wu Yi’s future is quite limited, not worthy of being joined to Senior Brother Yang.”

She didn’t mean to belittle herself, but after seeing Yang Kai’s abilities, she truly felt that very few women would be worthy of Yang Kai, and she was definitely not one of them. Moreover, she currently wasn’t interested in pursuing matters between men and women. Qian Tong had spoke casually just now, so she responded in kind.

“This is…” Qian Tong then set his sights on Yang Yan. Since she could follow Wu Yi here, her position in Yang Kai’s circle was certainly not low, so Qian Tong would not neglect her.

“This is my Junior Sister,” Yang Kai did not wait for Yang Yan to speak and took the initiative to introduce her as such.

Wu Yi and Yang Yan both turned looks of surprise to him.

“Oh, so she’s Nephew’s Junior Sister, very good.”

“She is a Saint Grade Artefact Refiner,” Yang Kai added specifically.

Qian Tong’s eyes brightened, seemingly very happy, letting out a big laugh as he nodded, “So young yet already a Saint Grade Artefact Refiner, en, it seems Nephew’s Junior Sister’s achievements won’t be lower than your own in the future.”

“Naturally, Junior Sister is truly amazing,” Yang Kai nodded quickly.

“This old master thought the disciples in my Sect were already quite good but seeing your Senior Brother and Junior Sister’s talents today, my eyes have been opened. It’s unfortunate that Nephew Yang and your Junior Sister don’t want to join my Shadow Moon Hall.”

“Afterwards, if we must join a Sect, Shadow Moon Hall will be our first choice.”

Qian Tong laughed and nodded with satisfaction, “Good, this old master will wait for good news from Nephew Yang then!”

Seeing that Yang Kai didn’t intend to welcome him inside, Qian Tong didn’t press the issue, talking about a few other minor things before saying goodbye and flying off.

Before he could go far though, Qian Tong suddenly turned back.

“What else does Elder Qian wish to discuss?” Yang Kai looked at him curiously.

Qian Tong quickly asked, “Does Nephew Yang want to attend the Treasure Trove Pavilion’s upcoming auction?”

“Auction?” Yang Kai frowned. He had never participated in auctions before and currently he didn’t have any interest in doing so. What he wanted to do right now was study Shi. Just as he was about to refuse though, Yang Kai saw Wu Yi and Yang Yan wearing looks of anticipation, so he quickly changed what he was about to say, “When will the auction take place?”

In this world, the mind is not the only guide to solving problems!

Other than the mind, there is…

The heart!

Rui’s mind was in disarray, but his heart was moving his body, and it was even dominating the controller of the human body – the brain.

His heart was filled with anger and killing intent, and was causing his disarrayed mind to be even more confused.

He suddenly stood up.

One step at a time… He walked towards the three delinquents…

“Youngin, don’t do it!”

A good person’s advice did not stop him, and he kept his slow pace towards them.

“Oh? Kid, are you trying to be a hero?”

After feeling a weird change in the atmosphere, one of the delinquents raised his head and looked at the figure approaching them. He arrogantly laughed out loud.

“Kid, scram! Trying to be a hero? You’ll have to pay the price! Before our brother Kun flares up, you better scram!”

The green-haired youth ruthlessly kicked a stool at Rui.

“Tch, this kid!”

When he saw Rui dodging the stool and continued to walk towards them without faltering, the yellow-haired youth got angry, grabbed onto a bottle of beer, and smashed it on the table.


The bottle broke into pieces. He raised the shattered bottle and rushed forward to stab Rui on his chest.

“No!” Seeing the yellow-haired youth’s movement, the teary-eyed Qin Yue cried out.


A shrill voice stunned the people on-site.

Rui, who they thought would be stabbed, was alright. Rather, the shattered bottle was stabbed deeply into the shoulder of the yellow-haired youth. A stream of blood started to flow down his arm.

“Damn you!”

When he saw that his brother got attacked, the loyal green-haired youth did not think for a moment, and aggressively charged towards Rui with a chair he grabbed from beside him.


With a single leg, Rui ruthlessly kicked the chair and it scattered into pieces. Not only the chair, his heavy kick landed on the face of the green-haired youth.


The strong kick forced the green haired youth to fly, sliding across the ground while bumping into several tables, and causing several plates and beer bottles to shatter into the floor.

“You, you… Don’t come over!”

His subordinates were both defeated in a single exchange; one of them lost an arm and was bleeding profusely, and the other suffered a heavy blow and was instantly knocked out of commission. Seeing this sight, the bully brother Kun looked at the youth who was approaching him with a dark expression, and felt a cold shiver down his body. He took out a dagger and placed it on Qin Yue’s neck. His hand trembled slightly, and made a small cut. Blood began to trickle down her neck.

‘You still dare to pull out a stunt like this?’

He momentarily stopped his steps, and the expression in his eyes suddenly flared up. Qin Yue’s suffering and the blood flowing down her neck unleashed the killing intent Rui kept in his heart.

He was no longer an Assassin, so he should not be showing such a strong hostility.

At first, Rui was holding back. He wanted to let these three buffoons go by simply crippling them, so they would not commit any more crimes. However, he decided to give these bastards their death sentences.

They. Must. Die!

At that moment, Rui no longer bothered about the witnesses around him and displayed the speed he once had as the Crimson Shadow Ghost. With a flash, before Kun could even react, Rui got to his back and tightly gripped onto his dirty, trembling hands.


With an aggressive throw, the screeching and unbearable sound of a broken bone was heard.

He pressed onto Kun’s head hard, and forced down the scream he was about to let out. Looking at his face contorted in anguish, Rui wanted to give him another beating. However, with so many people around, it would be rather troublesome. Also, he did not want Qin Yue and Little Fei to see a scene like that.

“Bring those two trash and scram!”

He coldly whispered into Kun’s ear. Like throwing trash away, he then threw Kun out of the stall.

Kun, who was filled with fear, endured the pain. With the green-haired youth, they pulled the unconscious yellow-haired youth and dejectedly ran off.

“Haha, good going, youngin! That was really refreshing!”

A loud cheer came from the people who were watching. Although most of them hated the buffoons and their actions, since they also had mouths to feed, they could not just step out without thinking of the consequences. When they saw Rui teaching them a lesson, they obviously felt refreshed to the max.

“Such a handsome boy! With such capable skills, any girl should feel secure around him! If I was at least 20 years younger, I would have chased after him already!”

A woman of about 40 years of age laughed slightly. However, her words only made the man beside her jealous. Chapter 15 – Night of Slaughter II

“Big sis Qin, quickly make some food! I’m famished.”

Looking at the teary-eyed and stunned Qin Yue, Rui smiled and waved his hands at her.

“Ah… yes!” When Qin Yue snapped back to her senses, and saw the smiling Rui. Her face reddened and she gave a clumsy reply. Then, she softly said, “Thank you, Little Rui!”

“Heheh, it wasn’t anything much. After all, I learnt some martial arts before.” Rui laughed as he showed off his biceps, and then said jokingly, “If big sis Qin wishes to thank me, then please make me some good food!”

“Yes, yes, big sis Qin will definitely make them for you.” Qin Yue lightly nodded her head, and then gave Rui a smile.

Looking at Qin Yue’s tear-stained face and her faint smile, Rui suddenly felt a sense of pity rising in his heart.

After losing focus for a bit, he finally regained his senses. He looked at the mess surrounding him, and then coughed out a few words, “Look at the mess I created…”

He carried and arrange the fallen tables, while Little Fei grabbed a broom and began sweeping away the broken pieces of plates and bottles. The surrounding guests also came over to help organize the tables and chairs. The stall which was in a mess a while ago, was tidied up in less than a minute.

After removing the broken pieces of the chair Rui kicked, Little Fei cleaned up the blood that came from the green-haired youth. A few moments later, the stall returned to its original state, and the guests who came over after the incident would not know the earlier happenings.

After enjoying Qin Yue’s specialty, Rui rubbed his bloated stomach, and left after bidding Qin Yue and Fei farewell.

Walking into an alley, Rui’s expression suddenly turned grim.

He pulled out his phone and entered a password. He looked at one of the red spots indicated in the map data, and his lips revealed a cold smile.

* * *

Somewhere in Shanghai – Paradise Bar…

“Bo… Boss, that’s… what happened!”

The stuttering Kun looked at the man who was sitting in front of him as he reported of what had happened earlier. Kun’s composure remained calm, but cold sweat flowed down his face.

After listening to Kun, the man was silent for a while, and slowly, he opened his mouth. “Little Kun, I believe I told you that I absolutely hate people lying to me.”

“Big Bro, I… I’m speaking the truth!”

Kun understood he was digging his own grave. He was aware that even though the man before him looked kind and friendly, when he gets angry, he would be at least a hundred times stronger than Kun.

After slightly taking a glance at Kun, the man said softly. “I will give you 50 men to deal with this problem. Remember, don’t escalate this problem too far.”

“Yes, thank you, big bro!”

When he heard the man’s words, Kun was exhilarated. If he had 50 of the clan’s men, he believed that the boy would not even be able to resist. Qin Yue and her daughter will then be unable to escape his clutches!

“Big bro, this is bad! There’s an enemy!”

Suddenly, a man who looked like a bodyguard wearing a black western suit, rushed into the room.

“I told you guys multiple times to be calm at all times. There’s no need to panic.” The man who was sitting on the sofa stood up, stared at the man in western suit, and asked, “Who is it? The Green Wolf Clan or the Red Blood Society? How many men did they bring?”

“This… I don’t know!” The man in the western suit could only helplessly lower his head. At the man’s angry eyes, he could only furrowed his brows as he answered.

“You don’t know?” His expression in his eyes became cold, as though they were the eyes of a poisonous snake, causing the room to feel cooler.

“Big bro, the enemy is like a ghost! Our men were all killed, and they were all sliced in the neck. I went over to the surveillance room, but I could not find any records of any invaders.” The suited man frighteningly reported. Seeing his own brothers getting killed one by one, and they were all sliced only at their necks, this strange situation could only plunge him into fear.

“Damn it! Who’s the bastard doing this? Relay my order! Smoke the guy out!” After listening to the report, the man could no longer keep his calm demeanor. He took out an exquisite-looking pistol from his drawer, as he said out loud.

“Hehe, if you’re looking for me, then I will save you some trouble.”

Suddenly, a dark laughter resounded in the room, and the expressions of the three men immediately changed.

“It’s… you?”

After looking at the face of the man who came out from within the shadows, the shocked Kun had his mouth open agaped.

“You recognize him?” The man’s eyes narrowed, and he tightened the grip on his pistol.

“Big bro, it’s him! He’s the guy I was talking about!” Kun immediately reported.

“Friend, I wonder how my little brother has offended you? Tell me. If the fault lies with my little brother, I will punish him personally.”

Looking at Rui, his years of experience told him that the man in front of him was difficult opponent. The man did not bother about anything else, and he softly spoke to Rui.

“Hehe, at first, there were no bad blood between us. As they say, the well water should not offend the river water*. However, your subordinate did not have good eyes.”

[T/N: Means they were different people from different places, and not at all related.]

Rui laughed lightly. Kun looked as if he was about to faint.

“This is most definitely because I did not properly teach my little brother. Since you have already came to my doorstep, I must give you a satisfying reply.”

The man’s cold gaze caused Kun’s entire body to tremble. He knew he was definitely going to suffer terribly. Since the situation had already escalated, being thrown into the ocean and turned into fish food was his only outcome.

“I expected no less from the head of the clan. I like your resolve.” He had experienced many of such situations before, and he knew of what would happen to Kun when the boss easily said he would dispose of him. The man was definitely merciless.

“However, he alone will not be able to extinguish the anger burning in my heart.” He closed his eyes, and his lips revealed a sinister smile. “Since I have already appeared before you and exposed my looks, I can no longer turn back. All of you here, can only die.”

“My friend, it seems you’re rather disrespectful.” The man squinted his eyes as he raised his pistol and pointed at Rui. He then coldly said, “And here I thought we could be friends. However, it seems you don’t have that intention. Since things turned out like this, then I shall go along with you and play your little game to the end. I really want to see whether you’re faster than a bullet.”

“Whether I’m faster than a bullet?” Rui simply shrugged and said, “This kind of thing… you will only know when you try!”

Looking at Rui’s indifferent expression, the man gritted his teeth, and unhesitantly pulled the trigger.

Bang, bang…!

Two bangs echoed in the room. However, he realized Rui had disappeared in front of him. He turned to look, and realized Kun and the suited man who were beside him earlier had already collapsed on the floor. Their mouths were opened wide, and their eyes were showing its sclera (white part), and were no longer moving.

“Looks like I’m faster than a bullet.”

Suddenly, the man felt a cold whiz behind his neck. Rui’s ghost-like voice was ringing in the man’s ears, and it felt like his soul itself was about to be scared off of his body.

“Fri…Friend, I believe we can compromise on some things. Let me go, and I will grant you everything!” The man felt like his life was in peril, his legs were about to give way, and he tried to beg for his life.

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested in your dirty money!”

Rui did not even falter for a second when he heard the man’s words. He gently sliced his dagger across the man’s neck… Chapter 16 – Bronze Boss: Grey Wolf King


Actually, if Ye Zifeng relied on his mission’s perfect performance in obtaining a large amount of demon crystals and obtained an additional spot in the Celestial Sect of Wonders to exchange knowledge, it wouldn’t be too difficult.

However, if the Wind Master personally recommended it to the Celestial Sect of Wonders, then it would be quite significant.

“Ye Zifeng, do you know what you’re talking about? You actually want the Wind Control Academy to recommend you? You have to understand that even the Wang family has never enjoyed such treatment.” Elder Lin recovered from his shock and hurriedly rebuked him.

If an ordinary exchange student went to the Celestial Sect of Wonders and reached their territory, it was inevitable that they would be treated coldly.

However, if a person was personally nominated by the Martial House’s headmaster, and the various Celestial Sect of Wonders’ elders were all here to witness this, then the treatment they would enjoy would naturally be extraordinary.

Ye Wen nodded his head indifferently, while a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“It’s precisely because of this that this recommendation is worth a reward of ten thousand points.”

As he spoke, his left hand intentionally or unintentionally made a “Six” gesture, obviously reminding the other party of the matter regarding the reward of six times the reward.

“You …” Elder Lin was speechless for a moment. Although he was furious, he couldn’t do anything to Ye Feng.

If he really pissed off the other party, he would immediately ask for the additional 10,000 points. This definitely wasn’t a small amount either.

Seeing Ye Feng’s attitude, the people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders started to discuss among themselves one by one.

“Senior Brother, what do you think of this kid surnamed Ye?”

“Although he looks to be only twenty years old, he is neither arrogant nor impetuous. He is mature and steady, and he will definitely become a legendary figure in the future.”

Previously, Old Suo had used his spiritual will to investigate the situation in the Blood Red Valley and was especially appreciative of Ye Feng.

“That’s right. If Ye Feng wishes to become an exchange student for the Celestial Sect of Wonders, I have no objections.”

“I have no objections. Moreover, maybe in the future, I will have to ask him for help in pill refining matters.” Adept Liu stroked his beard and smiled. He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ye Feng, his eyes full of admiration.

When they heard about alchemy, all of the Mysterious Gate’s elders looked at each other and laughed. Regardless of the stage they were at, they needed alchemists to assist them. Soon after, more and more people agreed to let Ye Feng join them.

When Elder Lin saw how the people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders were eager for Ye Feng to join them, he became a little anxious in his heart.

“But, have you ever thought about that? The disciples from the Celestial Sect of Wonders are mostly at the martial arts realm, and the exchange students from our Martial House are also at the ninth level of Qi Refining. But Ye Feng is only at the seventh level of Qi Refining. I’m afraid that it will affect your Celestial Sect’s reputation.”

“This …”

The elders of the Celestial Sect of Wonders pondered for a moment before looking at each other. Some people were about to step forward to express their indifference.

However, the people in charge of this place weren’t them after all. Instead, it was the Wind Palm Academy.

“That is true. Elder Lin is right. Although Ye Feng has great potential, his cultivation level is a bit lower. If he’s at the eighth level of Qi Refining, that would make sense. But this seventh level of Qi Refining …”

“Tsk, tsk.”

“It’s still a bit far from my recommendation. However, little brother Ye, you don’t need to be discouraged. When did you reach the eighth level of Qi Refining? If there’s a chance, I will naturally recommend you to it.”

The words that came out of his mouth were a tactful rejection of Ye Feng’s request.

Everyone let out a deep sigh. They had thought that Ye Feng would be incomparably disappointed.

Unexpectedly, his face was solemn, and he only nodded his head before bowing deeply and bowing. “Thank you for your kindness, Wind Palm Academy. I understand that as long as I reach the eighth level of Qi Refining, the Wind Palm Academy will recommend me if I have the chance.”

“That is correct. If there is a chance, I will recommend it for you.” He specifically said the words “if there is a chance,” with incomparable emphasis.

From his point of view, it was all an opportunity for Ye Feng to meet him today. However, once the month passed, who would still remember what the Wind Palm had said back then and would have long forgotten about it.

“That’s good.” Ye Wen smiled and nodded.

“What do you mean …”

“That’s good.” Elder Lin’s heart turned cold.

This smile could not help but give rise to a bad premonition within their hearts when they saw this smile. They had a nagging feeling that something was amiss. However, they could not say what exactly this feeling was.

Ye Wen smiled indifferently, then he walked over to the people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders and asked, “May I ask what day the deadline is for the selection of disciples from the Celestial Sect of Wonders?”

“There is no specific day. As long as we return three days later, we will be fine,” Old Man Suo replied with a smile. He seemed to have noticed what Ye Feng was planning, so he obediently replied to him out of love.

“Since that’s the case, Feng Shamo, for three days, Zi Feng wants to see if he can break through to the eighth level of Qi Refining before the elders of the Celestial Sect of Wonders return.”

“What did you say?” Elder Lin’s eyes widened as he sucked in a breath of cold air. “You’re treating this promotion like a child’s play. Do you think you can rise whenever you want?”

“Zi Feng has never treated this as a child’s play. I … am serious.” Ye Yifeng said each word haltingly. His expression revealed an indescribable sense of solemnity.

“Continue listening to him, Elder Lin.” The Wind Palm Academy waved his hand and said. He did not have any conflicts with Ye Feng, so when he spoke, he did his best to maintain a fair and objective stance.

“Yes.” Old Lin could only reply resentfully.

Ye Zifeng paused for a moment before continuing, “Therefore, if I am unable to reach the eighth level of Qi Refining within three days, Zi Feng is willing to give up the ten thousand points reward for the Ice Wolf and the opportunity to enter the Celestial Sect of Wonders to exchange knowledge. If I am lucky and have a breakthrough, I hope that the school can recommend me.”

“Within three days, I’ve reached the eighth level of Qi Refinement.”

When the students heard Ye Wen’s clear voice, they couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

“Could it be that Ye Zifeng is already at the peak of the seventh level of Qi Refining and is only a step away from the eighth level?”

“That can’t be. I remember that before he joined the mission, he should only be at the sixth level. How could he continuously rise up to the next level?”

Ye Xueyi’s beautiful eyes contained an extremely anxious expression. She was the one who understood Ye Feng’s current state the most. She also knew that her brother was the same as her, climbing to the seventh level of Qi Refining during the mission. He was still quite a distance away from the eighth level.

The gazes of the Wind Palm Academy were like cold lightning as they sized up Ye Feng. In his heart, he was becoming increasingly interested in him.

“Ye Zifeng, you’re not bad. You’re a person with determination and self-awareness. Alright, I promise you, if you can really do this in three days, you can be considered to have proven to me that you’re someone worth my recommendation. At that time, not only will you be rewarded with ten thousand points as usual, I’ll also personally write you a letter recommending you to enter the Celestial Sect as a student for exchange.”

When the true members of the Celestial Sect of Wonders saw that the situation had turned around, they also had a slight favorable impression of the Wind Bureau. They knew that when he dealt with matters, it could be said that he handled matters fairly.

A divine light flashed in Ye Zhan Xing’s eyes. He cupped his hands in salute and said, “Then … thank you, Wind Palm Academy.”

“There’s no need to thank me so quickly. Perhaps, if you can’t complete it, you won’t even have time to hate me. Right, Shen Li, you will bring everyone with you to the Secret Treasure and collect the corresponding items.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.” Elder Shen replied respectfully.

“The Martial House has yet to entertain all of you,” he said, turning his head to face the elders of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. “Later, I will invite all of you to step into the jade courtyard. Tonight’s Great Spirit Banquet, I will be intoxicated by the lords.”


On the way to the Secret Treasure, the crowd could not help but reveal overjoyed expressions.

“Sigh. Shi Chen, tell me, how should I spend so many contribution points in one go? Give me some advice.” Han Xiuming thought about this question the entire time and was incredibly excited.

Hearing this, Shi Chen scolded, “If you ask me, I’ll ask who. I want to know how to spend it. Do you think I need to be so distressed right now?”

There were simply too many contribution points. They were immersed in a sea of happiness, unable to extricate themselves from it. When they came back to their senses, they were at a loss as to how to spend this reward.

This kind of situation was not uncommon amongst the vast group of people that headed towards the Secret Treasure sect.

Ye Feng smiled faintly and stood at the end of the group. No one knew what he was thinking about.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as a trace of an ice-cold aura squeezed into his mind.

He then began to ponder and slowly closed his eyes …

“Elder Shen, for you to use your soul telepathic thoughts to communicate at such a close distance, isn’t that a bit too much of a waste of energy?”

Elder Shen, who was at the front of the group, closed his eyes. By relying solely on his voice and memory, he did not have any problems finding his way.

“Little brat, I was only able to use my soul telepathic thoughts because I was about to curse you,” he cursed. It was obvious that he was already filled with rage.

He forcefully adjusted his emotions and continued, “Say, why can’t you think about it? If you don’t want to boast to the Wind Palm Academy about something, why would you? Right now, the reward for the ice wolf that you painstakingly hunted down is already gone. That’s a total of 10,000 points! Even if you eat a spirit feast, you can still eat ten full meals. How can you just give up just like that …”

“Zi Feng, thank you for Elder Shen’s concern. However, the Wind Palm Academy said that if I can really rise to the eighth level of Qi Refining in three days, this reward of ten thousand points will still be retained.”

Elder Shen’s mouth twitched slightly. “Young man Ye, don’t tell me you really think you can rise in just three days? Even if you want to be arrogant, you still need to have a limit. If you can really do this, so what if I give you my unique magic treasure?”

Ye Wen’s sharp eyes flashed. “Are you serious? I think Elder Shen is betting with me on a wager.”

“This …”

“Forget it.”

For some reason, when Elder Shen heard Ye Feng’s confident voice, even though he was an elder of the Martial House, his lips were slightly trembling. He had become a little cowardly.

“Speaking of which, brat, when the secret treasure arrives, have you thought about where you might spend the reward of ten thousand points?” “Ten thousand points. Perhaps, it’s more than ten thousand points.”

“What do you mean?” Elder Shen was slightly stunned.

Ye Zifeng smiled faintly. “Once their excitement subsides, once someone remembers who helped them obtain the reward, they should at least show some mercy. Otherwise, there won’t be a next time …”

Elder Shen muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment, but before he could voice out his thoughts, Ye Wen had already cut off the connection between his soul and his spiritual will.

At the same time, Ye Xueyi walked with light footsteps and walked side by side with her brother.

“Brother Zi Feng, I’ve just thought about it. All of the 10,000 points for this Martial House’s quest were only obtained by Brother Zi Feng. Therefore, I intend to give all of these 10,000 points to Brother Zi Feng.”

“This …”

Everyone’s minds shook. After being reminded by Ye Xueyi, they also recovered from their ecstasy one after another.

Ye Wen smiled and did not refuse. He said meaningfully, “Thank you, Xue Yi.”

He had already helped his little sister fulfill her dream of entering the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Now that he had some interest, he could feel at ease.

With these words, everyone looked at each other and began to think.

If it weren’t for Ye Feng’s existence, they wouldn’t even be able to complete the first quest, let alone 10,000 points. Then, they wouldn’t even receive a single reward. In the worst case scenario, they might even spit out 200 points from the escape token.

Furthermore, the mission of the Martial House had ended. What about next time?

Shi Chen laughed, “Young Master Ye, I’ve thought it through. It’s all thanks to you that I’m willing to give you a thousand as a reward.”

Feng Die’s pretty face revealed a mocking expression, “It’s only a thousand prizes. Shi Chen, this mission has come to an end. What effort have you put in? Lie down and receive ten thousand points. You shouldn’t give too much meaning to Young Master Ye.”

When Shi Chen heard this, his face flushed red: “Who said I was going to take 10,000 rewards while lying down? If you insist, then your Senior Kong can be considered as the one who took the prize.”

“I …”

Kong Zhuo let out a cough. This time, he was truly in a position to take advantage of such a reward. There really was a suspicion that he was part of the mixed group.

His eyes glanced at Feng Die’s expression and he felt that she seemed to have exposed a trace of disdain towards him. Immediately, his heart became anxious.

He could look down on the rewards, but he truly liked his junior sister and didn’t want to leave her with a bad impression of him eating for free.

“I admit, I didn’t do anything during this mission, so I’m willing to give you 9000 points as a reward.”

His words immediately caused a huge commotion among the crowd.

“This …”

“Since that’s the case, I, Qin Lang, will contribute half of the reward to Young Master Ye.”

“Indeed, without Young Master Ye, I might not even have a hundred points. Now that I’ve given you half, I feel sorry for the loss.”

If he simply gave his contribution to Ye Wen, it would be a heartache for them.

However, they were all very clear in their hearts that it could be said that the majority of the reason for the Martial House’s achievement in this mission was due to Ye Feng.

The host hurriedly announced the next segment, an extremely clichéd smack talk before the match. However, this segment clearly stirred up the emotions of the audience greatly. Although it was unlikely they would see any trash-talking, it was also very nice to hear the Ye sibling’s voices.

The host knew what was on the minds of the audience as he turned around to walk towards the Ye siblings.

When the host came in front of Heartless, he gave an impassioned shout, “[Zeus] rookie, Heartless Ye. Top scholar of the Hubei province and this year’s super rookie. The direct disciple of the God of Swords, Jian Xilai, and has the nickname of the Young God of Swords. Let us hear what Heartless has to say before the battle exchange begins!”

The audience immediately broke out into a warm round of applause and cheers. Some of the audience even shouted “Heartless is the strongest”. The scene seemed to have boiled over.

Heartless’ fame was not only because of his status as a super rookie and the God of Swords’ disciple. The main reason why he was so well-known was because of a video.

The video had gone viral, and it had once entered the top ranks of trending searches on Hoogle. In the video, a young Heartless had slain ten calamity fiends using a single black sword and saved three children in distress. His cool attitude and unyielding expressions were highly approbated, allowing him to attract countless of fans, and become a subject of discussion.

The host passed a microphone to Heartless.

Heartless still had an unyielding expression as ever, but he seemed to be in a somewhat terrible mood. His face was somewhat livid as well. After he took over the microphone, he exhaled twice as though he was trying to calm his mood.

The audience was surprised before they slowly quietened down. They looked at Heartless and pricked up their ears.

“Three minutes ago, thirty minutes ago, and even three hours ago, my friends and I had a view regarding this battle exchange.”

Heartless’ voice was filled with a magnetic charm that matched well with his extraordinarily handsome face. When he spoke, he exuded an intense charm.

Everyone could not help but be curious.

What thoughts did the [Zeus] rookies have regarding this battle exchange?

Heartless paused for a moment and said in a deadpan manner, “It was…not having any view.”

The audience broke into an uproar as they immediately gave a thunderous applause. This speech filled with undisguised disregard happened to be what the audience liked the most.

Heartless raised his head, with an arrogant expression and said loudly, “We do not have many thoughts on opponents several levels weaker than us. We would not belittle them or hold back, but we would not give our all. It’s just like stepping an ant to death. To us, it’s just raising our feet to stamp downwards. Simple, direct and without any waste of energy, without spending time considering why an ant should be trampled to death. To us, this battle exchange is just a simple matter. It’s so simple that we do not even have the desire to waste a word discussing it!”

The moment Heartless said this, the [Zeus] rookies other than Sunless, were the first to applaud. A few even whistled.

The stunned audience did not immediately react to Heartless’ extremely arrogant speech. It was like he had disregarded himself of any humiliation. But soon, the members in the audience engaging in schadenfreude began applauding and whistling.

The audience had their emotions stirred up by the atmosphere that smelled of gunpowder. Soon, they began joining the ranks of the whistlers. This was the treatment given to the strong. The [Zeus] rookies were powerful, and Heartless was even more stunning, so they had the right to be so arrogant. The audience enjoyed seeing their arrogant declarations.

The audience supporting [Gaia] and the [Gaia] rookies felt their faces sink. However, they were unable to refute at all because despite Heartless saying an exaggerated truth, it was still the truth.

Indeed, the disparity in power between both sides…was just too great.




Heartless still had words to say, and even used a contrasting conjunction word?

“But, I now have a new point of view!”

Heartless scanned his surroundings with an arrogant look. His words attracted the attention of everyone.

New point of view? Could this be…some unexpected twist?

The corner of Heartless’ mouth suffused a sneer as he said, “Due to some personal reasons, I have a new point of view. I want to express this point of view to my teammates. Listen well, my dear brothers and sisters. We will win, and that is inevitable, but! I ask of you, I plead of you to win faster! Win faster than ever!”

The [Zeus] rookies all turned to look at Heartless.

Before everyone fully understood what Heartless meant, Heartless took a few steps forward and turned to face his teammates and said loudly, “Everyone, do your best! End the battle as fast as you can! I will give a hundred Psionic Condensing Pills as a reward to the person other than me who wins the fastest!”

When everyone heard this, they drew a gasp. A hundred Psionic Condensing Pills was worth ten million Chinese currency, furthermore it was something that had a price without a market!

Other than Sunless, the eyes of the other five rookies burned immediately.

However, Heartless’ declaration had yet to come to an end. He shouted his remaining words almost immediately.

“Also, I’m now declaring! That if I cannot finish a battle in three seconds, I will use another hundred Psionic Condensing Pills to feed the pigs!” Chapter 193: If Shi Xiaobai were here

“Also, I’m now declaring! That if I cannot finish a battle in three seconds, I will take another hundred Psionic Condensing Pills to feed the pigs!”

The throwing out of this statement was so astonishing that it dumbfounded everyone.

Taking out a hundred Psionic Condensing Pills to reward the person who won the fastest. What sort of extravagant act was this?

And another hundred Psionic Condensing Pills would be fed to the pigs if he could not finish his battle in three seconds. What sort of idiotic…Oh, that’s not right, what sort of confidence was this, to the point of doing such a flagrant act?

At this moment, numerous members of the audience became fans of Heartless.

And of course most importantly, the audience were suddenly filled with anticipation for the seven matches. They looked forward to the visual feast of the [Zeus] rookies ending the match at the fastest speed possible.

The five [Zeus] rookies were filled with anticipation. They wished for the battles to begin as soon as possible.

A hundred Psionic Condensing Pills! It was ten million Chinese currency! This reward was just too tempting!

In the audience stands, there was a corner which had an invisible barrier that blocked the light. The elderly God of Swords and One-Pun were sitting side by side in it.

The elderly God of Swords laughed out loud and said, “Well done, nicely done. He resembles me back in my day!”

One-Pun was silent.

Taking out two hundred Psionic Condensing Pills to posture was all the result of your damn teachings!

The faces of the audience who supported [Gaia] deep down and the seven rookie representatives sank. They could deeply feel the ‘insult’ from Heartless.

The host had secretly received money from [Gaia]’s upper echelons, so he did not dare to idle any further. With a stiff expression, he said “well said” and quickly took over the microphone from Heartless’ hand. Following that, he briskly walked over to the [Gaia] rookies.

Now, the only way to turn the situation was to pay them back with more vicious words!

The host scanned the group and immediately saw the domineering-looking Ye Jiaquan. As his eyes lit up, he immediately walked over.

“Let us listen to what the [Gaia] rookies think of this battle exchange!”

The host held the microphone up to Ye Jiaquan and winked at him secretly, gesturing to Ye Jiaquan to blow the bugles of retaliation.

Ye Jiaquan took the microphone over with a deadpan expression. The audience also quietened down upon seeing this scene. This man that looked like a monster was probably someone with an extremely grumpy temper. It was a curiosity what sort of explosive words he would deliver after being humiliated in such a manner.

The audience started to look forward to it.

After Ye Jiaquan took over the microphone, he turned to look at the [Zeus] rookies and Heartless, who had a unruly and cold expression, and said, “Me will be the seventh one fighting. Me will work hard…to last past three seconds. But if Me luckily holds out for more than three seconds, can the Psionic Condensing Pills not be fed to pigs? Pigs will die from being fed Psionic Condensing Pills.”

The audience was stunned. They could hardly believe their ears. Such a burly man with a face of a ruffian was actually so gentle and kind? It was completely subversive, however…why did they suddenly feel like “it’s better to support [Gaia]” after hearing his words?

Many of the audience’s eyes gradually softened down.

Of course, there were members of the audience who mocked nastily. After all, Ye Jiaquan’s words had the tone of humbling himself. It was easily considered a sign of weakness.

Heartless’ cold eyes turned colder, as cold as a snowstorm in the middle of winter.

Sunless’ eyes seemed to melt as she gently gave an undetectable sigh.

Some people were pleased with Ye Jiaquan’s declaration and felt like he was countering hardness with softness. Others were displeased with Ye Jiaquan’s announcement and felt like it was an act of a coward.

And the person who was most displeased was the host. His face had turned black as he began to worry that the other half of the bonus promised to him at the end of the battle exchange had gone up in flames. He quickly snatched the microphone in Ye Jiaquan’s hand and passed it over to the rookie beside him.

The rookie appeared to be overly nervous. He spoke with a stutter, and did not seem like he was mad at all. The audience immediately laughed at him.

The host turned anxious and snatched the microphone to pass to the third rookie beside him. That rookie had a flair for acting and said a sentence, “I want to ask, are there any rich guys on our side? If there’s a rich guy, take out a hundred Psionic Condensing Pills to reward the person who lasts the longest. We will definitely do our best to last till the end!”

His words sounded quite interesting and if this was a live broadcast variety show, the screen would probably be filled with “666” that resembled thumbs-up . However, using those words at such an occasion was simply being worse than a coward. The audience immediately burst into laughter, but their disdain towards the [Gaia] rookies grew stronger once again.

The host nearly fainted as he snatched the microphone and struggled to say with a laugh, “Ha…ha. Wasn’t that a very interesting declaration? The trash talking before the battle exchange shall end here. Let’s immediately begin the first match of the battle exchange. Contestants, please go to your respective resting areas. Three minutes later, please send out your first combatant! I’ll repeat the rules. Today, there will be seven battles, winning four rounds wins the match, but all seven battles have to be fought. The goal of this battle exchange is to learn from one another, so please do not use a Tianji horse-racing strategy 1!”

The host put an abrupt end to the pre-battle declaration segment.

The [Zeus] delegation, who could not wait for the beginning of the battle exchange, immediately turned to head to their respective resting rooms. As for the [Gaia] contestants, they slowly walked to the passage on their end.

At this moment, there were three people on [Gaia]’s side that were feeling terrible. In his panic, the idiotic host had not chosen any one of the three of them to make the declaration. Regardless of how incapable they were, they would definitely have said something to regain their morale.

However, the trio simultaneously had a thought. That thought hovered in their minds and took a long time before they dissipated away.

Mozzie thought, if Lord Shi Xiaobai were here…

Kevin thought, if that bastard Shi Xiaobai were here…

Mu Yuesheng thought, if that darn hooligan Shi Xiaobai were here…

If Shi Xiaobai were here, in a smack talking segment, then the people who would blow their tops in fury would definitely be the bunch of bastards across them.

Ah, the sudden pining for Shi Xiaobai.

After the rookies from both sides entered the resting areas, One-Pun and the elderly God of Swords suddenly appeared in the stadium. Every member in the audience stared widely as their hearts beat like thunder.

Was the sudden appearance of the two men a result of them planning on crossing swords that had happened every decade in the past twenty years?

The audience started to look forward to it.

However, the host quickly stood forward to explain. One-Pun and the elderly God of Swords were to serve as the competition’s referees. As this battle exchange permitted the use of weapons, the two mighty experts were to hold down the situation. They would fairly determine the outcome of the battle and save the person in need of urgent rescue if the time came.

This sort of competition typically needed a mighty warrior as a referee, but for One-Pun and the elderly God of Swords to personally take up the roles as referees was surprising.

This was too damn grandiose. It was just a few kids fooling around, but they actually used an S Class hero and one of the world-famous God of Swords as referees?

1. The Tianji horse-racing strategy can be read here. In summary, if there were three horses, by letting the best horse race against the opponent’s average horse, the average horse race against the opponent’s inferior horse, and letting the inferior horse race against the opponent’s best horse, one should be able to gain victory. Chapter 195: Why must a Fatso make things difficult for a former Fatso

The burly youth guffawed and after a moment of stunned silence, the audience exploded, hooting and hollering.

This was all the same old fashioned outcome!

The blond teenager looked scrawny but was extremely powerful.

As for the burly youth, he looked stout, but his speed was stunning.

Yet, they had used the same strategy of tricking each other, with the outcome of having the audience fooled!

However, the final result was a proof that the burly youth’s skills were better-skills being acting skills.

The audience erupted into applause and screams. Regardless of what methods were used, there was no doubt that the outcome of the battle happened very fast!

The audience began reporting the outcome of their time tracking. Most people reported times of approximately seven seconds, while the host’s time was seven and a half seconds, which the audience finally agreed as to be the standard timing.

The burly youth looked extremely displeased. He shook his head and said with a sigh that there was no chance for him to obtain first place before walking off.

The audience were collectively rendered speechless, but they could not help but begin to feel a sense of anticipation.

If seven seconds was not enough to obtain first place, what sort of monsters were the [Zeus] rookies? Or to put it in other words, how weak were the [Gaia] rookies in their eyes?

In the three matches that followed, it sufficiently showcased the differences in strength. The extreme levels of posturing could be considered perverse and sick.

For the second match, the [Gaia] rookie, who was chosen just to make the numbers and did not even have any stage lines, suffered defeat in six seconds.

For the third match, the rookie that did not dare say anything domineering during the pre-battle declaration suffered defeat in five seconds.

Auto Draft

“Previously at the police station, you said that if we met again, you’d give birth to a child for me, remember? How should we settle this then?”

An Xin was stunned, slightly panicking she replied, “You can’t really be expecting me to give birth to a child for you, right? It’s impossible for us, my father will not agree for me to be married to you.”

“I never said I wanted to marry you.” Yang Chen said with a smile, “I’m already married, and my wife is very pretty.”

“What do you mean, you’re toying with me!?” An Xin panted with rage, hearing that Yang Chen had a wife, she felt a bad taste in her mouth.

“I’m not toying with you.” Yang Chen seriously answered, “I’ve realized that I can no longer accept allowing you to be in another man’s possession, you’ll have to be my woman for the rest of your life. Otherwise, I will kill whoever gets together with you.”

An Xin was about to say that Yang Chen must be joking, but she immediately noticed that the seriousness in this man’s gaze. Although he sounded so casual, the confidence in his eyes made her believe him. He isn’t just casually saying it; he’ll really kill any other man!?

“Can you not be like this… I… I’m scared……” An Xin timidly lowered her head.

Yang Chen kissed on her forehead, smiled and said, “What’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like I’m going to eat you, I’m just making the announcement that you belong to me.”

“How can you be so tyrannical, seizing my human rights?” An Xin softly complained.

“There’s no absolute fairness in this world, from the night you seduced me in the bar to open a hotel room, you were destined to have today’s outcome. You can think of it as me being a tyrant, a rude, vulgar, and evil man. I don’t care about that, but I can promise you that every word I say to you is true. I like you, so I want you to be my woman. If you doubt my abilities, I don’t mind killing off all other men around you to prove my point, even your father……”

Yang Chen’s tone was dull, but the madness contained in his words deeply touched An Xin.

After a long while, An Xin softly sighed and asked, “You meanie, what do you like about me?”

“There’s no reason for liking someone, but everything can be a reason for disliking someone.”

An Xin’s eyes looked a little bewitched, she pouted and said, “Do you say such words to every single woman?”

“No, you might not be the woman I love the most, but you’re the first who made me want to say such things.”

“If I became your woman, am I destined to spend the rest of my life as your secret mistress?”

“If you don’t mind, you can sit right in front of my wife, chat and sip tea in front of her. I don’t mind at all, it all depends on your abilities.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

An Xin caressed Yang Chen’s face with her soft and warm hand, with misty eyes she said, “Yang Chen, you make me clueless as to how to reject you, perhaps I have truly fallen into your trap. However, I don’t like the feeling of being dominated… will you allow one more willful request?”

“What willful request?”

An Xin raised her forefinger, pursed her lips, then said, “Within a year, you don’t intentionally look for me or I won’t intentionally look for you. If we meet again in such circumstances, I will listen to everything you say, I will be your lover, give birth to a child for you, and belong to you……”

“And what if we don’t meet?” Yang Chen said with a smile that wasn’t a smile. Fact was, this problem was too simple for him, as long as he wants to, he’d definitely be able to find An Xin, as for whether that was intentional, who could say it with absolute certainty?

“If we do not meet…….” A little sad, An Xin replied, “That means we have love but aren’t fated to be together. However, for you, I will never be with another man, I’m really afraid that you’ll kill……”

Women are creatures who follow their feelings. For her who had always lacked a sense of security, she was more willing to believe in the so-called “destiny” to confirm the place she belongs.

“Fine, I promise you, but you’re not allowed to go back on your words.” Yang Chen happily said.

An Xin pouted, rolled her eyes at him in a bashful manner, and said, “I’ve already been defiled by you, who else can I be with?”

When the two tidied up their appearance, about an hour had passed from start to end.

An Xin opened the toilet door, and found out that there were already many male and female passengers standing outside the door with dissatisfied expressions. Apparently, they were all waiting to use the lavatory.

An Xin could only give them an apologetic smile, then immediately went off to her working area.

Right when a female passenger wanted to enter the lavatory, Yang Chen walked out of it.

All of the passengers present were stunned. A man and a woman in a single lavatory!?

Yang Chen saw everybody’s strange gazes, so he unhappily said with a loud voice, “What the hell are you looking at! Men stand and pee, women sit, is there a problem with using the toilet together!?” After saying that, he walked back into the business class area.

The remaining passengers stared dazedly at the only toilet bowl in the lavatory…… Chapter 148-1: Twilight

Yang Chen who had returned to the business class side returned to his seat to rest. The half an hour he spent making love left him very satisfied, but in a small space like a toilet, he was practically doing what he enjoyed while standing most of the time, and that made his waist ache.

But right at this time, a pair of eyes which had a gaze filled with coldness shot towards him.

Yang Chen shivered for a moment, he looked up and it turned out that Mo Qianni had taken off her shades and looked at him with a gaze full of killing intent.

Clear as to why, Yang Chen made an embarrassed smile, and shifted his butt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

The remainder of the flight was very peaceful, around noon time, the plane landed at Hong Kong International Airport, and as business class passengers, they alighted first.

When walking out of the cabin, An Xin who was neatly dressed like in the beginning gave Yang Chen a sweet smile, unwillingness to part clearly showed in her eyes, and she secretly blew a kiss to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva, he could tell that this woman was definitely the reincarnation of a fox spirit!

Mo Qianni who saw this scene sneered, and left the cabin in big strides, as if she couldn’t be bothered to walk alongside Yang Chen.

Yang Chen winked at An Xin, then helplessly increased pace to catch up with Mo Qianni and Lu Tao.

“Hey, Miss Mo, what’s up with you now, have I offended you again?” Puzzled, Yang Chen softly asked.

Mo Qianni sneered, “The taste of an air stewardess should be pretty good, right?”

Yang Chen was stunned, but he didn’t deny, “How did you know?”

Seeing that he admitted it openly, Mo Qianni became even angrier, this man was too shameless, “How did I know? When everybody had their seatbelts on, you went to the lavatory, then that air stewardess also went to the lavatory. The two of you went for over an hour before coming back, do you take me for a fool?”

Looking at the furious Mo Qianni, Yang Chen’s thought quickly, and playfully said, “It can’t be that our Department Head Mo is jealous, right?”

“Jea… jealous!?” Mo Qianni’s pretty face blushed, and she quickly denied, “For me to be jealous of you? Don’t think so highly of yourself! I am just feeling sorry for Ruoxi. She has a lecherous and shameless husband like you, it’s truly sad that she has to spend the rest of her life with someone like you.”

The two spoke while walking towards the airport’s exit. There were passengers walking in different directions all around them, and it was noisy, so nobody was able to clearly hear their conversation.

Yang Chen laughed and said, “It’s not like you’re me or Ruoxi, how do you know if we want to spend the rest of our lives together?”

“What? Could it be that you want to divorce Ruoxi and look for that vixen!?” Mo Qianni furiously inquired.

“Hey, why are you so agitated? I didn’t say anything, even if I’m going to have a divorce, it’s not with you. I’m just casually saying it.” Yang Chen didn’t expect that she would have such a huge reaction.

Mo Qianni stared straight at Yang Chen, “You with the surname Yang, let me tell you, you better not act recklessly. If you harm Ruoxi, I will not let you die peacefully!”

Seeing this woman’s pretty eyes that were filled with killing intent so close to him, Yang Chen waved his hand with a stiff smile, “How can that be? I love her so dearly, how can I possibly hurt her?”

“That had better be the case.” Mo Qianni said, “According to my understanding of Ruoxi, she doesn’t say it verbally, but she’s the type who wouldn’t turn back on a decision even in death. Since she chose to marry you, she definitely wouldn’t change her mind. If you dare abandon her for another woman… even if it’s for the previous CEO, I will make your life worse than death.”

Mo Qianni’s words were incredibly fierce, her sharp gaze reinforced her seriousness, causing Yang Chen to feel a chill on his back.

However, from the beginning till the end, Mo Qianni didn’t say that Yang Chen wasn’t allowed to have another lover, she only said that he wasn’t allowed to hurt Lin Ruoxi. The meaning contained in her words were quite profound.

They walked past immigration and to the exit, and at the planned gate, the four saw signboards that had the words ‘Yu Lei’ and ‘Changlin’ written on them. There were several men in suit and tie with dignified faces awaiting them.

When they walked closer, they noticed a young man wearing a navy blue suit with a red tie. He had a handsome face and was over 1.8m tall. With a genial smile he welcomed the four. This man was obviously the leader of the group from Muyun assigned to receive them.

“We’ve been expecting you, friends of Yu Lei International and Changlin Media. I’m Muyun Corporation’s Vice-CEO, Li Muhua. My father, Li Deshen was unable to make the trip down due to sickness, so I am welcoming you on his behalf, and also express his apologies.”

Pleasantly smiling, Li Muhua shook hands with Lu Tao, then with Yang Chen and Mo Qianni. Lu Tao’s assistant was directly skipped, which showed that he had good judgement in identifying importance.

Lu Tao modestly smiled and said, “It’s unexpected that the Young Master of the Li Family came to welcome us in person, I’m already overwhelmed by favor, how could I possibly expect for Mr. Li to come in person?”

“I never expected to be received so warmly, sorry to make you wait.” Mo Qianni apologetically said.

After all, the Li Family’s people were all dressed in formal attire, while the four were in casual attire.

Li Muhua quickly stated that he didn’t mind, “According to our data, you must be Miss Mo. Miss Mo, please do not brood over this, your’s is a fashion company after all, we can understand.”

Li Muhua seemed very amiable. After getting to know them, he led the four out of the airport. Their escort came as a pack of BMW 7-series cars, and they got into a luxurious stretched Cadillac limousine, it was very grand.

The cars got on the road without a hitch. In the stretched limo, Li Muhua personally served the four with glasses of Lafite red wine that was stores in the car’s refrigerator, and tasted it with the them.

Li Muhua didn’t have the slightest bit of haughty temperament that was expected of children from influential families, this made the four feel extremely comfortable. Even Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel that this fellow was almost as dashing as him. Chapter 148-2: Twilight

“I wonder if any of the four of you have come to Hong Kong before?” Li Muhua warmly asked.

It was the first time for Lu Tao and his assistant here at Hong Kong, while Mo Qianni had been here once. Actually, Yang Chen had been countless times because Hong Kong’s a financial and trading hub, a large number of rich people and powerful government officials would appear here. In the past, he often had to come here to settle some matters, but it was too hard to explain, so he could only say “I’ve never been here before.”

Li Muhua immediately smiled and said, “That’s perfect then, now that you’re here in Hong Kong, you must let our Muyun’s Li Family provide you hospitality as the host. We can talk business when it’s time for business, but in private, Muhua wishes to become friends with all of you. This is also for the sake of possible collaborations in the future.”

“Vice-CEO Li is too polite, before we came, our CEO Zeng told us that the Li Family has a hundred years of being influential, now that this generation’s Li Family has someone like you, Sir Muhua, your family would definitely be taken up a notch.” Lu Tao bootlicked.

Li Muhua waved his hand, “CEO Zeng was just being polite, CEO Zeng is from Yanjing’s Zeng Family. They have powerful contacts in many provinces of the mainland. In a small place like Hong Kong, no matter how much one expands, it’s still just viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. We can’t possibly compare with a prestigious name like the Zeng Family.”

Hearing the two of them exchange flattery, Yang Chen could bear no more, so he interrupted with a question, “Vice.. Vice-CEO Li, where are we going to now? I’m pretty hungry, can we have a meal first?”

This directness made the expressions of everybody present stiff, Li Muhua awkwardly replied, “Mr. Yang, please do not worry, we’re right now on the way to a property of the Muyun Corporation called Twilight Villa. It provides leisure, entertainment, accommodation, and dining all-in-one. It faces the sea, and is right beside Jinzewan, so it has great scenery. We should be there in approximately half an hour, my father and the core members of the company would be waiting there. Bound Soul We will be able to eat once we arrive.”

“Excuse me, Vice-CEO Li, when will our official talks begin, specifically?” Mo Qianni was still more focused on business.

Li Muhua respectfully answered, “Miss Mo, please rest assured, you’re all fatigued from the flight today, so please rest at Twilight Villa tonight. My father and the others would also relax, and we will only begin the talks tomorrow. Then, there will be two days of visits to the research facility, and exchanges with the researchers. Then, we will draft up a collaboration document.”

“It seems like Vice-CEO Li has prepared an appropriate schedule, Qianni has worried needlessly.”

Li Muhua openly smiled and said, “This is the proper attitude towards collaborations, Miss Mo need not brood over it.”

Half an hour later, the fleet of vehicles gradually entered an area full of lush greenery and hills. It was already autumn, so there were red autumnal leaves as far as one’s eye could see, and the road was covered with fallen leaves.

As they ascended the quiet hill road, they were gradually able to view the sea from a distance. The white and blue lines of the beach and the sea, along with the densely packed old-fashioned buildings formed a stark contrast against the mountain view.

“Pausing to admire the maple forest in the night; the maple leaves are redder than February flora.” Lu Tao suddenly recited a poem with a literary flair, “You’ve chosen a good place to build Twilight Villa.”

Li Muhua nodded in approval and said, “Yes, this is the sweat and blood of half of my father’s lifetime. If Boss Lu likes this place, you may come again, our Li Family welcomes you.

Although he knew that this was just polite speech, Lu Tao still couldn’t resist making a wide smile.

It was already afternoon when they arrived at Twilight Villa. Once they got off the limousine, they were in front of an enormous and unique red and white building. It had a perfect blend of classic eastern and modern western styles, causing the whole building to look refined without losing any practicality. The elegant forest made the resort delicately separated into tiny sectors. The artificial lake had nine bridges, allowing guests to enter the villa with a creative flair.

Many of the Li family servants within the resort immediately put down the work on hand and bowed to welcome them when they saw the group of cars enter.

The four of them followed Li Muhua all the way into the resort, chatting casually as they walked. When they reached the inside, they found that the main part of this resort was practically equal to a five-star hotel.

They entered a private dining room which was furnished in an ancient Chinese style. Several lanterns hung from the ceiling, and the balcony which faced greenery made the room seem all the more secluded and refined.

Within the private dining room, there were already five formally dressed middle-aged men seated there discussing something in low voices while drinking tea.

The man who sat at the head of the table had hair that was turning white and was wearing a grey V-neck sweater. However, it seemed like he had limited mobility as he was seated in a wheelchair. The man’s looks were rather average, but upon seeing Li Muhua leading the four people into the room, he revealed a pleased smile, “Haha, our esteemed guests have finally arrived. It was rude of me not to welcome you at the airport, please forgive me.”

“Boss Li is too polite, being received by Young Master Li had already overwhelmed us with favor.” Lu Tao was the best at polite speech, and immediately replied with flattery.

After they greeted the core members of Muyun Corporation one by one, they all sat down and the atmosphere had turned harmonious. Everybody had different opinions, but they naturally maintained an amiable appearance on the surface.

Li Deshen saw that it was about time, so he cast a look at Li Muhua, who was next to him.

Li Muhua nodded, indicating his understanding. He clapped and said to the good-looking waiters standing at the door: “Serve the dishes.”

The waiters were very efficient. They brought out the prepared gourmet dishes one by one. Other than Yang Chen, all the people seated at the table were people who were powerful figures in business with extensive experience. While eating and drinking, they discussed the situation between Zhonghai and various media outlets in Hong Kong and immediately warmed up to each other.

Halfway through the meal, someone who looked like the manager of the restaurant ran over in a flurry, and whispered some words into Li Deshen’s ears.

Li Deshen’s chopsticks froze in motion, then he fiercely slammed the chopsticks onto the table!

“Preposterous!” Chapter 149-1: Li Family brothers

Li Deshen who was still calm and relaxed a moment ago suddenly burst in fury, shocking everyone present. Several executives of Muyun Corporation quickly asked the chairman what happened.

Li Deshen had a displeased face and didn’t speak, while Li Muhua who sat beside him frowned, as if he had thought of something.

Yi Yun now realised that the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner and the bronze giant he saw in an illusion were probably from one of the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

When Yi Yun flipped to the last page, he saw a token embedded in the book. There were the words “Azure Yang” on the front of the token, and the word “Token” on the back.


Yi Yun picked the token up. It was heavy and it felt cold. The material it was made from was neither metal nor jade. Yi Yun had never seen a material like it before. Maybe it came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

After removing the token, Yi Yun looked at the ancient book. There was a paragraph of text written where the token was embedded.

“Azure Yang Token. After refining it, one can enter the Azure Yang Palace and God Advent Tower freely!”


Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. This token had such an effect, and it was equivalent to this grand hall’s key.

With the token in his hand, Yi Yun could feel an energy fluctuation being emitted by the token. This fluctuation resonated with the arrays that maintained the grand hall.

“I see, with the token, I can control the arrays in this grand hall up to a certain extent.”

Yi Yun immediately understood it based on his senses.

“Yi Yun, when mighty ancient figures create an abode, they would usually set up a core item. Refining it would be equivalent to becoming half of the abode’s owner. You should refine this Azure Yang token.” Lin Xintong said while standing beside Yi Yun.

The Azure Yang Palace was one of the core spots in the Great Empress mystic realm. Just being able to enter it freely made the token’s value unimaginable. If it was taken out of the mystic realm, all the factions in the Tian Yuan world would covet it. If they knew that it was a token left behind by one of the 12 Empyrean Heavens’ Divine Lord, they would vie for it at all costs. The 12 Empyrean Heavens was a mysterious and distant existence to the Tian Yuan world’s factions.

Of course, Lin Xintong wanted such a treasure too. But she knew that it was with all of Yi Yun’s efforts that she had reached this level alive and allowed her to see the core of the God Advent Tower.

Ignoring the token, even if all the opportunities here were given to Yi Yun, she felt that it would only be right. Yi Yun had saved her life several times.

Besides, Lin Xintong had a special feeling towards Yi Yun. Lin Xintong felt that Yi Yun’s obtaining an opportunity was like her obtaining it herself.

“Oh, alright… We can use it together when the time comes.”

After Yi Yun spoke, he circulated his Yuan Qi and imprinted his blood and Qi onto the token. This way, Yi Yun and the token had a blood connection with each other.

As long as he wished, he could emanate his perception throughout the Azure Yang Palace and feel every trace of the energy fluctuations in the grand hall.

Yi Yun said, “The Azure Yang Lord not only left a handwritten book on the pillar. The token can also control the grand hall, allowing free access into the God Advent Tower. It looks like his relationship with the Great Empress was not a simple one.”

After reading the book, Yi Yun made some guesses. Could it be that the reason why nothing was heard about the ancient Great Empress was because she had gone to the 12 Empyrean Heavens?

No one could tell what had precisely happened when a long time had passed.

After the token was put away by Yi Yun, the array in the grand hall suddenly activated, causing a door of light to appear.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong looked at each other. Previously, the cold voice had said that they could enter three grand halls. Maybe what lied beyond the door of light was the second one.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong walked through the door of light hand in hand. They saw a flash of light in front of their eyes before they saw the scene change.

There was a small bridge over flowing waters and, a small building in the woods. Everything was covered in snow. It was like a crystalline paradise.

There were cups placed on a tea table and a zither placed inside a pavilion made it seem like someone still lived here. It was as if the owner had just temporarily left.

Yi Yun had the same feeling at the beginning, but very quickly, he realized there was an energy fluctuation. Fire and Brimstone The scene before his eyes had been fixed on to a particular moment forever by an array.

“After the storm settles, let us stay here together for the rest of our lives.” Yi Yun saw a letter beside the zither.

The ink on it seemed like it had just been written. Even though there was no name was written on it, they could tell from the handwriting that it was left behind by the Azure Yang Lord.

“It looks like it was indeed as I suspected. Senior Azure Yang Lord should be senior Great Empress’ dual cultivation partner!”

Yi Yun recalled the words left behind by the Azure Yang Lord on the pillar, “The Azure Rainbow pierces the Blood Moon, Ice Cold Seals God Abyss”.

The first line of the poem referred to the Azure Yang Lord himself, and the second half referred to the ancient Great Empress.

As for the Great Empress mystic realm, it was most likely jointly created by the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord.

“What a good pair of immortal-like partners… “

Lin Xintong gently brushed her hand across the zither as a strange light flashed in her eyes.

They both had naturally terminated meridians, and she was successor designate. So although Lin Xintong and the ancient Great Empress had never made contact, there was an inexplicable sense of affection.

As she touched the zither, it was as if she could see the woman in solitude playing the zither in the snow. As for the Azure Yang Lord, he was sitting by her side at the tea table, drinking wine while enjoying the music.

Such a life was indeed enviable.

Lin Xintong’s heart could not help but look forward to this as she involuntarily glanced at Yi Yun.

“Looking at this letter, senior Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress were planning to return, but they never did. I wonder what they encountered.”

Yi Yun frowned slightly. For something that figures at the level of the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress could not settle, to the point of never returning, what had really happened probably far exceeded his imagination.

In the small building, everything was fresh and elegant. Even the flower vases were blooming with winter plums.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong walked lightly in the building out of respect for the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord. They did not want to disturb anything in the building.

“Oh? Over there!” Lin Xintong pointed. In the Great Empress’ room, there was a simple and minimalistic book shelf.

It was easy to see everything in the building at a glance and there was nothing special. The bookshelf was filled with jade scrolls.

Yi Yun glanced at Lin Xintong and noticed the usually indifferent Lin Xintong breathing heavier. He knew that she could not feel calm at that moment.

She had shouldered too many things due to her naturally terminated meridians. She vowed to join her terminated meridians up and reverse her fate. And now, on the bookshelf, she might be able to find a hint of that chance. No matter how indifferent she was, she could not help but feel agitated at that moment.

At this instant, she suddenly felt her other hand being covered by another hand.

Lin Xintong glanced at Yi Yun as he whispered, “We have already reached this point. We will definitely find the method to join up terminated meridians left behind by the ancient Great Empress. It’s just a matter of time.”


Lin Xintong nodded as she gently touched the jade scrolls on the bookshelf. The books and jade scrolls were not covered with a single speck of dust. It was as if someone had frequently cleaned them. After gently picking a few jade scrolls, Lin Xintong sank her perception into them. These jade scrolls were not collections of cultivation techniques, they were informal notes and insights gained while cultivating, all written by the ancient Great Empress.

The ancient Great Empress described a large part of her cultivation process for the first half of her life in the jade scrolls, as well as the laws she gained insight on when she broke through realms.

Although many things could be understood but not explained, with the experiences of predecessors laid out in front of them, many people could take fewer detours. Especially when Lin Xintong was like the ancient Great Empress. They both had naturally terminated meridians, so the both of them experienced some of the same difficulties while cultivating.

These things were of great value to Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong continuously flipped through more than ten jade scrolls. Her chest heaved gently because her heart was extreme perturbed.

The words in the jade scrolls were delicate but strong. Clearly, it was written by the Great Empress. Compared to the Azure Yang Lord’s words, the ancient Great Empress’ words were much neater, so Lin Xintong could read them more quickly.

While reading the jade scrolls, Lin Xintong found that a cultivation technique, “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was mentioned a lot!

This cultivation technique had accompanied the ancient Great Empress for life.

“The ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’… “

Lin Xintong frowned. Suddenly, she realized something and looked at a box placed on the corner of the bookshelf. This box was made of wood, but it looked not much different to a cosmetic box. Lin Xintong gently opened it.

In the wooden box, there was a bluish-white ancient book. The ancient book was similar to the handwritten book left behind by the Azure Yang Lord. It was equally thin like a cicada’s wings, but it felt like metal.

Flipping the ancient book open, the first page was an introduction that described the origins of the ancient book.

When the primordial Universe was first created, it gave birth to the twelve Empyrean Heavens. There were mighty primordial figures who gained insight on the natural laws, slowly establishing martial arts heritages.

The ultimate martial art heritages were regarded by warriors in the twelve Empyrean Heavens as Divine Canons, which were supreme techniques that approached the Heavenly Dao.

Maybe, it was somewhat destined that the natural laws had a particular rule that only allowed one Divine Canon to approached the Heavenly Dao. After the long river of history, each one of the twelve Empyrean Heavens’ Divine Emperors had a Divine Canon each.

And the Divine Canon owned by the Yang God Empyrean Heaven was the “Yang God Manual”!

The Azure Yang Lord came from the Yang God Empyrean Heaven, so he had cultivated the first volume of the “Yang God Manual”. His martial arts also came from the “Yang God Manual”.

The “Yang God Manual” was the supreme Divine Canon for cultivating pure Yang laws. Even the Azure Yang Lord himself was extremely limited in gaining insight into the “Yang God Manual”. As for the ancient Great Empress, she had natural Yin meridians, so the cultivation techniques she cultivated were all pure Yin cultivation techniques.

No matter how good the “Yang God Manual” was, she was unable to cultivate it.

However, maybe the ancient Great Empress was not fated to die. The Azure Yang Lord was born with great fated luck. Because of this, other than cultivating the “Yang God Manual” in the twelve Empyrean Heavens, he had also obtained a remnant pages of a “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” in a mystic realm expedition.

And the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” happened to be a supreme technique for cultivating the pure Yin laws.

In the past, although the Azure Yang Lord had obtained the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual”, he could not cultivate it, since he cultivated pure Yang cultivation techniques, and his body’s Yuan Qi was that of pure Yang.

This changed only when he came to the Tian Yuan world and met the ancient Great Empress.

The two of them fell in love. Although the Azure Yang Lord was the ancient Great Empress’ Dao partner, he was also her master.

The Azure Yang Lord handed the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” to the ancient Great Empress.

However, the Azure Yang Lord probably did not realize that he had inadvertently allowed the accomplishment of a real peerless genius.

When he and the ancient Great Empress were in dual cultivation, the ancient Great Empress would refine the Yang God Yuan Qi that the Azure Yang Lord had from cultivating the “Pure Yang Manual”. Although she was unable to join her naturally terminated meridians up, she was still slowly being healed, allowing her to prolong her lifespan by a thousand years.

And a thousand years later, at the age of 1200, the ancient Great Empress sensed that her flames of life were gradually weakening. If she carried on, she would reach the end of her life, so she decided to enter reclusive death training which lasted for more than 90 years.

From the “Yang God Manual” and the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual”, she gained insight into a cultivation technique that belonged to her, the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

This “Great Empress Heart Sutra” cultivated both in pure Yin and pure Yang. It was a cultivation technique manual that combined Yin and Yang.

It was most suitable for her and the Azure Yang Lord to cultivate together.

The both of them cultivated it together and they finally succeeded. As such, the ancient Great Empress managed to break through the shackles of her naturally terminated meridians. With their cultivation technique mastered, she toured the world with the Azure Yang Lord!

When Yi Yun and Lin Xintong read up till here, they were shocked. It was unbelievable that the ancient Great Empress was able to merge supreme techniques like the “Yang God Manual” and the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” together.

Such a genius was extremely rare. Even if one searched amongst the top geniuses in the twelve Empyrean Heavens, it was also difficult to find a person with such ability. To refine the heritage in the twelve Divine Canon for one’s own use, let alone the combination of Yin and Yang to create a cultivation technique!

“So this book is the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’… “

Previously, at the relic trial, Shentu Nantian had a plan. His family clan’s Elders had obtained the description to the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” while seeking opportunities in the Great Empress mystic realm. As such, Shentu Nantian wanted to use Lin Xintong to cultivate the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. Even if he had succeeded in obtaining some superficial knowledge, it would greatly improve his cultivation level, and he could become the sovereign of the Tian Yuan world.

And throughout the whole Tian Yuan world, only Lin Xintong, who had naturally terminated meridians and a pure Yin body, could help him accomplish this.

As long as he mastered the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, he had nothing to do with Lin Xintong, be it the length of her lifespan, or whether she was dead or alive.

And now, right in front of Lin Xintong and Yi Yun was the complete “Great Empress Heart Sutra”!

This cultivation technique that was supreme in both Yin and Yang already far exceeded the martial arts heritage of the Tian Yuan world!

“Is this… the chance for me to join my naturally terminated meridians up… ?”

Lin Xintong’s fingers trembled, but she was in no hurry to flip the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” open. She straightened her dress and bowed deeply to the bookshelf three times.

When warriors trained in martial arts, they could disrespect the Heavens and Earth, they could have contempt for worldly etiquette, but they could not disrespect the predecessing sages. This was because the martial heritage that warriors cultivated were obtained only because of the predecessing sages who had gone through countless numbers of meditative thoughts and took on risk to test it to slowly develop them.

After the bowing, Lin Xintong respectfully took the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” out and she placed it flat on the desk.

When scholars read the books of sages, they would go through a ritual of burning incense and washing hands before flipping the book open. This was to calm one’s heart down, so that they could understand the meaning of the words of the sages.

It was the same with warriors. Lin Xintong meditated for nearly an hour in front of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” before opening her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, Lin Xintong’s gaze was completely calm. Even though a supreme canon that determined her fate was laid in front of her, she used a respectful and calm mood to slowly flip it open… Yi Yun was beside Lin Xintong and they read this shocking heritage left behind by the ancient Great Empress together.

Without any exaggerations, it was the entire Great Empress mystic realm’s core.

It was the greatest wealth left behind by the ancient Great Empress.

Auto Draft

This was the first battle of the Jun Lin Banquet. This year was the first time Jiang Xiu stood upon the stage of the Jun Lin Banquet. Similarly, this was also the first time for Qin Wentian.

Wouldn’t it be an interesting sight if a genius divine inscription grandmaster, in addition to being a talented cultivator that was admired by countless people, got struck down by the cruel reality of the arena during his first battle?

Qin Wentian was also stunned, and a light flickered in his eyes. Glancing in the direction of the 9th platform’s judge, he couldn’t help but think: did this fellow do this on purpose?

To think that a member of the 10 prodigies was actually going to start off the first battle. Although Jiang Xiu was ranked last among the prodigies, no one could doubt his strength.

The crowd was also dumbfounded. The names of Jiang Xiu and Qin Wentian were like thunderbolts roaring through their ears, both of them were extremely famous.

One was one of the 10 prodigies, while the other was the most talented divine inscription grandmaster in the Royal Capital, who was also known to have an exceptionally high level of martial prowess.

They would clash in the first round. The battle of the 9th platform instantly attracted even more attention from the crowd than the 1st platform did.

At this moment, many were thinking that maybe this time round, Qin Wentian was treating the Jun Lin Banquet as a training session. Could it be that the first battle was going to end just like that? If that’s the case, wasn’t that too laughable?

That judge seemed to have a sense of wicked humor. However, no one commented too much on it. After all, the competition in the Jun Lin Banquet would be determined by one’s level of strength, and the judges had the authority to select whichever contestants they wanted.

“Remember, safety first.” Qin Yao didn’t have the same thoughts as others, as she straightened the clothings of Qin Wentian, smiling in encouragement. She didn’t care whether Qin Wentian won or lost, but only about his safety.

“Do your best, don’t disappoint us.” Luo Huan laughed. This battle had an immense amount of pressure riding on it.

“Boss, it’s all up to you now.” Fan Le parted his lips in a grin. Currently, Heaven’s Wonder had not released the betting rates for Qin Wentian, and even if they did, there wouldn’t be many people betting on Qin Wentian. Fatty was waiting, waiting for Qin Wentian to finish his first battle. But who would have thought that his chance would come so fast? As long as Qin Wentian defeated Jiang Xiu, the people at Heaven’s Wonder would naturally compute the rates for betting on Qin Wentian.

“I will do my best.” Qin Wentian smiled as he walked towards the 9th platform. An instant later, he stood on top of the arena that was the 9th platform.

Jiang Xiu similarly ascended the platform, appearing in front of Qin Wentian.

18 elites concurrently ascended the nine towering platforms of the Jun Lin Banquet.

And starting from this moment, the Jun Lin Banquet, a new chapter would begin.

Mo Qingcheng, Mu Rou, Yanaro, Ye Clan, Ou Clan, Bai Clan, Divine Weapon Pavilion, and Star River Association, were all focusing their gazes on the two figures atop the ninth platform. Would Qin Wentian be eliminated out in the first round?

The corners of Jiang Xiu’s mouth curled up in amusement. He’d just recently crossed swords with Qin Wentian. Although Qin Wentian had some amount of strength, he definitely wouldn’t have a chance against him in the case of a true battle.

“Qin Wentian, on this kind of stage under the watches of thousands, a so-called genius like you will be eliminated in the first round of the first set of battles. Isn’t that extremely amusing?” Jiang Xiu calmly said.

Qin Wentian didn’t reply, and instead just lifted his head to look up at the sky above.

The sun was rising from the east, gradually getting higher and higher, until everyone could feel its brilliant rays.

The youth that came from Sky Harmony City had experienced many hardships and near death situations, finally coming to participate in Chu Country’s Jun Lin Banquet. Today, was the day that the Chu Country would feel his radiance.

Today, in front of the face of the whole of Chu Country, he would obtain a name for himself.

Mustang had once told him that his time to shine would be the following year.

However, a year was too long. He wanted to fight for the present.

Today, he stood here, not for any other reason other than striving to be number one.

Right now, the youth’s heart seemed to be blazing as passionately as the sun! AGM 0119 – When the sword is birthed, blood appears.

Qin Wentian stood there, his head raised to look at the empty sky. The youth’s elegant face was calm and indifferent, with the slightest hint of a sunny smile. It seemed like he carried with him a strong sense of self-confidence.

The sun’s brilliant rays reflected off of his handsome face, strengthening his looks. At the moment, this youth seemed to possess an extraordinary charm.

“Such a handsome fellow.” Currently, from the direction of the Mo Clan, Mo Qingcheng’s father couldn’t help but smile as he saw the youth’s glowing face. “The Qin Clan had such a son, it’s rather rare to encounter a youth who managed to walk through trials and hardships with his own strength and hard work, to finally stand here on Chu Country’s largest stage. I hope that he can bring about a miracle.”

The Mo Clan gave their blessings to Qin Wentian.

“He will.” Mo Qingcheng gently smiled. Right now, Qin Wentian was really quite good-looking.

When the crowd saw Qin Wentian still smiling as before, they couldn’t help but show strange expressions. Could it be that he really didn’t care about being blasted off from the first battle and completely disappearing from the Jun Lin Banquet’s stage?

Or could it be said that since he was ignorantly self-confident, he believed that he could defeat Jiang Xiu, one of the 10 prodigies in the Royal Capital?

Just then, a burst of sound rang out from the first platform. Luo Qianqiu had defeated his opponent with a single punch, but because the opponent hadn’t taken the initiative to concede, he was sent flying straight backwards with the sound of thunder. All the bones in his body broke, and his meridians were destroyed. It was an extremely miserable situation.

This was the fastest battle. Luo Qianqiu had only allowed the opposite party to keep his life. His hegemonic attitude seemed to be making a declaration to everyone watching.

This year’s Jun Lin Banquet was his stage.

While at the same time, on the 9th platform, the aura around Jiang Xiu’s body exploded forth as fierce Sword Qi gave frenzied roars as a sword condensed from Astral Energy appeared in his hand.

On the stage of the Jun Lin Banquet, one was naturally not allowed to use Divine Weapons for the sake of fairness.

The raging wind of the sword shook the void as the Sword-type Astral Soul of Jiang Xiu was released. At the same moment, the sword intent emanated by him soared and surged crazily, becoming many times more violent.

An ear-piercing sound echoed out as the aura of Jiang Xiu rose to the peak.

“This……” Even from so far away, the crowd could still feel the relentlessly surging Sword Qi and aura of Jiang Xiu as their hearts lightly trembled.

Jiang Xiu had not started to battle yet, but he had already released the strongest aura he could, not bothering to save his strength to fight a protracted battle. His actions showed his self-confidence, and at the same time, he was making a statement to Qin Wentian. In front of him, Jiang Xiu, Qin Wentian’s talent was nothing but rubbish.

He wanted to use the strongest, most tyrannical strength he could muster, to directly smash Qin Wentian apart. He was Jiang Xiu, one of the 10 prodigies of the Royal Capital. That day, the humiliation he suffered back at the Emperor Star Academy – he would return all of it today.

“You can now make a choice. Either you screw off from this stage that does not belong to you yourself, or I will do it for you.”

Jiang Xiu calmly spoke, as though he had the intention to humiliate Qin Wentian.

Within Qin Wentian’s body, all seven of his circular arterial pathways were seething and surging with Astral Energy. His aura similarly soared upwards explosively.

“After today, the name Jiang Xiu will no longer exist within the 10 prodigies.” Qin Wentian’s voice slowly rolled out, containing a calmness and an absolute confidence.

This kind of self-confidence was something the crowd didn’t expected. No one would have thought that Qin Wentian would still be able to so indifferently make a proud claim when facing off against one of the 10 prodigies. After today, the name Jiang Xiu will no longer exist within the 10 prodigies.

“The 7th level of Arterial Circulation.”

In the area where the Emperor Star Academy was sitting, Mustang displayed a smile on his face as he felt the intensity of the aura emanating from Qin Wentian’s body. Truthfully speaking, he was slightly ashamed; this student was such an outstanding talent, but he had never directly guided Qin Wentian on anything. Qin Wentian already possessed his own cultivation arts, and as for innate techniques, he had also mastered them on his own, without any need of his guidance.

This made Mustang feel rather depressed. He understood that this implied that his strength was nowhere near enough to guide this disciple. It was because he couldn’t manage a talent like Qin Wentian that this kind of situation had occured.

Of course, Mustang was proud of Qin Wentian. This was the disciple he’d scouted from the Sky Harmony City.

Was Qin Wentian planning to announce that he existed to the entire Chu Country today?

Mustang looked forward to it, but he was also somewhat nervous. Could Qin Wentian defeat Jiang Xiu?

The spectators could all sense that Qin Wentian’s aura was rather abnormal. It was said that when he’d first entered Emperor Star Academy, he’d only been in the Body Refinement Realm. To think that within a short period of a year, he’d already entered the 7th level of Arterial Circulation. In addition to his achievements in Divine Inscriptions, even if he didn’t perform very well in the Jun Lin Banquet, nobody would question his abilities much. That was for certain.

He was already outstanding enough.

The fact that Qin Wentian had already broken through to the 7th level of Arterial Circulation also affected Ye Zhan, Liu Yan, Bai Qingsong and Autumn Snow.

Ye Zhan had sought to kill Qin Wentian before. But at the moment, they were no longer at the same level. Bai Qingsong and Autumn Snow also knew for a fact that one year ago, Qin Wentian wasn’t even at the Body Refinement Realm.

In reality, Qin Wentian had only just started his cultivation.

The other battles quickly came to their conclusions. However, many didn’t notice that there wasn’t a platform that could attract attention on the level of the battle at the 9th towering platform.

Not only because both of the contestants were famous, Jiang Xiu’s pride and Qin Wentian’s confidence also had something to do with it.

Under the attention of all, Jiang Xiu’s body erupted into motion. In that instant, his sword was as cold as ice, and in a moment, he already appeared in front of Qin Wentian. With a slight wave of his sword, his sword transformed into waves of a meteor shower, brightening up the whole sky, resplendent and magnificent.

“Meteor Shower, Jiang Xiu’s Starpoint swordplay has already reached such a level. With a single sword, he sealed the escape routes of Qin Wentian, and caged him within that area. No wonder he is one of the 10 prodigies.” The spectators observed the points of Astral Light that emitted from Jiang Xiu’s swordplay as expressions of admiration appeared on their faces.

The 10 prodigies were all fully deserving of their reputations. Since they could enter the ranks of the ’10 prodigies’, they had all proven their abilities before.

Qin Wentian didn’t move. He simply stood there undisturbed, as if what had appeared before him wasn’t a life-threatening sword light.

His expression was as calm as it was before, and unexpectedly, no weapon coalesced from Astral Light appeared in his hand. This scene surprised many people. Was this self-confidence or arrogance?

A hint of murderous intent flashed in Jiang Xiu’s eyes, Since Qin Wentian wanted to bring upon his own destruction, he’d wholeheartedly grant this wish.

Even if Emperor Star Academy wanted to protect Qin Wentian, they wouldn’t be able to say anything if he died on the stage of the Jun Lin Banquet.

The sword light that filled the air carried with it a terrifying murderous aura. Rays of sword light pierced forwards at Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian obviously sensed that Jiang Xiu had begun to act with the intent to kill.

At the moment, Qin Wentian’s sensory abilities raised to their peak. A stunning energy pervaded the air; this was Dream Presence.

Sword-type Astral Souls would enable one’s Astral Energy to be as sharp as swords; Lightning-type Astral Souls would allow one’s Astral Energy to contain the explosiveness of thunder and lightning, while Dream-type Astral Souls would naturally contained dream wills within them.

In that instant, Jiang Xiu felt as though he wasn’t real. It was like his sword’s attacks were somewhat similar to illusions.

But Qin Wentian was different. This was his energy. With his Dream Presence released, he was in his own domain, and could sense everything. At the same time, he could also sense clearly the attacks of that meteor shower covering the sky.

Every sword attack in that meteor shower was so cold to the point that it could pierce the bones, easily able to take lives.

However, Qin Wentian’s sensory abilities were so great that it was as though he had already seen through the trajectory and secrets of each and every sword contained within. Qin Wentian finally began to move.

Qin Wentian’s entire body transformed into a blur of shadows, becoming an indiscernible mist.

Not only that, every steps of his was small and precise, easily and somewhat miraculously making his way through the area inundated by the meteor shower of Jiang Xiu.

It was as though no sword could come into contact with his body.

As the spirit moves, the body moves along with it.

“The Nine Heavenly Garuda Movement Technique, skill level: Divine.” An elder from the Emperor Star Academy, froze. This skill level had already exceeded the ‘Perfect’ stage.

“It seems like the level of comprehension this person has towards innate techniques has been masked by his talent in other aspects.” The hearts of the crowd silently speculated. This technique was one that almost no one would choose to cultivate in, but to think that Qin Wentian had actually mastered the Arterial Circulation level manual of the Garuda Movement Technique to its utmost limit.

The meteor shower that sealed the entire area was actually of no effect, and was unable to touch the slightest bit of Qin Wentian’s body.

After stepping into the ‘Divine Level’, his movements were too perfect. One could even say without exaggeration that in the whole of the Jun Lin Banquet, the movement technique of Qin Wentian was unparalleled, and no one could be mentioned in the same breath as him.

Jiang Xiu’s expression changed, and with a flash of understanding, he changed his move. His sword intent continued to soar explosively.

However, during the instant his move changed, Qin Wentian’s body erupted into motion once again. He stamped down on the ground, and Astral Energy circulated through his meridians and infused into his legs. In that moment, his body instantly appeared in front of Jiang Xiu, the speed of it so frightening that Jiang Xiu felt that it was surreal.

In that moment, Jiang Xiu decisively made a determined and wise decision; he threw his sword away.

His sword was directly transformed into starlight and disappeared. At the same time, his right palm slashed out, its sharpness comparable to that of a real sword. If it landed on Qin Wentian’s body, it would undoubtedly slice him in half.

“Slashing Sword Technique, although this isn’t any amazing ability, the timing of its use was impeccable. Jiang Xiu’s ability to adapt to changes in battle in an instant is really powerful.” Many people couldn’t help but sigh in praise. The onlookers were all people that had witnessed many things, and thus, they recognised and had even come into contact with many of these ordinary innate techniques.

Buzz! The Falling Mountain Palms which Qin Wentian had been storing exploded out. The sword emphasized sharpness, and was only suitable for fighting at a certain distance. And when in such close proximity combat, the explosiveness of the Falling Mountain Palms was definitely extremely terrifying.

In an instant, it was as though a mountain peak smashed downwards towards Jiang Xiu, easily destroying the sharp sword intent of his sword palms.

The strength of Qin Wentian’s Falling Mountain Palms was so powerful that the intensity of the pressure even caused Jiang Xiu to feel suffocated. How could someone at the 7th level of Arterial Circulation execute such a powerful Falling Mountain Palm?

Pressuring everything, eradicating all that stood in its path. This caused Jiang Xiu to feel as though he was in a dream.

Jiang Xiu retreated decisively while he gathered his terrifying strength. In the next instant, boundless sword lights gathered together, transforming into the manifestation of a gigantic sword, stabbing forwards in the direction of the Mountain Peak created by the Falling Mountain Palms.

A great sound rang out as the greatsword’s chop landed on the descending Falling Mountain Palm. The manifestation of that greatsword was embedded within, but yet, Jiang Xiu had no way to fully break it apart. This caused Jiang Xiu’s movement to instantly slow, and just that instant was already sufficient to determine victory and defeat.

Qin Wentian’s brandished his palms. In an instant, it was as though a beam of sword light flashed past. And together with the sword light, a bloody glow appeared.

“The sword contained a killing intent, I will break the arm that you wielded the sword with.”

As soon as Qin Wentian said this, Jiang Xiu cried out miserably. His body continued to stagger backwards as his left hand clutched his right arm. Fresh blood endless flowed and dripped onto the stage. That single arm fell to the ground.

Silence was everywhere.

Su Luo gave a ‘hey, hey’ smile, she really didn’t know what would be good to say.

She pulled at Nangong Liuyun and with quick steps, followed behind the little divine dragon. While on one hand running to chase after him, and on the other hand, explaining everything to him: “This little thing…Is a special tool dedicated to hunting treasure, following after him definitely won’t be wrong.”

The little divine dragon had risen naturally because he found some treasure.

Obviously, Nangong Liuyun had seen the little divine dragon before, but he didn’t know that the little divine dragon could be used to hunt treasure.

Now, inside the main hall of this palace, it was absolutely empty. Besides Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, the pair of them, everyone else had all without exception, tried to outdo each other and rushed inside.

The little divine dragon didn’t pause much inside the main hall. His petite clever body was as nimble as a tanuki (1), following the passage and directly hurriedly skimmed along towards the outside.

Although Nangong Liuyun somewhat didn’t believe in this little puppy’s ability to seek out treasure, since Su Luo liked it, he would accompany her together in this nonsense. As long as he was by her side, no matter what she does, he would be happy.

The little divine dragon’s galloping speed lasted for about the period of one stick of incense. When Su Luo and him stood still, Su Luo became somewhat speechless.

The place that the little divine dragon stopped at was really…this place was actually the doorway to the main hall, just a moment ago, almost everyone was standing here like a dense black mass. Everyone was standing here discussing how to unseal the gate to go inside.

Could it be that beneath here, there was really hidden some treasure? If it was really like this, then very likely, everyone who found out would regret it until their intestines were green, right?

One could only see the little divine dragon extend his two front paws and continuously dig at the surface of the ground.

His little paws were as sharp as a pointed knife, it was sharper compared to most weapons.

Nangong Liuyun had a strange expression as he looked at the puppy digging at the ground, the corner of his mouth pursed slightly.

The surface of this ground, every brick was made from an abnormally hard Cold Arcane Stone, but under the paws of this little guy, it was no different than soil. One paw dug down, a brick was sent flying, and this repeated in a non-stop loop.

Suddenly, the light in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes changed directions, from within the hole that was dug, he felt an intensely strong fluctuations of spirit force.

1) tanuki : otherwise known as the raccoon dog indigenous to East Asia. Chapter 169: Successful Retrieval [Vol 5 Chapter 20]

Translator: blackberrry Editor: blackberrry

Our sudden appearance scared the passengers, especially with A8 and A13 holding onto guns. Ordinary passengers only knew of panic but did not do anything, but the two passengers seating closest to the door suddenly jumped up and rushed for the front of the plane. With one look, I immediately recognized them as the spies, ordinary passengers need not run from the sight of us, furthermore, ordinary passengers would not have such huge reactions.

A13 threw a blade accurately and struck the one behind on his back but he did not fall down onto the ground as expected, instead, he had both of his hands on the door frame and stood there. The plane’s doors were not big in the first place, and he had stopped our advancement to chase after the other spy ahead.

I quickly knelt down and aimed my gun at the dead spy’s torso and fired off, the recoil of the pistol in my hand was actually close to that of a rifle. The corpse blocking the door was blown apart and the upper half of the body fell down, left with the lower part that remained standing. The spy that ran ahead was struck by the bullet after it went through his dead partner, but a pity it had changed its trajectory due to the corpse, and it merely grazed the man’s calf. But the 50 AE caliber bullet was still able to knock him onto the ground with ease.

This Spy definitely had gone through training, he did not even turn back but jumped up and continued running ahead. In the blink of the eye, he was already close to the cockpit. That was when a rather beautiful stewardess suddenly ran forward and blocked the path.

“Sir, you guys….”

Bang! Before the stewardess could even complete her sentence, my gun unleashed its power, her body was flung back and smashed into the spy that was close to the cockpit. I did not see any blood but the stewardess on the ground was still wriggling around, she was also a spy, and was actually equipped with a bulletproof vest!

Before firing off a third shot, A13 and A8 had already rushed to the front from the other door but were still one step too late, one of the crew members had pulled the spy into the cockpit and ignored the stewardess while locking the door.

I turned back and saw the little boy who had helped me by pulling his mum away from the window, he was in the mother’s firm embrace, a mother’s love will always be worthy of the greatest admiration, even at such a time, she still focused on protecting her son! I gave the boy a thumbs up then stood up. “We are China’s security force, we had just been attacked by a foreign Spy. For the sake of everybody’s safety, I hope that everyone will head back to the back of the plane!”

The crowd panicked for a moment but all of them started to move towards the back. I did not have the time to manage the crowd, the aisle became empty and I headed straight to the front. A13 had the stewardess by her hair: “Speak, what organization are you from? How many people are inside?”

The lady stared at us but did not say anything.

“She won’t talk, just make her unconscious. She will be of use back in the base.” I never had any hope that the lady would tell us anything, so I brought over to the door. I aimed my pistol at the door and pressed the trigger. The bullet immediately ignited a spark on the door then ricocheted back at the cabin! “Fuck! The door’s reinforced!”

My watch suddenly moved, someone had sent me a message. “What happened?”

“We have already entered the skies above the ocean, we are almost out of China’s territorial airspace! The radar senses Japanese fighter planes above their skies!”

“You guys go ahead and take a look at the situation, I’m not in a position to judge your means.”

“Roger that! Aerial Force JA-20 Interceptors have arrived, leave the task of blocking them to the aerial units, we will move first and begin Op. ‘Cleanse and Obstruction’!”

After putting down the comms, I told A8 and A13: “We’re out of time, we’re almost out of the country’s territorial waters! The Japs have planes above international waters, SSC has gone ahead to clear them! We need to quickly gain control of the plane!”

A8 replied: “It looks like the flight crew was ready to receive the pilots, we can only break through forcefully!”

“Did you guys bring equipment that can break the door?”

“We are not demolitions, we don’t have such equipment on us!”

“Then we can only do this!” I punched the door ferociously, causing the metal board to produce a sound of being deformed, but I only managed to cause a dent in it! I followed up with my elbow but the effect was still not good, there was no other choice, the door was that tough! Fortunately, every time I struck the door, a few dents would form, it looked like it was only a matter of time before the door could be broken through!

The comms device suddenly sounded out. “SSC Reporting! Japanese Fighter Planes are firing towards us!”

“I authorize you to return fire!”

“Roger that! We are authorized to open fire! All teams to battle mode!”

I began smashing the door more ferociously when I suddenly felt someone tugging at me from behind. I turned back to look, to see that the little boy was holding onto an ax that was practically the same height as him. “Big brother, this is for you!”

I caressed his head and accepted the ax and got him to retreat, then started to smash the door with the ax. The already deformed door could not withstand the attacks and was smashed downwards. Behind the door were two stewardesses with a gun each in their hands pointed at us. Right as the door fell, they immediately pressed the trigger!

A8 pushed A13 and me away but he took the shot! Luckily he had a bulletproof vest on, and did not suffer from any harm! I immediately jumped over and shot one of the stewardesses. A8 had opened fire at the other stewardess at the same time, causing her to fall to the ground. The two of us had aimed at their heads, so their bulletproof vests were useless. The British Spy stood behind the two stewardesses with another gun in his hand, but before he had the chance to fire, his neck was met with a flying blade!

The flight crew all started to jump and rush at us, the three of them did not wield any weapons, so I easily took the three of them down. But the captain actually pressed some sort of button. I knew it was not a bomb but obviously to report to their base.

After getting rid of the three of them, A13 jumped forward and fixed the autopilot stick to its position, but suddenly cried out. “The navigation system has been sealed, the plane can’t autopilot!”

“Enemy plane!” A8 suddenly pointed ahead.

Through the window pane, we could see the many planes engaging in battle, the black ones were SSC while the rest were Japan’s Air Force. The JA-20 force outside of our plane suddenly left us and flew towards the Japanese planes. I was not afraid of an aerial battle, the SSC’s fighting capability was far stronger than the Japs, furthermore, there was even the country’s Air Force Fighter Planes JA-20 for support. But our plane itself was more troublesome, no matter where it flew, it would reach Japan!

I looked out of the window to the wings of the plane, then opened the comms. “SSC, pay attention, destroy No. 1, 2, 3 and No. 4 Engine of our plane, use a machine gun, don’t harm the wings!”

“But the plane….!”

“Execute the order!”


The two planes ahead of us suddenly detoured and flew to our backs. I quickly ran to the back of the plane. “Everyone, we are forced to land above waters, please wear the life vests!”

The crowd started to panic again, but there were many life vests, so I figured there would be no looting or fighting. The battle in the air quickly ended, the 54 Japanese Planes were quickly taken down, my SSC lost one Plane while the JA-20 lost 7!

The plane trembled incessantly, the No. 1 and No. 4 Engines on the right and left of the plane emitted black smoke at the same time, followed by No. 3 and No. 2 which started to go up in flames. The operation was a success, without the engine to propel the plane forward, the plane automatically switched over to manual override, and we could control the plane once again!! A13 adeptly controlled the plane to descend down towards the water, these large commercial planes all had protective installations, so we easily descended onto the water surface.

Low on fuel, the JA-20 returned back to their point of departure. SSC descended and accompanied us by floating on the water surface! The China Naval Force deployed warships and were en route, but the question is when the Japs fleet were arriving! A8 went to the back of the plane and found the Bio-Source System hidden behind the pilot’s seat, the Japs really knew how to conceal things!

After floating for over 3 hours, ships finally arrived, but it was neither China nor Japan’s ships, but an American stealth ship. These ships were not merely invisible to the radar, they were actually able to turn invisible from optics and aside from the waves having strange ripples and movements, no one could ever see the ship with their naked eyes! SSC quickly sent a warning shot to the invisible ship, we would not bother if it were the Japs, but we had to think twice about directly assaulting the Americans, although they had a part to play in the infiltration, they would definitely refuse to admit it but we still could not engage in an open battle with them!

Maybe they did not notice the SSC Fighter planes, the other party did not do anything and only stopped 2 kilometers away from us. The comms in the plane sounded out, and what came out was Mandarin. “We are the American Naval Force, according to the International Water Laws, we are here as a humanitarian aid for the plane that fell!”

F*ck! They actually spouted out such nonsense, I immediately opened my end of the comms and replied. “I’m sorry, this is a China Sea Rescue Exercise, we do not need any rescue, our practice boats will be here soon!” On one hand, I was indirectly telling them not to intervene and on the other, I was indirectly telling them that our naval force would arrive soon, so they should think twice before going overboard.


Right as I spoke, a loud and clear steam whistle sounded out, China ships could be seen in the distance with many China warships protecting it. Most probably the Americans must have sensed something as they sneakily slipped away.

By the time we returned to base, It was already midnight. Supper was served alongside NSA and the higher-ups of Central Authorities, although I was so famished, they were all high ranking and important people, I could only force myself to eat politely! On the table, I listened and found out from Dad and the rest that the movements by the Americans, Brits, and Japs were arranged a long time ago, the infiltration was the first, after failing they staked in everything and used their extremely dangerous second plan. In this second engagement, aside from a minority of them that went through legal ways to enter China, the majority of them used the Americans stealth technology to infiltrate into China’s various locations, then gathered after that! China holds 960 square-kilometer of space, the borders were so long that no one can ever guard every inch of it, so we could not have our eyes 24/7 on them. Furthermore, the other party used top of the edge technology to infiltrate!

After supper, Dad and the other old fogeys continued to talk while I ran off. The age gap was too large, I could not continue to sit there and listen!

Upon entering the base, one would immediately enter the dining area which was 24 hours. I quickly went to fill up my stomach! In the timespan that I ate, the food I had was equivalent to 10 servings of food that scared the chef. I initially wanted more, but a pity he refused to give me more! Luckily, I was more or less full, so I went back to rest!

My original room had been repaired, the base was not extremely damaged, so it was restored to the perfect condition in half a day. I laid on the bed and stared at the roof, but after a long time, I still could not sleep. After calculating, it was around 60 hours since I last slept, why can’t I get tired? Normally, I would be so tired that I would immediately sleep upon lying down! I continued to lie on the bed and even started to count sheep, “One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…..33,142 sheep, 33,143 sheep, 33,144 sheep! Why can’t I sleep!” I sat up annoyed! I could not sleep at all, and it turned extremely boring! I decided to go online and would sleep if I feel tired!

After connecting, I immediately appeared in front of sister-in-law’s clothing shop, it was afternoon and there were people (ghosts) all over. I turned and entered the shop, to find sister-in-law sitting behind the counter. “Sis-in-law? Where’s Su Mei?” I didn’t see Su Mei at all.

“She left with your big brother, that little girl, she actually dislikes needleworks but loves to forge ironware!”

“Then I’ll go over and find Su Mei, I’ll take my leave first, Sister-in-law!”

I sprinted out of the clothes shop and headed to Clark’s, and ran up the second floor. There was no one outside, and upon entering the smelting room, I saw Clark smelting something, but Su Mei was not around!

“Bro, where’s Su Mei?”

“She’s tired so she went to rest!” NPCs never said to log off. Whenever Players logged off, NPCs would say that they had gone to rest.

It had been a long time so she should be offline, it was late in the middle of the night and she was a young girl, her parents would never agree for her to play through the night. Since Su Mei was not around, I could get to business. I took out the [Master Sword of the Flying Dragon] and handed it over to Clark. “Take a look, can you repair this for me?”

Clark carefully took the sword. “Oh my god! Are you using equipment or eating them? Why do you break them every few months?”

“I never wanted for it to happen as well!”

“The first time was you fighting with the Shinryuu, the second was by God’s Bane, the third was by some Werewolf, now what happened?”

I took out the shattered Seraphim Sword from the Bracelet.” It was cut by this!”

“No way? The Seraphim Sword? You met Michael?” Clark raised his head and stared at me.

“Who’s Michael? I don’t know him!”

“He is the Leader of the Archangel Group, this Seraphim Sword in your hands belongs to him!”

I shook my head. “I don’t know, I didn’t get it from him. I seized it from a Player! Oh right, I took everything of hers and there are many things here! I never had the chance to take a look!” I quickly took out everything that belonged to God Messiah and poured them onto the ground. “There’s really so many things here and it looks like a set!”

“Woah! The Archangel Set! Did you meet a relative of Michael? All of Michael’s things seem to be here!”

“Are you saying that equip is the same as my Dark Dragon Lord Set?” My mood was already so heightened and I was becoming excited!

Clark dampened my mood instantly. “These are indeed Artifact Grade Equip but they are different from your Dark Dragon Lord Set!”


“Your Dark Dragon Lord Set is a Growth Set Equipment, many of its traits requires the Owner to have a corresponding or similar level of strength to display its strength, for example, your Helmet’s [Mind Drop] Spell, the [Sacrilege] of your gloves, the [Electric reflection] spell of your shield, the increase of Evil Value from your armor, the intense aggravation towards Light, the Dark World of the faulds, the [Curse of the Land] on your metal Sabatons, you are temporarily unable to use these spells because you are not strong enough!”

“You’re saying my Level isn’t high enough?”

“Levels is only an aspect of it, your capability includes Level, but it is not solely dependent on Level. Only when your capability reaches a certain level are you able to use the corresponding spells. I will tell you a secret I recently discovered.”

“What is it?”

“There are actually even more traits to your Dark Dragon Lord Set Armors that have not revealed themselves!”


“Don’t be so surprised!” Clark pushed my opened jaw up. “I was recently repairing a Growth equipment when I discovered that the growth equipment would reveal different traits in my hands and in the hands of the Master, which means that aside from the obvious traits that it reveals, it will also reveal new traits never before seen in the Master’s hands, your Dark Dragon Lord Armor is the most powerful equipment I have ever seen in my entire life, it isn’t logical for it to have so few traits, there should be even more hidden power concealed within them!”

“You said that the Dark Dragon Lord Set is the strongest Equipment you have ever seen?”

“You must understand this, Growth Equipment all share the same unique point, they will become more powerful and more powerful in their later stages, so Growth Equipments do not really require high levels to equip ordinarily. Elite Grade Growth Equipment will be able to unleash power close to Artifact Grade Equipment in their later stages, while Sacred Grade Growth Equipment is able to unleash power stronger than Artifact Grade Equipment in its later stages. As for your Dark Dragon Lord Set, it is actually an Artifact Grade Growth Equipment set, until now, it is the first time I have seen an Artifact Grade Growth Equipment, tell me, what do you think of its power when it’s at a high level?”

“I never knew that the Dark Dragon Lord Set will actually be so powerful!”

“To be able to obtain such good things, you have to cherish them well, don’t always engage in reckless battles till they become broken and you have to bring them back for repair!”

“Oh!” I never expected Clark to beat about the bush, ultimately he still had to teach me a lesson!

“Oh right, so how’s this Archangel Set? Can you help me repair the Seraphim Sword, I want to gift it to someone!”

“I can’t do that! To repair it, you need to head over to an NPC in any of the Light Faction Cities. My furnaces utilize Underworld Flames, the Seraphim Sword is a Light Sword, upon interacting with the Underworld Flames, it will definitely explode, furthermore, this is the Seraphim Sword that belongs to Michael, it is the most powerful sword of the Archangel 7 Sword Series.”

“Oh my god! 7 Swords? How does the Light Faction produce them? They have 3 Main Shrines and so many powerful swords!”

“What’s so strange about it, the Light Shrine has a total of 7 Head Archangels, why would it be strange to have 7 Archangel swords. You must remember, never go to a Dark Shrine or affiliated City to repair a Light Sword, only a City under the Light Shrine can fix such things. The blacksmiths there uses the Holy Flames to cast weapons, so finding them to repair weapons will be better.”

“What about neutral Cities? You must know that I’m full black, I’m easily distinguishable in Light Faction Cities!”