After a short moment.

“AH!!!” An Immortal King roared loudly while his body was slashed into two along with the Immortal Artifact in his hand, causing a rain of light to spray out while a rain of blood poured down.

“You… Chen Xi, I had a friendly relationship with Dean Meng Xinghe all those years ago. Now I’ve realized my mistakes. So please spare my life. I swear that from today onwards, I’ll repent thoroughly and turn over a new leaf. Moreover, I’m willing to fight the Sovereign Sect with you, and I won’t hesitate to lay down my life to repay you.” The other Immortal King spoke with a trembling voice. At this moment of life and death, he’d actually spoke out and begged for mercy!

This had exceeded the expectations of everyone, and it even caused everyone from Dao Emperor Academy to feel extreme contempt towards him. Because a supreme Immortal King that had commanded the winds and clouds for so many years was actually terrified to the point of wailing and begging for mercy now, and this was something that was really unbelievable.

Chen Xi’s black hair hung loosely on his shoulders while his gaze was terrifying and like a bolt of cold lightning. His expression was calm and emotionless as he pressed down with the Talisman Armament in hand, and he wasn’t moved at all from the beginning until the end.


Fresh blood sprayed. This Immortal King wasn’t even in time to resist before Chen Xi had slit his throat while his soul collapsed and was minced into pieces. He perished on the spot.

“Why is this happening!?” Waves of exclaims of terror resounded from afar. It was all the forces that had come along with these Immortal Kings. Now that they witnessed Immortal King after Immortal King being annihilated and causing them to lose their protections, they instantly started shivering while their countenance turned pale from fright. Moreover, they almost fell limply to the ground from fear.

Chen Xi was like a cruel and emotionless primeval Fiendgod that stood before them. Up until this very moment, he’d actually annihilated eight Immortal Kings by himself, and it shocked the hearts of all!

That was eight Immortal Kings, yet they’d been annihilated just like that!

Who would have imagined this would happen?

Without any doubt, because he possessed the assistance of the Divine Restriction, Chen Xi had already obtained an absolute advantage at this moment, and he terrified everyone. His power and influence were so strong that it was already capable of causing others to tremble in fear upon hearing his name!

At this moment, everyone within Dao Emperor Academy were stunned by this scene while waves surged without end within their hearts. It was excitement, shock, happiness, and pride!

This was their Dean!

Today, he intended to slaughter a group of Immortal Kings as a warning to the world!

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After he successively slaughtered eight Immortal Kings, Chen Xi’s movements still weren’t affected by the outside world at all.

He was silent and murderous as he moved with sword in hand, and he was like an ethereal gust of wind that drifted through every single corner of the Divine Restriction.

This formation had been personally set up by Chen Xi, and the detailed changes in every single area of the grand formation was revealed down to the smallest detail within his heart, allowing him to take precise and swift action within the formation.

At this moment, he wasn’t fighting all the Immortal Kings all by himself like he had earlier, and it was an entirely different situation now. The last four remaining Immortal Kings were restrained in different corners of the Divine Restriction, allowing him to rely on his own strength to crush these enemies one by one.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Within the Divine Restriction, sword qi shot into the sky and formed a blazing mass. Along with the dense and obscure talismans that surged like the tide, it transformed the divine restriction into a chaotic and turbulent ocean of light, causing others to be unable to see exactly what was occurring within it.

They could only hear the furious howls of Immortal Kings, the sounds of battle, and the miserable shouts that ceaselessly resounded throughout the world. It caused chills to run down their spines and their expressions changed.

The blood red sunset dyed the sky red, and it was a horrifying yet gorgeous sight.

In the distance, Dao Emperor Academy stood loftily while enveloped and protected beneath the restrictions, and it seemed solemn and divine as it flowed with a golden glow.

The battle was still going on, and it was horrifying.

However, everyone was clearly aware that Chen Xi had already occupied a position of absolute advantage after he’d successively annihilated eight Immortal Kings, and it was impossible for the last four Immortal Kings to turn the situation around.

“AH!!!” After a short moment, a shrill cry of someone on the verge of death resounded from within the Divine Restriction, and it carried unwillingness, rage, and terror as it shook the nine heavens and caused one’s scalp to go numb.

“That’s the ninth!” In the academy, the hearts of all the instructors and students shook while they determined that another Immortal King had perished at Chen Xi’s hand, and it caused them to feel even more excited while their blood boiled.

They didn’t feel any pity towards all of these fellows that had come to invade their academy.

After all, they’d arrived menacingly and in large numbers this time. If Chen Xi wasn’t present within the academy, then merely all the instructors and students within the academy would utterly be unable to resist the attacks of these forces.

In that way, it would be all of them from Dao Emperor Academy that were slaughtered!

On the other hand, besides being shocked by how heaven defying Chen Xi’s combat strength was, all the others like Mu Rongtian, Zhao Lingxi, Zuoqiu Feiming, and the forces from the Buddha Dimension and Phoenix Clan felt fortunate in their hearts when they witnessed all of this. They felt fortunate that they were able to work together with Dao Emperor Academy this time, and they felt it was absolutely a wise decision.

Presently, the gods had ceased to exist in the three dimensions, and the Immortal Kings ruled. Even though the forces of the Sovereign Sect had swept through the three dimensions and had even taken control of more than half of the Immortal Dimension, one had to remember that its top combat strength was still merely at the Immortal King Realm.

Under such circumstances, the peerless combat strength Chen Xi revealed allowed them to see a wisp of hope. Perhaps under Chen Xi’s leadership, they would be really able to launch a counterattack and annihilate the Sovereign Sect?

When they thought up to here, the hearts of all those great figures from all these forces were moved. If they were able to completely eliminate the Sovereign Sect, then all of the powers that had fought alongside Dao Emperor Academy would naturally be able to obtain even more resources and forces after the calamity ended!

Right at this moment, two shrill howls resounded at practically the exact same time from within the Divine Restriction.

“Another two Immortal Kings were killed!”

“Only the last one remains!”

Within the Divine Restriction that was covered densely with talismans, radiant light flowed while the obscure energy of divinity suffused it.

Jiang Taizhong seemed as if he’d gone mad. His expression was savage while his eyes had almost split apart from madness, and he was attacking the Divine Restriction with the Divine Sword, Silver Radiance, in his hand.

He was still cursing madly. “Damnable Sovereign Sect! You’re actually watching indifferently as we die. I should have known that all of you heartless bastards aren’t worthy of trust at all!”

At this moment, he’d utterly lost the elegant bearing of an Immortal king, and he seemed like a trapped beast that was in a hopeless situation instead. He was still struggling while feeling unwilling to perish just like this, and he seemed to be extremely pitiable.

As an Immortal King and the Patriarch of the ancient Jiang Clan, his status was extremely respected, and his authority was extraordinarily monstrous. Yet now, he’d been reduced to become cannon fodder for the Sovereign Sect. When these two were compared, the huge difference in these situations caused Jiang Taizhong to almost go mad.

In the past, probably no one would have imagined that an Immortal King would actually fall into such a situation.

As it was said, the world is like a game of chess. No matter how lofty or high one’s status was, no one dared to guarantee that one wouldn’t be reduced from a player to a pawn one day!

So what if he was an Immortal King?

Under the calamity that swept through the three dimensions, even the gods were unable to escape and were restrained and taken into the Last Days Domain. Weren’t their fates controlled by the calamity as well, and they were unable to struggle free from it as well?

In short, it could be described shortly as – the path towards the Dao is difficult!

From the ancient times until now, countless cultivators had perished for all sorts of reasons while on the path towards the Heaven Dao, and innumerable other cultivators had been schemed against and were reduced to pawns that perished on the path as well!

It was impossible to count all of them!

Vying for supremacy with the heavens, vying for supremacy with one’s enemies, and vying for supremacy with one’s self! This was the path towards the Dao! Every single step was difficult and filled with killing intent!


Suddenly, the Divine Restriction fluctuation violently, and the layer upon layer of restrictions had been forcefully broken open while a path out was on the verge of being established.

This caused Jiang Taizhong’s spirits to be refreshed, and he revealed an overjoyed expression. It really is as I expected, the strength of this Divine Restriction is being consumed swiftly, and it’s on the verge of collapse!

“Hahaha! The heavens really don’t wish for my death! Once I escape, I won’t fucking interfere in this matter again! I’ll watch coldly as your Sovereign Sect fights Chen Xi, and when both of you’re weakened from the battle, that will be the time that I, Jiang Taizhong, make a comeback!” Jiang Taizhong roared madly with laughter in his heart, and his actions became even more violent. He intended to completely break open a path out from the Divine Restriction in one go.

“You think you can escape just because the Divine Restriction has been broken open?” Suddenly, a piercingly cold and indifferent voice resounded by his ear, and it shocked Jiang Taizhong to the point his entire body froze. Every single one of his hairs stood on end, and his expression instantly became extremely unsightly.

Chen Xi!

He swiftly stopped attacking the Divine Restriction and looked over. Sure enough, he noticed Chen Xi looking coldly at him from afar, and a wisp of a faint ridiculing smile hung on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

That sort of gaze, that sort of ridicule, all of it seemed like Chen Xi was looking at a dying person, and it caused the veins on Jiang Taizhong’s forehead to bulge while his features twisted together.

“Chen Xi, I admit that I underestimated you earlier. If you’re able to let me off this time, then I can hand over the entire Jiang Clan to you. You’re probably not clearly aware of it, but my Jiang Clan has existed since the primeval times, and its resources and reserves are extremely deep. You’re going to go against the Sovereign Sect now, so you’ll definitely have a need for it.” Jiang Taizhong took a deep breath and tried hard to control the terror and uneasiness in his heart as he said, “What do you think? It’s sufficient to utilize the entire Jiang Clan as the price for my life, right?”

The ridicule on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth grew denser. “Even you yourself wouldn’t believe these words, right? You’re just trying to buy time. I can tell you frankly that this Divine Restriction will collapse in 136 breaths of time. But…will you still be able to escape?”

Jiang Taizhong expressions changed as Chen Xi had directly exposed his thoughts. This caused his heart to sink before he gritted his teeth and said, “Since you’re clearly aware of it, then why are you wasting your breath like this?”

Chen Xi fell into silence when he heard this.

After a short moment, he suddenly raised his head and said, “Your death is already predetermined. I’m just deducting when the lethal attacks of the Sovereign Sect will appear.”

Jiang Taizhong’s expression became even more unsightly. He finally understood that it wasn’t that Chen Xi wasn’t willing to kill him, and it was instead because Chen Xi didn’t take him seriously at all. It was the Sovereign Sect that Chen Xi was truly taking precautions against!


Suddenly, viciousness flashed within Jiang Taizhong’s eyes, and surging quintessence energy burned throughout his body. In an instant, he actually charged directly towards the Divine Restriction.

At this moment, his imposing aura had risen explosively when compared to before. Obviously, he’d utilized some sort of secret technique with the intention of struggling free from here in one go.


Chen Xi had taken precautions against this since the beginning. As soon as Jiang Taizhong made a move, he’d casually swung his hand, and the Talisman Armament tore open a terrifying rift in space that stretched directly towards Jiang Taizhong.

It was so swift that it had arrived at an inconceivable speed.

If this continued, then at the instant Jiang Taizhong escaped the Divine Restriction, that attack from Chen Xi would catch up to him and stop him.

Jiang Taizhong had obviously noticed all of this, and he suddenly let out a furious roar as he bit open the tip of his tongue, and then spat out a mouthful of golden quintessence Blood Essence.


His movement speed increased once more, and he actually broke through the Divine Restriction before the attack reached him!

“Hmph!” Right at this moment, a wisp of a cold arc suddenly suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. After that, a large illusory net that was suffused with starlight appeared out of thin air above Jiang Taizhong, and it enveloped him!

It turned out that Chen Xi had made preparations since the beginning. He’d placed the Overarching Heaven Net on Jiang Taizhong’s path, and it just happened to play out like the story of one who waited beneath a tree while waiting for a hare to kill itself by crashing into the tree trunk.

“No!!” This critical situation caused Jiang Taizhong to cry out involuntarily with terror and fury. He was just about to escape, yet who would have expected that the trace of hope he’d obtained with great difficulty would be obliterated just like that. This extremely great contrast was something he was unable to endure.

At this instant, he withdrew Silver Radiance and exhausted the quintessence within his body to fight with all his might. He intended to struggle free from the Overarching Heaven Net and fight Chen Xi to the death.

At this moment, Chen Xi had already arrived out of thin air with the Talisman Armament in his hand, and he slashed down towards Jiang Taizhong from afar!

The current situation determined that Jiang Taizhong would definitely perish, and he didn’t have any further room to turn the situation around. However, right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred.


A fair and slender enormous hand suddenly enveloped down from outside the Divine Restriction. Every single finger on the hand was coiled with strands of mysterious and strange jet black light, and it threw time and space into disorder. In an instant, it directly grabbed towards Chen Xi!

All of this had occurred too quickly. From the moment Jiang Taizhong desperately broke through the formation, to the moment Chen Xi trapped him with the Overarching Heaven Net, and then intending to annihilate Jiang Taizhong with his Talisman Armament at this moment, all of this had occurred in an instant. However, this enormous hand was even slightly swifter than them!

Especially since the moment this enormous hand appeared just happened to be the moment Chen Xi had just exerted his strength and hadn’t recovered his strength to execute another strike. It was accurate, ruthless, and cunning to the extreme, and it was the best description of an attack that was meant to kill with a single strike.


Chen Xi’s face sank when he saw the fair and slender enormous hand envelop down towards him, and he sensed an extremely dangerous aura, causing every single inch of skin on his body to tremble.

The aura that enveloped this enormous hand was too terrifying, and it exceeded his imagination. It was at a level that Chen Xi had rarely seen in his lifetime. If it was any other time, Chen Xi wouldn’t be afraid to enter into battle with the owner of this hand, but at this moment, this person had captured a trace of a weak point Chen Xi had while attacking Jiang Taizhong and attacked abruptly. So it caused Chen Xi to instantly fall into a dangerous situation!

At this extremely critical instant, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes, and he was just about to fight desperately. However, right at this moment, an extremely verdant leaf appeared out of thin air, and it flew along an indescribably profound arc to actually arrive in front of the hand and obstruct it before it could descend completely!

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In a boundless darkness of silence, there was a glimmer of light. The light was about the size of a room, bright but not glaring.

Inside the light sat a purple-haired girl dressed in a gothic style dress. The girl was sitting in an idle and casual manner. Her look was as pretty and exquisite as a pixie. There was a transparent screen in front of her about the size of a mirror. And in it, a black-haired youth’s figure was projected.

The purple-haired girl was staring intently at the youth, as her beautiful eyes were surging with mixed emotions.

“Should I also learn swords?”

Kali sighed. With her status and experience, she should have been indifferent and tolerating, but surprisingly, she was prone to jealousy.

It was probably because she had no experience in love between a man and woman, so when it came to this, she was like a girl in her teens. She was simple, naive and easily felt her emotions stirred. She would even feel pangs of jealousy.