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This time, it was Shi Xiaobai’s flip to assault.

A distance of eighteen hundred meters could not be regarded as as close proximity. But to Shi Xiaobai, who had his flash motion method, Crab Actions, cultivated to the Crest of Perfection realm, it was not that excellent a distance. Even so, a flash movement strategy was soon after all a motion technique that focused on movement and dodging. No matter how high the realm, it was nonetheless movement at a fast speed, and not instantaneous movement that could cover a excellent distance in a blink of an eye. Shi Xiaobai abruptly charged out, and his blazing figure and the strong winds that stirred seemed to become the greatest disturbance.

Dawn right away woke up from her odd emotions. Her eyes targeted when again. Her ice-blue eyes squinted like blades as she slowly lifted her sword in preparation to strike back.

With out needing to both see her opponent’s figure, or hear the sound of the sword slicing via the air, even with her eyes closed and ears covered, she would be capable to react in the most excellent manner because she could ‘see’ the fluctuations in the air. She could ‘hear’ the breathing of the electrical power. She could ‘predict’ the trajectories of annihilation.

She did not flip her head nor did she use her eyes to capture the figure that was rapidly approaching to the level of almost instantly appearing in front of her. Rather, she suddenly turned all around and slashed in the direction of her back!

“Caught you.”

The figure in front of the lady had been penetrated by sunlight as it dispersed into a chaotic mirage. It was a fake phantom image.

And the route in which the woman slashed was at the neck of the youth who all of a sudden appeared behind her.

Shi Xiaobai’s pupils constricted somewhat. His phantom motion approach had been witnessed by means of so easily and his movement trajectory had been simply grasped. His intentions appeared to have been seen by means of by the woman from the extremely beginning.

She was without a doubt an skilled.

The smile on Shi Xiaobai’s lips grew in intensity. The girl’s superior judgment of slashing at his neck had entirely exceeded his expectations, but his response was equally gorgeous.

Shi Xiaobai quickly twisted his correct arm by half a circle and utilized an exaggerated angle to adjust the trajectory of his slash. Just as Lucifer’s Sword was about to hit his neck, he efficiently deflected it.

Dawn’s eyebrows pricked up somewhat. Shi Xiaobai’s response pace and ability to cope in an impromptu vogue left her relatively stunned.

But the following scene caught her off guard. Shi Xiaobai, who had forcefully parried the strike, must have retreated and opened up a distance to shield his neck so as to reduce some of the momentum of that strike, but he did not select to do so.

With the sound of a crack, she noticed Shi Xiaobai’s head abruptly lean back, as though he ignored the danger of cracking his neck to make it level. His body spun a couple of times like a prime to forcefully disperse the power of that strike and at the identical time, a swift and fierce beam of light appeared as it hurled straight for her abdomen!

It was unknown when the black-and-white sword in the youth’s appropriate hand had become a pure black sword. At the most dangerous second, he had parried her Lucifer’s Sword, and in his left hand, he was holding to a pure white sword. At the identical minute he defended, he had all of a sudden thrust his white sword at her.

He really did not retreat?

His neck and the ice-cold blade were in close proximity. At that minute when his life was in danger, he truly did not pick to retreat to open up a risk-free distance but counterattack there and then?

If he produced the slightest of problems, his head would separate from his entire body. Was he that unafraid of death?

Dawn frowned as she could not hurriedly retreat so as to dodge the sword beam that suddenly came thrusting at her abdomen.

Shi Xiaobai’s dual-wielding had exceeded her expectations. It was not as if she had by no means encountered opponents who used two swords at the same time, but he was the first opponent she had encountered to suddenly go from a single weapon to dual-wielding them although disregarding his existence. He would bare his fangs when he necessary to defend the most, and strike back all of a sudden.

Ought to he be referred to as crafty or crazy?

Dawn did not choose to clash head on with him. She held an advantage with her strength, so there was certainly no want to withstand Shi Xiaobai’s internecine assault.

But just following she retreated, Shi Xiaobai would quickly come sticking closely behind.

The youth held a white sword in his left hand and a black sword in his right. The energy of Sword Reality appeared to movement above the blades like stars. Abruptly, two completely diverse Sword Intents had been created from the two swords. On the white sword, there was burning Sword Intent, and on the black sword, there was watery Sword Intent that triggered ripples.

Dawn’s eyes flashed a seem of appreciation. This was the most special dual-wielding she had ever observed. Shi Xiaobai’s dual-wielding was not just basically brandishing two swords instead, he demonstrated the true charm of wielding two swords.

Dual-wielding was not as straightforward as wielding two swords in hand and making use of distinct sword attacks. Only by injecting two diverse Sword Intents into the two swords like Shi Xiaobai, could the accurate power of the dual-wielding be expressed. Nevertheless, it was not straightforward to do so. Grasping two Sword Intents was just the foundation, but to use the two Sword Intents together with a single thoughts concurrently was an very tough activity.

And what Shi Xiaobai was at present performing was even more hard. That was because both his swords were injected with diverse Sword Intents. A single of them was blazing fire and the other was soft water. These have been two totally various and contradictory Sword Intents. Dual-tasking things may not be hard, but to generate two entirely opposite Sword Intents at the exact same time, without having even considering the potential needed to dual-job, it still required clear and resolute willpower.

“You are indeed extremely exceptional, but the Sword Intent grade of your dual-wielding is nevertheless rather unpolished. If it truly is two distinct Sword Truths, it may be…”

With these thoughts in thoughts, Dawn grasped the best possibility to use a nimble swerve to dodge Shi Xiaobai’s two strikes that have been in shut proximity. She slashed at Shi Xiaobai’s waist from the side.

Her opponents option of a melee battle suited her wishes. Her movement approach, velocity and strength were very exceptional. Her combat capabilities were also something no peer could match.

Nevertheless, her current opponent was Shi Xiaobai. Shi Xiaobai was equally effectively-versed in movement strategies. His velocity and strength had been crazily enhanced by means of the Power of Taotie soon after he consumed the three holy items. His keen senses and battle instincts far exceeded ordinary people.

Shi Xiaobai reacted really quickly as he modified the trajectory at which he slashed out. Twisting his proper arm, he forcefully pushed the black sword in his proper hand to parry Lucifer’s Sword that was about to hit his abdomen. At the very same time, the white sword in his left hand was hurled straight at the woman. The watery Sword Intent was ice-cold as it formed a frost-ice sword beam which shot at the girl’s chest like an icicle.

Shi Xiaobai had as soon as again selected to counterattack when he required to defend the most. He ingeniously utilised his dual-wielding to concurrently attack and defend.

Nevertheless, it was extremely risky by performing so simply because the girl’s sword was only a sword’s length away from his waist. If the strength of the appropriate sword was crushed, his waist would be severed into two by his personal sword.

Of course, if the woman had ignored the thrusting of the white sword from his left hand, and forcefully slashed at his waist, there was a really large possibility of currently being severely injured. That was due to the fact even though attacking, one’s defense was at its weakest.

Therefore, there have been two choices positioned just before Dawn.

Initial, to ignore the threat of damage to slash at Shi Xiaobai’s waist. In that situation, Shi Xiaobai may well really nicely die and she may possibly be significantly injured. It would consequence in an internecine outcome.

Second, it was to abandon her attack and get the initiative to retreat. It would be equivalent to treating it as although that round did not happen.

Failed 1 This was a decision that had to be made in an quick.

After a short moment.

“AH!!!” An Immortal King roared loudly while his body was slashed into two along with the Immortal Artifact in his hand, causing a rain of light to spray out while a rain of blood poured down.

“You… Chen Xi, I had a friendly relationship with Dean Meng Xinghe all those years ago. Now I’ve realized my mistakes. So please spare my life. I swear that from today onwards, I’ll repent thoroughly and turn over a new leaf. Moreover, I’m willing to fight the Sovereign Sect with you, and I won’t hesitate to lay down my life to repay you.” The other Immortal King spoke with a trembling voice. At this moment of life and death, he’d actually spoke out and begged for mercy!

This had exceeded the expectations of everyone, and it even caused everyone from Dao Emperor Academy to feel extreme contempt towards him. Because a supreme Immortal King that had commanded the winds and clouds for so many years was actually terrified to the point of wailing and begging for mercy now, and this was something that was really unbelievable.

Chen Xi’s black hair hung loosely on his shoulders while his gaze was terrifying and like a bolt of cold lightning. His expression was calm and emotionless as he pressed down with the Talisman Armament in hand, and he wasn’t moved at all from the beginning until the end.


Fresh blood sprayed. This Immortal King wasn’t even in time to resist before Chen Xi had slit his throat while his soul collapsed and was minced into pieces. He perished on the spot.

“Why is this happening!?” Waves of exclaims of terror resounded from afar. It was all the forces that had come along with these Immortal Kings. Now that they witnessed Immortal King after Immortal King being annihilated and causing them to lose their protections, they instantly started shivering while their countenance turned pale from fright. Moreover, they almost fell limply to the ground from fear.

Chen Xi was like a cruel and emotionless primeval Fiendgod that stood before them. Up until this very moment, he’d actually annihilated eight Immortal Kings by himself, and it shocked the hearts of all!

That was eight Immortal Kings, yet they’d been annihilated just like that!

Who would have imagined this would happen?

Without any doubt, because he possessed the assistance of the Divine Restriction, Chen Xi had already obtained an absolute advantage at this moment, and he terrified everyone. His power and influence were so strong that it was already capable of causing others to tremble in fear upon hearing his name!

At this moment, everyone within Dao Emperor Academy were stunned by this scene while waves surged without end within their hearts. It was excitement, shock, happiness, and pride!

This was their Dean!

Today, he intended to slaughter a group of Immortal Kings as a warning to the world!

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After he successively slaughtered eight Immortal Kings, Chen Xi’s movements still weren’t affected by the outside world at all.

He was silent and murderous as he moved with sword in hand, and he was like an ethereal gust of wind that drifted through every single corner of the Divine Restriction.

This formation had been personally set up by Chen Xi, and the detailed changes in every single area of the grand formation was revealed down to the smallest detail within his heart, allowing him to take precise and swift action within the formation.

At this moment, he wasn’t fighting all the Immortal Kings all by himself like he had earlier, and it was an entirely different situation now. The last four remaining Immortal Kings were restrained in different corners of the Divine Restriction, allowing him to rely on his own strength to crush these enemies one by one.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Within the Divine Restriction, sword qi shot into the sky and formed a blazing mass. Along with the dense and obscure talismans that surged like the tide, it transformed the divine restriction into a chaotic and turbulent ocean of light, causing others to be unable to see exactly what was occurring within it.

They could only hear the furious howls of Immortal Kings, the sounds of battle, and the miserable shouts that ceaselessly resounded throughout the world. It caused chills to run down their spines and their expressions changed.

The blood red sunset dyed the sky red, and it was a horrifying yet gorgeous sight.

In the distance, Dao Emperor Academy stood loftily while enveloped and protected beneath the restrictions, and it seemed solemn and divine as it flowed with a golden glow.

The battle was still going on, and it was horrifying.

However, everyone was clearly aware that Chen Xi had already occupied a position of absolute advantage after he’d successively annihilated eight Immortal Kings, and it was impossible for the last four Immortal Kings to turn the situation around.

“AH!!!” After a short moment, a shrill cry of someone on the verge of death resounded from within the Divine Restriction, and it carried unwillingness, rage, and terror as it shook the nine heavens and caused one’s scalp to go numb.

“That’s the ninth!” In the academy, the hearts of all the instructors and students shook while they determined that another Immortal King had perished at Chen Xi’s hand, and it caused them to feel even more excited while their blood boiled.

They didn’t feel any pity towards all of these fellows that had come to invade their academy.

After all, they’d arrived menacingly and in large numbers this time. If Chen Xi wasn’t present within the academy, then merely all the instructors and students within the academy would utterly be unable to resist the attacks of these forces.

In that way, it would be all of them from Dao Emperor Academy that were slaughtered!

On the other hand, besides being shocked by how heaven defying Chen Xi’s combat strength was, all the others like Mu Rongtian, Zhao Lingxi, Zuoqiu Feiming, and the forces from the Buddha Dimension and Phoenix Clan felt fortunate in their hearts when they witnessed all of this. They felt fortunate that they were able to work together with Dao Emperor Academy this time, and they felt it was absolutely a wise decision.

Presently, the gods had ceased to exist in the three dimensions, and the Immortal Kings ruled. Even though the forces of the Sovereign Sect had swept through the three dimensions and had even taken control of more than half of the Immortal Dimension, one had to remember that its top combat strength was still merely at the Immortal King Realm.

Under such circumstances, the peerless combat strength Chen Xi revealed allowed them to see a wisp of hope. Perhaps under Chen Xi’s leadership, they would be really able to launch a counterattack and annihilate the Sovereign Sect?

When they thought up to here, the hearts of all those great figures from all these forces were moved. If they were able to completely eliminate the Sovereign Sect, then all of the powers that had fought alongside Dao Emperor Academy would naturally be able to obtain even more resources and forces after the calamity ended!

Right at this moment, two shrill howls resounded at practically the exact same time from within the Divine Restriction.

“Another two Immortal Kings were killed!”

“Only the last one remains!”

Within the Divine Restriction that was covered densely with talismans, radiant light flowed while the obscure energy of divinity suffused it.

Jiang Taizhong seemed as if he’d gone mad. His expression was savage while his eyes had almost split apart from madness, and he was attacking the Divine Restriction with the Divine Sword, Silver Radiance, in his hand.

He was still cursing madly. “Damnable Sovereign Sect! You’re actually watching indifferently as we die. I should have known that all of you heartless bastards aren’t worthy of trust at all!”

At this moment, he’d utterly lost the elegant bearing of an Immortal king, and he seemed like a trapped beast that was in a hopeless situation instead. He was still struggling while feeling unwilling to perish just like this, and he seemed to be extremely pitiable.

As an Immortal King and the Patriarch of the ancient Jiang Clan, his status was extremely respected, and his authority was extraordinarily monstrous. Yet now, he’d been reduced to become cannon fodder for the Sovereign Sect. When these two were compared, the huge difference in these situations caused Jiang Taizhong to almost go mad.

In the past, probably no one would have imagined that an Immortal King would actually fall into such a situation.

As it was said, the world is like a game of chess. No matter how lofty or high one’s status was, no one dared to guarantee that one wouldn’t be reduced from a player to a pawn one day!

So what if he was an Immortal King?

Under the calamity that swept through the three dimensions, even the gods were unable to escape and were restrained and taken into the Last Days Domain. Weren’t their fates controlled by the calamity as well, and they were unable to struggle free from it as well?

In short, it could be described shortly as – the path towards the Dao is difficult!

From the ancient times until now, countless cultivators had perished for all sorts of reasons while on the path towards the Heaven Dao, and innumerable other cultivators had been schemed against and were reduced to pawns that perished on the path as well!

It was impossible to count all of them!

Vying for supremacy with the heavens, vying for supremacy with one’s enemies, and vying for supremacy with one’s self! This was the path towards the Dao! Every single step was difficult and filled with killing intent!


Suddenly, the Divine Restriction fluctuation violently, and the layer upon layer of restrictions had been forcefully broken open while a path out was on the verge of being established.

This caused Jiang Taizhong’s spirits to be refreshed, and he revealed an overjoyed expression. It really is as I expected, the strength of this Divine Restriction is being consumed swiftly, and it’s on the verge of collapse!

“Hahaha! The heavens really don’t wish for my death! Once I escape, I won’t fucking interfere in this matter again! I’ll watch coldly as your Sovereign Sect fights Chen Xi, and when both of you’re weakened from the battle, that will be the time that I, Jiang Taizhong, make a comeback!” Jiang Taizhong roared madly with laughter in his heart, and his actions became even more violent. He intended to completely break open a path out from the Divine Restriction in one go.

“You think you can escape just because the Divine Restriction has been broken open?” Suddenly, a piercingly cold and indifferent voice resounded by his ear, and it shocked Jiang Taizhong to the point his entire body froze. Every single one of his hairs stood on end, and his expression instantly became extremely unsightly.

Chen Xi!

He swiftly stopped attacking the Divine Restriction and looked over. Sure enough, he noticed Chen Xi looking coldly at him from afar, and a wisp of a faint ridiculing smile hung on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

That sort of gaze, that sort of ridicule, all of it seemed like Chen Xi was looking at a dying person, and it caused the veins on Jiang Taizhong’s forehead to bulge while his features twisted together.

“Chen Xi, I admit that I underestimated you earlier. If you’re able to let me off this time, then I can hand over the entire Jiang Clan to you. You’re probably not clearly aware of it, but my Jiang Clan has existed since the primeval times, and its resources and reserves are extremely deep. You’re going to go against the Sovereign Sect now, so you’ll definitely have a need for it.” Jiang Taizhong took a deep breath and tried hard to control the terror and uneasiness in his heart as he said, “What do you think? It’s sufficient to utilize the entire Jiang Clan as the price for my life, right?”

The ridicule on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth grew denser. “Even you yourself wouldn’t believe these words, right? You’re just trying to buy time. I can tell you frankly that this Divine Restriction will collapse in 136 breaths of time. But…will you still be able to escape?”

Jiang Taizhong expressions changed as Chen Xi had directly exposed his thoughts. This caused his heart to sink before he gritted his teeth and said, “Since you’re clearly aware of it, then why are you wasting your breath like this?”

Chen Xi fell into silence when he heard this.

After a short moment, he suddenly raised his head and said, “Your death is already predetermined. I’m just deducting when the lethal attacks of the Sovereign Sect will appear.”

Jiang Taizhong’s expression became even more unsightly. He finally understood that it wasn’t that Chen Xi wasn’t willing to kill him, and it was instead because Chen Xi didn’t take him seriously at all. It was the Sovereign Sect that Chen Xi was truly taking precautions against!


Suddenly, viciousness flashed within Jiang Taizhong’s eyes, and surging quintessence energy burned throughout his body. In an instant, he actually charged directly towards the Divine Restriction.

At this moment, his imposing aura had risen explosively when compared to before. Obviously, he’d utilized some sort of secret technique with the intention of struggling free from here in one go.


Chen Xi had taken precautions against this since the beginning. As soon as Jiang Taizhong made a move, he’d casually swung his hand, and the Talisman Armament tore open a terrifying rift in space that stretched directly towards Jiang Taizhong.

It was so swift that it had arrived at an inconceivable speed.

If this continued, then at the instant Jiang Taizhong escaped the Divine Restriction, that attack from Chen Xi would catch up to him and stop him.

Jiang Taizhong had obviously noticed all of this, and he suddenly let out a furious roar as he bit open the tip of his tongue, and then spat out a mouthful of golden quintessence Blood Essence.


His movement speed increased once more, and he actually broke through the Divine Restriction before the attack reached him!

“Hmph!” Right at this moment, a wisp of a cold arc suddenly suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. After that, a large illusory net that was suffused with starlight appeared out of thin air above Jiang Taizhong, and it enveloped him!

It turned out that Chen Xi had made preparations since the beginning. He’d placed the Overarching Heaven Net on Jiang Taizhong’s path, and it just happened to play out like the story of one who waited beneath a tree while waiting for a hare to kill itself by crashing into the tree trunk.

“No!!” This critical situation caused Jiang Taizhong to cry out involuntarily with terror and fury. He was just about to escape, yet who would have expected that the trace of hope he’d obtained with great difficulty would be obliterated just like that. This extremely great contrast was something he was unable to endure.

At this instant, he withdrew Silver Radiance and exhausted the quintessence within his body to fight with all his might. He intended to struggle free from the Overarching Heaven Net and fight Chen Xi to the death.

At this moment, Chen Xi had already arrived out of thin air with the Talisman Armament in his hand, and he slashed down towards Jiang Taizhong from afar!

The current situation determined that Jiang Taizhong would definitely perish, and he didn’t have any further room to turn the situation around. However, right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred.


A fair and slender enormous hand suddenly enveloped down from outside the Divine Restriction. Every single finger on the hand was coiled with strands of mysterious and strange jet black light, and it threw time and space into disorder. In an instant, it directly grabbed towards Chen Xi!

All of this had occurred too quickly. From the moment Jiang Taizhong desperately broke through the formation, to the moment Chen Xi trapped him with the Overarching Heaven Net, and then intending to annihilate Jiang Taizhong with his Talisman Armament at this moment, all of this had occurred in an instant. However, this enormous hand was even slightly swifter than them!

Especially since the moment this enormous hand appeared just happened to be the moment Chen Xi had just exerted his strength and hadn’t recovered his strength to execute another strike. It was accurate, ruthless, and cunning to the extreme, and it was the best description of an attack that was meant to kill with a single strike.


Chen Xi’s face sank when he saw the fair and slender enormous hand envelop down towards him, and he sensed an extremely dangerous aura, causing every single inch of skin on his body to tremble.

The aura that enveloped this enormous hand was too terrifying, and it exceeded his imagination. It was at a level that Chen Xi had rarely seen in his lifetime. If it was any other time, Chen Xi wouldn’t be afraid to enter into battle with the owner of this hand, but at this moment, this person had captured a trace of a weak point Chen Xi had while attacking Jiang Taizhong and attacked abruptly. So it caused Chen Xi to instantly fall into a dangerous situation!

At this extremely critical instant, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes, and he was just about to fight desperately. However, right at this moment, an extremely verdant leaf appeared out of thin air, and it flew along an indescribably profound arc to actually arrive in front of the hand and obstruct it before it could descend completely!

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In a boundless darkness of silence, there was a glimmer of light. The light was about the size of a room, bright but not glaring.

Inside the light sat a purple-haired girl dressed in a gothic style dress. The girl was sitting in an idle and casual manner. Her look was as pretty and exquisite as a pixie. There was a transparent screen in front of her about the size of a mirror. And in it, a black-haired youth’s figure was projected.

The purple-haired girl was staring intently at the youth, as her beautiful eyes were surging with mixed emotions.

“Should I also learn swords?”

Kali sighed. With her status and experience, she should have been indifferent and tolerating, but surprisingly, she was prone to jealousy.

It was probably because she had no experience in love between a man and woman, so when it came to this, she was like a girl in her teens. She was simple, naive and easily felt her emotions stirred. She would even feel pangs of jealousy.

Facing the incoming sweep of Harrod’s unstoppable greatsword, Sheyan heavily knelt down as the chilling blade swiped through few strands of his hair. Concurrently instead, Sheyan smashed the shaft of his saber against the floor, as it emitted a ‘Ka la’ cracking muffle.

This ravaged blood boat could no longer withstand such a severe blow, as another two metre long gash split opened instantaneously.

At this moment, Harrod could no longer stand steadily, as he watched on as excessive blood vapor momentarily condensed into face – vikings with furious distorted features, stained with blood as their beard and hair fluttered along the wind. These faces then reluctantly soared into the skies.

As the blood vapor continue diffusing, the frame of the blood boat started decaying and disintegrating; as though multitudes of rocks were crashing down onto a centuries old coffin.

Eventually, the boat was utterly destroyed and submerged. Consecutively, the two individuals on board plunged into the sea.

Before he was drowned under the icy mix of blood and seawater, Sheyan revealed a sneer on his face; as though he was hunting down a large shark. He then quietly and peacefully submerge beneath the water surface.

As for Harrod’s entire body, he was engulfed in wrath and humiliation! As the furious frenzy of a berserker was triggered, his surroundings seemingly morphed into a horrifying blood red vortex!

Sheyan had naturally placed away ‘Ambition’ into a whole other dimension – his party storage. Even Little Lord Fokke couldn’t locate the ‘Diary of Morgan Fokke’ in the storage, so obviously, ‘Ambition’s’ aura couldn’t be leaked out to scare away the ravenous sharks.

Simultaneously, both individuals were shredded with superficial wounds, as the flavour of their blood permeated through the sea. Instantly, the insatiable caribbean sharks swarmed them, as started tearing the humans asunder with their massive awe-inspiring white fangs.

Plunged into such a situation, Sheyan covered his face with his arm and refrained from striking back; allowing the sharks to ravage him!

Sheyan had calculated beforehand. With his current defensive capabilities, an enemy’s theoretical damage must scale above 83 points in order to breakthrough the absorption of his innate ability ‘Stronghold’, and deal more than 1 damage to him.

Furthermore, according to the statistics beforehand, a third rate ship’s marine could only deal roughly a hundred damage with a shot from his rifle. Thus, he could deduce that the chomping menace of these commonly seen sharks of the caribbean sea would not eclipse that of a lead bullet. If not, none of the ships in the caribbean sea would be able to withstand the joint assaults of sharks, and be sunk.

In contrast to Sheyan’s conservative self, Harrod was frenziedly massacring the sharks in the sea. His eyes were rolled backwards, and completely revealed a deathly whiteness encircled by bloodshot veins. Pipes of thick bulging blue veins protruded out along his neck.

Even in the water, his dual-handed greatsword swept horizontally with unparalleled power! The surrounding sharks around him were directly dismembered into two wherever his greatsword struck, or gravely wounded even it was just a slight brush!

The agitation from the blood boat sinking was tremendous. Speaking from various perspective, this boat was like a symbol of their Asgarda tribe; a sacred tool! It had been inherited throughout the generations, but was utterly ruined in his hands after several generations. To Harrod, this was akin to being drowned in humiliation and guilt. Only one notion remained in his mind – to slaughter!!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Perhaps slaying the enemy ahead, or whatever that obstructs his path, or perhaps himself!

Harrod waved his greatsword as he upsurge a blood storm within the water. Then, he formed up into a tremendous blood vortex, as he surged towards Sheyan. Except, he was no longer in his blood boat where his movement speed was enhanced, while Sheyan’s speed was dwarfed.

One could distinctly observe that Sheyan’s mobility in the water was amplified in comparison to that of Harrod’s. Even if Sheyan swam in circles, catching up still wouldn’t be an easy feat for Harrod.

Furthermore, his wild massacre of sharks only led to a bitter fact – the masses of sharks would not decrease, but in turn, more would be attracted by the rich blood stench. Hence, the sharks surrounding Sheyan were enticed over, as they devoured the corpses of their comrades as well.

These savage sharks surged forward as they pursued in from the four corners of the sea. In this current era, shark fin hadn’t been popularized, and the sharks of the caribbean sea had not been butchered excessively. Naturally, they were without nemesis in their ecology. Moreover, a dog’s sense of smell was already outstanding, but sharks were a notched above the dogs.

They could detect the rich odour of blood and flesh from just 1 parts per million (PPM) in the water. Moreover, even a gram of amino acid that dissolved inside a kiloton of seawater, could be detected by the sharks!!

If the former congregation of sharks around the blood boat was described as a boiling bowl of porridge, then the current scene of even a kilometre away, had become a terrifyingly shuddering spectacle to behold! The sharks had practically transformed into tidal waves, as it swept in fanatically and astoundingly.

As it was night time, even the pirates on board could not differentiate the current state of battle. There was seemingly no ways of interfering even if they wished to, but could only watch on with widened eyes as they strived to differentiate the core position of these wave like sharks.

Frequently, regiments of maroon blood would gurgle out and pollute the water, which was the sole testimony that Harrod was still struggling.

However, the current Harrod was already an arrow at the end of its flight.

The greatest flaw of berserkers, were their inability to persist in a drawn out fight. Recited in the poems of troubadours, thee berserkers were only experts in unleashing a tempest of assaults to drown their opponents. There had never been a poem about a berserker gaining victory after three days and three nights of battling.

A berserker drew destructive might from pain, but pain was like a double-edged sword to them. As long as time dragged on, they would ultimately fall over the edge of defeat. Chapter 530: Kill!

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In reality, this battle had concluded the moment Harrod had failed to detect Sheyan’s intentions, leading to the blood boat being destroyed. Once the tempo of battle had fallen into Sheyan’s grasp, attempting to make a comeback became too difficult.

Sheyan executed his affairs systematically and stably. Whenever he occupied the upper hand, he would gradually, bit by bit, accumulate his advantages to build momentum, and bit by bit, he will convert this momentum to attain victory!

Nevertheless, the storyline characters present now had all heard of stories about berserkers making impossible comebacks; ultimately turning an utterly disadvantageous situation around to claim victory.

In reality, berserkers could truly unleash mind blowing explosiveness, and if a slight careless mistake offered them the chance, they could truly dictate a sudden triumph. Yet sadly, Sheyan was an individual adept at suffocating the opportunities of his rivals.

Harrod panted violently as he felt the crushing pressure of the boundless seawater. Even the greatsword in his hand had became increasingly cumbersome, and he could clearly feel his strength seeping away as time passed.

It was a never ending butchering of the surrounding sharks. With every slaughtered batch, another would instantly replenish them! No matter how formidable a berserker was, it was impossible to evade the agile ravaging sharks of the sea. Ever since plunging into the water, Harrod had failed to attack his nemesis even once! He was clearly aware what this represented.

“This rotten enemy, these accursed sharks!! AHHHHHHHHH!!”

Blood streamed out from the corners of Harrod’s eyes.

PAM! The animal hide armour he was wearing exploded in shreds! Gripping the shaft of his greatsword tightly with both hands, spurts of dark blood gushed out from his wounds.

An incorporeal vortex covered around the blade of his greatsword, as an inexhaustible force of attraction diverged out of it; causing the surrounding seawater to churn like a racing current. Its breakneck pace rotating pierced out with crazy incisiveness!

Harrod’s head poked out of the water surface as he inhaled deeply. This action immediately swelled up the bulging veins of his head and neck, as his blood vessel filled eyeballs protruded from his eye sockets.

Finally, his arms, bracing the greatsword, swelled up, transforming into an inharmonious deformity with his body.

This image reminded Sheyan of a familiar scene, as he reflexively recalled Scarface Harry.

Indeed, this was the ability that Scarface Harry had demonstrated before.

Flesh Explosion!

Harrod strived as he raised his greatsword with his deformed arms, before pointing its tip towards Sheyan’s direction. Bloodied ice shards swiftly revolved around it, as the nearby sharks surrounding the greatsword had seemingly encountered an invisible blender; diced into chunks within a split second.

At the tip of the sword, an enormous bloodied whirlpool was taking shape as it expanded unceasingly! Crashes of oceanic tides falling up and down echoed in the ears of everyone.

Afterwards, that massive bloodied whirlpool blatantly surged towards Sheyan!!

Wherever the whirlpool past, those insatiable sharks were minced like brittle tofu and blended into the whirlpool, instilling a greater sorrowful bitterness within it.

Right before the whirlpool reached Sheyan, Harrod roared out with utmost vigor; his widened mouth baring his yellowish sharp teeth, and even the veiny wall of his larynx could be seen. Despite that, his roar couldn’t be heard due to being underwater.

The pirate crowd concurrently realized that though Harrod’s body remained lofty as usual, his arms were hung down limpidly; a clear mis-match from his earlier domineering strength. That bloodied whirlpool he conjured up had completely absorbed away his vitality and strength.

Facing Harrod’s desperation strike, Sheyan shockingly dove towards the seabed like a rock. His legs stomped down onto the seabed, releasing a misconception as though he was anchoring himself down!

Instead, he pounded his fist against a reef before him, as numerous deep cracks extended out from the surface of the solid reef! Greyish rock fragments floated up within the water as the solid reef trembled and begun crumbling.

Sheyan then hugged the reef with both hands, before forcefully hurling it ahead!

A table sized solid reef spiralled forth through the water, as it dragged along dense white froth behind it. Having been slapped unyieldingly by the waves for millenniums, this dark-cyan reef greeted the massive bloodied whirlpool straight on.

Despite that, within a short duration, the reef was completely grinded into chunks, dozens of chunks, as it was sent dispersing away effortlessly by the whirlpool.

Witnessing his interception crumbling in vain, Sheyan continued pounding against the reefs around him. Tugging and pulling, he hauled out a reef that was as tall as two individuals, out from the seabed.

Loads of bubbling froth and turbid seawater enshrouded him, as he employed this reef like an enormous shield to cover his front. Blop! Blop! Blop! Blop! Tiny rock fragments sunk down from crumbling cracks.

His muscles swelled tautly as bulging green veins wriggled along his arms like tiny snakes. A series of bubbles leaked out from his lips, as he staked in his full strength before hurling this gigantic reef over! Rolling with imposing turbulence through the water, the gigantic reef clashed into the bloodied whirlpool!!!

When the two collided, terrifying blood rays could be seen dispersing out from the whirlpool, as it flooded forward like quicksilver! Instead, the surface of this impregnable cyan-black reef appeared to be corroded into talcum powder, before diffusing away as though being poured on with sulfuric acid.

Gurgle gurgle! Large quantities of air bubbles emitted out, as that reef was chiselled into fragments by the immense force carried by the whirlpool.

In the next moment, Sheyan’s figure was swallowed by the enormous bloodied whirlpool, as the seawater was dyed in crimson!

At that instance, Sheyan only had the luxury of covering his face with both hands.

The terrifying bloodied whirlpool, unleashed by the ‘Flesh Explosion’ ability of a viking berserker, mercilessly devoured Sheyan; threatening to dismantle his bones and bitterly tear his flesh asunder.

It was a pity that Sheyan could still stubbornly persist, as the bloodied whirlpool raged on for nearly ten seconds before dissipating. Even after a tempest of torrential destruction, Sheyan remained firm and upright like a boulder on the seabed. Innumerable minute lacerations covered his body. Yet, he still remained unyielding amidst the layer of dense insipid blood seawater swirling around him.

Harrod looked on with protruding bloodshot eyes as he panted heavily. Although already a spent force, he managed to draw strength out of nowhere to dive fiercely towards Sheyan.

Lugging along his dual-handed greatsword behind, it carved an icy dazzling brilliance trailing behind; as though he was slicing the sea into two!!

No longer planning to dodge, Sheyan clasped his ‘+7 West’ with both hands, as he rushed along the seabed towards the incoming Harrod. He then slashed forth with his saber!

A blue blade ray swept through the seabed brimming with mournful intent, leaving a profound dull blue afterimage tailing behind! It was like a vestige of floating blue starlight similarly seen when one undergoes lasering of the retina!!

Gushes of maroon blood diffused out as Harrod’s eyes gradually dimmed. A streak of red lingered across his neck, before a frantic outpour of blood escaped from that streak.

He pointed at Sheyan with widened mouth, attempting to speak but the words choked within his throat. Frozen blood plasma and saliva spewed out from his badly mangled mouth, as one could identify a semi-severed maroon tongue within!

As it turns out, that bloodied whirlpool executed by Harrod was only possible due to the crazy and grave sacrifice of biting his own tongue!!

In Harrod’s perspective, being dragged into the water had already severely impaired his battle capabilities. If the might of his ‘Flesh Explosion’ had been unleashed on dry land, Sheyan would probably not be able to withstand it.

“Hu~~~~” A long sigh leaked out from Harrod’s throat before he shut his eyes. That dual-handed greatsword of his floated down from his right hand, as it crashed against the seabed; curling up a gust of sand. from henceforth, his vitality had departed from his body.

Sheyan observed Harrod’s corpse in silence for a brief while. Then, he picked up the dropped key; one that was emanating a bright silver glow.

Following that, he discovered the greatsword that was shimmering with chilling radiation atop the sandy seabed. Yet strangely, the body of this sword became laced with a transparent icy layer.

Naturally, Sheyan activated the plundering ability of his ‘Pirate Captain’ title, and successfully acquired it before storing into his personal storage.

As this moment, those insatiable sharks were once again lured in by the reeking blood, as they swam over in succession. Witnessing the new congregation of sharks, Sheyan sighed as he pulled out ‘Ambition’; not desiring for Harrod’s corpse to be mutilated by those sharks.

The redoubtable aura of Paul swept through and instantly intimidated the ravenous sharks, sending them fleeing for refuge; as though they had detected a looming specter.

When Sheyan floated back to the surface of the sea, his pirate crew broke out in fanatical cheers; waving their bandanas up high as their morale skyrocketed.

In contrast, Ammand’s side was completely dumbstruck. Especially the seven vikings whose jaws were dropped with disbelief. As though turning deranged, they leapt into the sea and swam towards the aftermath of the battle; intending to retrieve Harrod’s corpse.

Towards such a scenario, Ammand didn’t reveal any looks of dismay. Instead, his bearing indicated he had other cards up his sleeves. However, this was only reasonable.

Bear this in mind, someone who beared a deep hatred towards another for decade, would definitely be contemplating about his vendetta for vengeance without rest. Naturally, he wouldn’t simply resort to a single killer move. Chapter 531: Misfortune

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Even though Ammand appeared confidently prepared, Sheyan still had his own trump card – Reef!

Capable of awakening to become a Growth-hunter at anytime, once Reef successfully broke through, Sheyan believed that he would fuel the combat prowess of the party in unimaginable fashion!

Even if Ammand laid down countless traps or devised countless schemes, ultimately an individual’s capability had a limit. Unless his crew could reach the dreadful tier of the pirates on board the three legendary pirate ships, he would absolutely be unable to deal a fatal threat.

In Sheyan’s deduction, as long as Reef awakened, Ammand could at most beat the trio into a crushing defeat; destroying the painstakingly established Hill Maiden, and even annihilating his pirate crew. Yet if he wished to slay Sheyan, that would be an seemingly inconceivable mission.

On the verge of commencing battle where both sides had drawn swords with sinister designs, a tiny single-masted sampan glided in abruptly from afar. On board it, a pirate frantically waved a signal flag and cried out.

“Hurry and retreat!”

When that sampan encroached closer, one could hear the exasperated shouts of that pirate clearly.

“That blasted Captain Norrington has defeated Chevalle’s pirate fleet, and be returnin’ in triumph. I heard his fleets be passin’ by here soon to inspect fer smugglin’ activities on tis’ lil’island. If we tarry on, it will be too late!”

This piece of information was like a thunder from a clear sky. One could notice Ammand’s facial muscles twitching, before he seized the informant pirate as he howled furiously.

“What did ye say? What gibberish is ye spewing??!!!!”

That pirate replied with a trembling voice.

“The Truth! Son of the Black Sea, me words be truth. Norrington’s fleets would be swarmin’ here within ten minutes!”

“That’s impossible!!” Ammand howled crazily. He suddenly twisted his head to glare at Sheyan with venomous eyes that seemingly wished to carve out the flesh from Sheyan’s body, one chunk at a time.

Then, he sighed deeply before releasing that pirate, and tossed two gold guineas to him.

“Well done, Turgis. I lost myself momentarily. Weigh the anchor and hoist the sails. Prepare to set off!”

Sheyan slanted his head and chuckled as he observed Ammand, before waving farewell. Ammand completely ignored him as he turned away.

The sailors on both ships started operating. Not too long later, the originally two interlocked ships finally separated amidst the creaking of wood.

However, he had never thought that his boss would give a perverted smile.

“Of course it is a yes!”

“Why won’t I want?!”

“This is an opportunity delivered to my front door!”

The boss’s reaction stupefied his underling.

That’s 100 trillion dollars!

10:1 rate, if Su Hao wins again… The underling couldn’t keep from trembling, “If, if Su Hao wins again…”

“Impossible.” The boss instantly rejected.

“What’s there to fear? Su Ling might have all sorts of advantages, but she will never be able to erase the deficit in levels. With how loving Su Hao is to her, he will never teach her anything like a forbidden technique that Tian Zi previously used. Even if we are to be objective, even if she consumed some drugs, how much can she improve in such a short period of time?”


The underling was still worried.

“There is no but.” The boss just glanced at him for a second, and then sighed, “Look at the most important thing here, is there any difference to us of losing 100 or 1,000 trillion star dollar?”

“Difference?” The underling was stunned for a second with sweats forming on his forehead.


100 and 1,000 trillion are both enormous amounts. However, a powerful family backs their site. Naturally, they are able to fork out such an amount. However, when this is reported, they will probably lose their jobs by then. 100 or 1,000 trillion?

There is no difference!

“So, this is our only chance!” The boss fiercely continued, “As long as Su Ling doesn’t get first, Su Hao loses. Then not only are we not guilty, but we will also get to take credit too!”

“I don’t believe Su Hao can really turn over Heaven!”

“Su Ling really can win?”

The boss said in a wicked tone as if trying to cheer himself up.

“Alright.” The underling responded decisively.


The 100 trillion bet was announced!

The entire Federation was in turmoil. Such an amount is sufficient to create a large organization, yet Su Hao used them all to bet carefreely. How could they not be in shock? Su Hao’s crazy move literally stunned everyone. Forget about the previous bets, this time…

Where does his confidence come from?

Can Su Ling really win?

The online world was in total chaos.

Whether or not Su Ling has the fame, for Su Hao to bet on her with such an amount, Su Ling was destined to be under the main spotlight!

“Unbelievable! That’s not chump change but 100 trillion dollars!”

“Give me 1 percent, and I will do anything for you!”

“One percent? You’re too greedy. I am fine with just one-tenth of a percent…”

Everyone’s eyes were bloodshot, but no one labored any bad feelings on them because they understood that both Su Hao and Su Ling depended on themselves to reach this stage.

They are real commoner heroes!

On this online platform, Su Ling’s popularity was second to none! Just like that, Su Hao enjoyed the title of a good brother.

This made one unknown whether to laugh or cry.

As for Su Ling’s strength, most dared not share it to the public. After all, Su Ling’s level seven specialized realm was already known. But now?

Nobody knew!

In merely a few days, can a miracle occur?

From her previous performance, the crowd couldn’t help but have a glimmer of hope. Perhaps Su Ling could really win.

Later that day, the global battle began!

The long-awaited event was finally here. In fact, it was actually more popular than the previous year. Whether it is the ratings or number of viewers in the live broadcasts, both far exceeded last year. A huge virtual screen was set up on each city, and ten figures appeared that attracted everyone’s attention.

That was none other than the current top ten students!

At this moment, they get to enjoy all the honor and glory.

“It’s about to begin.”

It was unknown how many people became nervous right now.

On the official table which recorded each candidate’s strength, one could see the huge difference. Professional realm, nearly all are in the professional realm.

There were in fact three level two professional espers and one level three professional esper!

Only Su Ling alone was a level seven specialized esper!

Those were the data extracted from the official record in the school’s system. Even if one is able to break through before the exam, the breakthrough would be limited. Thus, such data still holds some credibility. However, is Su Ling’s strength really at the level seven specialized realm?

“What an obvious level disparity!”

The crowd exclaimed.

Yes, unlike the previous year which was monopolized by specialized espers, this time, almost everyone in the top ten are professional espers! This created a huge gap! Even within the professional realm, there are those who are level one, two, or even three! One could already predict the end result of the top ten ranks from just their levels alone!

“Su Ling’s chances doesn’t look that good.”

“True, the disparity is too huge to cover.”

“Why do I have this feeling that she might not be able to maintain her ranking in the top ten.”

“Well, just wait and see…”

When the details were released to the public, it made the crowd uncertain.

The second-ranked candidate is a level three professional esper! Level three professional realm! Can Su Ling defeat him as a level seven specialized esper?

The crowd paid full attention to the screens.

That level three professional student looked very prideful as if he was overlooking everyone!

This is a genius’s pride.

To be able to achieve such a feat at this age, compared to Su Hao’s year, isn’t he much stronger? These guys obviously wouldn’t put Su Hao in their eyes, let alone his sister, Su Ling.

Soon, it was time to issue challenges.

“If this level three professional esper is trash, perhaps Su Ling can win.”

“Even if that is true, aren’t there still three level two professional espers? If they are still failures, what about those bunch of level one professional espers? The professional realm and the specialized realm, that’s a huge gap to overcome… I am actually crazy and followed Su Hao to bet on her.”

“Me too! I’m sorry grandma, I have been blinded by that 100 trillion.”

The crowd sighed.

The only thing they could hope for was those nine students are all straw bags.

However, is that possible?


The challenge began!

To everyone’s surprise, the first one to be challenged wasn’t Su Ling! Or to be precise, before the second-ranked student could issue a challenge to Su Ling, he got challenged by someone else.

The sixth-ranked student issued a challenge to the second-ranked student!

Level two professional esper against level three professional esper!


“It turned out to be them?”

“Nice enough for us to spectate their strength.”

Before the battle for championship began, the duel for the runner up had started. This was also the ideal time to judge their strength.

This was a battle between two elemental talents.

Wind versus water.

At first, they thought that this sixth rank student to be quite strong since he’s willing to challenge someone with a higher level, but the end result stunned everyone.


It’s a clear loss!

This level two professional esper only managed to perform one attack before getting eradicated by the second-ranked student, shocking the audience.


Is this the difference that is between one level of the professional realm?

Or perhaps this second-ranked student is also capable of challenging people at a higher level?

In an instant, everyone was speechless.

Even in the exam room, there was a short pause. This battle alone had made those in the top ten quiet. For a short time, there was actually no challenges issued!

This is simply incredible!

Ranked second… level three professional esper… The champion will probably be him, right? Everyone eagerly watched the screen because if they are not mistaken, the next challenge…


A notification popped out.

Second challenges first!

A level three professional esper challenges a level seven specialized esper!

“It’s starting!”

“As expected!”

At this moment, everyone stopped doing what they were busy with and paid full attention to the screen. Even the other students in the top ten were watching attentively.

Will there be any surprises in this battle?

With the might of this second-ranked student, does Su Ling stand a chance?

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“Kill him, kill this demon. Avenge the clan leader!”

“He has been inflicted by the Moonshadow Gu, he can’t just simply use his primeval essence anymore, over a time even his primeval essence will be threatened.”

The elders who were watching at the sidelines all roared in fury and swarmed the area.

“Ha ha ha, all those who are looking for death, come!” The Flower Wine Monk cried into the air. Facing the elders charging at him, he rushed at them headfirst.

A fierce battle ensued and the Flower Wine Monk quickly had the upper hand. Very soon all the elders had collapsed onto the ground, some of them injured and the rest dead. Just as the Flower Wine Monk was about to finish off the surviving elders, his facial expression suddenly changed and he covered a hand over his abdomen. “Damn!”

“I’ll come back in future to deal with you lot,” said the Flower Wine Monk. He stared daggers at a few of the elders and his body moved like electricity as he fled into the mountain woods, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye. Chapter 16: Taking as much as possible that one can take

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“Try touching it?”

“You have already been poisoned by my Single Gate Poison Gu. Without my other Gu that acts as the counterpart to it, after seven days you will turn into pus and blood and die.”

“To compare myself to Sir Flower Wine, I’m just a fart! I must have been unwell in the head, to actually not recognize such a great person and offended Sir Flower Wine. Sir Flower Wine, please remember my clan’s generous hospitality earlier and spare my life!”

The scene replayed itself over for the second time on the wall. Fang Yuan remained silent; when the motion picture started to repeat itself for the third time he finally sighed faintly and said, “I see.”

This method of leaving a moving picture with sound on the wall was probably the Flower Wine Monk’s doing with the help of a Photo-audio Gu. This Gu was able to record down imagery and project it out later.

The Photo-audio Gu fed on light and sound to survive. For some unknown reason this secret cave emitted red light, while at the same time the stone crevice was connected to the outside world, so it would not completely isolate the sounds outside. Right now Fang Yuan could still hear the roaring of the smaller waterfalls. Thus the Photo-audio Gu was able to live on in this secret cave.

A moment ago when Fang Yuan ripped away the withered vines, he had probably alarmed the Photo-audio Guhiding in the stone wall. As long as one is not stupid, with mere guesswork one could tell that this moving image was authentic.

Back then, the fourth generation clan head tried to plot against the Flower Wine Monk but he failed. After he lost in the battle he tried a sneak attack; even though it repelled away the latter, he eventually died because of it. This part of history was considered disgraceful, and the remaining surviving clan elders decided to tamper with the truth.

They reversed the roles of the fourth generation clan head and the Flower Wine Monk.

The Flower Wine Monk became the one who was defeated in battle and tried a sneak attack, and later died on the spot. On the other hand, the fourth generation leader was turned into the justified and perfect hero.

But this story itself had a big loophole – The Flower Wine Monk had clearly died on the spot, so his corpse should be in the hands of the Gu Yue clan, but why was another pile of remains found?

In his previous life, the Gu Master who found it had probably been terrified after seeing the moving image. Those surviving elders had long been dead, but to prevent the truth of the Flower Wine Monk from returning, this truth was probably kept secret by the top brass of the clan.

That Gu Master realized that if he single handedly took the treasure it would be a huge risk. If people investigated and found that he was involved with the Flower Wine Monk in future, the top brass would naturally execute him. Thus after making his choice, he did not dare to hide away this treasure, but instead make a decision to notify the top brass.

By doing so it would prove his loyalty to the clan. His subsequent circumstances would also show that he made a wise choice.

However even if he did that, it didn’t mean that Fang Yuan would do the same.

“I went through a pretty rough time searching for this treasure, so I should take everything for myself. Why should I share it with others? So what if I’ve been found out? Without braving the risks, where would you get profit? That Gu master is really cowardly,” Fang Yuan smiled coldly, no longer caring about the moving image that kept repeating on the stone wall. He turned around and stretched his hand, using his strength to pull apart the dead vines and roots.

The Flower Wine Monk’s remains were also affected. It was originally intact, but right now it was being broken into several pieces. Fang Yuan could hardly care; he kicked away a piece of leg bone that was in the way and squatted again, searching through the remains.

Firstly he found a bag of primeval stones. When he opened them he only found fifteen pieces.

“Old miser,” Fang Yuan spat. The Flower Wine Monk’s outer appearance looked flashy, but unexpectedly he only had so little money put aside.

However he quickly thought of the reason – The Flower Wine Monk went through a fierce battle, add on to the fact that he got tainted by the Moonshadow Gu, so he would definitely have used primeval stones to heal his injuries. To be able to leave behind fifteen pieces was actually not bad already.

After that he found a few dead Gu remains. Most of them were flower and grass variety, and had all completely withered away. Gu are also living creatures, so they also need food to survive, and most of them are picky. Though the grass Gu and flower Gu need less food, but in this secret cave there was not even a single ray of sunshine.

And after that…

After that, there was nothing.

The Flower Wine Monk was on the same level as the fourth generation clan leader. After fighting a fierce battle, he fought with around ten elders right after. His own Gu were mostly consumed, and up to this stage as he wanted to heal his injuries, he grew the Wine Sack Flower Gu and the Rice Pouch Grass Gu here. Yet in the end because of the Moonshadow Gu he was dragged to death.

After three hundred year, the Gu in his possession also died away. The only ones left were the Photo-audio Guon the wall and the Liquor worm.

This Liquor worm was probably reliant on the Wine Sack Flower Gu and barely lived through until today. But as the Wine Sack Flower Gu withered away one by one, it also lost its food supply.

This prompted the Liquor worm to go outside and look for wild Wine Sack Flowers. Then in this night, it was attracted by the aroma of the green bamboo wine and came before Fang Yuan.

“The Photo-audio Gu can only record once, since it’s a one-time use Gu. Looks like the Liquor worm is my greatest gain here, no wonder that Gu Master decided to report to the clan. Looks like it was because the profit was too small, and not worth such a huge risk.” A sort of understanding rose into Fang Yuan’s heart.

In his memories, that Gu Master was already Rank three, while the Liquor worm was just a Rank one Gu. To Fang Yuan it was more precious, but to that Gu Master it was pretty much nothing.

However it was clear that due to his report, the clan gave him a big reward.

“Should I also tell the clan?” Fang Yuan thought for a moment, then he pushed away this idea.

The Flower Wine Monk’s treasure seemed to be just the Liquor worm and the primeval stones, but that was not the case. The most valuable thing was actually the wall that hid the Photo-audio Gu. In other words, it was the moving image that did not stop repeating on the wall.

This image could entirely be sold to other villages. Trust in the fact that the top brass of the two other villages on Qing Mao Mountain must be very interested in this sort of evidence that could strike hard onto the conviction of a clan.


You said something about a sense of loyalty and honour to the clan?

I’m so sorry, Fang Yuan does not have one bit of that.

Moreover this moving image isn’t even some kind of strong force that can destroy the entire clan; it won’t do much substantial damage. The indifferent nature of the clan will also not look at Fang Yuan with importance. He needed to rely on his own hard work and find cultivation resources, in the early stage of cultivation he needed to borrow the powers around him more.

“Count on the clan? Heh heh.” Fang Yuan sneered in his heart, “How can I be so naïve like my past life.”

Do not depend on anyone; you must rely on yourself on everything in this world.

After making sure that he had ransacked every corner of the cave, Fang Yuan began his way back following the original road home.

Holding against the water pressure and squeezing past the boulder, he returned outside the mountain. Looking back at this huge boulder, Fang Yuan suddenly thought of his past life. It was said that the remains were found in an underground secret cave. But how was this place underground? It was clearly in the inside of the mountain wall.

No wonder he couldn’t find it for seven days straight even though he wasted so much effort. Looks like in his past life after the clan found out about this place, the first thing they did was to destroy the wall with the image, and then go about spreading a truth riddled with lies to mislead the clanspeople.

To be able to find this place tonight was partly due to luck, partly due to hard work, and the biggest reason would be the green bamboo wine.

This green bamboo wine was really rich, it could be said to be the best in Qing Mao Mountain. Perhaps in his past life, after that Gu Master lost his lover, the wine that he had been drinking was this wine.

But all of this was no longer important. The Flower Wine Monk’s treasure had been unearthed and ransacked by Fang Yuan; although in the end it was rather disappointing, it was also reasonable. The most important was that Fang Yuan’s original goal (Liquor worm) was in his hands, and the item he needed the most (primeval stones) was also gotten.

“Next up, I will need to set my heart on holing myself in the inn refining this Gu. As long as I have a vital Gu I can return to the academy and be qualified to stay in the academy dormitories. I’ll also be able to borrow the clan resources to cultivate. I can only stay in this inn for one or two times; if I stay too long the cost is too much.” Fang Yuan pondered, his footsteps never ceasing as he hurried back to the village.

He was originally left with two primeval stones, but now he gained fifteen pieces, so the total is seventeen pieces. But to a Gu Master, this small amount of primeval stones mean nothing. Chapter 17: Starting to refine the Liquor worm

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“With my C grade talent, the amount of my primeval sea in the aperture is only 44%. The speed of Gu using up primeval essence is way faster than my own recovery rate. If I want to refine a Gu I would need to borrow external help, which means I need to waste primeval stones.”

“The weaker the Gu’s will, the smaller the resistance, the easier it becomes for me to refine it. However any living creature will always have the will to live. To refine the Moonlight Gu I would at least require five primeval stones, at the most I’d need eight pieces.”

“Right now to refine the Liquor worm, I would need at least eleven pieces, at the most I would need sixteen pieces.” Although the Liquor worm was also a Rank one Gu like the Moonlight Gu, but it was definitely rarer. Thus the difficulty of the refinement process also increased.

In other words, even though right now Fang Yuan had seventeen primeval stones, but just to refine the Liquor worm he would at most be left with six pieces, or at least one primeval stone.

In the night, the bright crescent gave off clear and pure moonlight. The moonlight was like the lady saint’s gentle hand, lightly stroking over the Gu Yue Village. Along the way the bamboo houses were like jade, standing in great numbers. The night breeze blew slowly.

Under this moonlight, Fang Yuan found his way back to the inn. The inn door had already closed. Fang Yuan banged on the door.

“I hear you! I hear you! Who is it, knocking on the door at this late time…” The inn worker grumbled as he opened the door, his eyes puffy from sleep.

But when he saw Fang Yuan standing at the door, all the displeasure and sleepiness from his expression changed, and he bent his waist and said with a flattering smile,” “Ah, it’s his young lordship. This little one is very lucky to be able to open the door for his lordship.”

Fang Yuan nodded his head, his expression cold with indifference, and walked into the inn.

His expression made the worker laugh in a more humble manner, and he took the initiative to ask, “My lord, are you hungry? Would you like me to notify the kitchens and make some small dishes for you as supper?”

“No need,” Fang Yuan shook his head and only ordered, ” Go and prepare some hot water for me, I would like to wash myself.”

“Yes!” The worker immediately nodded, “My lord, go on to your room first. I guarantee you, the hot water will be sent over immediately.”

Fang Yuan let out a noise of approval and went up the stairs, heading towards the second floor. The worker watched Fang Yuan’s back, his two eyes glittering in the light, revealing an expression of jealousy.

“This is a Gu Master, oh if only I had the talent to cultivate, how good that would be!” He shook his fists, sighing deeply. These words floated into Fang Yuan’s ears and he smiled bitterly in his heart.

A Gu Master had the power to transcend mortals, becoming a man above men, but in this process the price that was to be paid was also very high.

The first difficult problem was financial resources. A Gu Master needed primeval stones to cultivate, battles also required primeval stones, refining Gu also needed primeval stones, trading was also not an exception.

Without primeval stones, how could cultivation be possible?

This point was a difficult position that, being an ordinary mortal who watched from the sidelines, the inn worker would not understand.

Just like earlier in the evening, the young Gu Master Jiang Ya vented his anger and displeasure on the hunters when he dropped their wine jars. His meaning was – He himself could not bear to spend primeval stones to drink this green bamboo wine, yet these hunters who were just ordinary men actually had such money to spare!

To take a glimpse at the whole picture, just that meaning alone could tell a lot about the cultivation situation of a Gu Master. The strength of a Gu Master was great, they achieved more than a common mortal, but the price was also great. Many a time using every single piece of primeval stone needed great consideration, especially when it came to lower ranked Gu Masters. Do not be fooled by the glorious surface; in reality the life of a Gu Master is constantly strained by money.

“Not to mention, as the realm of a Gu Master increases, the resources they require also increase. Without proper backing it is very difficult for a Gu Master’s road to cultivation.” Fang Yuan thought of his previous life and had deep understanding of this reality.

He returned to his room. Just after he lit the lamp, the inn worker came up with a basin of hot water. Of course, there were cloth towels and other toiletries.

Fang Yuan let the worker leave and closed the room door. He put down the door latch, washed himself and got up to his bed.

Although his body was feeling a little tired, his heart still flared with a surge of excitement. “I finally got my hands on the Liquor worm. The Liquor worm is rarer than the Moonlight Gu, because in a sense it is a Gu that increase a Gu Master’s latent talent!”

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged on the bed and took out the Liquor worm. The Liquor worm was still sleeping soundly. Its body size was slightly bigger than the Moonlight Gu, soft and white like a silkworm.

Under the light its body was shrouded in a layer of faint wavering light, just like a pearl’s mellow luster. Two little eyes resembling two black sesame seeds were mounted on its chubby white head, making it appear charmingly naïve.

Placed in his hand, it was not heavy. Its weight was about half a chicken egg. When smelling it carefully, its body exuded a whiff of wine aroma. This fragrance was not the aroma of green bamboo wine but the Liquor worm’s own fragrance. The smell was faint and misty, as if it was not there. Fang Yuan’s nose twitched as he inhaled the fragrance of the Liquor worm.

The wine fragrance moved straight downwards into the aperture, entering into the green copper primeval sea. The primeval sea surged and rippled for a moment, quickly absorbing in the wine. A gleam of pure and refined primeval essence was produced.

The other primeval essence had an emerald green color, shining with a metallic copper luster. However this primeval essence was a pale green, and it was more condensed than the original primeval essence. This was the primeval essence that a Rank one middle stage Gu Master could produce.

Aware of this gleam of pale green primeval essence in his green copper sea, Fang Yuan revealed a satisfied smile. “Right now my cultivation base is just that of a Rank one initial stage. But with the Liquor worm’s condensing, after the primeval essence is refined I will be able to have Rank one middle realm primeval essence. The beauty of this benefit is something that cannot be said in one or two sentences.”

But very soon, he took back his smile. “However right now I have yet to fully master the Liquor worm. It is only when I refine the Liquor worm and turn it into my vital Gu, then I will be able to freely use it and later on with maximum efficiency, refine my primeval essence.”

Thinking up to this point, he no longer hesitated and began to draw out a jet of green copper primeval essence from his primeval sea. The primeval essence tightly wrapped around the Liquor worm, bringing it into the air before Fang Yuan, and started to invade its body.

The Liquor worm felt its life at danger and woke up immediately. It began to struggle violently, using its own power to drive out Fang Yuan’s primeval essence.

“This Liquor worm has a really strong resistance.” Fang Yuan’s complexion turned grave as he felt the consumption rate of his primeval essence go beyond more than double of what the Moonlight Gu had consumed.

“No matter what, I have to refine the Liquor worm.” His two eyes flashed with a firm light as he continued pouring primeval essence into the Liquor worm.

In the room, the candles on the table quietly burned, shining a bright light in the middle of the room while the far corners of the walls were dark. The candlelight radiated on Fang Yuan’s face but he had already closed his eyes, gathering all his focus onto the Liquor worm.

A continuous jet of green-copper coloured primeval essence that resembled a jet of mist emitted out from Fang Yuan’s whole body, then it gathered together and firmly wrapped around the Liquor worm. The Liquor worm hovered in the air, its distance less than a feet away from Fang Yuan’s face. It struggled with all its might in the midst of the green copper primeval essence.

Time slipped away quietly.

As the candles burned they became smaller and the light grew dimmer. The crescent outside the window had slowly gone down, and then a new day arrived.

The morning light squeezed through the narrow crack in the window and shone into the room. It was like the window had a light edge.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes and looked at the Liquor worm in front of him. The Liquor worm’s white body had a shade of green colour. This was the result of Fang Yuan’s effort after half a night. However it was clear that this volume of green colour was not even 1% of the Liquor worm’s body.

Fang Yuan’s face looked grave. This Liquor worm’s will was way too tenacious and its resistance was incredibly strong; simply put this was beyond a Rank one Gu’s boundary.

“This Gu was most probably the Flower Wine Monk’s vital Gu. The Flower Wine Monk was a Rank five master, so this Liquor worm was originally Rank five, but because it went through all those years without enough food, pretty much full in one moment and starving in the next, so its grade also fell. Right now it is left at the level of Rank one, yet its will is still as tough as a rock!”

Fang Yuan had guessed the truth.

The Rattlesnake mercenary group, although not listed in the top ten list of mercenary groups, were still very famous as they were true mercenaries in the real world.

However, the Rattlesnake mercenary group was still low key, and only a few knew of their background. Thanks to his past life, Ouyang Shuo had some understandings about them.

The cooperation he mentioned was that he would like to hire the members of Rattlesnake as the instructors of Shanhai’s military. Their job would be to help the Shanhai military by providing training to the scouts and special forces.

In regards to this matter, Ouyang Shuo could not work along with Zhan Lang, who was supported by the military. Hence, his only shot was the mercenaries.

Ouyang Shuo requested his little aunt to act as the middleman. As his little aunt and the Rattlesnakes were all adventurers, they could communicate with each other better. If Ouyang Shuo had approached the Rattlesnake mercenary group in person, it would seem a little odd.

Jian Ye, Base of the Snow-War Rose Mercenary Group

Lin Jing frowned upon receiving Ouyang Shuo’s letter; she mumbled to herself, “What sort of business does this brat have with the Rattlesnake mercenary group, how did he come by this name?!”

“Jingjing, what are you mumbling about?” Xie Siyun who was beside her asked.

Lin Jing raised her head and said awkwardly, “Siyun, do you have any contacts with the Rattlesnake mercenary group?”

“The Rattlesnakes?” Xie Siyun frowned. “From what I know, they’re also based are in Jian Ye. I had seen their leader once, Black Mamba, during the gathering of heads of Jian Ye. I heard that they’re keeping an unusually low profile, why do you ask?”

“Little Ouyang Shuo wants us to put up a bridge between him and the Black Mamba. It seems like he has intentions to cooperate with the Rattlesnakes, but he had not specified what.”

“Cooperation?” Xie Siyun lowered her head and pondered. She said slowly as she recalled, “From the clues and trails, the Rattlesnakes should be a fixed group in the real world; they don’t take in new members and remain around 500-600 in number, not even the size of a medium guild.”

As the president of the Jian Ye Overlord guild, Xie Siyun was familiar with each and every guild in the city, but there was an exception. She only knew a little about the Rattlesnake mercenary group.

Xie Siyun shook her head and also shaking her thoughts away, she said with a wry smile. “What a mysterious nephew you have, thousands of miles away and yet he is still so familiar with the mercenaries in Jian Ye. Since he mentioned it, he must have his own reasons. Alright, I will contact the leader Black Mamba and see what he has to say.”

“Alright.” Although Lin Jing grumbled about Ouyang Shuo, his requests weren’t taken lightly.

The base of Rattlesnake mercenary group was situated in a humble courtyard in the city of Jian Ye. If Snow-War Rose wasn’t a large party in the city, they might’ve not been able to find it at all.

Xie Siyun and Lin Jing had decided to personally visit the Rattlesnakes.

“Who are you?” The guard were alert.

In a situation like this, it was always handled by Xie Siyun. She answered their doubts with a smile. A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu “We are from the Snow-War Rose; we have something for your leader. Please pass the words.”

To the adventure players in Jian Ye, how could they not know the name of Snow-War Rose? The guard of course knew who they were. His heart skipped for a beat, but he remained calm on the surface, “This way please!”

Xie Siyun and Lin Jing glanced at each other, both of their eyes filled with surprise. The quality of the members of Rattlesnakes were so high. Even an ordinary guard was so calm and steady; the Rattlesnakes were deeply hidden, and must not be underestimated.

Xie Siyun was even more surprised. There exists such an elite mercenary group in Jian Ye and yet she was clueless about it. It seemed like she had to reevaluate the Rattlesnake mercenary groups.

It was also one of the reasons why Ouyang Shuo requested Lin Jing to act as middleman. Other than the fact adventurers communicate better with their own, he also wanted to tell them that the Rattlesnake mercenary group was not as simple as they thought it was.

The mercenary Rattlesnakes’ main businesses were assassination contract, kidnap, assault and any other requests by their employer. Dominating Love They were a bunch of dangerous men.

The guard led the two ladies into the meeting room, and he said, “Please wait for a moment, I will now report to the leader.”

Xie Siyun nodded and answered, “Thank you.”

A short moment later, laughter came from outside of the meeting room. The man wasn’t there but the sound had reached them.

“Haha, guests of importance, welcome welcome!” The sound was like the bright and shining sun, which cleared the gloomy and dark atmosphere. It warmed the hearts of those present.

A man walked into the meeting room. He was tall, dark-skinned and had a strong physique. He had a buff look and an army haircut, giving off an aura of masculinity.

Xie Siyun and Lin Jing stood up, their hearts filled with doubts. The black mamba snake was venomous and insidious, but the man who stood before them was nowhere close to that even though he carried the name of Black Mamba.

“We are sorry for the sudden visit.” Xie Siyun said.

Black Mamba nodded. He sat down, smiled and said, “It is an honor for the two great leaders of the Snow-War Rose to pay me a visit.” In actual fact, he was also surprised and curious about the sudden visit.

The two parties had simple greetings and Xie Siyun went straight into the topic, so she said, “We are here today for two reasons. The first is to enhance the relationship between the two mercenary groups, and the second is that we were requested to do so by someone.”

His sights congealed and his aura changed. The warm bright man was no more and the atmosphere was stagnated; it could almost suffocate the weak. Black Mamba was astonished. They kept a low profile but in the end they were still noticed by someone.

“Who is it?” in a solemn voice Black Mamba asked.

Xie Siyun was shocked. Her heart trembled, but she was no ordinary woman either, she stayed calm and said, “Lord of Shanhai City, Lian Zhou Marquis Qiyue Wuyi.”

“What a man of high prestige, no wonder he can instruct the two of you.” Black Mamba gazed carefully at the two ladies. His sights were filled with questions, wanting to know what was the relation between the Snow-War Rose and Shanhai City.

Xie Siyun ignored his wordless questions, and summarized the situation. “Lord Wuyi would like to have cooperation between Shanhai City and the Rattlesnake mercenary group, what do you think?”

“Cooperation? What kind of cooperation?” Black Mamba asked curiously. He felt that the Shanhai lord from thousands of miles away had his eyes on him. This feeling, to be honest, didn’t feel good.

Xie Siyun shook her head. “The details will be discussed between you and the Shanhai lord. But, with his high prestige, he will not say meaningless words.”

Again his sights congealed. Even without Xie Siyun saying so, he would still pay a visit to the legendary lord of the Chinese server. His heart would never rest at ease without knowing who the lord was and what business he had with the Rattlesnakes.

“Alright, Rattlesnake as a mercenary group will naturally not decline business. May the President of the War Rose pass the words to Lian Zhou Marquis, I am always ready to pay Shanhai City a visit.” Black Mamba reverted back to his usual image of a bright and warm gentleman, and answered like a businessman.

Xie Siyun nodded; she stood up and left with Lin Jing.

</pearl></pearl> On October 14, Ouyang Shuo received the premium blueprint and reply letter from his little aunt Lin Jing.

Ouyang Shuo first threw the premium shipyard building blueprint to Bai Nanpu in the office next to his, instructed Bai Nanpu to deliver it to Beihai County, and demanded Beihai County to immediately upgrade the shipyard.

He then returned back to his office and opened the letter.

In the letter, his little aunt Lin Jing said that she had contacted the leader of Rattlesnake mercenary group, Black Mamba, and that he was very interested to see what Ouyang Shuo had to offer when he arrived at Shanhai County.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Sure enough, Shanhai County was now a giant no one could look down on. He immediately wrote a letter to invite Black Mamba over to Shanhai County tomorrow to discuss their cooperation.

Since he still had some free time, he took a trip to the military factory located on the outskirt and retrieved a batch of military grain pills for the upcoming naval battle.

In order to increase their success rate, the shipyard followed Ouyang Shuo’s request and was now upgrading the 25 Meng Chong warships of the Beihai navy fleet with naval rams and inner metal plates.

As for the trump card, it would naturally be the alchemical oil. Ouyang Shuo would very much like to see how the wooden ships of the pirates would perform when faced with the fire arrows of alchemical oil.

The following day, Black Mamba arrived on time and was welcomed by Ouyang Shuo in the hall.

Along with the mercenary leader were two other gentleman. After the introductions, they were Viper and Cobra. Ouyang Shuo knew very well that only the core members of Rattlesnakes could embrace the name of a venomous snake.

While Shanhai County only had Ouyang Shuo who was accompanied by the director of Military Affairs, Director Ge Hongliang.

“What is it that the Lian Zhou Marquis would like seek from the Rattlesnakes?” Black Mamba was straightforward.

Ouyang Shuo understood their doubts and worries. If he didn’t clear them off and they remained wary, the cooperation would never continue on as he planned. Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “As the saying goes: A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. I know very well that you are mercenaries in the real world. I am here today, inviting you over with the hope that you can return back to your destined role.”

Black Mamba’s sights congealed, his bad foreboding came true.

In truth, being mercenaries was not a big deal, especially after the occurrence of the interplanet migration, there was simply nothing more to hide. What Black Mamba was wondering was how Ouyang Shuo had found out their identity.

Ouyang Shuo made the conversation clear. He didn’t want both parties to be tangled on their respective identities.

Black Mamba was also an extraordinary man. After Ouyang Shuo had spoken clearly, he stopped hiding and said, “You are indeed worthy of the name of Lian Zhou Marquis. I am now very curious, what kind of cooperation can people like you have with us?”

“Simple.” Ouyang Shuo explained. “I hope the Rattlesnakes can send over a team of instructors and be stationed in Shanhai County. They will assist Shanhai County in training an elite special operation force. How is that?”

His idea was simple. It was to implement the tactics and strategies of modern warfare to the armies of an ancient era. It would be hard and difficult; the idea was whimsical, and it required the help of professionals.

Rattlesnake was one of the best international mercenaries. The elites of the elites. Their combat capability and combat tactics were comparable to the special forces.

Black Mamba was stunned. Ouyang Shuo’s whimsical idea shocked him. This was the advantage of a layman. Because he was clueless about the industry, he dared to propose such a mad idea.

Of course, the high understanding of the game played an important role too. From Ouyang Shuo’s point of view, there weren’t so many restraints and rules. While others saw Earth Online as a game, he simply looked at it as the real world.

Ouyang Shuo didn’t find it weird at all to implement modern knowledge in this world set in the ancient era. He was completely a pragmatist to the marrow of his bones.

Black Mamba and the others were stuck with the usual set of inertial thinking. In their heads, the game was in the end only a game and it should not be related to the brick and mortar real world. Since the theme of the game was the ancient era, they would play along and adapt themselves to the general affairs of the ancient era.

Ouyang Shuo noticed that a bright white light flashed in the eyes of Viper who was standing behind Black Mamba. It seemed like he was excited by the whimsical idea of Ouyang Shuo.

The members of Rattlesnake mercenary group were all true mercenaries, so there were no need for them to go through special training anymore. Their thoughts and actions would unconsciously drift towards the ways of special forces. Maybe they didn’t realize it either, but the ways of the special forces had deeply seeped into their bones; it had become a part of them.

The idea Ouyang Shuo proposed was a stimulus to the war activists; it was difficult and challenging. But it was in their bones that they feared no challenges, rather, they enjoyed the challenges. The more challenging it was, the more exciting it was as well.

Black Mamba, as the leader of Rattlesnakes, was the perfect lead example. But at the same time, he was also the soberest man. Although his blood-boiled heart pumped in great excitement wanting to comply with Ouyang Shuo’s idea, his cool-headed mind was constantly reminding him to fight for the benefits of the mercenary group.

He suppressed his excitement and became the master of his own emotions. He calmly asked, “The idea Lian Zhou Marquis proposed, it is indeed interesting. But, what are the prices are you willing to pay?”

Ouyang Shuo had well understood the needs of Rattlesnakes. The offering price was something they could not resist.

“I am willing to pay with God-arm Crossbows, with this number.” Ouyang Shuo lifted up 5 fingers.

“50?” Black Mamba was a little unsatisfied.

Just as Ouyang Shuo thought, as the mercenaries, the God-arm Crossbows were the best cold-weapon for them. 50 God-arm Crossbows were close to Black Mamba bottom line expectation.

“No.” Ouyang Shuo shook his head, “500 of them.”

“Hiss.” Even with his immense control over his emotions and remaining calm all the time, he still couldn’t help but to take in a breath of cold-air to calm his heart.

500 God-arm Crossbows, that was sufficient to fully equip the entire Rattlesnake mercenary group. Basing on the current market price, the total value would not be less than 8000 gold, and the supply in the market was unstable too.

“Alright!” Black Mamba slammed the table as he stood up in excitement. “The Lian Zhou Marquis is truly generous. The Rattlesnakes accepts your terms and the deal is sealed. Rest assured, the best instructors of the Rattlesnakes will be sent over to Shanhai County.” Ouyang Shuo’s generosity earned Black Mamba’s recognition and his approbation towards the cooperation.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. This was exactly what he wanted.

Then next thing they needed to do was to expand further discussions on the details of the cooperation.

The agreements included that the Rattlesnakes would send over 10 core members including Viper and Cobra to station in Shanhai County and assist Shanhai County with training a special forces.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo invited Black Mamba, Cobra and Viper over to Restaurant Sangu for a banquet.

On the table, Black Mamba raised his cup of Three Flower Wine, smiled and said, “Shanhai County is truly worthy of its name as the World’s First County. It really opened my eyes.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, smiled and said nothing.

After the banquet, Black Mamba returned back to Jian Ye while Viper and Cobra stayed back.

To train a special force, they need to select the appropriate candidates first. Only the best of the best could join the training. Needless to say, the first thing that came into Ouyang Shuo’s mind was the Guards regiment. The whole of regiment would be joining the training.

But at the same time, in order to avoid any gossip and unpleasantness from the other units, Ouyang Shuo had decided that all of the 5 regiments from the 1st Legion could recommend a squadron of soldiers to participate in the screening. While the 3 city defense regiments of Shanhai County, Qiushui County and Friendship County could recommend 50 soldiers to the screening.

Other than that, Ouyang Shuo had instructed the spies of the Military Intelligence Division to join in as one of the abilities of the special forces was scouting, and that was exactly what the Military Intelligence Division needed.

After knowing the situation, all 3 heads of Military Intelligence Division had requested to join. The words Ouyang Shuo spurred on them were still ringing in their ears. Now that they had the opportunity to receive specialized training, of course they wouldn’t miss it.

Seeing that the intelligence gathering workload was not as heavy as before, Ouyang Shuo approved their requests.

Therefore, the total number of candidates had reached 3,250 in number. Ouyang Shuo did not set any slots. He would be leaving it to the instructor’s jurisdiction. They would decide who stayed and who left.

After the candidate selection, it would establish a proper specialized training base.

The training camp would be placed in the outskirts. Qiushui County was located beside the woods, so it was a good option. In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo led Viper and Cobra to the southern suburbs of Qiushui County.

Under the professional advice of the two mercenaries, they had chosen a piece of woodland. It was special because it had a pond, making it an ideal source of water. It could also be utilized in certain training programs.

Other than that, there would be another naval training base in Beihai County.

Ouyang Shuo had specially invited Sun Xiaoyue over. Under the suggestions of Viper and Cobra, Sun Xiaoyue drafted the architectural building blueprint, and handed it to the Construction Division.

The training base required many professional equipment and facilities. There were some modern facilities such as high pressure water guns that couldn’t be achieved under the existing condition, so they could only look for alternatives.

To establish a qualified training base and to realize the whimsical plan, Viper and Cobra would have to make use of their specialized knowledge finding alternatives and improvise the existing conditions to meet the required standard of facilities.

The endless forest looked like the open mouth of a deadly beast. No one knows what lies at the deepest parts of Sky Cloud Forest. All Zhao Feng knew was that the further one went, the more likely one was to met deadly beasts. Opportunities and danger intertwined with each other.

Zhao Feng cautiously scanned the area with his left eye for signs of unknown beasts. He occasionally met a few strong deadly beasts and flew thirty miles out.

Zhao Feng took out his silver bow and put his Inner Strength into it. The string started to tremble with power.


One silver arrows shot through the forest and hit a two-hundred kg wild pig, two-hundred metres out.


The arrow blasted through the pig’s eye and head, spraying blood everywhere. It struggled for a while before falling down. The two-hundred kg pig would be a tough feat if fought head on by cultivators of the third rank.

Zhao Feng didn’t pick up the pig’s corpse. He was just practising his skills with the bow. His real target was wild beasts. Only by killing wild beasts would he gain the silver he needed for cultivation resources.

“The power of this silver bow is not bad. Every arrow’s strength is on par with the full strength hit of a fourth rank within three hundred steps. My arrows also have poison coated on them. If I hit a vital spot it is the same damage as a fifth ranker.” Zhao Feng was very pleased with himself. Being an archer, Zhao Feng’s killing and surviving rate was very high.

“Clap, clap, clap….. Not bad, not bad. I never thought my target this time would be an archer.”

A clapping sound came from in front.

“Who!” Zhao Feng was shocked.

He saw that on a tree top, two-hundred metres out, stood a slim as bones gary-clothed man. This person was like a ghost that hung on a tree. If one wasn’t careful enough, one would think it was a rag.

Through his left eye, Zhao Feng found that the person’s aura was converged in a weird way, making the aura turn to nothingness.

Through his first inspection the enemy had reached the fifth rank of the martial path and had also learned a skill similar to Hiding Air Technique, as well as another tracking skill.

“Who? Hehe… you’re going to die soon, haven’t you realised?” The gray-clothed man mocked. He did not seem to have any intentions of attacking in a short amount of time. However, his eyes had always been locked on to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s hand held three poison arrows as he faced off the assassin.

Why didn’t he make a move?

Zhao Feng felt weird. Soon however he got to know why.

“Hahaha…. Kid, come to your death!”

A few hundred metres behind him, two men, clothed in black, were coming. They had both reached the peak of the fourth rank.

Two pronged attack!

Zhao Feng’s expression changed. However, the man that gave him the most dangerous feeling was the one in front of him.

“It is time to end it now.” A curve blade appeared in the gray-clothed man’s hand.

What should I do? Zhao Feng thought urgently.

At this moment, from deep inside the left eye, came a familiar thumping sound. Under this danger, Zhao Feng fully pushed his left eye into max vision and reaction speed.


The two men behind him were now one or two hundred metres away. Their every action slowed down in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

However, the gray-clothed man in front stood still like wood, not moving at all. Zhao Feng’s left eye however was still locked onto this man as he was the most dangerous one of all.

One hundred metres!

The two black-clothed men were laughing hysterically. They seemed to already picture how Zhao Feng would be cut into pieces. However, Zhao Feng was still calm.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s left eye felt the blood and Inner Strength stirring within the gray-clothed man’s body…..

At this moment!

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed dangerously as he put the three poisonous arrows onto the bow.

Sou! Sou! Sou!—–

The three arrows were arranged in a queer position, like a triangle that shot towards the gray-clothed man. Chapter 32 – Life or Death Pursuit

As Zhao Feng pulled his bow, the gray-clothed man’s expression turned into one of mockery.

Sou! Sou! Sou! —

However, when those three arrows came right at him, his expression suddenly changed. These three poison arrows had small gaps between them and were not going in a straight line. However, the way that it was arranged meant that he had no escape routes, he was completely locked on!


The gray-clothed man swiped his hand and a gust of wind snapped the first arrow, but the second arrow came right after.

If he wanted to dodge the second arrow and then attack Zhao Feng using the best route possible, he would have to face the third arrow.

The third arrow seemed to calculate how he would react.

How did he do this…… The gray-clothed man’s pupil shrank as his expression turned to shock. If this was all planned by Zhao Feng, then this would be extremely frightening. He was a youth not even fourteen years of age!

He did not know that Zhao Feng’s left eye had already locked on him. Everything, including his heartbeat and breathing rate, was all under close watch.

Zhao Feng had shot his arrows according to the changes in the opponent’s body. Everything went to plan. The three arrows had stalled the gray-clothed man for a few breaths.

“There is no difference. You will still die today.” The gray-clothed man’s voice was full of coldness.

However, Zhao Feng’s actions after that caused him to be stunned once again. Zhao Feng didn’t run after he shot the three arrows. Instead, he turned around and attacked the two men behind him.


The two black clothed men also attacked Zhao Feng.

Since they were running towards each other in straight lines, the distance between them soon closed in.

“This kid has strong calculation abilities.” The gray-clothed man felt a bit anxious. Zhao Feng’s actions had been the most perfect way to escape.

Firstly, he didn’t run straight away. His chances of escaping under the two groups of people was very low. At the very least, Zhao Feng had confirmed that the gray-clothed man’s speed would not be slower than his own, or else he could not have appeared in front of him like a ghost.

Secondly, it was very hard for Zhao Feng to find a breakthrough point.

After comparing the three people, Zhao Feng thought that the two men clothed in black were weaker. If he could finish off these two quickly, and then concentrate on the gray-clothed man, his chances of winning would be higher.

Just as Zhao Feng and the two men were getting closer.

“How will a trivial half-step martial artist fight against two peak fourth rankers?” The gray-clothed man didn’t feel urgent. He didn’t need the two men in black to kill Zhao Feng. All that he needed was for them to stall Zhao Feng for a while, then Zhao Feng would definitely die.


Angry Dragon Fists!

As Zhao Feng exchanged blows with the two black-clothed men his body perfectly passed through the gap between their attacks.

Suddenly his aura increased dramatically.

“What! This guy is a true martial artist!” The gray-clothed man’s expression finally changed. Zhao Feng’s aura had obviously shown that he had reached the fourth rank of the Martial Path.


Zhao Feng’s fist was like a roaring dragon that carried a faint green glow and smashed into the chest of one of the men clothed in black.


The bones inside of him were instantly shattered and he immediately died.

Zhao Feng’s explosive Inner Strength had reached the peak of the fourth rank and Angry Dragon Fists had also reached its Max level.

With that one fist he killed one of the men in black. This wasn’t just because they looked down upon Zhao Feng, it was also because of Zhao Feng’s strength and his left eye’s calculations.

“Little brother!” The other man in black screamed angrily as his eyes turned red.

Angry Dragon Fists!

Zhao Feng immediately attacked the other man in black. To be merciful to the enemy meant being cruel to himself.

“I’ll slice you ten thousand times for killing my little brother.” The sword in the black clothed martial artist suddenly gave off extremely powerful Inner Strength as he furiously hacked towards Zhao Feng.

“Stall him!”

The gray-clothed man behind shouted.

He only needed the person to stall Zhao Feng, not necessarily kill him. Unfortunately the black clothed man had lost his mind and attacked crazily. Zhao Feng fully utilised his left eye to find flaws of the opponent. However, his time was limited as the gray-clothed man behind him was catching up.


Zhao Feng couldn’t care about anything else as his body swiftly floated within range of the black clothed man’s sword range.


Zhao Feng finally landed one punch on the opponent’s left shoulder.


Although the man’s arm had been broken, he kept on attacking towards Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng punched him once again and shattered his throat.


The man in black fell to the ground, dead.

Zhao Feng had also paid a price for it. He had suffered some internal damage due to the man landing his last punch onto Zhao Feng’s chest. After all, his Metal Wall Technique had not reached the third level yet, which meant that he could not take straight hits from cultivators of the same rank.

“Little kid…. You’ve been hiding pretty deeply. Your true strength is close to the fifth rank of the Martial Path. However, you will still die today.” At this moment the gray-clothed man had arrived.

There was a dead silence as the two faced one another.

“Who sent you here? Was it Zhao Tianjian?” Zhao Feng stared at the gray-clothed man. He was 80% certain that Zhao Tianjian was the mastermind.

He only had one mortal enemy within Sun Feather City, and that was Zhao Tianjian and his son.

“Hahaha…. It doesn’t matter whether it was or wasn’t since you’re going to die either way.” The gray-clothed man laughed cruelly and moved like a ghost. The curved blade in his hand sliced towards Zhao Feng.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng felt that the enemy had a high tier footwork skill and super fast attack speed. Only with the help of his left eye was he able to dodge these attacks. If it were someone else that had reached the fourth or fifth rank of the Martial Path, they would probably have already been killed.

The thin curved blade in the gray-clothed man’s hand was very sharp. Even Xin Tong’s Bronze Skin wouldn’t be able to block it.

If Zhao Feng was to take one hit, he would definitely lose his life here. He was also trying to find flaws in the enemy. However, the gray-clothed man was very experienced and had been in many life-death situations, so he had few flaws.

High ranked sword skill, high ranked footwork skill, high rank Inner Strength skill…. All of them have reached the High level. His sword skill has almost reached the Peak level. While Zhao Feng barely managed to dodge he had also estimated the opponent’s strength.

The result made his heart go cold.

The cultivation of the gray-clothed man had reached the peak of the fifth rank and was close to the sixth. With high tier martial arts he was definitely a peak fighter from the fifth ranks of the Martial Path.

As the fight continued Zhao Feng felt his internal injury become worse.

I will definitely die if we keep on fighting in close combat…. Why not…. Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he thought of a plan.


He suddenly exited the fight and pushed Lightly Floating Ferry and Air Crossing Breathing Technique to the max.

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All First Rated Warriors were given two chances to challenge. Wu Man, Niu Zhan, Xia Shuo, and the other First Rated Warriors all began challenging and the fights that ensued were also very intense. The Black Armored Soldiers who watched the fights from the surrounding were very happy and excited.

Yet, no one challenged Teng Qingshan!

“I didn’t expect this. Even if I had only used 10000 Jin of my strength, none of these people are able to defeat me.” Teng Qingshan sighed and said, “If Yue Song’s Bending Wave Technique had attained culmination, I might be forced to use more strength!”

Teng Qingshan’s trump card was not”Crossing Worlds”, but his terrifyingly and abnormally great strength.

After he turned sixteen, he cultivated the “Godly Tiger Form Technique”for a month. When he was fighting the Flood Dragon at the Frost Jade Pool, he had already possessed an enormous strength of 150000 Jin. He then stayed in Teng Jia Village for six months, and during this time period, he was still practicing the “Godly Tiger Form Technique”. His progress was slow and no longer improved after six months,

However, when Teng Qingshan left his hometown with his cousin Teng Qinghu and headed towards Jiangning County, he was already a super powerful expert. As a super powerful expert, the control of his strength was very precise. He estimated that both his arms had a great strength of 180,000.

As the saying went, the so-called one ‘strong guy could beat up ten people’!

With this monstrous strength, Teng Qingshan could kill Yue Song with just a simple smash.

The combination of this monstrous strength and this profound spear art, Teng Qingshan would become the God of Slaughter.

“Gui Yuan Sect probably has some inner strength cultivation manual I can learn and practice.

I wonder how the inner strength cultivation manual will improve my ability.” Teng Qingshan was not arrogant. He didn’t think that he could conquer the world with his monstrous strength.

After all, the legendary Emperor Yu had split the lofty mountains with five moves of his axe.

The legendary Heavenly Emperor of the Qin Mountains could stop the hundred Zhang wide Yan River from flowing with just his palm.

As Teng Qingshan thought about these legends, he trembled with fear. These legendary figures had caused the Yan River to run dry and the lofty mountain to collapse. They were a thousand or ten thousand times stronger than him. In fact, they could probably kill him with just an easy smack.

“There are definitely people stronger than me in this land. I just haven’t met them yet as I have only met the younger generations. I would assume that Yue Song’s teacher, whose name is Cang Jiang Swordmaster, is stronger than me” As Teng Qingshan thought about it, he somehow felt slightly excited.

He was excited to have opponents.

The fights continued. The seventeen First Rated Warriors had two chances of challenging the Lieutenants. Soon, the last fight occurred.

“This is the last fight. Haha, none of them dared to challenge Teng Qingshan.” The tall and big Commander laughed and said.

“Teng Qingshan’s spear art could be said to have reached the Realm of Simplicity. The others are not stupid. Of course they won’t challenge him.” said the silver-haired elder donned in a black cloak.

“Realm of Simplicity? He hasn’t reached that level.” Zhuge Yuanhong said with a smile.



The four Commanders stared at Zhuge Yuanhong.

Zhuge Yuanhong praised, “However, he is only sixteen-years-old. Sixteen! He is only a sixteen-year-old youth, and he already has such marvelous spear arts that aren’t inferior to the techniques of some great spear art masters in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. There are only two possible explanations. One, he is either the reincarnation of a great master in the Buddhism Sect or the reincarnation of the living Buddha.

On the Land of the Nine Prefectures, there were eight most famous sects with very strong foundations.

Of the eight sects, the strongest was the Mani Temple. Each of the other seven sects ruled over one prefecture. However, Mani Temple ruled over two prefectures. Located in the west of the Nine Prefectures, its sphere of influence was the southwest Rongzhou as well as Liangzhou in the west.

Of the eight Supreme Sects, Mani Temple was the only Buddhist Sect with a history of several thousand years.

Buddhist sect had absolute authority in Rongzhou and Liangzhou.

Among the Eight Supreme Sects of the Nine Prefectures, the practice methods of the other seven sects were ‘Training Vitality into Qi’ and the ‘Unity of Spirit’. These were the two cultivation methods to reach the Realm of Qi and then the Spirit before attaining the Innate Realm. This was the most used practicing method in all of the Nine Prefectures.

However, the cultivation of the Buddhism Sect was completely different. They cultivate the three pulses and seven meridians, and the practice of finding one’s true self in order achieve Sarira so that they could become Arhat one day. Among the great masters of the Buddhism Sect, those who could achieve Sarira would be called Arhat, and they were the equivalent of innate experts.


Because the human body is limited by the heavens and earth and would eventually die, some great master of the Buddhist Sect who had attained an incredible realm could preserve their soul and achieve reincarnation. They would become the reincarnation of the living Buddha, reborn with the memory of the previous life.

If Teng Qingshan was the reincarnation of the living Buddha, then it would make sense for him to display such marvelous spear arts.

“If he was the reincarnation of the living Buddha, the monks at Mani Temple would have already taken him away. He wouldn’t be here.” The silver-haired elder said.

“There’s a very small possibility that he could be the Reincarnation of the Living Buddha.” Zhuge Yuanhong admitted. Although Teng Qingshan was not the Reincarnation of the Living Buddha, he was the reincarnation of an Internal Martial Art Grandmaster from another world, but none of them knew about this.

“Teacher, what about the second possibility?” Zang Feng asked.

Zhuge Yuanhong sighed and said, “The second explanation is that he has the Innocence of a Newborn, which gives him the ability to comprehend the heavens and earth! He had lived in the forest since young and followed the natural law. With the heavens and earth as his teacher, he was able to comprehend and create such a profound spear art! This is the Innocence of a Newborn!”

Being in the world of mortals would only corrupt to one’s heart.

However, on the Land of the Nine Prefectures, there were some naturally pure-hearted geniuses. These talented geniuses possessed the Innocence of a Newborn. They could comprehend the nature and learned from the heavens and earth. The moves of the spear art, saber art, and other techniques they created seemed simple but were absolutely profound.

“However, Feng, you must not be discouraged.” Zhuge Yuanhong said, “Being able to create such an amazing spear art has its advantages and disadvantages!”

“Advantages? Disadvantages?” The four Commanders looked at the Sovereign with bemusement.

Zhuge Yuanhong nodded and said, “Normally, when people cultivate and practice sword art, saber art, etcetera, they start from the beginning. The sword art they learn gradually becomes more and more profound and complicated. It is a process of simplicity to complexity! The expert would discover the weak points of their sword art or saber art through each fight and gradually improve. Then, it would be a process of complexity to simplicity and eventually the Realm of Simplicity.”

The process of simplicity to complexity and the process of complexity back to simplicity made every move infinitely powerful.

“The moves created through each setback, each moment of understanding, each alteration, and the final moment of enlightenment would be even more powerful than the simple and forceful moves created through by learning from nature.” Zhuge Yuanhong said.

“I understand.” Zang Feng nodded.

One could only gain higher achievements after experiencing setbacks and struggles in the mortal world.

“Geniuses like Teng Qingshan are too young. Although he could comprehend such powerful Spear Arts right now, he has not experienced many setbacks to progress further. He has yet to temper himself in the mortal world If he wishes to progress further, he must experience struggles and setbacks.” Zhuge Yuanhong smiled and said. “Of course, geniuses who have established themselves in the mortal world will have limitless future prospects!”

The four Commanders nodded.

However, they didn’t know that…Teng Qingshan had experienced much more setbacks and pain than they could imagine.

“Sovereign, the fights for the positions of Centurion have ended.”

“Yes, it is time to award the heavy armor and warhorses!” Zhuge Yuanhong ordered. Chapter 85: Dark Demonic Horses

On the school ground, the black armored soldiers were conversing quietly.

“The challenge of the centurions had ended! The newly appointed eight centurions are: Teng Qingshan, Niu Zhan, Gong Yangqing, Hong Xingyang, Yue Song……” The elder dressed in black gown announced the names of the eight final winners.

“The eight centurions come forward!” The elder dressed in black spoke loudly.

Teng Qingshan and the other eight people walked towards the front concurrently.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Eight Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses covered with heavy armor were led by eight Black Armored Soldiers. On the saddle of every Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse, there was a dark red armor.

“Every centurion of the Black Armored Army will get an Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse and a Hematite Heavy Armor. As for the weapons needed, you can use the ones you brought yourself or you can ask the sect for it.” The elder dressed in black gown said indifferently.

“Teng Qingshan.” The black clothed elder look at Teng Qingshan and spoke, “From today onward, you will be the first leader of our Black Armored Army and you will serve as the centurion of the spearmen unit under the third lieutenant.

“Yes.” Teng Qingshan answered loud and clearly.

“Accept the war horse and heavy armor!” The old man dressed in black answered coldly.

Immediately, a black armored soldier by his side led the Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses to Teng Qingshan’s side. Teng Qingshan accepted the Azure Mane Treading On Snow Horses and Hematite Heavy Armor solemnly as he commented, “The Black Armored Army is really wealthy and extravagant. A centurion gets to use an Azure Mane Treading Snow Horse and a Hematite Heavy Armor.”

Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses were the kings of the Azure Mane Horses, and they cost five thousand silver taels.

The price of the Hematite Heavy Armor was not lower than the price of the Azure Mane Treading On Snow.

If one calculated the cost of the heavy armor for the horse, it would amount to ten thousand silvers, and that was undoubtedly very extravagant.

“Niu Zhan!” The elder dressed in black cloak started to speak again, “From today onward, you will be the third leader of the Black Armored Army and serve under the first lieutenant…….”


The eight centurions all received their war horses and heavy armor. All the Black Armored Soldiers below couldn’t help but feel envious.

“The competition for the position of the centurion has ended. The nine First Rated Warriors that have failed will become sergeants. Now, the competition for the position of sergeant will begin.” The elder dressed in black finished his words apathetically and hastily sat back down. Regarding this competition for the position of sergeant, he himself as the First Commander was too lazy to even cast a glance.

Compared to the competition for the position of centurion, the fight during the fights for the position of sergeant obviously had a weaker momentum.

However, the whole school ground became even more excited.

“Qingshan, just watch. I will take this sergeant position as easy as grabbing it with my hands. You took the position of the centurion, thus, I shouldn’t make you lose face.” Teng Qinghu smiled confidently. Teng Qingshan also had confident in Teng Qinghu’s ability. Among the Second Rate Warrior, his own cousin should be considered moderate.

Because his cousin practiced Large Foundation Spear and Tiger Fist, the speed of his spear and in listening to the force should be the well-matched to the centurion, Niu Zhan.

“There shouldn’t be a problem for him to take the position of sergeant.” Teng Qingshan secretly said in his heart.

“Teng Qingshan.” A clear voice rang out.

Teng Qingshan turned his head to look and he saw that it was Wu Man who called him. Wu Man blinked her eyes and said, “Teng Qingshan, I couldn’t tell at first, but you are actually really powerful, even Yue Song was defeated by you. How did you practice your Spear Art? Who is your teacher?”

“I created it myself. Do you believe me?” Teng Qingshan said with a ridiculing smile.

“Tsk,Tsk. Still boasting.” Wu Man humphed and then looked at the Azure Mane Treading On Snow Horses next to Teng Qingshan with envy in her eyes. She then glared at Teng Qingshan, “Humph, you guys are monsters. This time, quite a few experts had actually appeared. Otherwise, one of the eight centurions would definitely be me. Ah… When can I get a Treading on Snow Horse?”

“Senior, even if you obtain this Treading on Snow Horse, taming it would not be an easy thing.” Zhuge Yun and his sister Zhuge Qing walked towards Teng Qingshan and Wu Man.

“Brother Teng, it would be fine if you just hold on to this horse, but it would not be a easy thing if you wanted to mount on its back and make it docile.” Zhuge Yun smiled and reminded. “The more precious the horse is, the harder it is to tame. You must have more patience.”

“Yeah… Brother, Look! That Teng Qinghu won.” Zhuge Qing suddenly interrupted.

Teng Qingshan turned his head to look.

As expected —

Holding a long spear in hand, Teng Qinghu was roaring loudly in pride. However, his roars were almost inaudible in the noisy school ground.

During the evening, the crescent moon hung high up in the sky.

It was in the dead of winter, and the night was still very cold. In Gui Yuan Sect’s Black Armored Camp, every centurion was given their own courtyard. The newly appointed centurion, Teng Qingshan, was currently sitting in his own courtyard.

“Black Armored Soldiers are very good at drinking.” When Teng Qingshan recalled that day, he couldn’t stop making remarks.

During the daytime, it was the competition for the positions of centurion and sergeant. When it was nighttime, they drank liquor to celebrate. As Teng Qingshan became the newly-appointed centurion, the soldiers under him naturally needed to propose a toast. The other experts of the Black Armored Army also respected Teng Qingshan as an expert and came to propose a toast.

Fortunately, Teng Qingshan’s internal organs were extremely powerful, so they were able to prevent him from getting drunk.

“There is still one thing I have not done today.” Teng Qingshan looked towards the corner of the courtyard at the Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse that was locked up.

“Taming a horse?”

Teng Qingshan walked towards the horse with a smile.

The Azure Mane Treading on Horse glanced at Teng Qingshan, and immediately lowering its head, ignoring Teng Qingshan completely.

“Phew.” Teng Qingshan pressed on the mantle with his right hand and suddenly exerted force!

The Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horse stumbled and fell on its knees.

It immediately became angry and kicked its four legs, trying with all its effort to stand up. At the same time, it started neighing furiously.

Teng Qingshan only pressed on the horse mantle with just his right hand. No matter how much the Azure Mane Treading on Horse resisted in anger, it couldn’t stand at all… It was as if one of Teng Qingshan’s hands was a mountain. No matter how crazy it was, it couldn’t move Teng Qingshan’s hand even a Cun (33mm).

Teng Qingshan looked at this Azure Mane Treading on Snow Horses indifferently.

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One archer scratched his head and turned around. Shakes shake, all of a sudden the ground in the centre of the bunker started to become restless.

“What the, what’s happening here?”

The archer asked puzzled. And when he touched the earth it started to move up and down. Suddenly loud shouts erupted from underneath the ground.

“Blade Storm!”

Bang bang double bang!

Numerous scraps of iron emerged from the earth and caused a tornado in the bunker. The archer who was there lost 40% health while the other archers lost 20%. The archers who were staring outside turned their heads and looked at the unbelievable sight.

“What, what the?”

“What the hell…….eh? W-who are you?”

The storm had passed. The hazy form of one person was standing within the dust. With his whole body covered in dirt…….it was Ark!

“Is it an enemy? H-how…….?”

“Do you know how much I suffered having to eat dirt?”


The archers focused their crossbows on Ark. As soon as they tried to pull the trigger, earth and sand exploded in front of them. A pair covered in black appeared and grabbed their collars. They were two fierce looking rehabilitation members, JusticeMan and Gyeong Saeng-dan.

“You thought a fight would be more interesting?”

“Then how about you fight us?”

There was an explosion at the same time. That wasn’t all. From the hole in the floor, dozens of soldiers came pouring out.

“Hahaha, we found them!”

“Taste the sword of justice!”

It was Cross and the Sylphid Knights, as well as the thieves.

“Huk, there are so many guys from underground……..!”

The archers immediately panicked. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members were experts at fighting, and in the small space of the bunker there was nowhere for the archers to run. In addition, there was also Cross and the Sylphid Knights. The thieves were also good at melee combat and used their knives skillfully. Furthermore, it was 30 against 73! The archers weren’t able to shoot their arrows properly.

“It is all under control.”

JusticeMan ended the battle by sending the last archer to the underworld.

“The archers were a pretty easy opponent.’

The battle was too easy to the point that he considered it boring.

“It took 5 hours to get here…… took longer than expected but it’s not too bad!’

A smile spread on Ark’s mouth. He had obtained this hint from the movie Ridge of Death. The Viet Cong who struggled to occupy the higher ground eventually used a last resort.

Because they couldn’t approach the higher ground with the machine guns and mines, the Viet Cong decided to use their specialty and dig. After a long time and various sacrifices, a tunnel was dug underneath the bunker and the US forces in the bunker were surprised and destroyed. Once he heard this, the racial skill of the raccoons immediately came to Ark’s mind. Didn’t the raccoons also have the ability to dig tunnels like the Viet Cong?

“It seems possible. Let’s give it a try.”

Ark told the raccoons who immediately started digging the tunnel. The raccoon clan can move through the ground like a mole. But if the NPC craftsmen appeared inside the bunker then they would just be turned into porcupines. Because other people could use the tunnels, it took longer to create a 100 metre long tunnel. Even though the rehabilitation members and Ark were used to carry the soil, it still took 5 hours.

It was the Viet Cong strategy! Well, the results were obvious…….the Meow refused to crawl through the ground, but even without the Meow warriors they still managed to handle 30 archers.

“That boring movie was actually helpful. I should watch movies with Roco more often in the future.’

Ark looked out the bunker window to examine the situation. He could grasp the situation outside even from here. Baron and his guild were still unaware of the shovelling.

“Huhuhu, Baron please suffer more.’

Until he controlled the rest of the bunkers, Dawn Blade couldn’t know what was happening. In the Viet Cong strategy, until they seized two bunkers they had to be careful of security because if the enemy becomes aware then there is a chance of a counterattack. Therefore, Ark concealed it from Baron and dug the tunnel.

“The next bunker is 60 metres away. It should take 3 hours judging by the current pace.’

“Rest here for the moment. The raccoon are tired as well.”

The NPCs working with users had to rest. Ark allowed the raccoons to rest for 2 hours inside the bunker before rushing them to start digging again. After 3 hours, the tunnel to the next bunker was completed.

“Hahaha, everyone attack!”

Ark’s party beat the archers to death.

“Now there are only the soldiers that are defending the tower.”

Ark immediately gave orders to the raccoons and thieves.

“Take 20 people each and divide them between both bunkers!”

Ark left the raccoons and thieves in the two bunkers. Then a 40 foot cannon emerged from the bunker and started shooting continuously. When the cannon started shooting from where they believed their allies were, the soldiers who protected the tower suffered enormous damage. The soldiers who barely survived couldn’t understand the situation.

“What’s going on? Why is our bunker shooting us?”

“What is this bullet? Huk, is this damage a joke?”

“Our guys in the bunker aren’t responding to the Feathers of Whispering.”

“Was their connection lost?”

“Oh my God, did they snatch away the bunker?”

“It’s coming from the bunker within range! I’m not going to stand here and let them exterminate me. Destroy the bunker!”

The soldiers from the castle flocked to the bunker. However, a huge amount of money was spent on the bunkers to prevent an attack from the Hermes guild. Its durability didn’t decrease no matter how much they struck it. Meanwhile, 2 people died from one bullet that came from the bunker. Eventually the soldiers had been decreased by 30 people and the doors of the bunker opened, with a group of soldiers immediately rushing out. It was Ark, the rehabilitation members, Cross…….it was the Dark Eden attack group.

“Now it is time for battle. Make sure you put your whole body into it!”

The health of Dawn Blade had already decreased by 50%. Meanwhile, Dark Eden had rested comfortably inside the bunkers. JusticeMan rushed forward while Ark kicked the opponents. The Dawn Blade guild became even more confused. Thanks to the rehabilitation members’ odd skills and the attack from the NPCs, the opponents collapsed from the confusion. However, in this situation the most confused man was none other than Fugetsu’s guild leader Baron.

“Eh? How did he get over there?”

They’ve been marching for 11 hours! Although he hurried his guild who kept on complaining, they only advanced 40 metres. But then all of a sudden Ark showed up on the other side of the traps. And he immediately seized the Defense Tower. Fugetsu’s guild members who had been marching tirelessly looked at their guild master with soulless expressions.

“What did we do all that for?’ their looks seemed to say.

“What’s with that guy?”

However, no one answered Baron’s question.

A Defense Tower has been destroyed.

There is a 50% decrease in the shield applied to the castle.The recovery rate of the durability of the walls has been decreased by 50%.

“That’s it!”

Raiden clutched his fist tightly and shouted. He checked the hourglass and saw that 12 hours has passed. It was 2 hours faster than expected.

“The heavens are helping me!’

While the Defense Tower existed, it was extremely difficult to break the walls. His previous attacks weren’t intended to break the castle walls. It was meant to prevent them from sending reinforcements to the Defense Towers. Therefore Raiden didn’t attack using all his force and just stood at a distance shooting arrows. However, it was different if one Defense Tower was destroyed.

“It is clearly the Noel and Hamanechi guilds. Fugetsu and Dark Eden are probably still wandering. Well, I don’t care. Because I did not expect anything anyway. But if one of the defense towers are destroyed then there will be no trouble breaking down the walls in time!’

“Now! Summon the stone-throwing golems!”

“Great power of the earth, follow your Lord’s command!”

The summoners in Hermes immediately followed Raiden’s order and give huge golems rose from the ground.

“Huk, Golems!”

A scream rang from the walls. The giant golem was level 180! It was an advanced summoning that was impossible unless they were a pioneer! Although it was only 5 golems, they were rarely seen in New World. The range of the stone throwing golems was short but their power was incredible. The golems stomped forward and started throwing rocks at the wall. It was an incredible offensive attack!

Since the protection of the shield was cut in half, the durability of the walls started to decrease. The 20 catapults also attacked along with the golems. On the other hand, the Dawn Blade guild had a lot of their archers assigned to the defense towers! Therefore they had no way of stopping the attacks from the golems.

“Hahaha, how is it? This is the power of Hermes!”

Raiden was bragging when something suddenly happened. The castle gates opened and hundreds of users poured out.

“Everyone attack! Don’t let them break down the walls!”

“Don’t pay any attention to those guys. Attack the catapults and the summoners of those golems!”

“If the walls are destroyed then it is the end!”

“Don’t be afraid of death!”

The Dawn Blade members brandished their swords and magic and rushed towards the catapults and summoners. However, Raiden just laughed.

“Ha, do you think you can beat Hermes in a direct confrontation? Since the defense tower collapsed, reinforcements will also be coming soon.”

Currently the Hermes guild gathered in front of the castle had 900 troops after sending the rest to the defense towers. Meanwhile, the Dawn Blade guild had 1,200 people. The Hermes guild was inferior in terms of numbers. However, Raiden actually welcomed the enemy’s attack. The Hermes guild was filled with pioneers. The Silver Moon guild was also equal to Hermes. Their levels, equipment and skills weren’t at a level that normal users could beat. Raiden had hoped for this head-on collision!

“It is time to show the power of the Hermes Alliance! Trample them!”

The sound of two armies colliding was heard. However, the result was different from what Raiden expected.

“What, what? These guys?”

The coalition of guilds was stronger than he expected. The difference in skills and equipment wasn’t as much as he expected. In fact if he knew the true identity of Dawn Blade then it wasn’t that surprising. Their true identities are candidates participating in the Global Exos examination. With a job at stake, they didn’t care about how much they invested in equipment.

“I was ignorant of the people gathered in Dawn Blade…….but it’s not just their equipment.”

If the equipment was similar then of course higher levels would dominate. And the levels in Hermes were the highest in New World. Even so, the battle became strained. Didn’t that mean that the members of Dawn Blade are also at Hermes’ level?

“How come? Weren’t their levels lower than ours when they occupied the castle? It has been 3 weeks and I’ve never seen any of them leave the castle…….then how are their levels similar to ours?”

Raiden couldn’t understand it.

“But we’re still superior. We’re pushing them back…….”

Raiden was optimistic about the battle situation.

Dudududung, the sound of drums rang from the walls and someone exited the castle. He was riding a white horse with armour that shined.


Raiden’s eyes started flashing. It was the Lord of Silvana, Alan! Of course, even if Alan died the siege would still continue as long as Dawn Blade kept on fighting. But losing Alan would be a great blow to Dawn Blade. Although the battle situation wasn’t disadvantageous, it was a golden opportunity for Raiden.

“What a foolish guy. The Lord actually appeared on the battlefield. Catch him……Huk!”

Raiden had stood up and yelled. Then 20 troops riding behind Alan came pouring out. Horses cost thousands of gold. But he had enough for a horse unit! In addition, Raiden could even see equipment on the equestrian troops.

“When did he get those soldiers…….!”

‘Such physical strength?’ Leylin’s pupils shrank, ‘She exceeds a rank 5 professional, and is close to rank 10… Those devils and demons are really quite generous, though the price is the soul of the sacrificer…’

Leylin had heard about the continous offers of blood required to gain demonic energy. Followers of demons were rounded up and annihilated on the continent. If news of the Faulen Family protecting her went out, there would be troubles even more pressing than Marquis Louis.

“But I don’t know for sure yet. That’s only a possibility…” Leylin stroked his chin and did not lie about this.

“Fine, I’ll verify it for myself. Those pirates even dare trespass and offend our Faulen Family’s territory! We must have them pay the price in blood and have their souls repent in hell!” Isabel’s pretty eyes narrowed, filling with a murderous thirst.

“Thank you so much, cousin!” Leylin silently cursed to himself inside, but in the meanwhile the smile on his face was dazzling.

“Don’t worry, we’re cousins after all. I’ll take care of you!” Isabel promised, looking steadfast and resolute.

After thanking her again, Leylin withdrew, though the smile on his face had dissipated. His eyes flickered, obviously deep in thought. ‘The open sea is vast and filled with all sorts of trash and scum from the continent. Sailors from this era can’t be considered good, and faithless people and followers are mixed in with them. There shouldn’t have any trouble if she hides amongst them…’

As the follower of a demon, Isabel obviously could not stay in the family; It would cause him an endless amount of trouble. After all, the power of the churches were at its peak in the prime material plane, and once it was discovered that the Faulen Family housed a demon follower the consequences would be extremely dire.

Thus, the vast open seas would be the best place for her to hide.

‘On top of that, the demon might have given her a lot of strength, but there’s definitely a price to pay. That might even be her soul…’ Leylin looked grim, ‘A few useless sailors disappearing from the open sea shouldn’t count for much. That can temporarily satisfy the demon and gain her more time…’

In this time, Leylin would obviously become stronger. As long as he was powerful enough, whether it was Marquis Louis closing in on them or the demon contract that his cousin had, he was confident he could eliminate all of those problems, problems that a rank 6 wizard could not solve.

‘Plans constantly change… And right now, I urgently need strength. It might be alright to take a risk…’ Leylin secretly made up his mind.

This attack would evidently expose part of his power. From the very beginning, Viscount Tim had already sent out an assassination squad with a rank 7 leader, which meant that the pirates had to be even stronger. Help from his cousin and the subordinates wouldn’t be enough, he needed to increase his chances.

After returning to his room, Leylin headed straight for his laboratory.By his command, even Claire and Clara could not enter, and there were also a few warning spell patterns set up that were hard at work.

On the glossy laboratory table were many test tubes and glass tools neatly stacked together. There was also various alchemical equipment that was enough for poorer wizard students to go green with envy.

It was a pity that, in Leylin’s eyes, it was all a mere cover.

*Crack!* *Crack!* After Leylin pulled at a handle under the laboratory table, the sounds of gears grinding against each other rang out. Along with the gentle sound, the entire table moved to the left, revealing a pathway that led downwards.

‘While wizards have great trust in magic, there are too many items and techniques in the world which can detect spell undulations. On the contrary, simple mechanisms like these can conceal even more secrets…’ Leylin carried an oil lamp as he went down the staircase. After going about ten metres in, he arrived in front of a large rock.

The large granite gave the feeling that it was indestructible as it stood tall inside, blocking the road completely as if this was a dead end.

“Arcane Mark, activate!” A spell rune flashed in Leylin’s hands, and amongst the light the surface of the granite began to soften as it revealed a shining channel. Leylin did not hesitate at all as he walked in, hanging his oil lamp on the wall.

What appeared behind the large rock was a small-scale laboratory. He had used mechanisms to prevent magic probes here, and created a trap at the bottom. That was enough to show how highly Leylin valued this laboratory.

As this was deep underground, the laboratory had an area of only several square meters. A large, ancient wooden table had already taken up most of the area, and there was little space left for one to stand. The ceiling was also very low and the entire room felt very stifling.

The smell of tar grew obvious on the floor and corners, indicating an even more terrifying self-combustion mechanism. If Leylin suspected anything, just a small spark would be enough to char this whole place and hide everything here.

The reason for this was because Leylin’s experiments were far too shocking. If ever discovered, they would be deemed heresy!

“It seems like it’s almost complete…” Leylin observed the giant solution in the petri dish. Large amounts of boiling, fresh red liquid gave people an ominous feeling that this was blood.

“And then… this!” At the corner of the table was a wooden statue. It had a pair of demonic wings, multiple compound eyes and six fingers that formed a demon, emitting an evil aura.

This was a statue that Leylin had constructed of Beelzebub based on his memories. The possession of such a statue would have one burnt to death if they were caught by the churches, and even a king wouldn’t be spared this treatment.

Of course, these taboos meant nothing to Leylin. His courage was enough to stupefy many gods.

“Looks like Beelzebub has really sunk into a deep sleep. He doesn’t react at all to prayers or sacrifices…” Leylin’s hands caressed the devil’s statue with an unspeakable expression in his eyes.

Come to think of it, he was the main culprit behind this. If he had not stolen so much of Beelzebub’s laws and even destroyed most of his truesoul, the Sovereign King of Gluttony would not be so seriously injured that he had to sleep it off. Chapter 163: Aurelio’s Cage [Part 2]

“White Night?” Cillin frowned. In Genesis Mythos, one of the ‘Aurelios’ represented courage, while White Night could turn darkness into light.

“White Night is one of the five Aurelios. In Genesis Mythos, it is said that to give light to the people in darkness, but in reality White Night means energy, and in the explanation provided by the star map, White Night is the best ‘omnipotent power source’. I do not know how much energy this type of power source can provide, but the fact that it can drive so many people to risk their lives meant that it must quite big.

Moreover, those three old bastards aren’t that interested in power sources. Relatively speaking, I think that they enjoy watching people risking their lives and fighting over something even more. That’s why there weren’t many government officials who were involved fifty years ago, but there were plenty of armies and Hunter regiments.”

Now Cillin understood what Lung meant earlier when he said that everyone’s desires were different from each other.

Different characters had different objectives. Out of the five ‘Aurelios’, some might be suited for Hunters and some might be suited for traders. Those in academia, the military and the government all had their own respective objectives as well. They might be similar, or they might be different.

While talking, the scanner suddenly let out an alarm, “Energy signal detected ahead! Energy signal detected ahead!”

Lung immediately grew excited as his chair spun, “Activate invisibility mode!”

“Invisibility mode engaged.”

“Deep scan!”

Five minutes later, a scene was displayed on the screen. It looked to be a battle between two forces. There was a giant-sized starship and many spaceplanes and fighters around it. Wreckages could be seen everywhere, and the exchanging of firepower was pretty intense.

“Alright, we got something to do!” Lung rubbed his palm eagerly.

After watching the scene for a moment, both Cillin and Lung had discerned some of the issues on that ship. The battle was either caused by internal strife, or spies and traitors in their own midst. A huge hole had been blown from inside to outside at the side port of the starship, and from time to time fighter spacecrafts consisting of both sides would fly out from it. It would appear that battle had been engaged inside the starship, and it might not necessarily be any less intense than the battle outside.

“What are you going to do?” Cillin looked at Lung. Right now the guy looked like he had injected himself with chicken blood* and was full of enthusiasm.

*here’s a repeat of something I’ve explained in the past, but basically it’s your ancient Chinese equivalent of drugs for medical purposes. Usually it’s used as an idiom in the context of get high.

“Are we going to rush over?” the gray cat worked its claws and looked full of expectations.

But Lung shook his head, “Our opponent is too strong. Compared to that starship our starship is practically a harmless child who hasn’t finished puberty yet.”

Harmless child… like hell that is true!

Although the size difference was huge, but combat strength wise Cillin was absolutely certain that the starship they were on could take out that big fellow.

“Don’t you see that they’re having a good time. What we should be doing now is of course to watch the show!” Lung snapped his fingers, summoning his beautiful robot girl to serve up tea and freshly baked biscuits.

However, just because they’re watching a show and doing nothing didn’t mean that they weren’t using their brains. After watching for a moment, Cillin had already figured out which side were the rebels.

While chewing his biscuit and not bothering to wipe the crumbs off his mouth, Lung said, “Cillin, I have an idea.”

Cillin did not object after listening to Lung’s ‘idea’, “As long as you aren’t afraid that those fellows might break some things inside here, then sure.”

“Heh, then it’s been decided!” Lung spun around on his chair once before laying down a voice command, “Exterior transformation, ball shape.”

“Exterior transformation engaged.”

The entire ship’s exterior began to transform as the smart system’s voice resounded. It transformed from its original spindle shape into a round ball shape. Even the color of the ship’s surface had changed into an arrogant white color, and a white ball sparkling with white light should be pretty eye catching amidst this darkness.

Since some people were also flying towards their direction, the two sides quickly pulled close to each other.

“Deactivate invisibility mode!” Lung instructed.

“Invisibility mode disengaged.”

Just when the smart system had finished saying that, the fully transformed starship in the shape of a white ball appeared before the people’s eyes.

Andrea Family’s technology was publicly recognised in GAL. The fact that the starship could get so close and still not get detected by the other party’s counter surveillance system meant that its invisibility unit was just too good.

Meanwhile, the people on the other side were startled by the white colored ball shaped object that had suddenly appeared. At that moment, both engaging parties had become slightly absent-minded. However, when a line of words was displayed on the surface of the ball shaped flying object, the people on the other side finally began to react towards it.

Ravenous Exchange The words appearing on the ball-shaped starship was: Come up, we’ll take you away.

The side that was being hunted down and was almost driven into a final struggle immediately adjusted their flight path the second they saw these words. They flew towards the ball-shaped flying object.

“This is the Hunter regiment ‘Heaven’s Jail’. Who are you? We are purging our ranks of traitors, so please do not interfere!”

Cillin and Lung straight up pretended that they were both deaf and mute as they watched the starship’s words displayed on the screen. They had heard of the Hunter regiment ‘Heaven’s Jail’ before. It was a Hunter regiment that often operated around Sector S, and they were largely related to the people of Sector S as well.

Seeing that the other party had not responded to their transmission, the Heaven Jail members on board that starship grew angry and directly ordered a full scale attack.

However, the attacks were all blocked by the energy shield surrounding the ball-shaped starship. The ship was perfectly unharmed.

At this moment, the first four fighters and the spaceplane that had escaped the farthest ahead had already arrived near the ball-shaped starship. Five corresponding passages opened up on the ball-shaped starship, and the energy shields surrounding this five passages were extinguished.

On the starship, a person in the control room slammed a fist onto the table with a loud bang, “Which forces do they belong to?!”

“Maybe they were here to rescue them?” someone said.

Sector S had been growing more and more chaotic as of late. There were quite a number of local Hunter regiments who were severely damaged by unknown figures, and the reason traitors had appeared within their midst was also due to the involvement of those outsiders. It used to be the local Hunter regiments riding roughshod over people in Sector S, but now they were pushed to the brink of mental illness one after another. What on earth was going on?!

“What should we do now, commander?”

“Chase after them at full force!”

“Yes sir!”

But when the five fighters and the spaceplane had entered the ball shaped starship, it immediately raised its speed and entered invisibility mode at the same time. Before long, it had thrown off the Heaven’s Jail Hunter regiment.

After they had entered the ball-shaped starship, the people inside the five fighters and the spaceplane walked out of their cabins. At first, they thought that someone had been sent to rescue them, but after they walked out they discovered that that was not the case. Wherever they looked there were only robots, and not a single one of them was holding a gun either. They gave off a very friendly impression.

The leader of the group was a man with a big beard, a slightly crooked back and an obese figure. However, when he walked he gave off a very graceful impression.

Big Beard looked at the surroundings and motioned for his subordinates to stay calm and act carefully. When he stared at a robot and walked closer towards it, the robot had not brandished a weapon. Although these robots looked rather friendly, and many of them in the shape of beautiful girls that were almost exactly the same as your average human, it was very easy for Hunters who often roamed around Sector S like them to distinguish an average human from a robot. There would always be people of bad taste with their high-end robots set in the shape of beautiful girls.

The leader of the beautiful robot girls walked in front of Big Beard and revealed a sweet smile on her face. She said politely, “Hello and welcome aboard, our guests. My master would like to invite you all to meet him.”

“Oh. I wonder what your master looks like?” Big Beard didn’t seem to be worried.

“Master will offer good hospitality. Master once said that all visitors are guests, and that we should receive them courteously.”

“Sure. We also have the master of this ship to thank for saving us, haha!” Big Beard led his dozen or so subordinates and followed the beautiful robot girl out of the passage.

Inside the control room, Lung sneered as he looked at the footage on the screen, “What a poor act. He looks very calm on the outside, but in reality he’s so nervous he could die.”

Lung pointed at Big Beard’s stomach on the screen and continued, “This guy has more than a pair of hands. In fact, he has a few pairs of hands all hidden inside here. He’s probably holding a weapon in every hand, and the second he detects anything amiss he will shoot.”

“How did you know that?”

“It’s a guess!”

Big Beard really was caught off guard when met the two men and a cat before him. At the same time, a plan was formed inside his mind. He put on a wide smile on his face and said, “Thank you for saving me and my subordinates! My name is Pillar. We are former members of the Heaven’s Jail Hunter regiment. We have left our Hunter regiment due to some disputes, and the reason that a battle was engaged was because they refused to allow us to leave. Thank you for extending us a helping hand, or we may not have left the battlefield alive.”

“We are very glad to see you, Mr. Pillar. We just happened to be passing by and decided to lend our aid, so don’t mention it. Come, come and taste the freshly baked biscuits of our beauty Lisa.” Lung said while looking like a fop.

Pillar and the rest of his men could see that the wine on top of the table were all high class goods. Even the wine glass was made of top grade materials. It was obvious that this guy was a young master of a rich family, and judging from his sloppy and indulgent appearance, it would appear that he had never suffered any hardships in his life.

“Er, and you are…” Pillar asked.

Lung winked while holding his wine glass, “Let me tell you a secret. Me and my little buddy here had secretly ran out from our homes. We heard that something big is probably going to happen here, which is why we couldn’t hold our curiosity to come over to have a look and join in the party. Hehe, as we expected, the moment we arrived at Sector S we immediately found you guys in the middle of a scuffle.”

You call that a scuffle? It’s a fight with our lives on the line, okay! Pillar and the others criticised on the inside.

While listening to Lung’s explanation and combining it with their surrounding decor, Pillar and the others were beginning to believe somewhat that these two youngsters had truly ran away from their homes in secret. There were no servants, no guards, and all robots. They actually came to Sector S as two people only! Should they say that these two were innocent and ignorant of the cruelties of the world, or should they say that they were fools with a screw loose in their heads? Regardless, either scenario worked to their advantage.

While Pillar looked down upon this foolish young master of a rich family on the inside, he still kept his patience and talked just about everything with Lung as they felt out each other.

Cillin had been sitting on his chair and saying nothing all the time, reading his book. Lung had not been able to con someone for a long time, so he was just going to let him con all the way to his heart’s content.

The gray cat lay on top of Cillin’s shoulders and licked its lips from time to time. Mu Xiaoyun was in a pretty good mood as she had successfully obtained a chrysanthemum in the morning that was mistakenly recognized as a real one. She thought she had plucked a flower but only after walking closely and taking a better look did she find out it wasn’t so. Although she felt she almost made a mistake, it nevertheless proved that the flower was a mere sculpture.

When the customers spoke highly of Boss Yuan’s craftsmanship, Mu Xiaoyun also felt honored.

“Boss, why don’t you sculpt some more flowers to put at the entrance?” When she found there was no business in the restaurant at the moment, Mu Xiaoyun said on her own initiative.

“What for?” Yuan Zhou was a little curious. He thought she came up with the same idea as his.

“Because they are beautiful,” Mu Xiaoyun said naturally.